We Will Not Surrender – Gaza Under Attack

Muhammad Abdul Jabbar


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the actions of Islam's movement, including the deaths of Muslims and the use of deadly deadly deadly products. The speaker also talks about the importance of protecting Muslims and their families' lives, and calls for people to use their bodies to act like their relatives.
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All Muslims. Today we are seeing Masjid

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getting attacked by the enemy. Today must be the upside is that our mothers are killing our daughters,

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our children,

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our brother, our father.

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And no one out there. Okay? In what sense? I'm referring to the leaders. Every person out there who is a Muslim should have a subs for Masjid.

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Why? Because this is the place where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and he showed off to the hammer. And he went to the first one the second, the third, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh.

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And he bought the gift of Salon he bought it but

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this is regarding the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that go and pray

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and Allah will give you a reward of 100.

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Today, social media is telling me Facebook, you too.

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Stuff that no Muslim, have you? They are killing us

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and gassing and bombing

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Muslims in others.

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It is a Muslim in Masjid.

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We don't care what group you belong to. I don't care if you're ahead of me on a chef or a moleculer Hambly or a Salafi This is to unite the why? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Muslim

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body if one is in pain, then the entire body is

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where is the likes of Salah

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where's the likes of bromo where's the likes of word

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comes to mind the enemy attacking and killing the Muslim world is on the other side of Muslim woman is captured by the enemies she slept

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with she says

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that God loves her years your man Marcus him is coming is coming on a black and white wants to save you the news which is more a dozen

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purchases 17,000 Black Boy horses oh me is dispatch the head towards Islam. The enemies of defeating this Muslimah is freedom for tomorrow. This God is

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saying that this champion now the word passive has come black or white.

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This is when the Muslims had honor. This is when the Muslims had value. This is when the Muslim herder status the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that the blood of a Muslim is no secret to all the gamma itself all Muslims who is out there to respond. We don't have no

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we don't have

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we don't have no

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we have no we have no

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bar we have Muslims out there that could say Amin and Allah will accept that destroy these enemies who are killing innocent Muslim in Palestine who are attacking

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inside the masjid throwing dust gassing people love Allah Akbar. Oh my brother, oh, my sisters are Muslim. If you are out there listening to this message, if you can't provide for these people and financially backed them, then I'm asking you to say Amin at least. So Allah destroys this.

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Or law you're the king of the world. You're the master of the universe, or law you are the one that is worship. Allah Who are we going to call out when you are the one who responds to the call or law you said that if we make to our to you, you will respond and you will

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all given to the Muslims

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or given to the Muslim

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or given to the Muslim

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or destroy the enemy. or Allah these enemies who are attacking our Muslim mothers and sisters, our brothers, our mothers, our kids all love the very hands they use or love disabled

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or love, that they walk upon with pride and arrogance, or Lord ordered the earth to open

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like you took in all the enemies for killing innocent Muslims or loss in a mosquito to go in the ER to land on the brain and to eat of the brain intended prop to the knees, or lungs send mannequin Mote upon this

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lack of faith, via leaping from his mouth coming down from his wall with a rod with 508 up behind them with empathy or loss send these angels upon this enemy for killing innocent Muslims.

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Oh Allah the planes that are flying in your sky, or long or to the skies to throw them later. Oh Allah, you are the mighty, you're the king, you're the powerful or

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that they are walking upon, or law on the earth to shake or love break the group's apart or Law Order the tides to blow up or Muslim that

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Allah has the Muslim,

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the Muslim

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or Allah you are the powerful, you are the mighty or Allah you will the strong or nothing is more powerful than you Oh Allah order of the earth to eat of their body or Lord, the breath and the oxygen they take or not this oxygen into poison for them. Oh Allah, these innocent people who are dying in your path, or love

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or love these people are walking and dying in your path, saving and protecting must

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Allah elevate the status. Give them a house in general, give them a palace in Jannah give them a place where they will go and drink from the fountain and from the hands of the messenger Muhammad salallahu Salam, O Allah raised him with the shahada, or Allah raised him with the prophets on a raised di D or not raised him with Hollington will lead it's Allah de Amin, O Allah