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and Hungary love and hamdulillah you're

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all salat wa salam ala Milan. Viva la Mulana be about the

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Almighty Allah Kitab about a tabby well actually at about a Shariati. Amalga do for the villa Humana shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem cuja hubco was

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in Alba tilaka and as a Walker said that Allah will as

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my dear respected elders and brothers, in the verse which I recited before you, Allah, Allah says that Huck and truth has come was the Huckle battle and battle has been destroyed. In our battle Atlanta's a hookah battle and falsehood is something that is bound to be destroyed.

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Allah Tala from the very inception of time, Allah has created two forces simultaneously in this world. Allah has created truth and that Allah has also created falsehood for Allah Maha foodora Ha ha ha. Allah Allah says, Allah Allah has given people the option by these two forces being together from the very inception of time. So we find the truth and battle will come in various guises, various entities various personalities. How can battle first came in the form when Allah Allah created Adam II salat wa salam, and then battle was in the form of shaytan have been badly hacked and truth came in the form of Ibrahim Alayhi salat wa salam, battle and falsehood came in the form

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of num Ruth. With the tyrant ruler of the time, HUD came in the form of hazard Musala he set out to Salem, and battle and falsehood came with all its arrogance and oppression in the form of fear own. And we are seeing similarities of that in today's time. What is happening in the world. The after haften truth came in the form of our beloved Maria Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in the form of Islam and bathroom came in the form of the Quraysh in a form of Abuja, Hall, and all other isms and ideologies opposed to Islam. So that was and then of course, they have to also we found that throughout history, this has been the case, how came in the form of Imam Muhammad even a humble rap

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Milani Burton came in the form of the mortars in it. How came in the form of Imam Ghazali button came in the form of the philosopher's hug came in the form of material for Sandra toolani. But it came in the form of the DNA of Eli he and Akbar the Mogul king who wanted to set up the one religion for all people, which he called Dena Ely. So it's not something new that people have started off a situation of bringing in amalgamating all religions. So in short, Allah Tala has created from the very inception of time how can but

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and someone has put it in this way is an Arabic saying luckily for only Musa for every for all these Musa for every battle Allah Allah has created they will be a Musa for every fear own day is going to be a Musa. This is the reality with regard to the situation. Now why did I let that I do so there are many reasons this is not the object of the talk. But Allah Tala has sound reasons why he created hacked and battle together. One of the one of the reasons I will this make mention of in by the way in passing, we only come to know the reality of things by its opposite.

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A che oh two era phobias, daddy Ha is a very famous saying in Arabic, you come to know the reality of things by its opposite. If we did not have darkness, we would not have known the value of light. If there was no load shedding, we wouldn't have known there the importance of having lights having electricity. Now you know the importance of electricity because it's load shedding. But there's of course in a broader level, we only come to know the reality of things by its opposite. We come to know the value of truth don't come to know the value of good o'clock, the good goodness by the presence of evil if there was no evil who would not have been able to understand the beauty of

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goodness and truth. And someone has put it very beautifully in this way. I have learned silence from the talkative I have learned kindness from those who are unkind. I have learned manners from those who do not have manners, and yet I do not pay them gratitude to those teachers for showing me the truth. So many times we come to know and realize the import

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Don't judge something by its opposite. And we would not have been able to understand the beauty of truth and if there was not battle, now we realize why the importance of being on truth. Now after making mention of this introduction, the first thing that we need to understand everyone will say that I want to read even the people on battle are saying the untruth, what are the salient features of truth, that is important for us to understand. The first thing is very important for us to understand these have by its very nature requires effort. Now, if you want to do something of substance, when you want to create something of substance, you have to make an effort. And if you

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don't want to do anything, you don't want to achieve something you do nothing. Let me give you an example with regard to putting up a masjid or putting up a beautiful home. Now to put up something how much effort you need, you need to get the architect plans drawn and you need to have this and you have to have that then you have to go through the difficulties of dealing with the different types of contractors. And I wonder sometimes if you know all the Hadith and all the goodness of the promises, keeping your promises and keeping time, does it ever impact or does it ever affect or does it apply to people who are contractors? You wonder sometimes but what I'm trying to say is if you

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want to put up something you need effort, now if you want something to go down the drain, you want something to be obliterated do nothing. beautiful building, just leave it for a year without maintenance and come after a year and see what happens with it. Automatically you will see only one want to go unless you do make a major sprinkling. So hack requires effort. This has been beautifully explained in a hadith Nabil creme saw Salam said one day Allah Tala tool as a GP I used to go and see Janet and Jana after Allah Tala created Janet and Jana. So gibril went this is Jami acrylamide Hadith and he came in he saw everything and he said, Oh Allah you created Janet so beautiful.

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Whoever you create will want to only go into Jana

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and hola you create a jam number in such a terrible way subject terrible about such great punishment. Whoever you create will want to stay away from Jana. So Allah Tala surrounded Jana by certain things, Allah Tala surrounded Jamna by certain things, and he told people are Ill go and seek now to rally salat wa salam came back and say the word love. Now I'm afraid whether people will be able to gain entry into Jannah. Now I'm afraid whether April people will be able to save themselves from Jana. And the Hadith ends up with these words, would you Bertil Jana to Bill McCurry, well, who do you like to never be showered?

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Allah Allah has surrounded Jana by toil and effort.

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And Allah Tala has surrounded Jahannam by the fulfillment of your desires. What a beautiful Hadith, what a beautiful way of explaining you want to go to Johanna and do nothing just going follow your desires. Your desires tell you to go and look at it, boom, a strange woman can do it. The designers tell you to go and cheat someone go into it. Your designers will tell you all these things are my very own FC in the North South America, Mizzou, Allah, Allah in the Quran says our desires will lead you towards evil. Your desires work used to take you towards that which is wrong, because it is a feeling it is a viewing behind the human There is destruction, but outwardly it is alluring. So

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therefore if you want to go to Janome, just follow your desires. You want to go to gender, then Allah Tala has surrounded Jana by toil and effort. You have to you have to take a stance against your ego. Your desires tell you I'm not supposed to get up for Fudger, especially in the early hours of a winter morning. And I believe this part of the world is very cold. I'm not sure I just heard to hear that gets very cold in this part of the world. Now for you, you have to get up you have to go against your desires. Your desires tell you look at a strange woman. And your dean tells you put your gaze down, meaning your woman I'm sorry. So how by its very nature, if you want to be on truth,

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you have to make effort, effort in being obedient effort in going against guna and

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someone else has literally allowed on one day. How do I gain Jana? And what a beautiful reply he gave a little yellow turn was actually he was full of wisdom. So a little the alarm was said, very easy. Put your one foot on your desires. The next step you take to China. Take one step on your desires and your nerves. The next step is done man. First, the first time of hack, the second sign of hacker will eventually triumph. We all believe that Allah Tala has made mention of it. But before that there won't be certain situations in this world where people have battle and falsehood will have great fun at the expense of Huck. They will mock them

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people that they will make, they will slap into people or they will tell you will see you or you are backward person. He he's he's an Islamist, he is like this is like that he is backward. He is like this. So when you want to be an actor, you have to have determination. You have to have stubborn you have to have perseverance. Yes, you will be looked at but you will still continue. The most ridiculous thing would be the most ridiculous thing would be to forsake and truth for the sake for for the fear of being ridiculous. The most laughable thing is that you trade true for falsehood for fear of being laughed at you Yes, it's going to happen. And how beautiful your letter I put it in

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the Holy Quran in surah Moto 15 in the Lydian algebra more than Amina Latina Amanu we call that the majority the people who do wrong they mock it the believers in a Latina girl in a convenient way the movie theater hamazon when they go past them, they win the eyes.

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We then column will

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refer to him when they go towards their own particular group. They even furthermore,

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will see now all the Western Allies everyone getting together laughing at the Islamist laughing at this laughing It's bound to happen. way that I will call you in a while I don't know what's going to happen. And that Allah says the one who laughs last laughs The best or in today's time they see the one who laughs last he understood the joke last. But what happens is the one hula for yo Molina monoaminergic porphyria the harpoon on the day of Tiamat what will happen to believers will laugh at the disbelievers then you will see the truth emerging. So in the meanwhile there will be time sometimes they will walk. But what happens on the day of chiamato rota I wrote a follow up if only

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you can see the people on falsehood in front of Allah Tala and Allah Allah will point towards Janet and Jana and say Alicia Harada bill. Do you remember the Muslims and the people have asked us to tell you this gender and there is Jana Elisa, is it not the truth caruba would have been an ADSL light is a truth for Zuko I've ever thrown, Allah will say they will want to go back now to change the waist lower see now you can go for Drupal, other people have contempt for all tastes the punishment of what we used to deny. You used to deny punishment nowadays that we choose to deny. So the second point with regard to help is that in the heart, sometimes people have heart could be will

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be particularly they will be mocked. Don't ever become despondent that you need and you want to be on every one of us want to be so you'll be steadfast. The third thing with regard to what I'm going to try to enumerate nowadays we got short term spins, you know, short attention span so sometimes when we enumerated it becomes easy. The third thing with regard to have these many times the people of Baton they have more resources. And you and I we know we sometimes foolish we don't understand this, we sometimes get a look at how these people are living. Oh look at how their body but look at how they are living. Sometimes you see people saying and I've heard it, look at all these people

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used to stay in a party days. Look at what the beautiful areas ahead, look at the beautiful homes ahead. Look at the amount of space that they hit you Allah is that your criteria for success? Is that what you make to be right and wrong? I'm not saying it's wrong for you. If Allah Allah has given you the means that you you have comfortable means and you have a beautiful home, you have beautiful clothes, nothing wrong in it but it is not the sign of success. It is not necessarily the sign of luck.

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Maybe a cream saucer was asked, Is it wrong to wear good clothes? You said no. In Allah Jamil Letta is beautiful, Allah is graceful Allah is elegant, Allah loves it, nothing wrong. But what is wrong is but will have you disdain the truth and you look down upon people, but it is not the same of Huck to have a comfortable lifestyle.

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So maybe Kareem Salah Salem when he you know separated himself from the wives maybe a cream sauce from stayed in a small room you know on a mezzanine on top in Nigeria number one. So Omar, you know asked three times to come and visit him and maybe a cream sauce some did not give him permission eventually in a visa is gonna give you permission. O'Meara the ultimate came into the room and you saw the sparse resources Nivea cream sauce boom head. And Omar, a strong person like Kumar started crying

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and maybe a cream sauces are over. Why are you crying? said you have a Sula. Why should I try? We hear about the Roman and Persian empires wound batty and look at the glory under the great amount of wealth and the pumping Simpson or Splenda. Allah has given them a look at how my name is Libby.

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There is nothing in the room

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is only one small map and when he lies down in the neck when he gets up from that map, all the imprints of that map is upon the body of our beloved Navy occurring sorcerer Jana Shula. Why shouldn't I cry? Maybe a cream saw Selim was sleeping, he was lying down.

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And he called Omar and he hit him on his chest. And he said, Omar, are you still in doubt about this? Are you still in doubt about this? For them is in this world for us is in the year after?

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Plus how many people think that hacking battle has got nothing to do with our resources here in this world? When after all of your Comey Collier calm and eventually will Commissioner will have the mentality of an autopsy on Amanda Edelman has another woman in when it occurred to you be for us.

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So for all these people, oh my people, what is Musa calling you to? He sees on truth? What is he calling you to look at us? Look at the beautiful country of Egypt. Look at the River Nile? Am I better? Or is he better for

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us to meet the hub? If he was on truth? Why didn't he have golden silver? Why didn't he have jewelry? Muslims today are thinking like that.

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They are telling you that look at our technology. Look at our countries look at this, this this and this. And we sing that note that this is this is not truth. This is not necessarily truth. If you have it by all means that Latin is called

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wealthiness will fail. Right? Nothing wrong, but it is not the basis many times Allah subhanaw taala give people bad things, the resources and many times you will find the more resources and the people have truth that doesn't constitute truth. Well, we should never be in doubt the way that we are cream sauce from poor Omar. Omar Are you in doubt for them missing this world? Yes, they will enjoy the splendors of this world for us will be by and large. Allah subhanho wa Taala will give us an intimate inshallah maybe a cream sauce that was said in a hadith with Alicia Pilates as one as if it is a Bronco Ali has made mention of it in his book earlier today. Matias humor tomorrow Oma. This

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whole matter of minds is an homage that Allah has Rama upon it is mercy upon Lisa phylloxera. Allah by and large won't punish this one. But in the year after, as Abu dunya the difficulty of this ummah is in this world. I'll fit and well

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fitting fitna killings, earthquake sometimes I wonder y'all are older earthquakes really come in Muslim countries. Allah Allah says Allah, Allah, Allah upon us, who thinks about it in that way. The fourth thing with regard to help and now I'm bringing it more closer to our situation in Gaza.

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Remember, my dear respected whether it's very important

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that how can battle is not demonstrated and manifested in material victory, enmity, and failure is not in there in in fate in half truth and falsehood is not necessarily translated in victory or failure in the battlefield. Sometimes Allah Allah will give victory to battle.

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As it happened in what had happened so many times in the history, and sometimes people who are unhappy, they will suffer a setback and they will suffer defeat in the in the battlefield. That doesn't mean they're on battle. They still don't happen. Now, just consider this think about this carefully. Today I thought I will speak about things for us to understand because what's happening sometimes it creates doubts, it creates questions. So we need to understand this. How is it that Allah Tala and Nabil Karim saw Salam falls as a hobby? Right? That Nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the greatest and the leader of, shall I say the shahada, who sent you to Shuhada,

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who is ready to show that Hamza, Hamza will be allowed on who was killed in what better in a battle that Muslims didn't gain victory. But in that battle, in which he did not gain victory, yet, maybe a cream sauce, Trump said he's a king of martyrs. This is successful or not, he's successful, but he died in a battle in which Muslims suffered defeat. And what does defeat Ya Allah? Let me just give you some examples with regard to what happened at that particular time. Maybe a cream saucer initially, maybe a cream saucer, and we're on the verge of victory.

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And then because of a situation Sahaba misunderstood one of the commands of our beloved Nebia Kareem Salah when he was salam. They left the post Khalid bin Walid saw away he came and attacked the Muslims from the back. Right and then Muslims were chasing the enemies away. And when they hear attack from the back, those who are running away they came back and Muslims were caught in the between the two. And then the word went around. The word went around in a Muhammad and called Mad

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For Sahaba there was nothing more difficult. Mohammed has done some of them said what is the use of loving If Muhammad has passed away, what is the use of loving and then they afterwards eventually they they regrouped and Allah Tala brought about certain degree of comfort and relief and the protected our beloved and we are cream sauce from a telenovela, Toronto, they were living attacks made against our beloved and resources, then out of the allowed to repel with few of his companions seven, so much so that his entire hair in one portion of his hair was paralyzed by taking the arrows that were designed for our beloved to be a cream saucer. And we were currently allowed to say that

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the day of forehead was a day of

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the day or forehead belonged. After the setback, after the incident, occurred himself some saw his uncle.

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Shaheed mutilated look at his level no level looked at parts of his body, no body. So let me repeat himself when I'm crying. Sahaba cried. It had such an impact upon the resource numb the killer of the asset Hamza came to visit an epi saucer according to His law, he's also used to write to him to come to Islam. This is what made me so slim did call your enemies to Islam. Today, we don't want to reach out to people. And if people reach out and we know you, some people are sort of labored reach out to people call people towards truth for themselves when reached out to an enemy. And eventually when he came in, he came to the managerial level when Sahaba wanted to kill him before he came to

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America themselves. And therefore he covered himself with a with a cloth.

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And then only he revealed himself when he came into material, even when he came to Nigeria and the Sahaba took all the salt that we saw some said he will come here worship after eight years maybe so some said watching tell me how you killed my dog.

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And he started crying after eight years.

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Such a setback? What did Allah Tala tell him maybe a cream sauce on such an occasion? It's so appealing and so relevant to what's happening today in Gaza. So Allah Tala reassured Sahaba and this is what for us to understand hacklin But it doesn't mean because you are not you are going to gain victory on the battlefield. Sometimes there will be setbacks. So what did Allah Tala tell the sahaba? Well, you know what,

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don't be disheartened to lose hope and to Malala and you will be victorious one day, if you are true believers. Keep this in mind we don't become this happen sometimes they won't be the setbacks we can take it in Allah was never put us to trust to test in South Africa used to ease if Allah put us to test because of our Eman. We don't know how we're going to react.

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And really, this is a situation we do how we can react. We must therefore and therefore is so surprising when we get people you know, judging people who are there, and the other is coming from them. Yeah, and I did a little I'll give you some way from the Aletheia can give people a little I can give people difficulty to elevate the status Who are we to judge they're being punished Allah Tala? Who are we to church?

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Do you know what happens when you know there is a very great alimony for someone of time we

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want to some of the time we are ready is by 100 and killing me something that we must be very careful of judgment. Why if someone comes to say I saw two groups of people at a time of partition of India, Pakistan, he said one of the groups were those because in that time in partition, people were being killed because Muslims you have been Muslim. They used to kill you. Right? So he said I too, so two groups of people, so people who didn't have beard, they started keeping beards. And so people who had beards, they started shaving of the beards. He said, I went to people who didn't have beards as Why are you keeping a beard? He said, Look at the situation. People have been killed. We

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could also be killed. And I thought that if there is no sanctity of life, let me die with a pseudonym. I started keeping a beard. He said to the people who had a beard I said Why are you taking off your beard? He said Don't you see people have been killed because they are Muslims. This thing identifies us as Muslims if I took off my beard at the time of difficulty you don't know how you're going to react.

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So therefore we have to be careful. But look at our last subhanaw taala console the Sahaba and then Allah Tala Tala pm says Cancun fecund muscle calm aka homie through there is going to be days, particular Yamanaka if you have been wounded, they're also going to be wounded. They also suffer suffering psychological difficulty at the moment, you can imagine the psychological difficulty and the psychological psychological trauma that is upon the enemies at the moment. Or Tilka Yamanaka will have in us Allah subhanho wa Taala says these are the days we change amongst people. Sometimes these victories sometimes these defeat, Allah Tala can be Daiki as Mata it can be Leakey as Mata

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unless an annual gala sometimes test you by giving you sometimes a little a test you by taking away Allah must never test us by taking away maybe a cream sauce from tourists, Uncle Abbas, who Abbas always ask Allah for ease never ask Allah for difficulty. And let me just conclude with one one or two points. You know, even if we see the

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This type of things happening it doesn't make us despondent and doesn't turn us away from religion default data says because the Musa Sahaba were feeling disheartened when we saw Islam in the new scale and literacy is a matter of putting in Connect to Medaka.

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Now when I read this is sometimes I feel I want to put it as subtle as respectfully as possible. Allah is telling them you when you heard that Mohammed has passed away you are feeling this atom. Allah says if Mohammed fasces quit.

00:25:31--> 00:25:35

If more happened, what Martin in the better off what

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are you going to turn away from religion?

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Are you going to turn away from religion and whoever turns away from religion, he has not harmed Allah in the least he has harmed himself.

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If we see what is happening to our brothers and sisters, which hurts hurts us.

00:25:54--> 00:26:37

That particular hurted killing of people is is lesser than the killing of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. But what Allah says, Even if Muhammad would have been killed, are you going to turn away from religion? It doesn't make one iota of difference or it shouldn't make one iota of difference to our a man. Keep this in mind say inshallah. We still believe that in Islam, there is truth. Even if we see our children and our brothers and sisters been killed we still believe in the truth of Islam. May Allah Tala given a topic of understanding this understanding of truth and heart which I've tried to explain in the limited time that we have Melaka always keep us upon truth and may Allah make us

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die upon truth, or through the one and human