Taraweeh Truffles Day 10 the Power of Unification

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The transcript describes a bickering and fighting between Muslims and Muslims during the past. The segment discusses the importance of Christian law and the need for strong Christian faith in the faith community. The segment also touches on the issue of Muslim litigation and the potential negative impact on Muslims' faith.

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There's a famous story of an old man who wants on his dying bed, gathered his sons together and requested that they bring a pile of sticks. So now the sons brought the piles of sticks. And so he said to one of the sons, you go ahead, take all these pieces of stick and try to break it. So that son took the wood he couldn't break it. And then the father said, now take these sticks of wood and spread it amongst yourselves, your brothers and your sisters spread it amongst yourselves. So they spread it amongst themselves, and each one was able to take the stick as the fathers had now tried to break it and each one was able to easily break it. That leads us into today's area. Allah

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subhanaw taala says, well, please, log on on Sula, one at Anna zone FATF Shalu. Birdie hokum was bureau in law, her MA slaw beteen this area is very dear to me. And very interesting. I always reflect upon it. When you look at the Muslim community, it seems to be that bickering and dis unification is the norm right? You're in this messenger and that masjid, you're with this group or that group, you almost feel like well, this is what Islam is supposed to be. However, this is not what Islam is supposed to be. When you go back to the Quran and Sunnah. You'll see like in this verse, Allah subhanaw taala says, to follow Allah follow His Messenger, wallet and Azzaro and don't

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bicker don't argue for teff shallow otherwise, you will lose and your reel will be gone away from you. And maybe there was bickering and fighting in the past, but in the past they didn't have social media, they didn't have Facebook they didn't have Twitter, they couldn't get the message you know from one side of the Earth to the other but nowadays this bickering and fighting has been magnified and it's accelerated the actual way we should be with one another should be like bricks of a wall. The Prophet said Alana said um said Al movement, little movement, Cal Bonilla, and that the believer is to another believer like a wall like bricks, you should do Babu Baba, that one brick if you were

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to take and just push it over, it would fall down. But if you were to put them together, cement them together, they become one wall solid. And that's how the prophets of Allah and s&m said that as believers, we should be strengthening one another. Now Muslims will differ on issues of Islamic jurisprudence of Islamic law, which is fine, but there's a difference between Islamic law and respecting one another. So if you see somebody that has a difference of opinion, you might treat them badly because you know, maybe they have this difference of opinion but realize that you treating them badly is not the Sunnah you treating your Muslim brother you treating your Muslim

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sister badly because you know they're not praying as many rough guys as you are praying or they're doing something different. You treating them badly is not the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So the next time you find yourself differing with somebody on some issue of Fick remember the character of the Prophet said Alana is and I'm and how he treated other people. And the fact that there's a difference of opinion on this issue of fit does not negate this blessed character of the messenger of allah sallallahu sunnah that you and I should emulate