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The host of a history show introduces a new episode on the use of shay verbal Jamara during the month of June, and discusses the importance of following the Prophet sallaviat's practices and practicing the timing of the upcoming migration to the city ofial. They emphasize the importance of spending time in Mina and celebrating the Prophet's birthday. The importance of practicing the Prophet's practices is emphasized, and individuals are advised to not stand for long periods of time and not drink alcohol.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Anna V. Mustafa Hoback. My dear viewers, welcome to a new episode in the series of history of Hajj. In today's episode inshallah we're going to discuss one of the mandatory acts of Hajj. One of the Hutterites which is throwing the stones or what is known in Arabic as Rommel Jamara or LG Mar. The word GMR or Jamara is plural of Jamara. And it is the small stone the size of the chickpeas. What is it? Exactly? It is a practice it is a mandatory act during Hajj only had you not ombre to throw the stones on the D Day which is the 10th day of the month total hedger upon

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returning from Moose deliver. We throw the stones at what is known as John Mara Tala, kava till Cobra. So we have actually three locations in Mina Mina is a sacred valley of Mina, in which Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salam tried to fulfill the night vision by slaughter and his son there and sacrifice in him. So the shaytan Satan tried to intercept Ibrahim Ali Salam in different locations in three different locations. And each time the shaytaan tried to intercept them. He picked them some stones or pebbles, and he's through Satan with so as shaytaan Jamara, which means ran away, ran off, and he distanced himself from Ibrahim Ali salah. And he appealed again and again and every time Satan will

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try to intercept Ibrahim Ali Salaam and prevent them from fulfilling the Command of Allah of sacrificing his son or finishing the rituals as Allah Almighty taught him other way to different opinions. So Ibrahim Ali Salam used to pick some stones and throw them at him and he will disappear again and again. So because of that it has become also amongst the rites of Hajj to do what is known as our new LG Ma.

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Some people are under the impression that the bigger the stone,

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the more effective it is. And the more her Satan, which is not true. On the night when the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam returned from Arafa tomb was Delphi and he spent that night there in this valley most Delphi between Arafa and Mina. He spent the night until February and he prayed federally that he ordered seven pebbles or stones to be collected for him the size of the chickpeas, not small, no bigger than that. Then when he reached Mina, and it was past sunrise, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam began by throwing those seven peoples at the same location where Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salam threw the stone at Satan first which is known as Gemorah to laka Betim Cobra

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so there is Cobra There is no spa and there are surah the order from Mecca to words Mina, the bigger one in the middle one and level one that is the meaning of Cobra. And we'll start then Surah as far as why was it called acaba

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at Gemorah tilaka battle Cobra, we throw seven people's only on the day, which is the 10th day of the month of June hedger upon returning from his deli for why

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it was called Urraca. Because there used to be a huge mountain there, which would not give people an easy access to throw the stones at this place. So they used to throw the stones from you know, top of the mountain to fall on the same spot. But the mountain is removed, and the name is still there. And this is a place in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam have met with some people from Medina from yesterday.

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It was called yesterday before the emigration and he approached them and he gives them Dawa, and they've accepted Islam. And first there were six people. The next year they came 12 people and the following year over 70 people in preparation for the great migration to El Medina. So, a couple years before the migration he concluded what is known as Barry Atala, aka the pledge of Aqaba. Okay.

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So on the 10th day,

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which is the day that is Yamuna, which is the greatest day as it has

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Then rated in the Hadith which is collected by Imam

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and also on Allah Almighty refer to it in the Quran as yam will had it Akbar the greatest day of Hajj, the 10th day there Eid day, which is also known as the sacrifice day or Yamuna offering the head under sacrifice. And for those who are not performing Hajj, they get to offer the sacrifice of al Qaeda as well.

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This day is also known as yarmulke or al Kharar. Because the pilgrims will come back after performing the army and during that are halal and offering their sacrifice. They can perform tawaf and say and come back to settle in Mira. The following two or three days are known as a Yamo. Tisha Adel oppa, consists of four days the first day, which is the eighth day and the following three days are known as amo tertiary. Why am I tertiary? Because the Pilgrims after they offer their sacrifice and the slaughter that had the cattle the offer after performing Hajj, do you slide the meat into small slices and spread them under the sun so that they will dry up and they can chew on them later

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on this is one of the means to preserve the meat after offering big time sacrifice, so it was known as a at tertiary

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the following day, which is the first day of amo Tertiary, the 11th day of the month Zul Hijjah, will also throw the stones but not only at one genre, rather three.

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Allah Almighty stated in Surah Al Baqarah, the second chapter of the Quran, a number two or three,

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he said was cool or heavy. I mean, now I do the feminine del Fe will mean the Furla is smiley, he won the Hall of Fame.

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If Marley Lehmann in the call. Basically the segment of the aisle refers to those blessed days a tertiary

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in which Allah Almighty said remember Allah much during those days. Then he stated the following fermented Delafield Khomeini fella if Marley, he is addressing the pilgrims, those who hasten to leave from Mina after two days, there are no there is no blame upon them. They are not blame worthy woman to her fella. If Natalie and whoever stays behind to complete the course until it is the third day of am Otoshi then there is no blame upon them, as well. Basically what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in disregard that on the 12th day of the month of the hedger, whoever wants to leave for Mina, after throwing the stones should do so. But it must be done before sunset, and there

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is no blame upon them. But if people like the Pilgrims like to stay for the full course, which is the 13th day of the month of the Hedgehog, then also they have the choice to do so. What do we do during those days? Am Otoshi the elevens that world's ascertains we collect peoples, the same size, the size of the check piece, as a Prophet sallallahu Aeneas lmsc Ashay tornato Joe moon,

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you are stoning Satan, and you are following the traditions of your father Ibraheem Alehissalaam

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Satan does not physically exist there. Rather by complying with the guidance of Allah Almighty, that hurts Satan most. So what do we do on the 11th and on that world, and for those who decide to stay until the 13th day of the month we'll build hedger, the full course of amo tertiary each day and the ideal time is after noon. The throw seven pupils at each spot of those three Jamara

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to begin by throwing the stones at the little one jump grotto algebra two surah seven peoples from any direction, one by one and it is recommended that whenever you are thrown the stone to say Bismillah Allahu Akbar with each people that you are cast in an algebra.

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Then after you finish it is recommended to make dua while facing the Qibla and also when you throw the stones and

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The middle one, you do the same, you throw the stones and you make dua while facing the Qibla. Then after throwing the stones at Gemorah to Lacava till Cobra, you just throw the stones and you move on without standing to make dua, because this is what the Prophet sallallahu Sallam have done. And he said why thrown the stones Felter who unevenness Zika calm. You guys should copy me in fulfilling your Hajj rites. So the hydrators and the Umbra rituals, we should imitate and copy the practices of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam exactly what he is through jam, rato locka battle Cobra, whether one day a day or on the following couple of days, amo tertiary, he stood where he was facing the genre,

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and Mecca was to his left hand side, and Mina was to his right hand side. This is what he did peace be upon him. So on the 11th day, we'll do the same so the total number will be seven times three that is 21. And on that World Day, which is known as El Munna for the day on which the pilgrims are allowed to live from minute an hour well, because they are permitted to live on that day, which is at Worlds, which will be the third day of eighth

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and the second day of a Yamato shriek

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in afterward

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on the following day,

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on the following day, which is the 13th day, it is also known as Yo Ma Nephi Thani. If you decide to stay for the full course, obviously everybody must leave on the 13th day those are a Yamo tertiary 11th 12th and 13th. So after we offer the sacrifice, we stay in Mina, and it is mandatory to spend most of the night in Mina and the nighttime begins from sunset and it lasts until federal. So if the person happened to spend most of the time anytime between sunset and until dawn, he has fulfilled the mandatory part of spending the time in the blessed and sacred valley of midnight because Mina is also a part of the Haram and it belongs to Mecca. Yet because the Messenger of Allah peace be upon

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him, use the short and three prayers, war US and Asia he used to pay them to work as each and each prayer will be offered on its fixed time. We do the same, even though it's just a couple of miles away from the Haram but we imitate the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and we copy his sunnah exactly as you say it felt that voodoo or honey massacre. Those days brothers and sisters are known as the days of Vic, the I began with Corolla haffi a Yemin. Ma do that. And remember Allah in number days, those days are the days of increase in making zyk to celebrate the praise of Allah Almighty, whether at the time of over in your sacrifice, saying Bismillah Allahu Akbar, whether while throwing the

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stones, one after another, you say Bismillah en Allahu Akbar, and whether before the meals and after the meals, you should celebrate the prayers of Allah subhanaw taala. So the total number of death stones or al Jamara, which should be cast

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at their respective locations. If the person were to stay only for

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two days 11th And that was of the month of April hedger would be 49. But if he were to complete the course, then the number will be 70. May Allah Almighty make it easy for all of us to perform Hajj. Remember brothers and sisters, one stone we guess, because the Prophet salaallah Salam did so and we know that it doesn't benefit nor prevent any harm. And another stone we pick in order to throw and cast at a third stone, it is all by the Leave of Allah. Wa Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh