Don’t Waste Your Time On This Earth – Must Watch

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Just imagine that I had a rope in my hand and I'm holding the rope. And this rope is so long that it goes round the whole duniya just think about this whole rope equation, the whole dunya the prophets of Allah Islam gave us this Nicaea 1400 years ago, the Sahaba sacrificed themselves for this Mercia, that this little bit that I'm holding on to this is your life in this dunya and that whole rope is the hereafter. We today we die for this time. We will work for this time we will neglect for this time we will forget Allah in this time but when this time comes to an end and this time is maximum let's just say 60 years

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you know Allah, masha Allah you know if you get to 7080 but that's it. And if you finish that life and you've not lived it correctly, think about all the rest of your life to come ahead. You've ruined as perished is gone.