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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ALA and ABBYY. Almost a while back. My dear brothers and sisters Welcome to a new episode in the series of history of Hajj.

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We'll see people offering their sacrifice every year during Hajj, offering what is known as El Hajj. The reason behind that is the divine command in Surah Al Baqarah Chapter number two, verse number 196, in which a lot of mighty stated

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thermadata da Ville Marathi l had DFMS de Sala Amina herdy. So it is mandatory upon a person who offers both are Umrah and Hajj in the same season beginning from the first day of the month of Shawwal. If you got to do a rubra and also had during the same season that he should offer what is known as El Hadji, what is the story behind a lot? The story is very ancient. It is actually to commemorate the remembrance of the compliance of the blessed family of Ibrahim peace be upon him.

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You guys remember when Ibrahim Ali Salam wrote his only son is smile on he was a baby said being breastfed what his mother had her and he left him alone in this desert place Mecca when there was no life whatsoever there.

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Now, it's my lollies then grew up Allah Almighty goes the Zamzam water to the fourth. And there came the tribal George home. And Ismaila As Salam became a young man,

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Ibrahim Ali Salam, so a night vision. He initially thought this night vision some sort of whisper from a shaytaan. But when it was repeated over and over, he realized that this is a command from Allah will yell Ambia way, denied visions of the prophets are some sort of inspiration or revelation, what did he see? He saw what Allah Almighty recorded in Surah sulfat. In area number one or two of Surah suffered a lot of mighty said phelim Bella Mara who Salya call Aya buena here in the offing man, me and me as Baku carefarm Boom, Tara,

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the far too mobile Certegy Dooney in sha

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Allah Who me and us for me at

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the beautiful story of the sacrifice is narrated in Surah sulfat, I highly recommend for you to study those verses. You can read from verse number

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one or one to verse number

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106 or 107,

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of Surah sulfat. This particular verse says that, when Ismail Ali Salam reached the age of exertion, he said, Ibrahim Prophet Abraham said to him, Oh, my son, indeed I have seen in a dream that you must sacrifice you. So see, what do you think? He said, Oh, my father, do as you are commanded, you will find me if Allah wills of the steadfast. And when they had both submitted, and he put him down upon his forehead, and he was ready to sacrifice him, we call them and we say, oh, Abraham, you have fulfilled the vision indeed, with us the word doers of good indeed, that was the clear trial, and we then send him with a great sacrifice. So in our 107, Allah Almighty said, We ransom him with a great

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sacrifice. The Sunnah, explained that Allah Almighty sent down from heaven, a huge fat RAM to be sacrificed in his state. Because when both submitted, Ibrahim Ali Salam was ready to slain his son is nine, but then I won't go through. He will sharpen the knife and try over and over and over, but the knife won't go through. And finally Allah Almighty sent down from heaven, this RAM to be sacrificed instead, any state

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ever since brothers and sisters that has been the tradition of the believers every year, during the same time, which is a duel upon whether you are performing hajj or not for those who are not performing Hajj, they have

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what is known as wood here, it is an emphatic sunnah for those who can afford it. And for those who are performing hajj, the idea is very clear. It is the duty of those who are performing or Umrah and Hajj whether it is hydro Quran or Hadith tomahto. Yanni, those who have done both are Umbra during the month of hajj and also they are performing hajj during the same season.

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They should offer the sacrifice Allah Almighty stated in this area femme antimetabolite Marathi el Hadji PHMSA Surah mineral had they should offer what they can afford of the Hajj. Al had you must be one of the following cattle

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must be of the Camus of the cows or the sheep, goats or lamb

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and it must meet certain criteria and certain conditions and certain age. Allah Almighty stated in the same area, I am number 196 of Surah Al Baqarah the Lika Lima lamea Khun Lu who have the Masjid Al haram Hara,

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which means this prescription and mandate of offering the head is for those who are not resident in Makkah, those who are not living in Mecca. So if anyone who is originally from Mecca, and have performed or Umbra or several cameras, during show wild Okada and Elijah and now also a performed hajj, he is exempt from offering the sacrifice or ahead. It is only the duty that the people who are not resident in Mecca that the must offer.

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So Allah Almighty also give an alternative that in case that somebody cannot afford to give Alhaji he cannot even afford to give a sheep or a goat. Allah Almighty said in the same area for millennia do the first year Musa Allah 30 A yamim Phil had Diwa sada RT in either wha tune till Coushatta tune Neela

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what is alternative if you cannot afford the head too fast for 10 days,

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Salah said a year during the Hajj days. The ideal time is to do them during a Yamato Shri fasting during the days is absolutely forbidden except for a person who cannot afford the Hajj. So it is prescribed for him to fast three days during the Hajj or three days will be the best choice the 11th the 12th and the 13th. If he is going to perform Hajj and leave right away, he may not have any other chance the three days must be during Hajj. Then Sadat era era Giotto, you fast for another seven days, once you return home, and it doesn't have to be consecutive. It doesn't have to be consecutive you can scatter them. Those are complete 10 days as an alternative for offering the head

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for the sacrifice.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam required

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for the head which is to be sacrificed as a prophet Salah Lourdes lmsc in the Hadith, Amana Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam and Nash Tarik FL EBU Al Baqarah Kulu Sadat in Mina, fie bandanna. If the person if the pilgrim whether it's he or she is going to offer the sacrifice a single sheep, or a single goat, for one person for one Pilgrim, but if it is a cow or a camel, then up to seven people can participate in offering a camel or a cow as far as the age or the sin requirement. Five years at least for a camel, and a cow must be at least two years. And for a goat it must be one year and for a lamb or a sheep at least six months. That is the same requirement for

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El Altair, which if a person is not performing Hajj and he would like to offer the sacrifice during Adel of hat they should offer of the same age as the Prophet sallallahu selama said the sacrifice must be free from any folds for any diseases so that the cattle or the sheep should not be limping, should not be blind or have blind

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didn't have any disease, that a person wouldn't like to take it for himself. Rather the person should choose for the sacrifice the best of what he can afford the best because Allah is good and he only accepts that which is good.

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Where and when should we offer l hedge if you're performing Hadoop D'Amato or Hardwell Koran, then after thrown the stones on the eighth day, which is the 10th day of the month of Dhul Hijjah the person is commanded to offer his sacrifice and that's why it is known as a shriek the person would slaughter after

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the sunrise 1520 minutes past sunrise. On the day that is the beginning of the time. And the person who is not performing Hajj after offering solitude aid, that is known as a Wuhan time the forenoon time. That's why it's called L here, because it is related to the time, the beginning of the time of offering the sacrifice. The person can offer the sacrifice anywhere during their eat day beginning from a Baja time, or the following day or the 12 day or the 13th day of the month two to four days until sunset of the fourth day of April.

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If the person has offered the sacrifice before that it is valid, or after that it is valid. It is also recommended to witness your sacrifice by yourself and to eat from its meat as a Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam did so

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first of all, Allah is Allah Allah Allah Selim

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appointed the place for the hijab the programs to offer the sacrifice in Mina as the best choice or any place in Mecca since it is all haram, the ideal place is Mina, but it shouldn't be done outside the Haram or the sanctuary of Mecca, and it would not be accepted if the person did so. The Prophet sallallahu Ali SlMs eight hoodoo Hanuman a seeker can take your hydrides from me, copy me with regards to your Hajj rites. Allah Almighty Sade in Surah, Al had for Kulu mean Aqua immortal

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itself RP

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describing for us as how we should distribute its meat to eat from it, and to distribute some of it among the poor and the destitute. I am number 28 of Surah Al Hajj, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam after he sacrificed his head.

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He ordered from each Cameroon a piece of it to be brought and they were all put in one big pot and they were cooked. Then he ate from their meat and he drank from its soup. This is a sunnah to eat from it to taste it from the meat and the soup and to distribute among friends and family members, neighbors, and also despair 1/3 Or even more to be distributed amongst Alba is an alpha key, the poor and the needy ones. By that brothers and sisters, we have learned that Al Hadi is a tradition of Ibrahim Ali Salam, as a Lord Almighty sent down this ramp from heaven in order to be sacrificed as a ransom for Prophet Ismail Ali Salam and every year when we do so. We are following the

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footsteps and commemorating the remembrance of this blessed family. May Allah accept from all of us, and until next episode as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh