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Episode Notes

In the next part, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi connects us with some important anecdotes and facts concerning the pre-Islamic life and the conversion to Islam.

As we delve deeper into the lecture, we come to understand of the prominence behind Abu Bakr RA conversion and shift to that he was the first non family male member to do so. Also, we gather information on how he faced atrocities in the wake of this decision and also about his mother accepting Islam too.

Shaykh Yasir then reveals the reward that Abu Bakr RA achieves for setting into motion this greatest deed – he is elevated in stature by Allah SWT Himself as he is mentioned in the Qur’an in Surah Tawbah as “Second of the two” (Thani Ath-nayn), “sahib” (companion) and that “Allah is with us” .

Some eminent stories making the cut in this video are the story of Zayd ibn Amr ibn Nufayl and Ibn Abu Sult, Abu Bakr (r) learning about prophethood from Waraqah Ibn Naufal and various others. 

The happiness of Prophet Muhammad on this great event of Abu Bakr RA conversion to Islam is substantiated from the Hadith narrated by Aishah RA, “When Abu Bakr converted, the happiest person in Makkah was prophet Muhammad ﷺ.”

We also get acquainted with the blessed “Ten promised Paradise”  at the hands of Abu Bakr as their reward for conversion to Islam and they are – Zubayr Ibn Al-Awwam , Uthman ibn Affan , Talha ibn Ubaydullah , Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas and Abdurrahman Ibn Auf .

Abu BAkr RA was also the first Khateeb of Islam to preach the message of Islam publicly. He showed immense resilience, bravery and courage in his pursuit for da’wah of Islam and set a precedence in giving money, advising the Prophet ﷺ and freeing slaves .

May Allah SWT make us among those who emulate the Sahabas and imbibe their traits to perfection.

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Mr Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. Germain. on my back. In our last lesson, we began discussing the life of a workers to do rhodiola with Allah and his lineage, his background, his family tribe. Today, we'll talk a little bit about what we know pre Islam and his conversion to Islam. So a little bit of the stories that we know. And of course, as we will discover, if even with the Prophet Mohammed, so saddam, we have just a little bit of information from the Mughal era, as I have said, so many times the madonie era, even though it is only 10 years, and the modern era is 53 years total, we actually have almost doubled

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the amount of information for those 10 years that we do for the 53 years, all combined, because that's the nature of compiling information, if this is for our solar system, how much more so for the Sahaba. So you will see that the fact of the matter, we have very little information that has been preserved just tidbits. And as we go on from Sahabi to Sahabi, information will go less and less and less. For the bulk of the Sahaba, we only have their name. And for many of them, not even their name has been recorded. The masses of the Sahaba more than 100,000 people saw the process of them, most of their names are not even known, correct, who's going to record them is gone. So even

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from the names, we have around maybe 5000 names from those 5000 of names that we have, probably we only have stories, enough to make a biography of less than 100 150. And even that to make a class out of probably, I will probably end up doing maybe 3040. That's it. These are the immediate names and maybe some interesting anecdotes from one, one anecdote from one person. He entered the life that process of as an emissary something interesting happened, maybe we will do that. So we will see less than less information. What do we know about aboubaker? So the audio level data and we know that he was always curious and open minded. He never worshipped idols. He was looking for the truth

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even as a young man and a suit he reports in his tadi in his biography, a story that Abu Bakar himself narrated that he said that once in the days of Jamelia, I was sitting in front of the cab, and they even Ammar even knew fail, was also there who is at bamboo unified?

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Who is a they've been hammering unified

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Xay they've been amberleigh no fail, his name should be known.

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Somebody from the back?

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The most famous of the one of

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the most famous of the foreigner,

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who's the one of fat Please tell me you all know, they're

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the ones who never worshipped idols. Right? The most famous of them was a devotee of Nephi. And I gave his story at the beginning of the Zero Hour process in a met David ambu file. And he asked him that why do my people have a problem with you? What is going on? And so he said, I don't worship any of these false gods I worship only Allah azzawajal I turned to the God of Abraham, you know, I don't eat the meat given to the idols and whatnot. So he was very angry at idolatry. This is a live anomaly of a new face. He had traveled the world. He had traveled to Syria and to Yemen and whatnot. And he had rejected Judaism and Christianity as being false. And he said, none of you are upon the

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religion of Ibrahim alayhis salaam anymore. There is no that religion left Henny fee. She was the most famous and by the way, they they've been unbelievable. No fail, is a first cousin of Rome would have been a hotdog. Romano katabi newfane Okay, so hotdog and Amber are brothers. So Zaid and Omar Abner hottub are first cousins but of course, there's a huge age gap maybe even 50 years or more, or 40 or 4040 4040 years or more of an age gap between zero and our different generations. But there are first cousins, the both from the blue ID. So I will bucket is sitting there as a double blue file was there. And as he's sitting and say this there are my year of assault passers by now you

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wouldn't know my year of assault. We just mentioned his name very briefly in the Sierra and omega urban assault was the most famous poet and honey from the thief tribe, not the kurush. So the thief the thief tribe, event of assault and assault by the way, he as well match the profits of the lifestyle him as a prophet. And the process that I'm asked him to recite some poetry. And he heard the poetry of Ivanova salt. And he invited him to Islam, and even up to salt basically said, Let me think about it. And for the rest of his life, he continued to think about it

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until he died in a state of thinking about it means he didn't reject, but he didn't accept and not accepting is rejecting and our religion, right. And our process and him said that as for the advent of the salt, God, and useless he was just so close to accepting Islam. But ally Xhosa knows best what was the reason some say? Some say that he wanted to embrace Islam, but he felt jalahalli problems of today versus Quraysh. Some say this, that that was his main issue, that why should the Prophet be amongst the crush and from the thief. And another reason given is that he lost his closest friends at better. And he felt like it would be betraying their memory. Because the leaders

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of the coronation were his friends and the days of jelly. So the point being he did not accept Islam, but he was also a Hanif and he did not embrace

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either idolatry, he did not worship the false gods. So Zaid, who is the most famous Hanif of the whorish. Now, even a result is coming from Dr. He's doing a lot. So the two of them meet. And Abu Bakar is looking at them as a young man, a worker is listening to their conversation. So even Abba salt basically says to him, you know, how are you doing? What not have you found the Serbian authority? In other words, have you found the truth yet? Have you found the truth yet, and they have been able to newfane recited some poetry back at him saying that every religion was incorrect other than the religion of the hanifa, which is the religion of Ibrahim alayhis salam, then he said, Zaid

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said to have been assault, this prophet that we are waiting for, he will either come from my tribe or yours.

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So Zaid is telling a basalt that, because they had both traveled in the land, if you remember the story, I had given it in the beginning of the Sierra, a group of people, maybe one of the processing was a very young man, maybe even before he was born, we don't know exactly when a group of people decided to travel in the world seeking the true religion. And therefore they went to Syria, they went to Yemen. So zayde is one of them. And they come back, and each one goes a separate way. And they says, we know there's a prophet coming, his prediction has been given, he will be from either my tribe or your tribe. So a worker is narrating the story. He said, I had never heard of anyone

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called a prophet, what is a prophet nebby, the word nebby. I had never heard. And this is another theological point, that the concept of prophethood was unknown to the Arabs, it was not something they were familiar with. And that is why the Quran keeps on mentioning that a Navy has come that amount when they're about a woman, they didn't get a prophet before. Right? No Navy came to them before. And so many ahaadeeth mentioned that the the, the horatia, asking what is an A B, one and a B? What is an A B? We never heard of this. So butker said, I didn't know what is in a B. So I went to the most knowledgeable person in Makkah, who is the most knowledgeable person in Makkah? What are

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COVID nofal? What aka nofal he was a person who thought about these things and looked into the books. So what aka had prestige amongst the people, I went to what aka nofal and I stopped him and asked him that, what is this thing called the nebby for herdade sent to me and I was thought that nlb is coming. So what I said yes, indeed, my nephew.

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We, the three of us are indeed a people of knowledge and a book meaning we're not upon your religion, we believe in a different religion. We're not upon the religion of idolatry. But we are all waiting for a prophet to come. Who is the best of the Arabs and your people and of course, he's also a kurachi. So he's saying our people are the best of the Arabs. So they will he will come from amongst us. So what are even said not even from octave, he must come from us, because the prediction was but who is married, and the most prestigious, Ubuntu isma is the kurush. So what are called was even certain it cannot be the thief, it must be us. And so a worker asked him, What is an abelian

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man hobby, and what aka says, A nebby is the one who tells others what he is told to say. The definition of an Abbe. In other words, Allah is telling him and he will spread. And

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Walla Walla.

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He doesn't do injustice, and injustice is not done to him. And he does not basically support injustice or cooperate with injustice. A worker then says, so when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent, I immediately believed in him

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And trusted him, meaning these types of conversations had prepared him for the coming of the Navy, that he's searching for the truth. And this shows us again, this is just a tidbit, the fact that he's actually sitting behind a table number. And they they've been ama was a pariah. He was a terrible person to go to. Because you're not supposed to be sitting with this person who is a deviant. He's a hermetic. The fact that he's sitting there listening. And if an assault comes, and he's engaging in the conversation, now he's a young man, he doesn't he's not gonna thrust himself in their conversation, but he knows he can go somewhere. So he walks to another source of knowledge.

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All of this indicates what that he is open to searching for the truth he doesn't he's not satisfied with the jahi manners. And another incident as well that we know of from before the coming of the Prophet system and his message that one one time, many years later, after the process and began preaching in the, in the madonie phase, the prophet system asked the Sahaba who amongst you remembers the statements have been set either at local post event sorry, the Arab Gulf. Now, what is all of this going on here firstly are called what is called a girl is the post Hajj soak at Mina, Krakow, there was a land outside of after Hajj season, where for a few weeks, all of the judge would

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gather, and they would buy and sell, and they would have competitions, and they would have poetry contests. This is the soccer of golf. So the sukeroku are called was an annual event, the highlight of all of the Arabian Peninsula, because this is the only time everybody's coming it becomes a fair a bargaining a selling of merchandise. All of this is happening in the soccer club. And our processor we utilize Krakow for his many, many years. But before his power, he would just go like everybody else. And at one of these times before the Dow began before the age of 40, our Prophet sallallahu Sallam met there, this person by the name of course, even side even side is another one

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of those famous pre Islamic Arabs. And, of course, a Mensa came from t hammer came from t hammer, and he only came once in the lifetime of the process of as far as we know, for Hajj and sabinsa. It It is said that he was the most eloquent of all of the Arabs of his time, and he was known for unethical and unethical. I know the Arabs here who know by law are going to cringe when I say this, but the closest thing I can think of is rap.

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The closest thing I can think of is rap.

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What do I mean by this? Nothing is not poetry.

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Nothing is using words in a rhythmic manner,

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which is very much like rap.

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Very much so because that's really what it is. It's not metered lines. It's not like the couplet style, this is a different style and positive inside there was known as the master of this discipline of another, and he was also a Hanif.

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He was also a Hanif and

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he gave some phrases in the souk of Raghav, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was impressed by he liked what he had heard from close Eben Sarita. And by the way, he was from the tribe of he had been who he had. And when the new era came to embrace Islam, many, many, many years later, the process of immediately said to them, where is positive inside? And so they said he passed away so so many years ago, gave him the story that he had already passed away. So the process of remember was a bit sad, and he wanted information about him. So he asked us the Sahaba, who amongst you remembers, what also inside they said to us that day, the number that he said, the talk that he said, and so immediately

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abubaker said Erna yasunaga

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so out of all of the Sahaba aboubaker was the one who had memorized it, and he immediately began to recite the nutzer yohannes is Maru. What, what is our etom fantech zero, a yohannes ismar waru What either were eaten for interferer or you owe all mankind listen and understand. And once you have understand the benefits, so even when I say it in Arabic, you see basically what I mean by by rap in menasha matte woman matter facts were called Luma art in arts. This is nothing right in them.

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Mata fat

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sorry in them and Alisha mots, whoever is going to live is going to die in them and Alisha, Matt, there is no life without death. Right in them and Asha, mad woman, Marta fats

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and whoever dies has gone perished. Nothing is left. Well kulula Who art in art, and everything that has been decreed

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is going to come to pass. Okay. So and then he goes on in deficit in a hora wonderful all the labor so he This is what nothing is okay you see for yourself powerful phrases that are profound in meaning, but they are not poetry. And he goes on and on in this regard until aboubaker finished meriting the entire method. Now what is the show, but I will work with you.

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Great memory, amazing memory, that for him to simply memorize all of this and be able to regurgitate it after listening to it once amazing memory, it also shows that he's eager. He's paying attention. Because in this poetry in this method, which I don't have the I didn't write all the Arabic because there's no need going into that. He also criticizes idolatry. And he mentioned the religion of Ibrahim as being the real religion. So baccharis diff is memorizing all of this. And these are just some examples. And there are so many other examples that are more trivial than this, I just overlook them. Because the fact of the matter is we don't have that much. We just have one or two small

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things here and there. So we don't. So we don't know too much other than the fact from these stories we derive eagerness of a boubakeur, paying attention to theological discussions of his time. So he's waiting for the truth. And that is why when the truth came in the form of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not hesitate one bit. Unfortunately, we do not have the details of the initial conversation between the process and ibaka. We don't know because there was only two people there. Neither of them told us the details of that conversation. However, what we do know is that Abu Bakar Cydia did not hesitate one bit. I quoted the Hadith last week that the Prophet sallallahu I sent him

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one time when this issue happened between

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Omar on earth man or process solo send them said that every one of you when I was sent to you, and I told you Allah has sent me every one of you hesitated before accepting Islam, other than aboubaker he did not hesitate and he embraced.

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So we know then from this Hadith, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his call to Abu Bakar was immediately accepted without any hesitation, and it is mentioned Arusha later on narrates maybe obaku told her Maybe her mother told her we do not know I shall leave because she was not alive at this time when, when a book had converted Asia narrated that when a book called converted, the happiest person in all of Morocco was the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that his best friend had converted. And there is no doubt that Allah subhana wa tada chose the perfect companion and the perfect helper for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so many things in similarity, their

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natures, their characteristics, even their birth dates. We don't know exactly when Obama was born, but a year a year and a half younger than the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So that's like a very camaraderie age. So they grow up together, basically, of the Quran, similar age and they are the best of friends even before the hour begins. So Allah azza wa jal chose for our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the best of all helpers, and what a helper he was. Just look at what he did immediately after conversion. Look at the list of his early converts, one after the other. It is a list of who's who's of Islam, the most famous names of early Islam and of late Islam, they converted

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at the hands of abubaker. So the beginning with a Zubaydah than a one and earth man, even a fan, and Paul had been obey the law and side even Abby will pass and Abdul Rahman even out all of these are from the National mobile show. So five of the Ashura wabasha, at least, are converting by the hands of obika, Allah xojo guides them through the hands of abubaker imagine of the 10 best people

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aboubaker was the one Allah chose that five of them will be guided at his hands. And of course, others as well. Besides this, as we know Bilal, and this might have been more Varun and our outcome, an outcome so an outcome the one who's in whose house the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was meeting with the Sahaba even an outcome converted at the hands of Abu Bakar acidic and of course, along with this his entire immediate family

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As well converted to Islam, his wife, Amir Roman, his son and daughter from his previous marriage, and their names are everybody should know, Abdullah and a smart and then his son and daughter from his current middle man and they are I should have drama. She's going to be born in a while so she was born in Islam our issue herself says I never remembered my parents except upon Islam. So she never saw the day of Jackie Lee, a smart did and Abdullah did but not sure she was born into Islam and abubaker servant would have been for her. So his entire household embraces Islam. As I said last week, the only household everybody embraces Islam, from the parents to the children to the servants

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is the household of a worker as a deal. And it is unanimously agreed by all the scholars of Islam that are bucketed. So there was the first adult convert to Islam from amongst the men. This is unanimous. There's the laugh, interactive for those who are non adults and non and female. So who converted first, Ali or aboubaker, there's a bit of a condom controversy. Okay. And in terms of Khadija everybody, deja converted for us, because the process then came back to her. And so then we lose Emory. So Khadija is definitely the first convert. Okay, then there's a big controversy. And in my humble opinion, and many scholars say this, this controversy is really insignificant in the

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larger scheme of things. It's really one group of Islam they want to like, push their way and say he converted, he converted in the end of the day, it's really irrelevant. It's a matter of hours or days. And if it was the first of the children who converted, because his age now is probably eight years old, at max, seven, eight years old, and he's living. And I said the story before that when the processor married Khadija He told me to give him one of the children so that he could raise because obatala was a very poor man. And so the process of volunteered to raise one of the children. So Ali grew up in the household of the Prophet solar setup. And this is a blessing, we're lucky we

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given we give much more than this. There is this perception that istockphoto Allah, we are miserly and stingy when it comes to praising Olive, nobody will lie, this is a lie. We praise Olive nebia thought of the way he deserves to be praised. And we give him every single blessing that he deserves, and of the blessings he grew up in the household of the processor. And maybe he converted before double buck or maybe overcooked before him. But in the end of the day, Ali was a young child when he converted, and the conversion of a child who's living in the household of two people who are converted is not the same as the conversion of an adult friend. And that has to be said, frankly,

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that even if it converted First, we don't know we don't know. But even if he did rhodiola one, the conversion of a young lad living in a house where both man and woman his uncle and his cousin and his cousin in law convert is not the same as the conversion of an adult friend who is offered Islam and he has to think about it and without thinking and hesitating, he immediately embraces so earlier the Allahu anhu might have been time wise earlier convert or maybe not, we don't know. But we all unanimously agree that a bucket of soda was the first adult male convert in Islam. And along with converting all of these other people, he also sacrificed much for the sake of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala financially and even have his own health and his own Jihad feasability law even in the Macan stage, and one of the most famous stories that I did mention four and a half years ago, but now we have to repeat it because will lie it is befitting that I will be given this honor, that one of the earliest stories that we have an urbanist about a worker is so dear, is that when Islam reached 38 men, so they're counting and keeping track when Islam reached 38 men in Dowdell arcam. Abu Bakr Siddiq suggested to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam that it was now time to go public. This was in the secret phase, or the proper term is not secret, but rather private. Remember, I talked about

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this right. It's not good to say secret that we say private, dour. Everybody knows what's going on. It's not a secret, but it has not gone public yet. So Baka Siddiq said we have enough people to go now public let us go to the Kaaba and let me invite the people to Islam. And at this point in time, Allah subhanho wa Taala had not revealed to the Prophet Mohammed source them to go himself public, which I was that

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that he could go public, which is in the Quran.

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One there Ashura, ashira second carabin This is the idea that could go public with this I had not yet come down. So the question is should aboubaker go public or not and is not going to come down for that.

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So the processing was hesitant, should I let you go, you're not let you go. I will bucker insisted I can do the job. It's time we take this message public, let's call the people. So I will bucket acidic, volunteered to become the first hot lead ever of Islam. This is the first hotel ever given publicly, the first sermon, the first Moreover, in front of the masses, because Allah has not revealed to the Prophet Mohammed system to go public yet, right? He cannot, as we know, prophets cannot undertake a step until Allah tells them, right? So Abu Bakar is the ones to do it. And it's up to the process them to see whether you should let him or not. Initially he is hesitant, and I

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will walk insists I want to do this, let me take on. And so they agree on a certain time in place and all of the Sahaba they go, and they stationed themselves in their tribal gatherings. Now, what does this mean? So remember, every tribe had a place in front of the Kaaba, and that was their safe, basically, they're surrounded by numbers, they're going to be protected by their people. And the amazing thing is that even in their hatred of Islam, tribalism reigned supreme, especially in early Islam. That's why they couldn't harm the Prophet system for 13 years. That's why they could not harm the elite of the Sahaba. And they took their anger out on bilad and Amar and he acid and sumaiya,

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right. That's why this happened. So I will workers do volunteered. And he went to the middle of the, of the Maidan and cabin in front of the cabin, nobody there other than Georgia to to protect him. And he began giving the first molar info in all the history of Islam. So this is a trick question, Who is the first clip of Islam and the first one to give a public lecture? It is the Hello the Allahu taala on who and he invited the people to give up their idols and worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and believe in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And of course everybody knows there's a new message, right? We know we said this, but nobody has gone public yet.

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And they surround abubaker they began to curse him, they began to tell him to be quiet, but he does not be quiet until the first one of them and we know his name, and that is the infamous Aruba. Ebner, Robin Hood webinar, Robbie, I was done so much so much to the process, and he died at the battle, the battle about that he was one of those that the process of appointed, you know, the seven people that did the incident with the, the the camel, right, so the process appointed and he mentioned by name, or law, I put you in charge of this, and he mentioned each one of them by name. And so it was one of those people. And in this we see his real character and nature, that he was the

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one that everybody's worried who's going to be the first but you know, when there's a mob mentality. As soon as one thing breaks out, what happens is everybody jumps on it. So rota by Eben Arabia, took off his shoes, and pounced on a bucket with both hands. And he began beating aboubaker with both hands. And that was the catalyst that the entire crowd just jumped on our bucket so deep and a complete mob chaos began. So much so that eventually a worker fell into the crowd onto the crowd. And the crowd began stomping and beating up on Abu Bakar until he lost consciousness and his entire body was bloodied and bruised cuts on his face because of the the shoes that was being smacked

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across his face. Until finally his tribe, the blue team were informed abubaker is at from that brand new team of the orange. I said that last week, a small sub tribe not as elite as the blue ocean, but omega and and yet our good status of the of the middle of them. And so the tribe who me Sorry, not me, but who tell him who told me was another tribe that will voracious Chandra, the blue team come came running, and they protected their bunker, and they had to carry him in a shawl of one of them. So he was so injured, they have to use like an ambulance. Basically, they have to use something. And his father thought that he would die, because he was completely bloodied and unconscious. And they

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brought him back to the house of his mother. And they announced that if Abu Bakar dies, we will kill urdhva if not robbia. Okay, and this shows us that Jaya Haley tendencies had some advantages as well. That they're so angry that they have harmed one of our own, that they're gonna declare war against one of the most conspicuous members of the collection that is Hertzberg if the robbia and his father uncle hoffa is you know, coaxing him on his bed. You know, he's in the house now back in his bed. He's telling abubaker Wake up, wake up, you know, the what we will do when he's unconscious. And abubaker is completely bloodied, head to toe, completely bruised, and he opens his

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eyes up, and the first thing that comes out of his mouth is how is Rasulullah sallallahu it

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So how is Rasulullah means he's lost consciousness. And he thinks all of the Muslims have been attacked, because he's in the middle of the mob. Right? He does not know that the rest of the Muslims have not been attacked. He's in the middle of the mob, he thinks everybody has been attacked. So when his father hears this from tenderness and love, immediately 182, cursing and getting angry. And this really shows us the bizarre nature really, of parental love, right? That no matter what abubaker has done, in the end of the day, he's a son, right? And so, at this stage, you know, bucket is dying. A book offers like, wake up, wake up with, as soon as he wakes up, and he

00:30:41--> 00:31:03

mentions Islam, struggle, all the enmity, comes back in, right. And only a parent can understand this love hate relationship with with the children. So when he hears this, he just gets so angry and curses, and he leaves a bucket with the mother. And I will work his mother's name, by the way, who couldn't do his own will hire him will say that is your cornea on both sides.

00:31:05--> 00:31:43

So he asks his mother, he asks his mother, my father, a solar system, how is the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his mother and now the mothers, of course have a million times more love than the fathers, right? The fathers can they have much more of a different relationship? Now the mother saying Eat Drink? And he says no, until you tell me how is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So his mother says will lie. He murdered my father. So I don't know. What is the status of your friend? I don't know. What is his status? I don't know. I'm in the house. You just come here. I don't know what is his status. So he says to her go to Ahmed Jimmy. Been tell hottub which is of

00:31:43--> 00:31:43


00:31:44--> 00:32:31

The sister of Morocco. Go to Omar Jimmy bentyl Hot Tub right now and ask her now because she's a lady. So abubaker has to send her to another lady. Because she cannot go to a man and ask. So go to Jimmy vinten hot top and ask her is the Prophet solo send them alright. And so What's she gonna do? She's a mother of her son's not eating and drinking is insisting to know so she puts on her garment. And she goes right then and there to the house of oma Jamil, the sister of removable hardtop and, of course, Ahmed Jamil is a Muslim, but nobody's supposed to know that. Right? It's secret. Everybody's This is the whole point is the outcome stage. Right? So O'Malley, a workers mother goes to Omid

00:32:31--> 00:33:19

jimmied. And says, My son is asking about the status of Mohammed even Abdullah, because she's not going to see Rasulo. She's not a Muslim. My son is asking how is Mohammed Abdullah doing? And Omar Jamil is now confused. Is this a trap? Is this a setup was going on? So she said, I neither know your son nor Mohammed ibn Abdullah, meaning what am I to do with these two men? Like why are you coming to me? Of course, she knows who they are. Of course, she's quite a she. But she put the point is like, why would I have any information about avacado Mohammed Abdullah? Okay, so she said, but he's insisting I come to you. So she opens up a little bit. She says, Look, I don't know anything

00:33:19--> 00:33:58

about the two of them. What if I come back with you and speak to Obama directly? Maybe then I'll figure out what he wants from me. Okay, so she's not she's worried that I'm opening up to a stranger and I shouldn't open up. Maybe this is a trap or a setup. So she goes to the house of avocados to do and when she sees the status of a worker, and he falls into unconsciousness again, and his whole body is limp and bloodied and bruised and bandaged and swelling everywhere. When she sees the status of a worker. She lets out a shriek and she says that whoever has done this to you may Allah curse and May Allah get revenge isn't him? How could people do this to anybody to their most noble person?

00:33:58--> 00:34:14

So in her voice, now, a worker that is managing to open his eyes and immediately asks the same question. My father Rasulullah saw some how is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and oma Jamil says Your mother is here.

00:34:15--> 00:34:16


00:34:17--> 00:34:59

I can't answer this question. Okay. Your mother is right there. So how does it look? There's so much like, you know, there's a secrecy This is privacy here. Like, she's not supposed to know, we're Muslims. And abubaker acidic says, Don't worry, we can trust her. So he knows his mother. She's not a Muslim yet, but everybody knows their mother's soft spot. And nobody knew my mother is not going to betray us. Okay, don't worry, we can trust our mother, my mother and so on me, Jamil says Alhamdulillah. He is behavoir he is fine. Nothing happened to him. So he said Where is he? So a major means that in the house of data from that's what we all congregated after what happened to

00:34:59--> 00:34:59


00:35:00--> 00:35:16

We're all over there. So his mother said now eat and drink Call us now you know you're so hot. Now look, this is the mother's love doesn't matter she wants now let me see. And he said, Well law he I will not touch food and water until I see with my own eyes that the processor is fine.

00:35:18--> 00:35:55

So, what are they going to do now he's sworn By Allah, he's not going to eat or drink anything. So they wait until darkness falls. This is now he's been bloodied and bruised the same day, he does not want to eat and drink until he can verify that maybe she was just like lying to me or, or not lying, I should have said but you know, just like, you know, kind of sifting over so that I can eat Andrew I want to verify that he is fine and so bloodied and battered and bruised when it goes dark, one hand on his mother and the other hand on on me, Jimmy, right. And of course at this time the laws of HIV would not have not been revealed. In any case, these are times of exceptional What are you going

00:35:55--> 00:36:35

to do at this time, he is dragged by the two of them, he cannot even walk. He is dragged by the two of them in the darkness of the night to the house of an outcome of an outcome. And when he falls when he sees the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he literally falls upon him and hugging him and crying him crying in his arms, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is greatly moved and distressed. And the worker comforts the Profit System and says, well, La Jolla rasulillah I am absolutely fine. Don't worry, other than and there were gashes from you know, this was the shoes was being put together with gashes in his face, other than this gash, everything else is fine. Even

00:36:35--> 00:37:15

though he couldn't even walk. He was bloodied and bruised. Imagine a crowd stomping or crowd kicking him. That's what they were doing. Until the blue team come at least 2030 minutes must have gone by and completely bloodied and bruised. What he's consoling the process I'm finding out as little other than this gash over here. And then he says Yasuda law, here is my mother in law for the first time she's coming to the outcome right here is my mother. And Allah azzawajal has blessed to call her to Islam and make dua that Allah guides her to Islam, maybe Allah Georgia will save her from jahannam. And so the Prophet sallallahu wasallam gives the power to oma higher. And this is where she embraces

00:37:15--> 00:37:56

Islam. So workers, mother embraces Islam, in the private stage of the DAO, the first two, three years of Islam, our workers, mother embraces Islam, and Subhanallah from this incident will lie. And I mentioned this incident before when we're talking about the trials of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but we see so many benefits and blessings. We see, obviously, the love that aboubaker said the cause for the prophets lesson that he will not eat and drink until he physically has verified that the process of the last item is fine and safe. And as well, the profits are seldom his love for abubaker acidic, we also see the intelligence of oma Jimmy, the sister of emotional hop, that she's

00:37:56--> 00:38:31

trying to understand, how much should I give? How much should I not give? And why it's a stroke of genius when she says, I don't know anything about your son or this man. Well, hammers, awesome. But what if I spoke with your son directly? So she gets the excuse to get to the house of Oh book, and everybody knows what's happened. Everybody knows how she going to visit a Walker, who is supposed to be an unknown man to her strange man, but they're all Muslims. And so how is she going to get information? So she uses this line, that maybe he's saying things Let me listen to him directly. And somehow bit by bit, then all of the information comes out. Also, we see over here, the usefulness of

00:38:31--> 00:39:11

Jah helia. Even if some things go against Islam, you can take advantage as long as they're not how long in and of themselves, the the asabi, or the tribalism of the blue team. And not just that the tribalism of the battle Hashem to protect the Profit System. Right? I will thought it Why did he protect the processor, he's not a Muslim, but there is this issue of my nephew, my tribe, nobody's going to harm my tribe. And there's nothing wrong with taking advantage of these issues and understandings. Because it's not haram to take advantage of these things. And the Abubakar has to do is not saying no, no, I cannot take advantage of you because you're my tribe. No. And by the way,

00:39:11--> 00:39:50

the same thing applies with nation states, with nationalities, with our rights and privileges. This is now we have our own issues of rights and privileges, nothing wrong with taking advantage of it and saying no, it is my right to be treated in this manner. And it is our right and it is Islamic to take advantage of a right so Obama has to do takes advantage of his right. I'm a member of the blue team, you're not supposed to be beating me up his tribe protects him takes advantage of that and then nursed him back to until he is healthy, as well of course. To me, one of the most beautiful lessons we learn from this story is that out of tragedies come great blessings.

00:39:51--> 00:40:00

While llahi we all know our bucket acidic would have done this 100 times if it would get his mother to embrace Islam correctly.

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

He would have done this again and again and again and again, if he were to get his mother to embrace Islam, and this is what happened, that after all of this, the mother's heart omotayo was so softened, she saw the reality of a man, she saw what a man does, she saw how much obaku believes she saw the clock of the Muslims, she saw the prophet SAW said him preaching and teaching for the first time, because up until this stage, she hasn't heard that our him directly. Right. And so now, after this tragedy, she embraces Islam, was it not worth the tragedy? for former workers? I'm saying, right, from his perspective, he would have done 100 times more to get his mother to convert. And so

00:40:43--> 00:41:30

every single tragedy has within it, within it, more blessings than the tragedy itself. As long as we have our trust over there. As long as we put our trust in a law or law, something is happening. I don't know why, but I will know why soon. That's the attitude of the of the believer that workers use this and Allah knows best. Maybe he's engineering it so that his mother goes to the processor, right? A lot. We don't know what he's thinking, maybe he is intending that. I want my mother to come to the Prophet solo, send them and get data from her one on one. And that is exactly what happened, and so on. Well, he embraces Islam. And another beautiful narration is mentioned as well in our

00:41:30--> 00:41:32

books. And this is a very famous narration

00:41:33--> 00:42:16

which is found in some books of Hadith. And some books of history. Very beautiful narration, and it's very pertinent because this narration is narrated from the tongue of Ali Vitali abroad, the Allahu taala. And who in praise of obaku is so deep, and as I have said many many times before, it is it is completely untrue, unfounded, ludicrous, to be honest, to claim that I thought they would all do loudhailer and had anything against our bucket and armor of the Allahu anhu. It is, there is not a shred of evidence, and everything speaks against it. Every incident that we learn and study speaks against it. This is a myth that you're reading in that Abu Bakar and Omar

00:42:17--> 00:42:25

de la Hanuman and an earth man and as you know, they didn't somehow get along. This is completely untrue. Everything speaks out against it, including

00:42:27--> 00:43:08

this incident we're going to mention here which is mentioned in numerous traditions of ours and in books of history in theater, for example, his study has this narration as well, that once it was giving a holdover amongst the Sahaba and Kufa marks to be one he was the halifa when he was the believer is giving a sermon or more, I mean, some type of lecture, maybe not the Friday Hold up, but some type of sermon or Moreover, and in the middle of it, he asks them, who do you think was the bravest of all people? So they give various names until somebody one of them shouts out. You are the most bravest of all people. I live in everybody, you are the most famous. So Ali rhodiola one who

00:43:08--> 00:43:13

says, It is true that I have never fought anybody except that I have won him.

00:43:14--> 00:43:18

But the bravest person was Abu Bakar

00:43:20--> 00:44:10

nobody ever beat me in a battle. But bravery wise, Abu Bakr Siddiq was the bravest. Then he said, I remember a day. So he's going back to these times of early Dawa, when he himself was young, when he himself was a young child, maybe eight 910 years old. I remember a day when the Orosz surrounded the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and began beating him and ganging up on him, and not a single one amongst us could do anything because of the sheer quantity. Now this must be this must be towards the middle or later McCann period, because as we said, they only turned physical on the Prophet Muhammad SAW said him after really the sixth or seventh year of Dawa. Right before this time, there

00:44:10--> 00:44:15

was still some, so you know, they're not so to get physical really got

00:44:16--> 00:44:21

bad and then with the death of Abu Talib, that was when things really flipped.

00:44:23--> 00:45:00

A lot as Virgil used him to be a big shelter. And it is possible even this incident happened after the death of overthought it because it is half said that the amount of of physical pain and suffering that the processes had, after the death of thought it was was sorry before was nothing compared to what happened afterwards. So maybe even this incident happened after the death. Without it. We don't know. Again, nobody's recording the history. But this incident is narrated in his house, and I did mention the story, but now we're hearing it from the tongue of it. So in his house mentions the same story that the the

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

koresh ganged up on him and are beating him in a notebook or comes to save him. But this version is interesting because we're hearing it as an eyewitness from a young child who was there at the time. And that is a live interview. So Ali says that on this day, everybody surrounded him and began beating him. And none of us could do anything. But one person stood up and jumped into the odd the crowd, one person stood up and jumped in. And that was a boubakeur a severe and he rushed into the crowd, pushing this one away, defending this one, hitting that one taking a blow on behalf of the process and from another one, and he kept on saying, taco to lunala, Julian and your order of the

00:45:40--> 00:46:24

law, are you going to kill a man? Just because he says, My Lord is a law and this phrase Allah azza wa jal revealed in the Quran, and it is recited in the Quran To this day, tacos hula Rajan and your hula robiola Are you going to kill that person? Just because he says, My Lord is a lot. That's why and he kept on defending the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam until the crowd basically abated away. And so it is giving this this memorial of the sermon, and the images are coming back to him. And he began to cry so much in the sermon that he had to lift up his his cloak and cover his tears with it. And when he cried, the entire audience began to cry as well. Then he said, who is better,

00:46:24--> 00:47:08

the minnow out of Iran or Abu Bakar. So definite, Allah mentions a sort of often the movement of elephant on you know, the, the movement, you know, you should know the story. The The one who is a believer in the family of Freetown, is mentioned in the Quran. Who is better, right? And he said, By Allah abubaker is a million times better, because the movement of Alif around, kept his Islam secret. And Abu Bakar made his Islam public. And I would welcome it is Islam public. And this clearly shows us the respect and love that Ali even thought it had for boubakeur, also the end, of course, as well.

00:47:10--> 00:47:11

So many other

00:47:12--> 00:47:23

incidents, mentioning that really demonstrate that demonstrate respect for a worker. So there will be a lot one, by the way, there is an interesting, interesting narration that

00:47:24--> 00:47:29

I mentioned this, I think two years ago. And last because I mentioned who did it marry

00:47:31--> 00:48:19

a smart who was married before Ali to Alibaba. And before ovoca. She was married to Java. Right? So a smart was married to Java. We thought it and Abu Bakar and Allie and she had children from all three. So there are sons that are half brothers, same mother, and so abubaker, so dikenali authority, they have children that are basically half siblings, right? What do you call them step or half brothers as we get the point. So one time, one of the sons of Jafar, and one of the sons of Abubakar right, began teasing their mother, when Ali was present their children's family, which shows us the friendly nature that they all had. And they said, who was the best husband you ever

00:48:19--> 00:48:22

had? Now you realize what's happening here?

00:48:23--> 00:48:55

Right, this is a problem. What is she gonna say? Okay, what is she gonna say? Because whoever she mentions is gonna be a problem. Correct? Look at the intelligence of a smart look at the intelligence of asthma. So she married Jennifer when she was young, and Jennifer was young. Then of course, she married a bucket and oh, bucket is 62 years old. Okay, so she said of the young men shab Jaffer was the best and have the issue you have the old ones

00:48:56--> 00:49:00

obaku was the best. So Ali said then what have you left for me?

00:49:01--> 00:49:08

I'm going colors. You took the young, the old. I'm gone now. So the point being now even this narration By the way, Subhanallah What does it really show?

00:49:10--> 00:49:55

The family and the look the closeness devilish Right. I mean, the claim will lie that there was hatred, animosity, it is just bizarre. If you read every single narration, it's nothing but actual love and respect for the for each other. In any case, back to the point over here. So we'll walk through the city as we said, therefore, he was the first to call to Islam. He was the first to suffer physically. After the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was the first to give his money. He was the first to advise the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was the first to free slaves from his own money, and he freed over 10 of the early slaves that embraced Islam. He freed over 10 of

00:49:55--> 00:49:59

them. And bilad is just one of those names. In fact, he freed over 10 of them

00:50:00--> 00:50:37

When he embraced Islam, he cut down his business dealings. And therefore, the fact of the matter is that he no longer had the source of income that he had in the days pre Islam because he stopped traveling to Syria and back. So from a limited amount of money, he spent generously and freely and a lot of xojo gave him back because he had that trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we'll mention one more very important story. And that is the story of Eben Adelina Gibbon Adelina, and the hedger of Abu Bakar has to do.

00:50:39--> 00:51:26

So as we know, in the fifth year of the digital, sorry, fifth year of the dat we're not in the fifth year of the Dawa, our Prophet sallallahu Sallam allowed the Muslims to emigrate to Abyssinia and one by one, they all began to emigrate, and Abu Bakar as well decided to take advantage of this. So he packed his belongings and with his wife and children basically made his way outside of Mk. And Allah azza wa jal willed that the chieftain of the A hab ish now pause here, the habit I mentioned a number of times and they are considered to be the nomads of the kurush outside of Makkah. So you have the dwellers of the city. Then you have the dwellers around, and the hubby's joined the chorus

00:51:26--> 00:52:02

for many times, for example, the Battle of butter, they gave a few 100 especially in the Battle of Azov. 1000s of them marched with the courage to support the crush against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So the hubbies are basically the surrounding nomadic tribes, and they have a very strong relationship, even bloodline. A few. I don't know how I forgot how many but so many generations back obviously, they go back with the orange or the coloration them or cousin or third cousin, whatever types of tribes, so the hobbies or the outro dwellers and the coloration or the inner do others. And of course, there's this, there's this notion that the Porsche are superior to

00:52:02--> 00:52:37

them. Obviously, you get the point because their hobbies are the nomads and the ones out there. So a worker passes by Eben Adelina and Adelina is the chieftain of the rubbish. And he sees all of the belongings and the camels and the bags and everything. So he said, Where are you leaving? obachan so a worker says, I am leaving my land in order to worship My Lord, because my people have prevented me. I can't be a Muslim and worship Allah properly. I'm going to be senior basically. So even Adelina says, someone like you, La Jolla,

00:52:38--> 00:53:23

he can neither leave Makkah nor can he be forced out of Makkah. And then he listed and I mentioned this last week, the same things that Khadija rhodiola one has said about our Prophet sallallahu it said if you are good to your relatives, and you feed the orphan, and you take care of the poor, and you fulfill your promise, and you do everything that the people need you to do, your loving to your friends and relatives, all of these descriptions, she he actually used the same words or almost the same words that Khadija or the allow us to describe the Profit System and he basically said you're too good to leave. I can't let you leave. maka lets me go and negotiate with the kurush. So they

00:53:23--> 00:53:41

went back right then and there. And even a Davina did throw off. That was the custom that whenever you entered MCO, you will do all of this still our custom as well for our show there as well. That was the custom. And then he called the leaders of Makkah, he is the chieftain, he has that right to, you know, make a proclamation. And he said,

00:53:42--> 00:54:29

Would you agree and allow me to give a boubakeur D. Right, and protection to stay in? Makkah. Now remember, so many times we have talked about this, that the chieftains had the right to give visas, basically. And when you gave the visa, the man when you gave the the visa, nobody could harm you without the chieftain getting involved. And it becomes a matter of honor and pride that imagine now even in nation states, right? If an American citizen is mistreated, then all of America technically should get involved, technically should get involved, and it should negotiate on your behalf and whatnot. It's a matter of pride that this was an American who was mistreated. So similarly, and so

00:54:29--> 00:54:59

look at the open the passport, you know, the first thing that the bearer of this passport shall go without any so that's basically the amount but instead of a passport, you have the chieftain giving it so the what this implies is that a time had come that Obama his father and the chieftain, the blue team's chieftain basically says, oh, bugger, you're no longer welcome with us. So butker has to now leave so he doesn't have protection. So even Adelina then goes and says, Can I give him my protection? Will you honor my word?

00:55:00--> 00:55:15

If the Quran said yes, then they are in trouble if they break it, it's going to be war between the porridge and the rubbish. Not because of Obamacare because of honor and pride, because it's my word and you broke it. Okay, so the core, I said, that is your right, but we have one condition

00:55:17--> 00:55:18

was the condition.

00:55:19--> 00:55:23

He cannot read Quran out loud in public.

00:55:24--> 00:55:40

And he cannot pray in front of the camera. That's our condition. He can do whatever he wants in his house. But he cannot read Koran, or pray, because we find the hearts of our children and our women are swaying, and they want to embrace the faith,

00:55:42--> 00:56:03

the superhero amongst us and our children and women. They're being swayed by aboubaker. And his reputation and our issues narrating and said, and Abu Bakar were Julian Baca, he would always cry when he is reading the Quran, he would be very emotional as he's reading the Quran, and the people would be mesmerized by that crying. And so

00:56:05--> 00:56:17

a worker agreed. He said, Do you agree or agree that I'm not going to be read in front of the GABA and read out loud on the streets. So he then decided to build a small chamber

00:56:18--> 00:56:57

type of, if you like, storage room or whatever, not a storage room, but like an extension of his house, where he could worship Allah, like a mini Masjid, that there is the shed, okay, call us a shed, okay, a little bit of a place where he could worship Allah subhana wa Tada. And of course, Space is limited. So the direction of the shed was the direction of the road. It's not as easy as a big backyard. So it has to go towards the road. So he made a small chamber where there was space to pray. And he would begin to recite the Quran and pray in there. And people began gathering around that little chamber, crying with the crying of Obama, and being moved by the recitation of

00:56:57--> 00:57:01

aboubaker. And so the chorus sent an emissary to Evelyn Davina,

00:57:02--> 00:57:46

and said to him, that either you tell Abu Bakar to destroy that shed, right? And go to the middle of his house so that nobody can or get rid of your protection so that we can basically deal with him. Okay. So now, if that doesn't is put in between, in between these, this awkward situation. So he sends an MSA or he either goes or he sends an emissary to obok actually, one w don't know, either he sends or he goes. And he basically says to Obama, look, this is what your people have said to me. So you choose, either you go to the middle of your house and abandon your shed, right? Or if you insist, then I'm going to have to withdraw my protection. And so I will buckers do said that, I take

00:57:46--> 00:57:50

away my protection from you. And I put a law as my protector

00:57:51--> 00:58:15

that tell us, okay, you go and Allah will be the one who gives me a man. Right. And so after this, he along with the Prophet Muhammad sysm, the both of them did not have that visa. Remember, that was why our processor was going places that there was no person after the death of bubble party basically, for a while. Remember, I said this for a few weeks

00:58:17--> 00:58:55

Bula have agreed to out of jelly, like I kinda have to. But then even he said, Okay, I cannot do this anymore. And he withdrew the protection. So it is so amazing that of all of this hub, so many similarities that a worker has to do and the processes and the both of them, they're living without a man under the amount of Allah subhanho wa Taala shows us the image of Abu Bakar. Also deep. And the final thing that will mention and I'm not going to go into this in detail, because hamdulillah we went into this in an entire episode of the Sierra, so you can listen to the entire episode. And that is the story of the hero of the process in ovoca Siddiq, I'm not going to go into that at all

00:58:55--> 00:59:20

because it's completely we went into it in as exhaustive detail in Sharla as humanly possible. We talked about the fact that a worker wanted to migrate and the process and kept on saying, wait, perhaps Allah has chosen a partner for you. And he didn't click because he didn't he never imagined that he will be given that privilege. But when it came, I should remember this one of the issues first memories are the low Anna and what did I say the famous phrase

00:59:21--> 00:59:59

will lie I never believed that somebody could cry out of happiness until I saw my father crying the day that the process of told him you could migrate with me. Right so I should remember she must have been four or five at the time. She remembers this is the one of her first memories and the fact that Obama had two camels prepared that his son Abdullah participated a smart broke you know the that and the doctor and she she broke her she tore her belt into to use one two tie and he gave his servant Ahmed O'Hara isn't on the plot. So really, I will walk out of the deal and his family engineer the entire hedgerow. The entire hedgerow

01:00:00--> 01:00:36

Really Allah has already chosen ibaka subdiv to engineer the entire hedgerow and want to conclude on this ayah in the Quran, which is inserted a Toba that in that on pseudo hufa nassarawa law, if you do not help the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then know that a law has already helped him. Allah has already helped him is Raja Hola, Dena cafaro when the kuffaar kicked him out, expelled him Sani as naini the second of the to

01:00:37--> 01:00:42

show abubaker severe has been called one of the two.

01:00:43--> 01:01:38

And by text of the Quran, Allah has used Abu Bakar to help the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam if none of you help him, then Allah has already helped him when the kuffaar kicked him out. And he and his partner, Fanny as naini and therefore one of the titles of ovako is found he has named because he is the second of the two. The one of them is the process and the other one is Sandy athenee. He is the second of the two Sandy has many is humor, Phil Harvey, when the two of them were in the cave is the UI sahibi he when he the process of them said to his saw a bit Nah, don't worry, in law hamana Allah is with us. For unzoned Allahu sechi netta who are Li so Allah sent his tequila down

01:01:38--> 01:02:13

upon him, what a year there will be Judah lamb Tara, and Allah helped him with an army that you cannot see. Now this verse is one of the most explicit verses testifying to the praise of Abu Bakar also the household. First and foremost, as I said, Allah azza wa jal is explicitly saying that our Bucher has been used by him to help rasulillah none of you else did it, but I have already helped him when the two of them so allies origin is putting him with the prophets I said, then, Allah azza wa jal

01:02:14--> 01:03:03

calls him, Sahib, no other Sahabi has been called Sahib By Allah, other than okra soup, that doesn't mean they're not. But it means it's an honor for a vocalist to do for the luevano to be called Sahabi anybody who denies that oh bucket is a Sahabi has rejected the Quran is the ooda sahibi he, when he said to his saw him, so Allah has affirmed so which is companionship for our Prophet sallallahu wasallam as well. Allah has demonstrated that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam cares for Abu Bakar is the oldest like Avi natesan Don't worry, and you only tell somebody, don't worry calm down when you care about them.

01:03:04--> 01:03:09

So Allah has affirmed the love that Rasulullah system has for

01:03:10--> 01:03:16

workers to do it the akula saw heavy lad has an in law her Ma and

01:03:17--> 01:03:23

the Prophet Mohammed Salah has sent them is saying a law is with the two of us.

01:03:24--> 01:04:18

Can there be any praise higher than this? Allah and the Prophet system and Abu Bakar in the law, Amana, Allah is with us. And therefore this phrase in particular, is the highest praise given to Obama so deep from the Allahu taala and that on the tongue of the Prophet Mohammed Hassan, he is saying, Allah is with us. Imagine we will I don't even need to explain to you how beautiful this is how powerful this is. That Allah azza wa jal is telling us in the Koran Rasulullah Sanam is saying that Allah is with us. And he said us abubaker is him us. He's putting a bucket together, that Allah is origin is with us and then the ending of the ayah so Allah sent down Sakina and when that Sakina

01:04:18--> 01:05:00

Campbell bucket is there, and a law helped him and when the hell came a bucket is there and a bucket is being used as the help as well. And therefore this verse in Surah, a Toba is a verse that has full praise of a worker Sudhir radi Allahu taala and who and with that inshallah Tada, we come to the end of today's and inshallah, next week, we will continue and talk about inshallah we will do as much as we can about the life of a worker, before the philosopher and then after that, we'll summarize some of the salient features of the philosophy as I said, I went into some detail here, but inshallah when it comes to the political issues of the hill, apologist,

01:05:00--> 01:05:03

Have to zoom over a little bit and mentioned whatever we have time for