Taraweeh Truffles Day 20 Dying With a Sound Heart

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Okay guys, I have some sad news for you today. Subhan Allah Today's our last episode of Tuttle we truffles for this Ramadan season. So I wanted to make this episode really special for you in sha Allah Tala. I teach a course on Doha called Visionaire. And when different students when I interact with them, I asked them what are some of the drawers that you've been making for a long time now, and there's a recurring door that I hear a lot of people say, and that dua that they're making is, Oh Allah, bless me with a Calvin Saleem with a pure heart. Now this pure heart that they're speaking about, is actually a characteristic of Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salam, as Allah subhanaw taala mentioned

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in the Quran. Let's take a look at this verse what

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setting in this ayah Allah subhanaw taala is speaking about Ibrahim alayhi salam, and then describing who was Ibrahim on Instagram, if Joe Raba, who will be called bin Salim when he came to his Lord Ibrahim alayhi salam when he came to his Lord with the sound heart with a pure heart. Now what does it means to have a pure heart? There's a really interesting narration from mouth who asked Muhammad ibn CDN, what does pulp Salim mean? What does pulp Salim mean this description of Prophet Ibrahim Malasana Muhammad had been sitting in said that a CALB Salim is when somebody knows that Allah is the truth and to believe without any doubt that the Day of Judgment is coming, and to

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believe without any doubt that Allah will resurrect those who are in their graves. Now there is a beautiful story of one of the companions of the Prophet said Alana is the province that Elias Adam was sitting with a group of his companions. And then he said, the next person to come through that door is a person of paradise. And so certain companion came in and everybody was amazed. And then the next day the Prophet sallallahu sallam said the same thing. And the same person came the third day, the same person came across them said the same thing, same person came that he would be a person of paradise. So one of the companions said himself, I want to find out what makes this person

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a person to paradise. So after spending three days with this person, he didn't observe that this companion did any extra special prayers, or didn't do anything extra special. So after three days, he straight up told them, Look, I've been observing you for three days. And I want to know, what is it that the prophets that Elijah said, I would say this about you? So this companion, you know, when he heard this, he thought about it a little bit? And he's like, Yeah, you're right. I don't do major extra prayers. I don't do extra, this and that. But there's one thing that I do have, he said that every time I go to bed at night, before I go to sleep, I make sure that there's nothing in my heart

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against any Muslim brothers or sisters. And then this companion said to him, it's because of that, that you became a person in paradise. Alright, so with that, we're going to be entering into the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And in these last 10 Nights, one of those nights is Leila to cover. The Quran teaches us that Laila to Qatar the Night of Power The Night of Decree, Cairo min Alfie Shah is better than 1000 months. So it's essential that we spend each night of these last 10 Nights seeking Laylat al Qadr. And let me give you this final tip, if you want to make sure that you find yourself preying on little cutter and not missing it, then make sure you pray every night of the last 10

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nights. I know some people will say pray on the odd nights, which is true, but you're on nights might be different from my odd nights. Whatever country it is. Don't worry about that seek Leila to color in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And if I could make one final request, if you could make dua for myself and my team and everybody who was involved in producing these tidal wave truffle videos, if you can make dua to Allah azza wa jal to bless us with Paradise to protect us from hellfire to give us a call bin Salim and to embrace us with His mercy for all of us in our families. It would be greatly appreciated Zachman Allah Hi Anna as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh