Muhammad Alshareef – The secret of Visionaire

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how their company is designing a project that involves showing people what they should be thinking about when they hear words like"breaking glass" or "breaking glass" in the future. The project is aimed at strategizing and using drop for purpose, rather than just showing up with these moments and hoping for the future. The goal is to show people what they should be thinking about in the future.
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What we've been doing for the last for the last five days is designing a Dream Vision. And by that I mean that instead of just showing up to our doors and not knowing what to say, or just coming up with like,

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just every time Ramadan and just reading doors from book and you don't understand what you're saying, and, and, and whatever, you come to those moments when the eyes answered last nights of Ramadan, those different times of the day when doors are answered after you make will do when you're traveling, when you're drinking ZamZam, you arrive at those times, and you've got the best glass to say, you're literally molding your life because you spent the time to think of a no the best drawers that you can say in those moments. And so that's what the secret is. That's what we're doing here in visionair is we're spending the time to strategize and use drop for our sake. So rather than just

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showing up with these moments, and coming up with what do I want next, what do I want next? You're taking a higher step, a higher location like what we're doing in visionair and looking down into the future 10 years into the future and saying, Where do I ultimately want to go?

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