Benefits of Gratitude As Promised By Allah

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A man describes a recent incident where he fell while on a flight. He explains that he was surprised by the food delivery from the plane, but he learned from the experience and learned valuable lessons about thankfulness. He also mentions the school of pain and encourages attendees to donate to daily reminder.

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Welcome to the daily reminder network I

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want to tell you about a personal incident that happened to me. I was on an airplane flight. And we were arriving coming towards Jeddah so most of the people on the flight were actually going for Hajj. Now, as this airplane was flying and the food was being distributed on the plan, all of a sudden, the airplane just fell out of the sky, you know, literally just fell out of the sky and dropped, the food trays that we had in front of us had hit the ceiling. And initially, everybody was just a little shocked. And there was like, some screams going out. But the second time that airplane did that, everybody just started shouting out on the airplane, Allah Akbar, Allah and started

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calling to Allah subhanho data, everybody getting ready to die. Now that was a very intense incident for me. And when I landed 100 Lan Allah subhanaw taala saved us and I'm here with you today. I opened up my journal, and I learned a valuable lesson. I looked in my journal and I noticed that the last time I had opened up my journal was the last time something painful had happened to me. And then there was many blank pages and then now this incident, and then I realized at that point, that I'm only turning to Allah subhanaw taala when something painful comes upon.

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Allah subhana data says in the Quran, well, he's

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than welcome. And remember when your Lord proclaim that if you're thankful I will increase you. Now see, I understood from this airplane and realizing that I was only turning back to Allah subhana data during pain that I needed to be more thankful. See, there's two schools, there's the school of pain, and that brings people back to Allah subhana data, but there's also the school of thankfulness, meaning when the good times come, if you're thankful to Allah subhanaw taala you can actually have more good things coming to your life, because that's the promise of Allah subhanaw taala for those who are thankful. Donate now, go to www dot daily and stay

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