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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you. Thank you for tuning into the de show purpose of life. That is what the deen show is all about calling you to reflect, to think to ponder, why you've been created, why you're here where you're going when you die. And that's what we're all about here on the deen show. In our next guest, the NFL players, the Abdullah brothers sacrificing for the dean leaving off playing football, catch, touch and accept all of that for the dean, taking off training to go to Hajj the fifth pillar of this beautiful way of life fastened during the month of Ramadan playing the sport and not giving up their Deen for the dunya they're here with us on the

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deen show. The Abdullah brothers We'll be right back. This is the theme

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this is the

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this is the

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and welcome back to the dish on a de show studio as promised. We got our brothers Hamza and Hussein peace be on to Salam aleikum. Wa Alaykum wa Salaam Alaikum, Salaam Alaikum. Wa and if football superstars not superstars, just regular guys, so you kick the ball a lot. Football,

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football, football, we run and hit people in tech Wolfie. Okay, so we're talking about NFL, we're talking about NFL not football with the asset over the top. Like in Europe. Yes, yes, this is football. Okay, so for all the soccer fans, you know what we're gonna be talking about football today, a little bit of the deal, because you're watching the D show. So you guys you know because you guys have turned the world thank you for stopping in to Chicago. Over here. Tell us a little about your trip. You guys play for the NFL. How long do you play for the NFL for? I've actually played four years all four years with the Minnesota Vikings. The first two predominantly as a

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special teams player the last two of the starting safety starting so what's starting safety What is that? I'm a defender, um, the last line of defense. Typically if they get past me it's a touchdown. So it's a it's a very tough job. We can see here that you're like how come they're throwing the ball to another guy but you took the ball Are you cheating? Well, no, that's my that's my job. As soon as the ball goes up in there, it's anybody's born and I'm going to come down with it. So that's called an interception that definitely an interception. Okay, and then your position I am a safety as well but unlike was saying I don't have any interceptions I'm I tried to make myself a big hitter and you

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know, big collision so I'm like a big truck on the highway. I just want to crash into people so you're not knocking people down inshallah.

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So now you're on a road trip, and you guys are visiting different Masjid all over the US tell us a lot about this project hamdulillah 30 matches in 30 days inshallah we we just were brainstorming and we say you know what, we want to meet some of the brothers and the sisters that have sent us a kind word or sent us a tweet or Facebook post. And we wanted to just say Assalamualaikum and show them that we are their brother and sister in Islam, you know, we're not elevated to some high status where their brother and sister in Islam so we are embarking inshallah, on the road trip and inshallah, you know, allow will make it easy for us. You'd like to add something. Yeah, I'll just

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say a lot of people think because of our profession, that we're up here. But we're, we're on the same playing field as everyone else. We just happen to play a game that people love and watch. So they give you a status as disabled. We're normal people just like everybody else. And that's what this trip is about. Just to go around and say, you know, we're Muslim just like you, we go through it just like you, but in that you can succeed and what you want to do in life, that's deep so you guys are you know, going out of your way to go and meet your brothers and sisters out there in the oma hamdulillah. See, you've given them some advice. Whatever we can do, our mother was a stickler

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on wanting for your brother, what you want for yourself. And I remember as a kid when I was 12 years old, being in the Hakeem Olajuwon basketball camp, and what that did for me, so I imagined myself being in that position. You know, I'm not nowhere near Hakeem Olajuwon. He's a superstar Hall of Famer. But you know, just being in the aspect and the light that we have, we want to share some good and we want to come meet our brothers because we would want Hakeem Olajuwon to come meet him as he did that steep so you guys make sure that you guys are gonna be heading towards where's where's the schedule of all the machines that you guys are going to be? You can you can find it on abdulah Bros

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comm we have a schedule up and we've been hitting all the different assignments across

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You will not all of them as many as we can hit within these 30 days. We know that Islam is is a way of life of love and mercy is the way of peace having peace with your creative peace within yourself and peace with the rest of mankind. Listen so now you guys live in Islam, you're out there in the public eye. Do you sometimes get some scrutiny? Do you guys with all the you know, Boogeyman Islam's coming to get shot? You know, you hear it on the news a lot of times but people get to interact with you and you know, your teammates. Do you ever get in any slack? Because be you guys that wants to submit it to the will of God Muslims? Well, I would say the number one thing and the number one

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example is how we carry ourselves and that's the way of the dean you know, humble. I want the deen show. So we're talking about our Deen regardless of what our neighbor sees on the news if he sees you and says brother Eddie is a Muslim, he takes care of me He invites me over to his house, he takes care of my lawn if if he if I see that his garbage cans are out an extra day he will bring them in. Those are the acts that you know in Islam, it's a form of peace and we're always trying to do good and always trying to be as good as possible. So that will combat the ignorance of what is outside whether it's on the news on the internet or whatever it is us just walking our path us on

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ardene inshallah, we'll overcome all of that. Have you met any other athletes like Muhammad Ali Bernard Hopkins, who are there's a lot of people who are Muslim and athletes either we met any of them there's a lot of people who are Muslim and athlete but we have not met too many of them. We've met Ryan Harris has actually played with him for the Denver Broncos name Ryan Harris. Ryan Harris. Yes, please play for the Denver Broncos. But inshallah one of our goals on this trip is to go and knock down some doors and inshallah we get a chance to sit with some of our brothers in Islam this is a great opportunity for all the people out the woodwork maybe there's some that you know now

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they're like how we can contact we can make this happen inshallah. inshallah we're gonna take a break. We'll be right back with more with Abdullah brothers here on the deen show.

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Outside everything looks good. You see the $100,000 cars you see a lot of diamonds you see a lot of females and they think that this is you know, this is a life this is this is like no paradise right here are

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not anyone's job to go into someone's heart and change your heart. Your job is to tell people what the truth is. The reality of it is while we're sitting here while I'm sitting here constantly paying for the disease to kill was free.

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am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to stand.

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Back here on the deen show. We're talking to the our brothers, the Abdullah brothers. NFL you guys been playing for a long time and you're out there people think you'd like you were saying you're up here. So you're coming down here to meet your brothers and sisters in the deen and how about how about if you got some fans who are not yet Muslim? That's right and they want to come out and they want to meet you guys What about that? Is that okay? That's no problem we're reaching out to everybody part of this trip is to meet Muslims and non Muslims alike to let people know that just because you were a shoulder pads and a helmet and or the NFL stitch on your jersey It doesn't mean

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you're better than anybody else. We're on the same playing field as I've said before so if you're a non Muslim please come out our our schedule is online and you can come to any of them excited you're you're more than welcome to come out and meet us and that's what we encourage. You know because some people think man must is they the mosque, they got a bomb making factory. Oh, come on in, bring the bring your whole family come eat biryani with us or hot dogs. Whatever the case, the mosques are open for that, aren't they? Oh, yeah. One of my favorite times of the year is Ramadan because the mosques are open. There's so many people. And that's a great form of Dawa, to bring your neighbors

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bring your friends bring those people who are curious about Islam, bring them during Ramadan, so they can see what goes on on a daily basis. They see us in their eating, they see us in their praying, they see kids playing, they see them playing basketball, football, soccer and all these different things. So now you've changed their way of thinking now you change the whole family's way of thinking just by going and visiting, experiencing and extending that invitation to them. Now we know that Islam is way of life that Jesus lived Islam submission to the will of God, Moses, Abraham, the last the final mission problem at all. They all called humanity to have a relationship, a loving

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relationship with the loving God, the Creator of the heavens and earth, submit to Him. don't submit to the creation submit to the crater, and there's five pillars. None is worthy of worship except to one guy. Paying that poor do tax praying five times a day.

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And you also have Hajj, the pilgrimage to the first house of worship built by Abraham. Now you guys, there's some some talk that you guys are sacrificing your your work your season to go and make this pilgrimage is this true or is hearsay? No this is this is 100% true. We went and we may oma, we visited Mecca back in March. And when we were there, we just had a strong feeling and a strong urge to want to come back for Hodge. So there was no way we wouldn't feel right. If we signed a contract with the team and left for three or four weeks that wouldn't. I mean, that's not a sign when you sign a contract, you honor your contract. So we say you know what, we're gonna we're not gonna sign

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a contract. There were a few offers that we both had, but we said, we're gonna hold off, we're going to go make Hajj and then inshallah we come back. We'll try to catch on with the team after that, that statement. We have a lot of people that are reluctant, they get caught up doing your lies, they call it and they're scared to sacrifice. A few weeks, they'll go make a pilgrimage at the mall every weekend or back home, you know, to visit their family and friends. Nothing wrong with that, man when the crater is giving you the invitation to go to his house. Yes, people are turning away. You guys are heading out that's deep. Well, it truly is an invitation when like Hussein said, we went for

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overrode the lesser hearts the lesser pilgrimage. We really felt like a lot of God was welcoming us to his house. And we'd never want to turn our back towards you know, the one who created us the one who was bestowed all these blessings he blessed us to play an NFL it was nothing we did we we were blessed to play in the NFL. And we're young we were fit where we have the funds to do it. So why not now? Definitely. We're gonna get in now to the nitty and gritty we think superstardom we think you know, the celebrity lifestyle. You get to hang around with some of the people who are making millions. Yes, sir. We're not gonna get into your pocket books. Now, you know, temptation. Yes, sir.

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It's out there. You know, guys finish the game. We're gonna go pop some bottles, right? We're gonna go to the club. Come on, brother. So now, how do you you know, kids at school at high school going through this? That's right. But you guys at a higher scale. You are working hard to suppress to not get oppressed. That's right. You know what I mean? That's right subjugating to you know, by letting your desires override you you subjugating them. Yes, sir. So you can be a true servant to the one who created you live a good moral, wholesome, organic life. So what advice do you have for those who are letting their desires take charge of their life? And it's all upside down because of drugs,

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alcohol, you know, chasing women, women getting, you know, misled by man, what advice do you have?

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I would say, when when that starts to happen when you start feeling like, desires are just, they're just almost controlling you start working on yourself, look into the mirror and say, What can I fix about myself? How can I grow up? And how can I start making the right steps to get married? I'm 27 years old. Now. I got married when I was 20. I was a sophomore in college. And my freshman year in college, I got out there. And I seen the other side of college, not the educational side, the other side of common. So I said, I need to work on myself because I don't want to fall into these different fitness. So I started to work on myself. And I took the proper steps until I got married.

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Now we're hearing something beautiful right now that other people can hear. We're hearing the call to prayer. Now you guys are at work. You're throwing the ball around, get knocked down, upside down, right? Someone intercepted like we're seeing right now you'd miss up to the ball, but the call God is greater greater than all that money, all of that wealth. Are you able now to stop what you're doing and put your forehead on the ground and prostrate to the Creator of the heavens and earth to the salaat Well, we try our best to honor our Salah you know, we're supposed to guide our prayers. And unfortunately, you know, we play it on a Sunday afternoon. So our games are right kind of smack

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dab in the middle who's saying his kickoff in Minnesota is at 12 o'clock. And mine is at two o'clock Alhamdulillah SoCal same usually misses his door he has to make his up but I humbly law I'm able to make mine but it really is, you know when you hear the call, you know higher level Salah you know, hasten to Salah Highland flat hastened to success. That's the true success. So we can put that in front of everything else, then Allah is the Most Merciful He will bless us with whatever we'd like. There's definitely so true, we got that window of opportunity, you know what I mean? You know, and and allow makes it easy, where you can combine two slots on certain occasions. So, you know, but

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some people have left it all together, don't even think about it, just chasing the dollar and the money. You know, that becomes something that you know, you can't take with you when you leave this world. And, and I would just say that for the brothers and the sisters who even even if they've left it, I would just say you're a lot more

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Never turns you down. You know, regardless of what happens regardless of where you go, if you're still on this earth if you're still breathing, then you have an opportunity to repent to Allah Spano Thailand inshallah Allah blesses us to continue to hold on to that road to hoe faster lai lai la Mohammed dar Salaam never despair. Allah is the Most Merciful, the creator's the Most Merciful. So we got so many things to be grateful and thankful to him, you wouldn't be able to run so fast, you won't be able to reach your hands out to grab that ball. Imagine no hands, you can pick up the phone, you couldn't even drive the car. You'd be just bankrupt you really bankrupt shouldn't be give

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thanks, Alhamdulillah

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Yeah, so that's what we want to encourage you want to occur to people to be thankful and grateful. And then you're not going to be so reluctant to turn your back on the Creator of the heavens and earth seek His blessing could use taking his bounty. So you're going to give back and so I'm grateful and thankful. Tell us now. Okay, so we got the Hodge coming up. You're going to be in Mecca Medina soon, you excited I'll humbly love Mecca and Medina were places that you can't really describe Medina was the most peaceful place that I've ever been if there was ever a place where I'd like to settle down and just be there and just soak in the ambience. It was Medina and one thing

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that I really loved about being overseas being in Mecca, Medina, Medina, was when you hear the call to prayer, everything shut down. You know, there were five times a day where there was nothing more important than worshiping your Lord, your Creator. A lot of the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. So yes, we're definitely excited to get that have you met? We had some of the other brothers who accepted this way of life is beautiful way of life slam, Dave Chappelle, he left off, you know, they were talking about like a 50 50 million 50 million. He went down to Mecca. And he went back to his roots I heard of South Africa. He's like, Man, you know, kintail

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this is what Mohammed Ali all these big names. They also when they went back to their roots, they figured, hey, it's Islam. Yes, sir. So he went to the heart. Did you ever meet him? Who else you got Omar Reagan, you got Mike Tyson. You know, some of these big names. Were actually I just got off the phone with Omar and he told me to give you his salons. And we're actually heading to Detroit to go hang out with him right now. So I'm like, Oh my God.

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You get now you gotta get some salons to all the brothers down there. And, you know, all of the people who watched the deen show they mentioned again, Mr. salaams. When you're down in Mecca, keep us in your shaula as a special friend down there, I want you to visit actually, inshallah is watching. So, Dr. Brown, it'll be down there. You'll meet him. He's a frequent visitor here on the deen show. Okay, so inshallah, we're going to take a break. And then we're going to come back with wrapping closing comments here from our brothers and your brothers here on the deen show. We'll be right back. A lot of you out there are in the exact same position. He said, I would never give up

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for spring guidance. I will never give up spreading this message and hope that you take the necessary steps you don't know if you're going to live to tomorrow.

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So you got to find that urgency to do the right thing right now.

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wa has

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just clarified everything. That's what

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majority people you talk to Yeah, they know they got to change. They know they got to do good, but they don't do the good. Why is this?

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The ranking of the 100 most influential men in the history of the world laziness

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is the reality of life. Usually that sink in until tragedy comes you know, this is when you find people. Yeah, okay, tell me about it.

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Got a few bad people. The media grabs ahold of that and spends it the way they want to.

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In it, he puts Mohammed as number one. He said no human being had more influence.

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One of the amazing things about Islam that everyone should know is that we are the only other religion that is a tenet of faith that you must believe in Jesus Christ in everything that he did or you cannot be able to see if that is missing if you say that you do not believe in Jesus you have stepped outside of Islam you cannot be a Muslim ended at 10 in our faith to to believe in in love Jesus Christ.

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You in these are not God. God is the one who created everything in this universe. That's the one I'm going to worship and prostrate to how can you go wrong doing that?

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Don't believe in Him, you're out of Islam and I'm in the top 10 reasons why Jesus cannot be God. Let's get right to it. Number 10 number 10.

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You'll be glad you did.

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Back here on the show with the NFL football players, Abdullah brothers catching the ball Did you did you ever want to be quarterback,

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everybody wants to be the quarterback because he gets the ball he touches the ball every single play. It's about touching.

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It really is about football is so simple. All football is is you stop the guy or if you have the ball you try and cross the line. And if you don't have the ball, you try to stop the guy from crossing the line.

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I always want to be a running back Barry Sanders was my favorite player growing up and that that's kind of who I really liked. I want to be running back and then I realized hitting people with fun so became a safety. I'm excited I get to talk a little bit about football with with you brothers. I don't know much about football. I'm more into the martial arts Alhamdulillah Shall I heard you guys maybe want to start training Brazilian jujitsu. That would be nice. inshallah can be our instructor.

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Here, Chicago will maybe we'll hook you up with some. Some people, our organization has branches all over the globe. So we can hook you up with the Gracie baja team somewhere in your locality and tell us now again, going back to the serious matter, you know, purpose of life. why we've been created is just to have fun party and then die. That's not what it's about. You guys realized that right? Yes. And you you you started to live this way of life. That's about bringing peace into your life purpose. When you have purpose, then you know you peace comes. So now you are worshiping none but the one who created you. That's Islam submission to only the creator establishing this a lot. We

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talked about hedge. Okay, you guys are doing to hedge to five pillars. And we really want to get, you know, the not yet Muslims out there motivated to think what the purpose of life is why I'm here, you know what I mean? That's why we share because we care. That's right, right. So now, fasting, also Jesus fast is Moses faster, they only worship the Creator. They also gave him charity. And this is the five pillars of Islam. Nothing different. Nothing unique. We're not from outer space now. Right? So now the fasting comes into play. And people get excited. They're like, how did these guys do it? You fasted and your plane? How does that work? fastening and playing football, we started

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doing it at a young age. And our mother, once again, she pointed to Hakeem Olajuwon. She said he's fasting, he's playing basketball, and he's dominating his sport. So from there, as competitive as we always say, you know what, if he can do it, inshallah, we can do it. And we started working that in, in, in in that fasting is a part of our religion, football is not. So fasting comes before football. So if there was ever a fasting or football, of course, we're going to fasting. And I would just just add on to that is, you know, the first thing we have to do, regardless of what we're doing, especially while we're fasting is we ask a lot to make it easy for us. So we do that first thing is

00:23:23--> 00:23:57

to ask a lot, you know a lot, please make it easy for us. The second thing is we have to do our part, you're fasting, it's hard, you're doing extracurricular activities, you have to hydrate yourself, you have to eat properly, you have to have a nutrition plan, you have to educate the people around you to let them know that you're fasting and what you're doing. Because we're not belligerent a lot doesn't place on us burden greater than we can bear. And we have to remember that, okay, let's go into this. Now, you know, many of us, even adults, they look up to you guys, you know, NFL, that's a multi billion billion dollar industry, right? So okay, a lot of people will

00:23:57--> 00:24:33

listen to you before they listen to, you know, some of the layman and they look at you and they maybe look at their parents that you guys don't understand, you know what I mean? So now, the let's say slacking in school, or some are getting a good grades, but now their priorities are mixed up. They're thinking I'm going to get the good grades, get the good title, get the nice car, get the nice woman, the guys thinking, Okay, I'm gonna work hard and party hard, right? So I mean, is that the right direction to go in life? And how can we persuade people to to be more into the deen? Instead of being more into, you know, the dunya and the nightclubs and all the other things I just,

00:24:33--> 00:24:59

you know, don't don't bring peace and happiness, drugs, alcohol, gambling, all these things that just destroy a person and destroyed you know, one's I will I will say, there's a reason why your parents were placed in your household. We didn't choose our parents a lot chose our parents for us. And those are the best role models to look at your father and see how he carries himself, your mother how she carries herself and everybody they look they look at us because we wear a jersey and we have the NFL logo on it, but

00:25:00--> 00:25:39

I mean a home doula, but you can look in, you can look at your parents as a role model, you can look at your older brothers or sisters, look within your community and see the examples that are put right in front of your face. We don't always have to look to a to a certain person on YouTube or to an athlete or to somebody of so called status, you can look right inside your home and you can find some of the best role models ever. And then just add to that, I would just say, you know, guard your prayer and when you guard your prayers when you when you're constantly thinking about a law that takes you away from a lot of the distractions so inshallah You know, I'm when we speak, we speak for

00:25:39--> 00:26:13

ourselves, you know, because we're trying to get better every single day. So inshallah that's one thing that I noticed that more I The more I frequent the masjid, the more I interact with those brothers and sisters who are there constantly, the more I want to attach myself to the masjid, the more I want to be like those brothers and sisters, or be like my father who can't stay away from the masjid longer than a few hours. So those are the role models, those are the ones that we look to, and we do understand that we're on the platform. And with that, you know, inshallah, just please make it we ask a lot of make it easy for us and bless us to be good examples, but know that we're

00:26:13--> 00:26:27

human beings and we're working on ourselves just as they can work on themselves. Now, if you're trying to be righteous, you're trying to give up the alcohol, you know, the six packs, you know, Heineken whatever you're drinking, you're trying to give up, you know, smoking weed, right? That's like a big thing. Yeah.

00:26:28--> 00:26:46

Yeah, you know, the girls at a boy get stoned around the joints and all this bad stuff. Just bad. Yeah, lying deceiving, but now you've realized that you realize that I am created for a purpose. It's more noble than this. But now you're trying to do good, but you got you know, your friends, they calling you on the weekend.

00:26:48--> 00:27:23

I'll lend you some advice. It seems like you're getting sucked back in. How important is a good company? It's it's very important. And it's very important to guard your inner circle. Back when I was in high school, I had some people that was not so good in my inner circle. And my father was like, No, no, no. And I at the time, I didn't understand. But later on in life, I seen the direction they chose in life in the direction I was heading in life. And I was like, you know what he was right? Because whoever is in your inner circle will rub off on you. And they will say, oh, we're just gonna go hang out real quick. You don't need any money, I got the gas, I got your movie ticket,

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I got whatever, just come hang out with us. Now you're in a situation that you don't want to be in. So you have to keep good company, and you have to protect and guard your inner circle. And what we always say is what our mom taught us when we were younger one for your brother, what you want for yourself. So if you're around people who don't want for you what they want for themselves, if they won't, they won't, you know, they won't labor and they'll throw you in somewhere, you know, maybe you guys are in trouble, or he's in trouble. So he throws your name in there. That's not wanting for your brother, what you want for yourself. So you want to align yourself with like minded people,

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people who have the same morals, the same bias, even if they're not Muslim, there's some other people out there who are morally conscious and who are going to do the right thing. So inshallah what we like to do, God willing, is align ourselves with people that are close and close. In character to us. That's really important, really important. Because now if you lay down with dogs and say, you're going to get fleas, That's right. That's right. That is true statement. So you know, you want to become righteous, you want to please your Creator, before you meet your Creator, you want to be doing good, should be around people are doing good. You got a person that's disrespecting

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his parents or her parents and using foul language, you know, of course, you want to advise them to good, but man, you're hanging around with somebody who's constantly doing that they're gonna be bringing you down, isn't it? That's right. And you don't want you don't ever want to go down you always want to go up, there's a few signs and football you're even getting right or you're getting left. So in other words, you need to get going and you never stay the same. You're either getting better or you're getting worse. So we want to always be getting better always be in the worship of Allah. Even if you're not Muslim. You always want to give thanks to the creator the person who

00:28:57--> 00:29:33

created you because it was like that BAM being You were so we always want to remember that and give thanks to the most high we can't ever This is advice to our brothers and sisters but man I we can never leave our sisters out. We love them so much. And you know, we talk about real issues here on the dean show. So you know, you got the sisters who are so precious. They're more precious and beloved to us than diamonds and pearls you know Islam elevates the woman does is subjugate the woman or press the woman we've covered so many episodes, given the evidences and the proof. So what advice for our sisters, some of them, they get, you know, let astray by a lot of the brothers out there who

00:29:33--> 00:29:59

are you know, men? That's right, you see it at a higher level, right? You know, us as women, so what advice would we get for our sisters out there so they will get used and abused? I would say again, it starts in the household. Listen to your father, listen to your older brother, they're your they're your protectors. Don't Don't go against the grain and you know you meet a guy or whatever the case may be. Make sure everything checks out. Because when you turn your back on your family, it's hard to cross that line again.

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

And so I would say, start with their protectors in your house and ask them because they've had examples with with women and they know different things. So those are examples that they can talk about and they can learn from before they experience it themselves. And I would just add that you know, as for men and for women is to educate ourselves. No, do not let CNN or Fox News tell us what Islam is about. read the Quran, read the Hadith, read the different books that are out there about the four most beautiful women on the history of the planet, read about Miriam and sort of Maryam la Salaam in the Quran, and see if she's oppressed. See how she was veiled, and those different things

00:30:37--> 00:31:10

that can teach us about our religion and for our sisters, that we have a stronger goal. What what that what they have on the west and in America, and what they feel is a beautiful woman is not so what's a beautiful woman is a woman of strong character, who can take care of her children take care of her husband, and still go to bed. She can be a businesswoman, she can be all those things. But the four greatest woman in Islam were people who are near and dear to prophets, peace be upon them. We're almost out of time. I just saw when I asked you a couple more questions. You know, this is something that sometimes it just laughable some of the misconceptions, the false fallacies that are

00:31:10--> 00:31:46

out there about Islam, and I'm throwing out some charts right here to show that it's at the lowest of totem pole when the FBI statistics and they show that Islam has, you know, the least amount of terror acts and people like try to flip it and make it seem like Islam, Muslims are out there just causing havoc on Earth, even though we're all about peace, and trying to make peace and live according to the way of life of peace. So when you guys hear Islam being maligned out, there is that side of your heart. It really does. And it's unfortunate that they do that. But I will say, Don't listen to the media go into it yourself. We're we're doing it, we're driving around going to the

00:31:46--> 00:32:19

different masses. And sometimes we show up unannounced, just to see the kind of reception that we get, because we're African Americans, a lot of people think, oh, you have to be a foreigner to be a Muslim. Now you just go in and say Salaam Alaikum. Everybody greets you the same. So for all the non Muslims out there, I would say if you really want to know about Islam, just walk into the masjid. And it is a beautiful scene. And that's why I love America because America was founded on immigrants. You know, there's no one who said, oh, I've been here, my family's been here since the 600 BC. No, everyone came from somewhere else. And you look in the different massages and the

00:32:19--> 00:32:54

different mosques that we've been to around the country. And there's someone of every ethnicity right there standing toe to toe and praising the one and only a loss upon Thailand is such a beautiful site, that I recommend that Muslims and non Muslims go out of your comfort zone. If this is your area, this is your bubble, step out of there, go to a mosque out of your area and go see how they interact with you. I'm dying to ask you to before we leave, like when you're on the football field. And now you know the opposite team do they? Do they say things and try to you know, provoke you and try to throw you off your game? Like there'll be sometimes it gets where it's not personal,

00:32:54--> 00:33:01

obviously. Or maybe it might get personal. Do you have other remarks coming from other players when you're out there and getting ready to before it goes like snap balls? Whatever

00:33:03--> 00:33:05

you call it before the ball is snap.

00:33:07--> 00:33:18

But in the NFL? Not necessarily. I will say back in high school you may get a pork joke here or there but that's what I mean like now that you're on the line. And the guys are like we're gonna get your brother

00:33:22--> 00:33:54

throw you off. I haven't heard anything like that. Just I would just say the regular smack talk we're not necessarily making the song derogatory. Yes. Okay, man this is beautiful. Thank you guys for homeless How can people now look you up again to know where you guys are going to be the most of the cities that you're going to be in? They can hit us up go to our website abdulah they can also go to our Facebook page slash Abdullah brothers, they can follow us on Twitter at Abdullah Bros.

00:33:55--> 00:34:05

Thank you guys thank you so much May the credit card reward you for you know you what you guys are doing is wonderful project inshallah we can beat it back together again sometime, inshallah. Thank you.

00:34:07--> 00:34:45

Thank you. And there you have it. Some great advice from the NFL players to Abdullah brothers. You can see, while many people are having a hard time because of the dollar because of the fame. They're forgetting about their purpose in life, why they've been created, why they're here. The brothers haven't forgotten to give him back. And it's time for has they're answering the call is time for prayer. They're stopping to pray. It's time to fast they're fasting. And that's what Islam is about the same way of life that Abraham, Moses, Noah, and all the other messages that God Almighty has sent to mankind because he loves mankind he wants to guide mankind don't turn away from the

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

guidance. And the last and final messengers sent to mankind of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. They all were brothers of one another and they came with the same one message. Only worship the one who created creation, the one create tour and Arabic we say Allah in Aramaic, Jesus said

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

Haha, that's the one God and work to develop yourself to be the best that you can be being in a constant state of self development. You can't do it on your own whims and desires. That's why God Almighty revealed the five pillars, praying, fasting, giving in charity, doing the highest now because he needs it. Because this is if you want to get big, you hit the benchpress you want to get some good conditioning, you run. You want to develop God consciousness. You go ahead and you obey God, and you become more cognizant of your purpose in life, you reflect more, you ponder more not about just the money in the big house and the cars and the bling bling. But you ponder about the day

00:35:37--> 00:36:18

of judgment and that you're going to be accountable when you die. For all the things you've done in this life. There's a hellfire. There's a paradise, and I want to be those who enter the paradise and the only way you can do it is by submitting to the will of God and doing good and being good and living your purpose in life. Living your purpose in life. So do it right now. Ask if you haven't do it right now, as within yourself God Almighty. guide me guide me, guide me to that which is pleasing to you. Give us a call one 800 662 Islam. If you have some doubts and misconceptions that you'd like for us to answer, call us visit the moko musters in your area. Visit Abdullah brothers and talk to

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them. Talk to them. And you can see that Muslims are those who want to acquire peace, we want peace, but we're seeking it from the owner peace, the one who created this whole universe and everything in it.

00:36:31--> 00:37:08

So hamdulillah we got some great advice from these brothers here today. If you're young out there, and you're striving to go ahead and finish college and finish school, go ahead and be the best doctor, engineer, mechanic whatever it is, but don't forget your purpose in life. Don't forget why Allah the creator created you and live that purpose. Visit us here every week on the D show for you can visit us also at the deen Don't forget to pick up the new dunya to Deen also and we'll see you next time inshallah God Willing until then, peace be with you.