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Al-Maidah 27-40 Translation 27-40

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I said I'm

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suitable Kareem

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Jean Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem furbish rashly sadly. We're Sidley Emery Washington Dr. Tammy listening yokocho Cody probenecid in our in

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Lesson number 71 soda Tula either I am number 27 to 40

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what's new and you recite

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our lay him upon them never news even a of two sons

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Adam of Adam bill happy with the truth is when other day to sack sacrificed or burnin a sacrifice for to cook better. So it was accepted men from a heavy Hema one of them to one and not Utah purple. It is accepted mean from

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the other

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honor, he said Let us go to Lana. Surely I will definitely kill you. Allah He said in number indeed not but yet a caballo he accepts Allahu Allah, men from a must attain those who adopt the for those who fear Allah

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let in surely is best for you extended in a year towards me yet aka your hand. Lita kulani so that you kill me man not Allah I be bass you clean at all one who stretches at all one who extends the idea my hand Elijah towards you lead up to luck so that I came here

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in need indeed I flew, I fear Allah Allah proper.

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Li the mean of the world?

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in me Indeed, I really do I want and that there will you returning? B is me with my sin, work. And it's Mika your sin. But the corner consequently you be main from us hobby companions, and nerdy of the fire

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was their liquor and that Jesu is recompense over the mean of those who do wrong.

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for work, so it made easy Lahu for him Natsu who himself Butler killing a fee of his brother for Casa de who, so he killed him, for us by her then he became men from aloha serene those who are losers.

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For that, so he sent Allahu Allah, Robin across Europe hustle, it scratches, it searches fi in a way the earth lirio so that it shows him or so that he shows him

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how USD he hides. So other corpse

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of his brother, Allah He said, Yeah, for way that war to me

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was, I just do I was incapable. And that akuna iV missler like Heather, this a lot the crow's

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feet worry so that I hide so other corpse

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of my brother, for us by her so he became men from a nerdy mean, those who are regretful

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men from a jelly because they're liquor that Katana we wrote, Allah upon Benny children, is Isla of Israel. And who that indeed he man who katella he killed Knutsen a soul, the lady without lapsing a soul, oh or for certain to spread mischief fee in the earth. sucker and number so as if katella he killed a NASA the people Jimmy are all together.

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Woman and whoever or hear her. He gives life to it for her and number so as if I hear he gave like

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anessa to the people Jamia all together

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What are uncertainly at home it came to them, but also Luna Our Messengers. they obey unity with the clear proofs so much then in indeed, that he won many men home from them bother after them because that fill of the Indian law must reform surely ones who are extravagant

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innama indeed Norbert Jesu recommends and levena of those who you heard Ebola they wage war, a law against a law water Sula, who and His Messenger

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work and yes our honor, they strive fee in a way the earth faster than to spread mischief and that you do they are killed. Or you saw level they are crucified.

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Oh or two copper. It is cut off at him their hands are Judo home and their feet. Men from Philippine opposite

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or unifo there exiled men from the earth

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vaniqa that the home for them? Is Yun humiliation disgrace fee in a dunya the world when a home and for them fee in the hereafter. Are there been a punishment or Raven great

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in law except and levina those who boo they repented men from probably before and that difficulty rule you all overpower or lay him upon them.

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Furthermore, so you all know that Indeed Allah Allah or Fudan or forgiving or a haven of his own merciful,

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here are you hurt or you and the Drina those who knew they believed it the oh you are fear, Allah, Allah, wa and a bitter whom you will seek in a towards him and we'll see that the means

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which I do and you all do have more struggle fi in Serbia he his way, learn the comb, so that you to be shown you all are successful.

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In indeed and Lavina bozhou cafaro de disbelieved low if and indeed the home for them man whatever fee is in an RV, the earth Jimmy are all together on this level and like have it ma who with it,

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live to do so that the ransom be here with it. Men from other the punishment yo de LTM it the standing

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man not to obey Allah it was accepted main home from them or the home and for them our level of punishment and even one painful

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you read sooner, they will want they will wish

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that Yahoo do they come out men from a nursery the fire warmer and not home they behind Aegina at all wants to come out main her from it was a home and for them or there was a punishment movie one one last thing remaining

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four and a circle the male team

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was required to and the female team Foxborough so you all cut adea Huma hand of them to

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Jessica and recompense deema because of what Kesava they do earned. McMullen and exemplary punishment. Men from Allah He Allah will law who and Allah rz isn't always Almighty hachiman always always.

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Finance so whoever durva he repented men from bardi after will meet he his injustice will offer her and he reformed for in less than Indeed Allah Allah. year two he turns in mercy are they he upon him?

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In Indeed Allah, Allah, Allah foreign, always all forgiving for Haman always All Merciful

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and then did not dynam you know, unless that Indeed, Allah Allah, La who for him meralco Dominion a similarity of the sky

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But the heavens will up and the earth your or they will keep on issues man whoever you share who he wills or your funeral and he forgives Lehman for who he is who he wills or law who and Allah. Allah upon goodly every thing called hero always or evil

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been happening

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in Me,

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me, me

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Casa de mi

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casa de

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he saw a

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woman here

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me me.

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coup de nada

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Bihar Aegina

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ob was was referred to Takako.

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Law, laws, isn't it?

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aloha aloha

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on the