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deliver this message delivered to people that are supposed to know this message delivered to the people that still haven't embraced Islam. Allah azza wa jal has given us the opportunity to live in this country. In a lot of Manila,

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the land belongs to Allah doesn't belong to you. It belongs to Allah Xhosa. He gives it to whoever he wants from his creation. He gives it to people that are righteous and unrighteous doesn't matter. But Allah azza wa jal has chosen for us to be here. And we are only where allows us to be, and the fact that we are here, we have a responsibility bigger than if were to be anywhere else. And the biggest and grievous responsibilities we have in our life, is to deliver the message of a law, to the creation of a law, this is our message. And this is our goal. And every single person needs to do that, within his own limits, don't exceed your limit. Because then I they could be working

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against you. And don't just sit down and do nothing, because then that also works against you, but be moderate in your power to others, and give them the message that is in the cloud. There are so many areas in the Quran, where Allah addresses lol keytab

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the take those out and give it to a little kita please address them, the People of the Book, the Christians and the Jews, take out these ad, put them in a sheet in a piece of paper and deliver it to them because that's the message of law on slaughter. And he specifically addresses them yeah, lol keytab. And then he mentions what he wants to say to them. And how many have embraced this there? When they read some parts of the code. You know, bottom line is when you follow someone's story, whether he was corrupt and he became righteous whether he was a gaffer and he became a Muslim. If you sit down with him and say, Brother, what converted you into Islam? What made you righteous? You

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know what the answer is?

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A one a one Hadith

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one story? Not much. That's all it is, is the fact that he read the entire call and any question every part of it. And then he accepted every part and then he accepted he's the one part

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How many times do you know this? And in theory, perhaps if you heard a story, do yourself you if you are asked brother Mashallah, how did you end up in a Masjid and among righteous brotherhood. It was one thing that happened in my life. That's it, gave me the ideas take one message and deliver it to those that still haven't seen the message. Allah azza wa jal gives you plenty of reward for that. You're doing the work of the prophets and the messengers, which is the most noble of work, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept from us all. We ask Allah azza wa jal to give us the ability to continue to preach the book of Allah Xhosa in the message of a loss aversion to those who need it

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most. And asked him subhanho wa Taala, that He forgive us from our sins and our shortcomings in the holy Valley called colorare or sallallahu, wasallam Oba Carlota Vienna, Mohammed wala, he or Sufi