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Ahmed Hamed
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Welcome to the program, Islam insight, a very special series essentially dedicated for a new Muslim brothers and sisters, how do we commit ourselves to gain knowledge regarding Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him like to know is he just compulsory for him? Somebody told me that a Muslim is not allowed to have relationship with a non Muslim knowledge revives the spirit of Islam.

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How do we share Islam is

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sharing Islam is actually a duty of every Muslim, not just with family, but with the rest of the world.

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Islam believes in the same Sharing is caring. If you have something good, you don't hide. It doesn't teach us Islam. It doesn't teach us to be selfish. If you will know that you are right. If you know that you are truthful, if you will know that you are practicing something which is actually the truth and which will be only the way that will be accepted by Allah, then you need to make sure that you share it with the rest. The command of our last panel to Allah helps us realize that it is an obligation upon us to share Islam with the people. Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah number 16 and 145 Allah subhanaw taala says although Ella's, really, Rebecca will

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invite people to the way of your Lord with wisdom. One more eluting Hasina, and discuss with them. Preach with them in the ways that are best and most gracious. This is a command from Allah subhanaw taala, where he says, Would you in a civilian robe becoming hikma? One more? Is that in Santa Rosa, the Illuminati, yeah, as an invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful teachings, and discuss with them, share with them in the ways that are best and most gracious. So sharing Islam is number one, and obligation upon us, that allows you panatela has given us now how do we share Islam, especially you as new Muslims, after accepting Islam, obviously you have your family, perhaps, who

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are still non Muslim? How do we share Islam with them? The first and foremost way, the golden way, the best way to share Islam with your family and the rest is be an ideal Muslim. Be an ideal Muslim. You represent the actions, the fruits of Islam, by your actions you represent in your actions, how beautiful Islam is. And by your law, if you act, according to Islam, you will see the people will have impact on it, the people will be influenced. And that was the way of the prophets and that was the way of all the previous prophets. That was the way of all the companions of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that they used to leave an impeccable and in a big impact on the people and the

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society, on their own families. That people were amazed and strange. What kind of person is this? He doesn't lie. He doesn't cheat. He doesn't embezzle. He doesn't deceive. What kind of person is is what kind of way of life is is is living. So you need to make sure that you behave like a Muslim. That is the first the first thing that you need to do. If you would like to share Islam, with your family and the rest. And you will see when you go back to your family, as a new Muslim, when you behave for you, for example, with your parents, maybe you were a bit negligent about your parents, but when you go back as a Muslim, you need to be kind with them. You need to be soft with it, even

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though even though they are non Muslims, you need to be soft with them, kind with the deal with them in the manners which are the Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Yeah. When you leave this impact as an obedient son, imagine the impact on your parents. They would love to receive you while you while you practice this faith. Right? The other way that you can actually share Islam with them.

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People is that you can

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give them the power by calling directly to the way of Islam. Allah subhanaw taala praises that person who basically invites others to Islam to Allah subhanaw taala. He praises and can you imagine a loss of Hannah Tyler, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the owner of everything that exists he praises. Look at this beautiful ayah Allah says into the full Senate surah number 41 eye number 33 Allah subhanaw taala says, woman x and O Allah mimin da Illa Why? Why Mila solid color in nanny minute Muslim who is better in speech, look at the expression of a most powerful, who is better in speech than the one who calls people to Allah does righteous deeds and says, I am among

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the Muslims.

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This is the praise that Allah Pamela has given to us. Those who share the message of Allah with others, right. The honor will not come without responsibility. We need to be responsible in calling our family first and the rest to Islam to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is something which is essential my brothers and sisters, you we do not want our family, our family to be to be in Hellfire, we do not want them to be lost. We do not want them to be misguided, we do not want them to be away from the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala if we do not want all these things, then we need to make sure that we share Islam in the most beautiful manner within so that they may also enjoy the

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bounties from Allah. The beauties from Allah subhanaw taala and the benefits from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Also, you can have so many ways, whichever suits you best, you can make Dawa. You can share Islam, with your family and the rest depending on the situation, time and person.

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Dear brothers and sisters, in this session, we were dealing with certain significant questions that our brothers have in their mind. Perhaps these are the questions that might be prevailing in your minds as well. To understand to make yourself strong and firm on Islam. Indeed, as Allah subhanaw taala says

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in the Quran, in Surah Surah number 15. And number 99.

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Allah subhanaw taala says Wormwood, Rebecca Hata Yachty Akala T, worship your Lord, until the certainty comes to you.

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If you really want to achieve the benefits of Islam, you need to be formed on Islam, you need to live according to the principles of Islam. With this, I would like to end this session with an ayah with which I started the discussion from Surah Al Iran surah number three and number 19 in which Allah subhanaw taala says in Medina and allied Islam, the only way of life, the only fate the only religion acceptable in the sight of Allah is Islam. That is total submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and handling it properly

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