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AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the importance of patient mental health and the need for patience in achieving success in achieving success. The rapid growth of human population and the need for more people to memorize the Quran is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding mistakes and following rules when driving. The speakers also touch on robotics and the need for investment in technology. The conversation ends with a brief advertisement for Roku and a follow-up on the Surah Nisa evening.
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Don't doubt the Promise of Allah because of what you see. Because sometimes the disbelievers have the power. Because Allah says Metallian Ali, this is a short term enjoyment that they are given for a specific reason.

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From memory Well, Hi, I'm Johanna Morbius. And eventually, it's all about punishment, their their place will be punishment, in the hellfire and one an evil place to be.

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So don't be deluded by this beauty. Look at the final results of all of this.

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Then Allah says, But as for those who have had Taqwa towards Allah towards the Lord, they will have Gardens under which under which rivers flow, they will dwell there forever, as a place from Allah give it accommodation given to them by Allah, and what is with Allah is better for the righteous ones. Then Allah subhana, Allah talks about the People of the Book, as from the people who book some of them are those who believe in Allah, and believes believes in what was revealed to their Prophet and what was revealed to you or Muhammad, thus they accept Islam. And they do not exchange the words of Allah and the truth that came in their scripture for any worldly gain. They acknowledge the

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truth, those people will get their reward with Allah subhanaw taala. Indeed, Allah is Swift and account. And finally,

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how do you achieve this? How do we achieve our customer, we have laid your mineral letter for who Allah gives more specific advice. But these are general attitudes that we have to have in life. Yeah, you are Latina, women are beautiful.

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Watch Cybil patients is going to be tough. It's going to be demanding.

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You need a long breath in this world, you need to be able to put up with so much discomfort, so much inconvenience, so much uncertainty, so many challenges. So much harm, you have to put up with it.

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You can't pull out as Bill was our bureau. Now not only have patience, but strive in patience, because at some time, at certain point, at some point,

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the patients that you have developed will be challenged by a situation and it's not enough for the situation you're about, you're reaching a breaking point.

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What do you do in this in this instance,

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you call them more patients. When you run out of patients, when you have given you all

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and you feel you're going to just fall for that.

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That's the time you push yourself, you go the extra mile.

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This is this is different than having patience. This is when when you run out of gas.

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This is when you run out of gas, and you have exhausted your patience, and you're about to fall. Then you tap into something else.

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Which is your willpower, you commitment to Allah, although I can't resist this, I'm just going to do it for the sake of Allah, that little bit is going to build give you another a new reservoir of patients is going to is going to upgrade your game. You're going to get as with video games, more lives.

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You get more ammunition. That's how it works.

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Why because you don't have anything to give, still you're willing to give.

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That's the point.

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And that's that's and by the way, this is not only this is a

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this is a phenomenon and the human in the human race that is there. You know what, there is something.

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Those who run a marathon, they have something I don't know. I forgot they have they have a name for it. They have a name for this thing. They say around the 18th mile

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around the 18th mile in a marathon.

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You all you feel all your muscles are smoked. And your body says I can't handle it anymore. And we're talking about 4040 kilometers marathon about I'm saying mild but 440 kilometers around the 18th Kilometer your buddy gives up.

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Your body gives up like it does not respond to you. Your body. It keeps running. He tried to stop you can't even stop. But you feel you're gonna just collapse.

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They say most people who quit they quit around this 18 They call it 18 mile. Quite an 18 mile. They most people quit they pull out of the race at this point.

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The people who complete the marathon they don't have anything physically more than the people who pull out.

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But what they do, they say I'm not gonna give up. I'm gonna keep going and it gets more difficult

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for them, but there is a breaking, there's a breakout point.

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There's a breakout point where a new surge of energy runs through their body, and it keeps them going to the end of the marathon.

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That's a well documented phenomenon, by the way, and marathons.

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This is what was Saburo is a Spiro wasabia. Once you feel you don't have anything more to give, you push yourself, you'll be surprised that divine aid is going to arrive. And it will you will be able to handle more. And that's the issue with humans that always underestimate what Allah has enabled them off. And this is why the way this is this is rapid growth in any area. People who memorize Quran sometimes you will be surprised sometimes some people memorize Quran in a few months, the whole Quran, sometimes there are there are records where people who don't know the Quran, by the way back then don't have any special training random Muslims. And they get

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in an intensive course on memorizing the Quran, they memorize it in 40 days.

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There are people who memorize the Quran in 30 days in a month. The whole Quran meaning everyday ages.

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How do they do it, they experienced the same phenomena the first few days. And it happens second or third day. The whole day, they're memorizing the whole day, the memorizing first day they feel their brain, the brain cells are numb, like a very weird feeling.

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And then second day, they feel a little bit of energy, they go about it. But then at some point,

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like they can't read. everything freezes. Or sometimes they read and as if they're not reading, but their tongue itself is reading and they're disconnected from it.

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And that's when most people give up. But these people keep going, they keep going. It lasts for for for a couple of hours this state. But eventually what happens they arrive at an area where their memory is so activated, that some of them just by reading the page, it sticks to their brain.

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Yeah, there are reports and some of them are documented. And so there are some video, YouTube videos actually that took people talking about their personal experiences with this. I was told this by one person, one of those people I know he said towards the end of my course 40 days in the Quran, he says towards the end towards the end.

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He said I memorized

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for Jews in one day, the last day for Jews.

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He said I just I would read the page. And that's it.

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That's it.

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It's crazy. It is crazy. But the thing is, again, we pull out too early. This is what's our bureau This is what site was Saburo is US Bureau. wasabia room, or SIBO. And by the way achievers in every field, they talk about something similar

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in every field they show you after we've been completely broken but we refuse to give in

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and we kept going and all of a sudden you tap into something completely new you never thought existed.

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Okay, look at it by the way the ATM smile.

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I don't know. I don't know what they call it. Is it principles? 18th mile thing? All right.

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Probably yeah. hitting the wall. Yes, probably you hit a wall. But as you keep going, you something else opens up to you. Okay, it's been over Siberia. What are your two?

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See the four things this middle Saburo. We've done with those. Roberto, what Akula. We know what it took a lot, right. So we're going to take the last thing I want to break down Shala is rabito, which is an important concept. And it's a behavioral concept.

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Let's say you work as a security guard

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and you are

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guarding a fund.

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You're guarding a fund.

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Your shift is 10 hours

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so out of the 10 hours, you're supposed to be there for 10 hours.

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You sneak out you go you walk to nearby Timmies you get some coffee, right? And it's about 20 minutes

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and you come back

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most likely nothing is gonna happen right? It's 20 minutes to 20 minutes 20 minutes

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if there is a theft is going to take place

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how long is it going

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Take probably five minutes, probably five minutes, and it could happen within the window of your departure.

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Now, let's say, for 10 years, you've been the security guy, or you've had the same same shift 10 hours every day. And you've been taking the 20 minutes to go to Tim Hortons and leave the place vulnerable.

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And you always got away with it.

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No breaking happened at all.

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And after 10 years,

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as you go into Tim Hortons, someone breaks into the place, and they steal the funds.

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The 10 years,

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10 years of what, nine hours, 40 minutes every day, every day for 10 years. Did they benefit you?

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Not at all, because the burglary happened.

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You follow the rules when you drive?

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You follow the rules when you drive? You don't follow up very close. Right? You

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you indicate as you're shifting, changing lanes, right? You following speed limits, et cetera? Fine. And this happens, your children will say why did you speed up where other other cars have taken over? They're passing us right? Why don't you just do it? You say but you know, we could be caught by police. But there's no police here. Yes, most of the time, you're going to abide by the rules. Let's say there are two brothers, they drive the same distance on the same route every day, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. One of them speeds up. The other one doesn't the other one abides by abides by the rules. So the one who was speeds up has been spinning up for six years, then

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never been caught. Everyday he speeds up never been caught, right?

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but his brother is always abiding by the rules never been caught as well.

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And this is what the bad guys usually say. They would say, you know, you've been just abiding by the rules, I've been breaking all the rules. And if I'd been caught six years, six years, same thing, you know, there's no point abiding by the rules.

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But then one day this person will be caught.

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And the person who abides by the rules, they will not be caught. That's the difference. So this one time, this one time, what is the probability of like someone breaking in over 10 years,

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during the 20 minutes window out of the 10 days,

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very minimal, very minimal. But all it all, it only needs to happen once. That's it, it breaks, everything else breaks all the 10 years and all the 10 hours everyday, same thing, the person who's been getting away with breaking the rules as they drive, all it takes is that they are caught for one time. That's it.

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So you take what do you do you, you restrain yourself,

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you strain yourself and you do the right thing, although you can get away with it. Why? Because you

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take account of the one time that you could be caught, and it could be any of those moments. over 10 years, it could be one. So you're gonna abide by the rules for 10 years. Just to avoid somebody breaks in one time, it's worth it. That's what rebirth is.

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That's what robot is imagine robot basically is taken from someone guarding a country, the borders of the country. And there's an enemy who tries to break in.

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So you place Gods at intervals at distances.

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You don't know when the attack is going to happen. So you're going to spend as a god 10 hours paying full attention. Although there's nothing there is nothing in the hopes that if there is something you're gonna catch it

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very difficult

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because you don't see any return on your investment.

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And you are giving attention for such a long time for something that takes a minute.

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But you can't predict it. That's why we bought these three rebar is you invest so much, although it's very tempting that you can you know, you don't have to commit and most likely it won't happen.

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What you'll fear won't happen.

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That's what a robot is. So rebar is meaning.

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As a believer,

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you keep striving not to make a mistake. You

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not to fall into sin, because you don't know which sin is going to break your back.

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Because you see someone sinning and you say, you know, they've been sitting for 10 years, then they may Toba, I just do the same. You don't know maybe with you, if you commit that sin, it's gonna break your heart, completely destroy you.

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And maybe this is this linear engage with and you die upon that state.

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What's the probability of this happening? Very small.

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Mathematically, if you're, if you will work out the probability that you're going to die while doing this thing is so tiny.

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Robot is I'm going to account for this tiny probability.

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I will not allow it to happen. That's where the robot this

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makes sense. That's what a robot is. So

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I mean, look, I am, he says,

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or the Prophet SAW Selim in a hadith he says, One tirado salata, Illa Salah for Daddy como robot for Daddy como robot.

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Looking forward from one side to the other, waiting for the next Salah to come. Looking forward to the next salah, you prayed the whole you looking forward for us, you can't wait for it. Okay? And because you're so obsessed with it, that you're going to align your day and you're going to organize your day around these times. The Prophet says fidelity como report this is the rebirth. Why?

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you have one point of focus, that's your connection with Allah, your Salah with Allah and everything else comes secondary.

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basically you say, I'm not going to miss any prayer. I'm not going to miss any Jamar, I'm not going to miss it. Now, what's what's still, what's the probability of you missing Gemma out if you organize your day around it? Right? It's very minimal, but you stay very vigilant about it. Very careful about it. Now I've been am says a robot is he says, Your heart is your citadel. That's your palace. You want to protect it from Shaytaan

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shaytaan, you don't know what time he's going to come at you. He's going to have a go at you. You will know which angle he's going to attack you from which side you don't know.

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So he says you can't wait, there's no signs of the attack, the attack is just going to happen. If it happens, it's just gonna happen. So that means you have to be vigilant 24/7. So you're always on your God.

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Always on your God 24/7 Like you don't put down your armor at all. Because the moment you put down your armor, there's a probability and very tiny most likely very, very small.

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But because of that, he's still not going to put down your honor. That's what a robot is.

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Because in this world, what you do doesn't seem to be rewarding. Right? Doesn't seem to be rewarding, because for 10 years, you've been guiding right? And

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let's say the one who was guarding the fund, right?

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There has been no attempt no break in attempt at all during the 10 years.

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Somebody with a foolish logic, they could come and say, you know, you've been guided for 10 years. You might as well just sleep. Right? Why did you waste your time? Why did you just put so much attention? Why you? Why are you so vigilant and alert, right? There was no attempt.

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That's a foolish.

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That's a foolish

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logic. Because that robot is what you do. Doesn't seem to be any payoff. Why? Because there's no need for it seems to be all the probability of violation happening is very tiny. That seems to be you can get away with any with any compromise with any violation. It's not uh, most likely nothing would happen. But despite that, you say no, because if that's going to, that's going to happen, it's going to ruin everything. And still because of that probability, same thing is with your diet, by the way.

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Like there are people who,

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who might eat the worst food in the world and still, like live well into their 70s or 80s. And relatively healthy and no serious illness happens to them.

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But there are people who eat that diet

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and because of that diet, they get canceled

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so part of a rebuttal, an example of a rebuttal someone says

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you Yeah, there are this person. They lived well into their 80s Right, they're eating this type of food so I'm I'm most likely I'll be the same.

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Well, what guarantees that you're not going to be like the person who

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had cancer in their late 20s?

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How do you guarantee?

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So a robot means okay? No, I'm going to be on guard. I'm not going to eat the foot, I'm not going to I'm not going to take the risk. I'm going to protect my, my, my, my, my Citadel on my palace. So even though I am says shaytan is always lying in wait to stink

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and the robot is that you stay vigilant 24/7

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Because you might be tempted you might just you know, ignore it, you might just grow heedless about it and nothing happens.

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But this should not tempt you.

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And by the way,

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some out zone explain this thing.

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Sometimes you see people driving the the the above the speed limit, right? Oh, they are they have this aggressive driving style. And you say, you know, I wish there's police to catch them.

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I wish there is police to catch them.

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We're very agitated about it. I wish there's a oh, maybe they

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like they block you or they they squeeze in, et cetera, whatever. Say I wish there is police to catch these people. Don't worry, these people will be caught. Police knows it. Because the moment you do something wrong and you get away with it, you're tempted to do it more than he will do it more than you'll do it more than you will do it more often than you will do it more often than the likelihood of you being caught grows substantially. And then you will be caught. So you will be caught. So sometimes they think every violation has to be caught No. Once a person commits a violation, and they don't get caught because of the because they lack the principle of rebirth.

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Well, they're going to do can I say okay, I was not called this time, so I'm not going to be called next time.

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And there is no relevance by the way, there's no connection. So the person is going to do it more often, more often more often more often. And eventually they will be called police count on this, by the way, they will tell you we catch the bad guys. And it's like it's extremely.

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I gotta say, like, it's a rare thing that someone has been driving aggressively. And they were not caught many times. It's a rarity. It's a rare, it is something extreme. But people who drive bad are usually they usually get more tickets simple. People who drive who drive more aggressively, they get more tickets. So don't worry about the specific incidents or instances. Eventually, it becomes their own style, and they will be caught more. Okay, so now we're done with Saudi Arabia and Iran. Again, just going to summarize very quickly. So the Solo is all about.

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The central verse is why taslim will be heavily Laneige me and what? For Roku and

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hold on to the rope of Allah, which means you seek shelter in your connection with Allah and you're being loyal to Allah subhanaw taala. That's, that's how you achieve Taqwa. That's how you grow.

00:23:10--> 00:23:23

And you do this by holding on to the Revelation. Revelation is the source of life. And this is what Allah says, The Swallow with Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, you and high alpha, you will give your life he's a hate allele.

00:23:25--> 00:23:32

And then this will translate itself at the level of the community, in a sense of unity.

00:23:34--> 00:23:37

This gives personal strength and collective strength.

00:23:39--> 00:23:41

This is the only way forward.

00:23:42--> 00:23:49

There's no other way. Anything else material, power, resources, etc. All of these are

00:23:51--> 00:23:52


00:23:53--> 00:24:34

sources. That's all but they're not the main thing. They're not the main thing. And the first part of the song focuses more on this in the building of the individual. The second one focus more on the dynamics of the group. And then the surah Allah saga concludes the surah with more of a description of the people who truly achieve this vital symbol. They are alert. They are captivated by the creation of Allah, they're searching for actively searching for answers. They they are aware of Allah, they remember ALLAH, often the hearts are connected to Allah. And by the way, this starts to frame their lives and inform everything in their life and shape everything. And then eventually

00:24:34--> 00:24:46

these, Allah subhanaw taala will respond to these people and give them the best in this life. And the next. And finally, a last witness gives us four treasures that we are supposed to they're supposed to help us which is

00:24:47--> 00:25:00

having patience, striving to up the game of our patients and Masaba wasabia through which we said there is a break through point and what are the two

00:25:00--> 00:25:12

Mr. Bata as we said the concept of you still do whatever is needed to done although the probability of a violation happening is very minimal and small but you still put in the effort consistently.

00:25:14--> 00:25:23

So you work 10 years for five minutes you put you put the work for 10 years to avoid five minutes because that's all it takes.

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And what Tapachula took what we spoke about it and you know, enough when we were talking about social Bukhara La La come to flee. So you will be successful.

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So, watch us and we'll be happy to learn Hey, Jimmy and Olathe fort Rocco will eventually lead to success in this world. And the hereafter sorry was long day to day while Hamdulillah we are done with solitary and Rancho la next week we will move to talk about Surah Nisa evening Allah to Allah so until then,

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see you and reminder Asia next Friday will be at eight

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karma will be at eight o'clock inshallah. It's no longer 730. So, see you then Rasul Allah Allah Messina haven't join us