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AI: Summary © The historical context and cultural significance of Islam in the United States is discussed, including the dressings and practices of Islam-ive events. The importance of learning the language and not dismissing people from one's gathering is emphasized, as well as the success of Islam-ive events and the use of "imm bon" in the language of Islam. The speaker also discusses the prophesy of Islam and its impact on people, including black people and their beliefs. Overall, support for everyone to spread the message and help spread the message is emphasized.
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grew up in Winnipeg, I was in high school and there was a brother who converted to Islam a black brother in Winnipeg. And, and he was a big influence on me in my life as I was. I got accepted to Medina University. And he said something to me when I got accepted to Medina University, he said, You know what, Muhammad, you're going to go to Mecca. And when you go to Mecca,

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and you pray in the front row of the kava, you're going to be in the front row of the entire world.

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And, and so he was excited for me, he was excited for me. And then I got excited. So when I went for my first ombre, and, and it was Fajr time, and I kept thinking about what he said that if you pray in the first row, you're praying in the front, the front row of the entire world. So I did that. And I you know, it was tight, even though it was just a weekday, or whatever it was, I prayed in the front row.

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And as I sat there waiting for the salon, I'm like, Man, I'm in the front row of the entire world.

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There were some people sitting beside me,

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some Asians. And as the event started, get it came closer and closer to the time for the ad then. And if you know the sounds of the Kabah, it's like quiet. There's like the buzz of some generators in the back. And you can hear the birds kind of like flying around. It's got a very unique sound to the caliber.

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And so that's the atmosphere. And this is like in the 90s. This was like 1994 when this happened.

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And then the people who are going to be saying, Yeah, then they came out with the microphones. There's this big golden microphone that they bring out. And the brother who was

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who was carrying the microphone was black. He was Saudi, he was black and beautiful white though beautiful black skin and came out, you know, with the red with red scarf, and he came out holding the microphone. So the Asian guys who are sitting beside me, they went ballistic excited. They were so happy. Therapists so happy was probably their first time or something like that. They got so happy because the ad then was black.

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And they said, Whoa, I heard them saying to each other and I don't speak

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Urdu, but they said to Urdu, they said to each other you guys can correct me if I say this wrong. They said war Belaz family, hey Ovilus family, they got so excited. Because they said he's from the family of beloved Radi Allahu Anhu. And he's going to be saying here that it actually wasn't him posing than somebody else. But

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I wanted to start off with that.

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In Mecca,

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the people who came to the province that a lot ASA them and used to sit with him and used to listen to him and I want to give you this, you know, in Medina, obviously they used to sit with the prophesy Semin, Medina, sorry, in Mecca and Medina, but like Sandman in fantasy about the Allahu anhu, who was a slave in Medina, he would work all day in the farms in the date farms. And then at night when his shift was over, and he's about to go to sleep, and he'd be off shift, he would go and sit with the Messenger of Allah, so a lot of setup, and listen to him. So that's how the poor people in the slaves and the blacks would sit in Mecca with the prophets of Allah de Sena. Now, the

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province of a lot of Islam gave Dawa, to the aristocrats in Mecca. And if they accepted Islam, if the aristocrats accepted Islam,

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then everybody would accept Islam. And so one time the aristocrats in Mecca said to the prophets of Allah, Islam, that we will sit with you, and we will listen to you, but you need to get rid of these poor people. We can sit with blacks, we can sit with the poor, they need to leave, and then we will sit with you and then we will listen to you and the Prophet sallallahu sallam was keen, he wants them to be guided. But Allah subhanaw taala revealed this verse, this is in surah, six number 52. Allah subhanaw taala says, I will I'm going to show up on a regime wala double Rodini leadin rune out of them Bin Laden demonology. You read on our Jaha Allah subhanho data says, Oh Prophet, what I

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talked about and do not dismiss Alladhina, Madrona and Levina THOSE WHO and those who are the pours and the blacks and the slaves and Mecca who would come and sit with the prophesies that I'm what I talked about, and do not dismiss them. Do not push them away. Do not

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I'm dismiss them from your gathering and ledvina their own out of the home that Allah that you will ashy, those who call upon their Lord. In the mornings in the evenings you read on Elijah seeking Allah subhanaw taala is pleasure seeking Allah's Countenance seeking the face of Allah subhanaw taala and then Allah subhanaw taala continues, now Elaine, come in Hey Sabby me Shane. Well ma'am in haisa Because name is Shane, fat, they'll follow down, but they'll go down further gonna, you know, volley me in Allah subhanaw taala says you're not accountable for those people, the aristocrats, you're not accountable for them, and they're not accountable for you. So just because you don't push

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these poor people away, just because you don't push these poor people blacks and they say they're not going to believe unless you do so Allah subhanaw taala says you're not accountable for them. They're not accountable for you. And then Allah Subhana Allah Allah says further to Rhoda home that if you did dismiss them, for the corner monopoly mean that you would be one of the wrongdoers you would be from the lolly means you will be the tyrants for dismissing them in the story of the event. And like I said, this is a reminder but we need this reminder. In the story of the event, Abdullah bin Ziad Ravi Allahu I knew he had a dream that he saw the words of the event, advising him to the

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method of how the events would be said as a prophet, civilize them wanting to call the people to prayer, and then the prophets that Allah has accepted it and he accepted the event. And then the prophets of the life Sam said to have the love and Ziad he said teach those words to be lad because he has a more beautiful voice than you.

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And so Billa Robbie Allah I knew who was a slave and who was black and a freed slave, he became the first admin in Islam. And I guess you know, every Masjid in the world every and then every more avid all looks back to the first person who had this honor and below the line was always the advocate and became the voice and the sound of Medina below the Allahu Taala and who and when he said dia then when he said then you called it for the first time on what are the alumni who came out and he said to the prophets of Allah they said I'm I also saw a dream. And these were the words that I heard in. I lived in Medina for many years and in Medina University Subhan Allah the most knowledgeable people

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that I met were the African brothers. The most knowledgeable people that I met were the most African. The African students who can't came from Ghana, who came from Nigeria who came from all these from

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general Kumar, Cameroon and all of these countries, in Medina University. They were the most knowledgeable students and I would look up to them. So in Masjid, sorry, our university masjid and our university Masjid there was a brother from Africa who used to lead the prayer and I know when you guys hear Quranic or citation, it's usually like Mecca sounds Medina sounds kind of like Saudi type of citation and different countries. You know, when you hear the word citation, you can tell oh, this person is from this country, this person is from that country, and a lot of people to copy like Egyptian re citation on the walls of that style. But I think what you have not heard the

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sweetness of African Quranic recitation, and so hamdulillah in Medina University, we sat Quran students, there's a faculty of Quran and they would lead the prayers in. These are like the most knowledgeable on amongst the students in Medina University. They lead the prayers. And I've always tell people that there's a sweetness to the Quranic recitation from Africa that you have not heard in Saudi Arabia, you've not heard in these other countries. It's not well known, but when you hear it, it is different and it's so beautiful and so sweet. I hope inshallah to Allah to be able to hear that put on more.

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The voice of biller or the line who was you know, like the voice of,

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of Medina when the Prophet said a lot and said I'm Concord Mecca and and and forgave the Quraysh. And and you know, they smashed the idols in Mecca. And the Prophet said a lot he said, I'm told me that climb the GABA and give the event.

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Climb the cap. So beloved, I'll be lucky to be climbed up on the kava, this is a black man the first day the conquest of Mecca, and below the line is the first person to give the Adhan at the cap in all history of Islam was Billa radula. I know

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And that voice of Medina for that day became the voice of Mecca, became the voice of the Kaaba. Now Billa Radi Allahu Anhu. And I can imagine this, you know, because I used to hear events just like

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you know, there's somebody who leads the prayer so longer add them that you hear so much it becomes an attached attachment to it. And that's why when the Muslims conquered Syria, and beloved Allah and who later when the prophesy centum passed away, and they had conquered Sybil Al had moved to Syria. And Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu came

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To Siri, he asked Balarabe learning to give the event they say there's two times three more times, the beloved Elon gave me and then one was in Syria. And later he came to visit Medina and he gave the event in Medina was a one time at the time of our model Delano. And when he gave that, then everybody would come out.

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He came out,

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they came out of their homes in Medina crying, because of the sound of the law or the law I know who used to remind them of the salon, the prophets of Allah days. And I want you to imagine this, you know, we go through anxiety, and we go through this tension. And the prophets that Allah has said, I'm used to feel anxiety used to feel tension, and you know what sound he would turn to, when he needed to relax and to calm down, he would turn to the voice of the lab.

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So he'd say, at VIP LAN, he would say relax us and commerce Obi Lal, by saying we are then

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by saying we are then now, just like in the

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just like when we say Islam, and then people start quoting Muslims and, you know, for years, just, you know, in our Dawa, we've always been saying that, you know, you have to separate between Islam and Muslims. And or somebody would say Hamdulillah I learned Islam before I learned about Muslims, because Muslims are, the Quran is perfect, but had the authentic hadith of the prophesy. centum is perfect, but human beings are not perfect. And, and, and even at the time of the prophets of Allah de Sena,

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had companions who would say things that were Jahangir were ignorance. And so there's the story of a Buddha was a Ferrari, who got angry at Billa Radi Allahu Anhu. And he called him.

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He said to him,

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give him a soda. He said, You son of a black woman.

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And then the prophets below the line, I didn't respond to him. But he said, I will tell the message of Allah. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Are you trying to find faults in him? Because of his mother? And the prophets that Allah has said, Well, that was a great companion of the province of Allah is the province of Elias M said to him in a camera on fee Caja Helia said you're a person who has JD Yeah, in themselves. You are a person who has JD in themselves.

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And it said that a Buddha put his face on the ground, put his face to the dirt and told Bilal to step on his face. Because he's more honorable

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because of this actions of a Buddha really fiery about the law. I know. And so I want you to understand that this is and I was very clear, that this is how Islam honored

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the law or the law honored blacks and honored a people.

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And if somebody does opposite than that, that's not Islam. In fact, they're doing haram, just like other harms that they would do and they need to be corrected for this

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the prophets of Allah

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was one sleeping, he had a dream that he entered Jannah he entered paradise.

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You have to imagine this just you know, take a moment to to this. So the prophesy Saddam had a dream that he entered paradise.

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And you heard the footsteps

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of Billa Radi Allahu Anhu ahead of him in Jannah, and this is the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam, and he heard and Bilal was black and he was a slave. And he was freed Abu Bakr Al Delano entered into Islam and and

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and then the province of a lighting system I heard your footsteps ahead of me. Like this footsteps aren't coming from behind the profits of

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A lot is that um, they were coming from ahead. And he said, by what actions have you done that have granted you this the station? And Billa Radi Allahu Anhu said that, whenever I make will do, I make will do make ablution I offer to a cause of prayer as to hatred will do. So, this Asuna octahedral Do you see that this are the virtue of the handle will do is from this hadith, the Beloved of the Lord of the prophesy, some saw him in this dream, you know, Villa the lion was tortured for his for him believing in the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and believing in Islam. And he used to say, as we know, he would be tortured in the in the desert. And he used to say, I hadn't heard.

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He is one he is one. And

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he was asked about this. Why does? Why was he saying 100 There are many things you could have said during the torture.

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And below the line, he said, I tried different things, I tried to say different things.

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And the thing that I found the statement that I found that would anger them the most, which actually meant they would torture him more. That really would get to them he was psychologically torturing them. He said, the thing that would hurt them the most is when I would say I had done had, he is one he is one and that's why I used to say it.

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And subhanAllah because of his style, he and his belief in Allah subhanaw taala Allah gave him this gift of being the first person in Islam to call everyone with a shadow a

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shadow under Muhammad Rasool Allah,

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in the Pharaoh foot of the prophets of the lives and

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the famous flip of the prophets of the lysosome, where there was 120,000 companions and they're coming from all tribes and the prophets of Allah, they suddenly said, oh, people, your Lord is one Lord, and you all share the same father, your Lord is one. So it doesn't matter what skin color anybody has, that our Lord is One Lord. And we all have the same father Adam and Hawa is the mother and father of every human being. And the Prophet sallallaahu Salam said, Indeed, there is no superiority of an Arab or a non Arab, or an non Arab over an over an Arab or of a white, over a black nor a black over a white, elaborate Taqwa. Except in Taqwa. And so this was the declaration

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that the Prophet saw the lightest and um, said that nobody has superiority over the other person, except with Taqwa. And the interesting thing about Taqwa is only Allah subhanaw taala knows who is true, who truly has Taqwa. And so therefore the superiority is opening in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And I'll finish off with this, this last reminder.

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And that's when

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below the line who

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once again

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when beloved on the line, who was on his deathbed, and his wife was, you know, crying.

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And beloved, Alana told her, don't be sad. She said, you know, what a great grief. And he said below the line and center, what Taraba what a great joy. And so he's on his deathbed and belagavi Lanos narrative said that then I'll call a HIPAA, Muhammad and for his birthday, that tomorrow I will meet my beloved ones, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his companions. And so, he was his companion in this dunya nice companion in the Hereafter. And so, we learn a little the lion who was Ceduna and the interesting thing about say you do not you'll see it translated as

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as leader you know as you say, so you do not go back or say either now Homer or say you do not be there above your line and so you do not actually means our master like slave master. And so instead of the way that they were treated as slaves before they became our masters, while the Allah Tala and

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and with that I conclude I just want to

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give my

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my words of support for all our brothers and sisters and what's happening in the US and around the world.

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May Allah subhanaw taala

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correct the situation and a reminder for all my brothers and sisters here that Allah subhanaw taala says, Kunal Kawa, Amina Elahi shahada request that we stand for justice. And we support that the Justice no matter who it is, even if it's against our own selves, we stand up and support that justice. Maybe I don't have the best voice in this topic, but I encourage you all to find those voices and support them and forward their messages and help spread the word in sha Allah Tiana is that Kamala Hi Ron Subhanak llama will be having to go shadow Hola. Hola. Hola. And stop for a go to Lake of Santa Monica to live again.