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It's mercy

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. My dear brothers and sisters, viewers, ladies and gentlemen, this is your host reactor's as he and I welcome you back again to another episode of reflections of Ramadan.

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Today I've got a message, a message to the youth, the air that we breathe a message to the carriers of the flag of La ilaha illAllah this are our youth, how should the youth be and the message inshallah tada will be in the form of questions, which is in fact geared towards the youth and customized towards youth. I'd like the youth today to listen to this message and think of some answers. Like I said, this will be in form of you know, about four questions geared towards you, my dear brothers and sisters, my dear youngsters. Why do you use the profit as a means to attribute lots of importance and a lot of value to the youth?

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For many reasons, like I said, these are the flag and they are the flags, or they are those who carry the flags of La ilaha illAllah. Here are some illustrations, first of some youth who have lived a legacy

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are going to start with a blow him and he set out a blow he managed to them when he in fact did not accept that his people were worshipping idols. He went and he destroyed their idols. Allah subhanho wa Taala Ana, he described this in the Quran and he says pero semana

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Ibrahim, they said we heard of a boy Fattah of a boy by the name of Rahim

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Fattah. So Ibrahim was a young man, but he had a vision and he had a mission. He did not like either these people were worshipping idols, he destroyed his their idols. So they came they trying to kill him they try to destroy him, they tried to throw him into this. burn him into this blazing fire. And what happened to the fire Allah subhana wa tada ordered the fire not to burn him by him and he said to them, Why? Because the fire is nothing but a creation of Allah. The fire can only burn with the wind and permission of Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala address the fire and he says, Oh fire be cool and peaceful and Ibrahim

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Ibrahim, so the fire does not burn without the permission of Allah only burns with the will and permission of Allah. So is the knife when Ibrahim wanted to stop with his son Allah address the knife not to slaughter and then he couldn't you know Ibrahim could not slaughter the his son is married

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by the time of

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Harmon worried and Musa Malka, Deb. Mo Salim al Qaeda when he got caught. He found something on in the most evil kid that had something in his hand and Caribbean when he asked him what is it that you have in your in your hand? He said this is uh, you know, I've got poison here if I'd rather die than being caught as a prisoner by you guys. And then the hardest is you think that that poison kills Give it to me in the cabin when he took it and then he said he ate it.

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Then die.

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You think this thing can kill you? You think this thing can harm you? If the entire man can get together as the lesson Hello Xs is to see if the entitlement comes from instant jinda get together to harm you. But Allah does not want to harm you. You're not going to be harmed. If the entire people from incent Jin they get together to benefit you. But Allah does not want to benefit you you're not going to be benefited by the brothers and sisters. So rest assured that only whatever happens it happens with the win and permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so delicately first, Allah subhana wa Tada. Here's another boy, another young man narrate His story is, in fact narrated insight and wisdom. And his story is also in the planning sort of,

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at the time in Yemen, a long time ago, there was this man, you know, the king by the name of Don West, who was forcing and compelling people to worship Him. There was this kid who learned the religion of the oneness of Allah, Judas Priest. It's a long story. I'm just going to summarize it for you. So this boy who learned the religion of the hate, the religion of the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala from this priest

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Got caught by this King Coronavirus, who asked him to denounce his religion or to be killed. The boy refused the king over his soldiers to take the kids into the midst of the of the ocean and then to kill him, get rid of him. And then the boy said this,

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Allahu mcweeny can be measured as they tried to kill him. The boy says, Oh Allah, you take over in any way you wish.

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Other lesson has received the boy, everybody got killed except the boy, all those soldiers that wanted to kill him, to kill them, got rid of them. And then the boy sounded safe. He could have gone home, he could have ran away, he could have been tracked, you know, went to or gone to a different city or town. But he chose to go back and face the king. Why? Because he's got a message, a vision.

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He went back, and then the king saw him again. And then as he's assaulted this guy, get rid of him. So some other soldiers took him into this mountain. And then they try to draw and push him from the top of the mountain just to get rid of him and kill him. And then one more time, the boy said Allahumma, Allahu mcqueeney, Masha, Allah, you take care of him in any way you wish. Otherwise, there's one more time he saved the boy saves him. And then he just he went back again and freeze the king. And then he told the king, the only way you'd be able to kill me is that you position me by a tree, but you have to call the entire village they have to witness this. People. They've got to

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witness this the people who live in this town, they've got to witness this because I've got a message.

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So position me by tree but before you shoot me and kill me, you've got to say out loud that people have to hear you Bismillah R Rahman hulan, In the Name of Allah, the Lord of the boy. So that's what happened. He shot before he he shot him. He says Bismillah and Allah In the Name of Allah, the Lord of the boy, and he was able to kill him. Yes, the boy died. But the message went across

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the entire village, the entire people of that town, the embrace the religion have to heat

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because there is a God other than that man who in fact declares himself as God no, there is a level is the Lord of the Lords of Anna, the King of Kings of Hana. So my dear youngsters, my dear brothers and sisters, here is a mentioned message, you know, really coming from the bottom of my heart to all of you, especially in this blessed month.

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masses. No. Good to you, my dear youngsters. I'd like you to listen to me with your hearts, please, not your ears. Because I want this message to be from heart to heart. My first message to you is

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the matter. Where were you born? Where were you created? What allows you to create you? What is the purpose Have you been?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what my genuine insight into the Buddha, I have created the instant the jinn solely to worship me. Who do you worship? Who do you worship? Really?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, In the summer to secure my hair, oh my God, let me say that my, my my prayer, my nusach my sacrifice my life My that everything belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala Do you live in accordance with Allah subhanho wa Taala with the commands of Allah Subhana Allah Almighty, really? So you have to think you have a purpose, you have a goal, you have a vision, what is your vision?

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Don't you want to leave a legacy? How do you want to be remembered? after you die? You want to be remembered as somebody who has made a change in the life of people in the life of a good change. I'm talking about a good change somebody you know, if you were if your name was to be remembered or if your name was to be mentioned people will be making the art for you because you have lived a legacy or you want to be remembered as like nobody who are you nobody you didn't do anything to benefit yourself nor your family or your community. No no society, nada Muslims no human being in you know at large. So, what is your vision?

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What is your mission? Why are you created? It is to say, be one for one on one be one can Wahidullah

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Be yourself.

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Be one there's some people who have 1000 faces, be genuine, be truthful. Be honest, be sincere. Be one for one, Abdul Allah for one for Allah, Allah the slave of Allah Almighty. You know the slave of the dollar or the slave of the boss of your spouse or your No no, no, you were the slave of Allah.

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Be one

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on one on one path, the path of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam be one for one on one on one path, the path of the Prophet Mohammed and his salatu salam. That is my my first message. The second message my brothers and sisters, my dear viewers, my youngsters is there's a saint in Arabic. That's

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says Kali Mata Sahib apella come and tell me who you hang out with. I tell you who you are. So mighty youngsters, who are your friends? Who do you hang out with?

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Who are your really whoever you would? The Prophet arisa to see them says in the habit. So hey, reported by the student narrated by Abu Hoya is a photo by Jacques by Minogue

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the Prophet as I'm used to say, or he said in this Hadith, Alma de manoharan, a man would follow the footsteps of his close friends that each one of you meticulously choose their friends who are your friends,

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or the people that you hang out with? Or your friends, those who whenever let's say they don't see you in the masjid, or they don't seem

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professional, they would come and visit you or they would call you to check on you, or your friends, those who come to see you or whatever they need your attorney to abuse you. What do you need something from you? That's when they come and see who are they you need to filter your friends. You need to meticulously choose your friends. A friendly like a mirror onto you. You shouldn't you should see yourself when you look at your friends. So how are who are they put them under a test really put your friends under it. That's what you can really select them. You know, San Diego's good friends, yo, Maya avani, Maria de acuerdo

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de la

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la, la vida enjoy

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the day the Prophet SSM says did they want that man would bite bite on his hand? He would bite his hand. And he would say yeah, later he

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said, Oh, I wish I followed the path of the Prophet. Yeah.

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I wish I have taken so and so as a friend.

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I wish I have not taken so and so as a friend, but that there will be too late.

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Too late.

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He is the Prophet Mohammed and is of Sudan with his ankle. And his, you know, his his friends, and his dying is and the ankle of the progress of Sudan dying and then he's got his buddies, his friends, you know, around him. And then the problem was telling him all my accuracy that he died.

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And his friends, the Friends of the of the profits anchor, which in no way are you going to live the vision of your forefathers?

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Don't do that. What did he do? What did he follow? He followed, unfortunately, he listened to his friends versus listening to the Prophet Mohammed had he sort of said, so who are your friends? Those who remind you whenever you forget, whenever maybe they see you going astray or whatnot, they tried to come in and help you and remind you to comeback. You have to meticulously choose your friends. That's number two. Message number three. Are you proud of your religion? Are you proud of your identity? Are you proud of who you are?

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He listened to his friends versus listening to the Prophet Mohammed Ali Sato said, so who are your friends? Those who remind you whenever you forget, whenever maybe they see you going astray or whatnot, they try to come in and help you and remind you to come back. You have to meticulously choose your friends. That's number two. Message number three. Are you proud of your religion? Are you proud of your identity? Are you proud of who you are?

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mighty youngsters, my brothers and sisters. Are you proud of who you are? Are you proud that your name is Muhammad? Ali Arusha Fatima Khalid use of or are you changing your names? Because you're not proud of your identity? You're not proud of who you are you walk as if you're somebody else you tried to be somebody else you're trying to look cool but you're looking you know you fool.

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Changing your name from Mohammed to more Mike or Abdullah to update or Dell or whatever. Or

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My name is Gemma his changes June to Friday.

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My name is Bob Abubakar has become Bob or Kevin Harris. Who are you? Really Who are you?

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Are you proud? You should be in fact you should be proud of your identity. You should be proud that you're a Muslim and hamdulillah despite regardless of what the Muslims are going through, but isn't it handed in so much? hamdulillah you're Muslim? You are the phone with the final message of the Prophet Mohammed Ali salatu salam you're one of the owners of the Prophet as of Sudan you're one of the oma should be so proud because you inshallah, you'd be the first for amongst those who will be entering the agenda first. Look when the profit is so slim says inside reported by Ronnie narrated by semi macdaddy.

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They have no

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way to come up with a model

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Hola Hola. Hola.

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obudu Li. The Prophet says that this matter, this religion of Islam shall reach the four corners of the world, there will not be one single house left out that has not heard of something called Islam. And hamdulillah everybody will hear about this name of allah stand the religion of Islam. In fact, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, why shouldn't you be so proud of yourself and have done so much hamdulillah In fact, ladies sisters, and the statistics show done by non Muslims, that the ratio is four to one of every five people that embraced Islam, four are women, and one is a men. So what's up with this religion? Subhana Allah, that the people are calling out there, you know

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that it's not fair to women and whatnot, but some 100 studies show that is that is the fastest growing religion in the world. And there are more women embracing Islam that man

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there's something really so you shouldn't be proud of who you are. Let me give you a quick example. Look, this the Battle of qadisiya, the Battle of qadisiya, between the room between the Muslims and the Persians. Sadly waqqas, the leader of the Muslims he sent a youngster again, a young boy,

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no less than three years old, he sent him to negotiate some terms of of peace with the leader of the Persian army. So he comes.

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And then Elston tries to provoke him and then he says, What's up with you? What? medical?

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community boom in the Roman Roman hula

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He says, Yo, what brought you you Muslims? Here? You are. You have the lowest civilization compared to the Roman civilization compared to the Greek civilization compared to the Indian civilization, civilization. You have the lowest civilization. He says, you have a bunch of shepherds in the desert. What brought you here? Are

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you trying to provoke him? And then a little bit he says, You're right. We were bustle shepherds. You're right in the desert. Well, listen, anaka Allah, Allah has sent this out, to bring people out from worshipping people to worshiping Allah, Almighty, to bring people out from the atrocities of other religions, to the justice of Islam, to bring people out from the tightness of this life to the vastness of the Hereafter is our vision This is our mission with only for ourselves, we live for humanity we want good for everyone. We want good for people we want good for the entire world with only for ourselves.

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He was looking at the vision of this boy have this man who stood before before Austin and he was so proud to be who he was.

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Like I'm saying things now we could are in fact, the Muslims enduring a plight and whatnot. But you know what?

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I'm a Muslim. And the caravan is moving. Islam is the fastest growing region. So you know what I've got no time is that you join the caravan or you sit and watch.

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But you don't want to do that. You want to pitching. You want to contribute into the betterment of your society, the betterment of this beautiful religion of Islam.

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Be proud of who you are.

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And another message How do you treat your parents

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mighty brothers and sisters my youngsters This in fact requires one full lecture by itself. The Prophet Elisa to see them

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he says in this habit reported by a Mohamad

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and then hack him, behind Muslim they also reported this narrated by him

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that the Prophet Elisa to Samson stellata, liable lately him Yama, piano, three kinds of people Allah subhanho wa Taala shall ignore in the Day of Judgment, meaning they will be amongst the losers with a blank Day of Judgment. Who are they?

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Number one

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the ones who are incarcerated parents, they may come with mountains of good deed into their judgment. They may come with matters of charity metals of sada of pm and cm but because they've been unkind to the parents, they will be amongst the losers with a judgment.

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You don't want to be amongst those, do you? So how do you treat your parents? Do you honor your parents?

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Do you talk to them with kindness?

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Well, Nicola Houma ofin Wollaton Haruna Don't even say oh to them is that how you talk all that all mom whenever they ask you for something even that oh, you know supposed to be talking. You know, I'm saying that your parents

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how do you treat them? You parent your own McCune the gates to Jenna. My brother will lie. I'm talking to you from the bottom of my heart because I love you. I love you. I swear by it.

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This either one, nothing but good for you. So how you talk to you about how you treat your parents.

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Why Allah Subhana Allah, Allah in the Quran in so many Ayah when he talks about his oneness, right in parallel, as he's talking about his oneness history, he talks about the goodness of the parents.

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Kobe will be worried any external worship, associate anyone with him and be good tools, your parents, treat your friends with kindness.

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If your parents are alive, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, if your parents have a life, go to them today before tomorrow. And ask them for you know, to forgive you and ask them to make one to fit your life by a loved one who was my soul if it weren't coming from a from your mother or from your father, especially the mother that the professor says you know, your mother, your mother, your mother, one day are coming from your mother that's got a broken heart making the do out for you. That could be the vehicle that can drive you to wonder from your mother. If she's alive. Go to her today address and mom please want to make one for me. Please ask Allah to to forgive me. I'm sorry.

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But if she's dead, if the dead cry,

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and cry blood because crying is not enough.

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A boy boy wrote a letter to his mother, mom.

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Today I did my room. I made my room $10 I clean the dishes. $20 I shoveled the snow $25

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I took the garbage out $10 and at the end he says $100 whatever in all written he did, and he said at the end, here's the total. The mother took the same paper flipped to the other side. And then she says son, I held you into my home for in my womb for nine months free of charge. I endured so much pain during labor, delivery new free of charge.

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I used to stay hungry and feed you before feeding myself free of charge. When you sick to get sick I used to spend the whole night nursing you crying and making dua

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to Allah Subhana Allah to grant you Shiva and the cure, free of charge. When you grew up and became a teenager, used to spend so much time outside with your friends and coming late at home and used to spend the whole night I would just sit and wait for you to come home. And then when you used to come home used to sleep, I would come to you and try to hug you and then you will scream back at me

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and yell at me

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and you leave me

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but you know what, although you broke my heart so many times, I would go I will go and make dua to Allah subhana

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