Ali Hammuda – A Life with Allah #9 – Al-Khaaliq (The Creator)

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The importance of randomness in scientific explanation for the existence of the universe is discussed, including the lack of a creator, the need for a Hubble galaxy, the development of electric cars and the human body. The human body is made up of around 5 million red blood cells, 600 muscles, 600 sweat secreting glands, and around 600 muscles and sweat secreting glands. The human body is also home to around 5 million red blood cells, 600 muscles, and 600 sweat secreting glands.
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The most reasonable people except that a meaningful page of text cannot be produced by pouring a pot of ink onto a blank piece of paper, it doesn't matter how many times the process is repeated,

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you will always conclude that the page of text had an intelligent author. Now what is our miraculous universe but a meaningful book written by the ink of atoms, so surely that also has an author, one who deserves glorification, gratitude, praise, and the name of that Lord is a highly

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scientific community today considers the concept of randomness to be a perfectly acceptable scientific explanation for the existence of the universe.

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They vehemently reject a creator, despite the signs of design in the universe being infinitely more manifest than those of randomness. signs that are only ever compounded with each day and each and every discovery Allah said, our Lamjung guru female Akuti Sama, what you will earn ha ha Allah whom in shape do they not look into the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all that, which ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has created? Don't they look?

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In 1966,

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physicists had just two criteria for a planet to support life, the right kind of parental star, and the planet, just the right distance away from that star. That's it.

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This really inspired scientists to search for alien life, and they'd hoped to pick up radio signals for coded intelligence, but the silence from the universe was disappointing.

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But since 1966, the necessary parameters for life grew from just two to 10, to 50, to 200, specific conditions and counting to support life. As a result, we know that the chances of life as we know it today, existing somewhere out there in the universe only continues to decrease.

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And here are some of those conditions needed to support life. First of all, you need a spiral galaxy, and only 6% of non galaxies are spiral, then you need planets around it to do their job as well. They must shield the planet that supports life from asteroids, but not block the sun. For example, Jupiter shields the Earth from asteroids, such as the asteroid from July 1994, but it mustn't be so big that it will disturb the planet's orbit, then you need the orbits to be closer to circular than elliptical otherwise, the planet would get too close or too far from the sun. And our solar system is the only known one with near circular orbits that allow for even unbalanced seasons

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for our survival SubhanAllah.

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But it doesn't stop there. Then you need an ozone layer. To absorb the sun's ultraviolet rays, you need the ocean to continent ratio to be intact. You need a moon of the right size and distance, which plays a pivotal role in the oceans high and low tides.

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Then you need the planet's crust to be just the right thickness. Because if it was too thick to absorb too much oxygen,

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not allowing it to be recycled if it was too thin, volcanic activity and tectonic activity would become far too intense to support to human life.

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So all of these factors are necessary for life to survive and thrive. The chance of a planet having just 32 of these 200 conditions is one in a tree to scileanna or one followed by 42 zeros. That's why Dr. John Lennox University Professor of Mathematics at Oxford, he said that the more we get to know about our universe, the more the hypothesis that there is a Creator gains credibility

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as the best explanation of why we are here, Allahu Akbar, this is Allah al Hurlock. Then a little bit closer to home again, you find the clear signatures Valhalla, the creator,

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look at how the inventions of man are in constant need of adaptation and improvement.

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Nicholas Joseph Kunio was a French inventor who built the world's first full size working, self propelled mechanical land vehicle, effectively the world's world's first automobile in seven

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Since 69, take a look at it.

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Then on January 29 of 1886 Karl Benz applied for a patent for his vehicle powered by a gas engine. And the newspapers reported the very first public outing of the three wheeled Benz paitent motor car model number one.

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Look at the lights it comprises of candles within a lantern so simple and activating the vehicle was not through a key or a button it was through an external and publicly exposed process. Now, of course to us today, it's so simple, and it's probably laughable as well. Then moving on to 1894 Louis Antoine Krieger of Paris, began designing and building electric automobiles. In 1903, Krieger produced the first hybrid electric vehicle that had a front wheel drive power steering and a petrol engine that supplemented the battery pack. Now, notice this,

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how each generation adapted what came before it, how it refined the process it the advanced technology, and the process of development took place gradually, over many years, fast forwarding to our generation, cars have evolved to look something like this.

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Now, of course, compare these images with the first couple of images I shared with you.

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The same can be said about the development of computers have communication, aeroplanes, and so on. The rate of development between one generation and the other is phenomenal. The difference between one model and another is quite profound.

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Now look into the design of the human being.

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From the time of our father, Adam, the very first man to walk the earth until our time today 1000s of years later. Have you ever heard of man mobile one, man mobile number two or 100 or 1000? Or are they exactly the same design? Those who lived 20 years ago or 200 years ago, or 2000 years ago, were identical with respect to the miraculously sophisticated system for vision, the intricate auditory system, the remarkable MyKad mechanisms for digestion for immunity, information processing expression, the first of men adult and the last of them, are the same model of perfect design.

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Soon Allah hinda the Kula che such as the work of Allah who perfected all things, this is Allah, Allah Hurlock.

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And zooming in now a little bit closer to the human specimen, think about how the journey which the sperm makes in order to get to the egg is equivalent to US sprinting for 150 kilometres nonstop. The journey is anything but straightforward. Many obstacles and hurdles lie in the waiting, yet it overcomes them all without losing direction, then your heart size is around that have your fist and beats around 60 to 80 times per minute on a yearly basis. It beats around 40 million times and pumps around 2200 gallons of blood per day and approximately 56 million gallons of blood per lifetime.

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And the blood which the heart pumps to the brain returns back to the heart within just eight seconds. And the blood which it pumps to your toes. The furthest distance from the heart returns back to the heart within just 18 seconds La Ilaha illa Allah who designed that

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and then the blood itself is home to around 5 million red blood cells per cubic millimeter of blood.

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If red blood cells from one human were to be placed side by side in carpet fashion spread out they would cover the earth six to seven times over.

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Then you have platelets that are the cells that circulate within our blood and bind together when they recognize damage blood vessels. A normal normal platelet count ranges from around 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood.

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The human body is also home to about 600 muscles and the average size muscle is made up of 10 million muscle fibers. And the human body has around two to 5 million sweat secreting glands to regulate our body temperature Subhanallah the brain is home to around 100 billion neurons each neuron forms about 1000 connections to other neurons, amounting to more than a trillion connections

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Subhanallah Haleem

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neurons combined.

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So that each one helps with many memories at a time, exponentially, increasing the brain's memory storage capacity to something around 2.5 petabytes, or a million gigabytes.

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So, for comparison, if your brain worked like a digital video recorder, in television 2.5 petabytes would be enough to hold 3 million hours of TV. Imagine you'd have to read leave the TV running for around 300 years continuously to use up all of that storage panel.

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And then you have the human retina, which has about 120 million photoreceptor cells, and how it communicates this information and back to the brain and how the brain then processes this information bringing about feelings of love and hate and hope and despair, fear, security, and so on. That's a completely separate and highly sophisticated discussion with many unknowns, Allahu Akbar.

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The tongue has a role to play during the process of chewing and swallowing and tasting food, as well as for speech and for sounds to go 17 muscles to allow it to move in any direction. The surface of the tongue has 9000 taste receptors to differentiate between sweet and salty and sour and bitter, low aqua

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and our kidney weighs around 150 grams and is made up of a million filtering units called nephrons.

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And each and every hour, it filters around 1800 liters of blood and about one and a half liters of

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urine are extracted from it. Just think about the difficulty experienced by those who are going through a dialysis treatment because of kidney failure. They have to spend around 12 hours a week connected to 150 kilogram worth of machinery, let alone the side effects just to carry out what your 150 gram kidney is able to do within seconds each day. Allahu Akbar,

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then your outer layer of skin. The epidermis replaces itself completely every 35 days all over brand new. You're given an EU liver every six weeks. Your stomach lining replaces itself every four days. The stomach cells are that are involved in digesting foods are replaced every five minutes.

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Our entire skeletal structure is regenerated every three months your entire brain replaces itself every two months. In fact, the entire human body right down to the last atom is replaced every five to seven years. So how is it then that if our brains replaces themselves every two months, we can still keep long term memories. You see the nerve cells in the human body are the only exception to the regeneration rule. Because if they did regenerate, say once every six months, you would need to relearn your language every six months. Subhan Allah Subhan Allah.

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So it's true that the briefest moments of reflection on creation are sufficient to leave you loss for words. When such bewilderment will only intensify as time progresses and discoveries are made, what can we say other other than fat America Allah who is lucky and blessed be Allah. The best of all creatives

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now, marveling at Allah's creation, and leaving it at that would be a huge misunderstanding, and a huge injustice to Allah's Name and Holika.

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There is something really important that follows from all of this. Logic says that since he is the only one who created and perfected and gifted all of this, he's also the one the only one who deserves unconditional obedience. Why? Because he created he created Allah Allah Who humko umber Allah says, unquestionably, his is the creation and the command. So they come hand in hand, the creation, and therefore the command.

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So you say to yourself, I am breathing his air, I'm walking on his land. I'm living under his roof, I'm eating from his provisions, I'm using the vehicle, the human body, which he created unknown to me. Therefore, everyone and everything else must take second place, when his instructions come head to head with that of others, family, friends, customs, or employers even my own urges, after all I am his logic also says that every device comes with a manufacturer's instruction manual, which describe

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pipes, how it's to be used, and how to be protected from harm, and how to spot signs of malfunction. I as a human being, I'm the most sophisticated of all of these creatures. And so I am even more in need of a manual to live by, and to refer to my well being. This manual is called the Quran.

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And its instructions include the following.

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Do not cut family ties. Resist desires that are prohibited, because their short term pleasure will bring about long term pain to your life. distance yourself from the prohibited financial transactions. Your five daily prayers are essential for your worldly and post worldly well being your hijab must be never compromised friends will make you or break you. So choose them wisely. So one. So should any of these instructions from this Divine Manual from the Lord who made me Should these instructions clash with that of an employer or a spouse or a trend or an urge than the manual of the maker

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that he so kindly sent my way has to come first

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as to confess, that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said La Plata, Lima Caloocan, female Seattle Harlock there is no obedience to the creation, if it means that the Creator will be disobeyed. His is the creation and the command.

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And on that note, it's common knowledge that the very first step in dealing with a damaged goods and is to contact the manufacturer.

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Sometimes doing that is not practical. Sometimes it's not even possible when there was no address there on the other side of the globe, for whatever reason.

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As for your maker, alcoholic, he's never inaccessible or unavailable. So pinpoint that aspect of your life that hurts that aspect that you feel is damaged or injured, perhaps is your unending bachelorhood.

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Your deteriorating health your gripping anxiety, frail Eman.

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Then after you've done that, raise your hands to Allah and realize that you have just accessed your very creator

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