Ammar Alshukry – What to Do When Spiritually Stuck

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how people often feel satisfied with their worship, but when they practice Islam, they often find their spirituality or joy in their worship to be lost. They believe that spirituality is a way to increase one's rem Rememberness of Allah and increase one's ability to do things like run a marathon or do a booster shot. The speaker suggests that people should pursue spiritual health and not just be in a rush to achieve their spiritual health.
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sit at my desk when I fill out but a person can point to a moment in time in their life where they just felt spirituality. They felt like they had so much pleasure and joy in their worship. They were excited about it. It could have been when they were first practicing Islam. It could have been when they were practicing Islam in university and they felt so engaged with the deen they felt so much faith. And then time goes on. And their worship then becomes routine or their worship becomes hollow, they don't find that sweetness in the citation of the Quran, they don't find that sweetness in what they offer to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And Allah says, in Surah, that hadith, he says,

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Has not the time come for those who have believed that their hearts be soft into the remembrance of Allah, and that they not be like those who were given the book from before and a long term past, and many of them were for cassettes, Kulu boom, and their hearts became hard, well, cathedral minimum farcical and many of them are transgressors. And so what's one of the ways to resolve this, this notion of being spiritually stuck, my spirituality has been stuck for months or my spirituality has been stuck for years. It's to simply make the craw of Allah. It is to increase your remembrance of Allah. You know, when it comes to spiritual health, it's a lot like physical health. If you talk to

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doctors and say, What's one exercise that I can do that will help me they'll say walk, and people respond, and they say, well, walking isn't exciting enough, I need to do CrossFit I need to do I need to do some sort of, I need to do jujitsu, I need to run a marathon and they'll tell you just know, over a lifetime for you to walk 10,000 steps every day, you will do better for your health than any of these things. And so for us spiritual health, vicar of Allah is the equivalent of walking, it's not super exciting. You don't necessarily feel but for your spiritual health, the idea of being in a constant state of remembrance of Allah. And this was the prescription that the Prophet

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sallallaahu Selim would give to everybody who is busy. Let's face it, there are mothers who are busy with their kids and dads who are busy with their kids. There are people who are busy with their jobs or you leave that student's environment you leave that early practicing environment and you don't have time necessarily anymore, but the thinking of Allah is something that you can do at any time in any place. All of the time. It polishes your heart, and it removes that hardness

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