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Episode 24 Surah Al Maoon

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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How y'all doing? And hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah the night 23 very important night, one of the odd nights here in the last 10 nights and a very good probability tonight could be later to quarter, The Night of Decree the night When the angels come down. So in sha Allah, we ask that a lot of answers the strength to spin every moment of this evening in a bad act that will make you off one another, like sips from us what we've done so far, and granted, only goodness in earth remains. I mean, we continue without the fear. And we said that the last 10 chapters of the Quran have a different theme to the ones we previously discussed. Yesterday we spoke about Allah was giving a reminder to the

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kurush particularly how Allah protected them from the army of the elephant, and how Allah protects them in the business that they have given there have a special place amongst the Arabs, that the economy and the city of Mecca is protected and safeguarded by a law. And as a principle, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives blessings as a test, your knowledge, your strength, your health, your youth, your wealth, whatever it might be, it is a taste, how you will use it allows look and feel. So Allah gives one person wealth, and he gives he doesn't give to someone else, that wealth is not yours. Rather, it is a loan to see how you're going to benefit from it. So after Allah has spoken to the

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kurush and said, We have given you this great blessing. Allah now tells the Quran look at what you're doing with this blessing. And it's something for us to reflect on our own blessings. We discussed today inshallah. Sula, my own. Those who do deny giving the smallest of blessings. The smallest of assistance alone begins a surah Allah tala rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah, Allah you can reboot the dean. Have you seen him who belies or denies the deen and the translation yes his Deen meaning religion. Deen the word Deen and you'll find we'll talk about Salah as well. certain words they were the in Arabic before Islam were Deen Sala they were they in Islam before Islam

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occurred. But when Islam came it took these words and gave it such a special meaning that today when we think of Salah preacher man making Salah in sujood that's not the linguistic prayer is not the linguistic meaning of Salah. Similarly, Deen refers to date, Dan a dino is to pay you back and it became synonymous with the religion or the way of life. But in reality, Deen is the day that you will be paid back and even kiama is called Yama Deen. So many of them have a serene says the word denier is not religion, but rather the one who denies the day of the AMA, the one who denies the afterlife. And these differences of opinion amongst the facility in both apply. But it makes more

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sense in the surah to say, Have you seen the one who does not believe in the life after death, who does not concern himself about the future after he dies? Now many of us will say and most people of the world will say we believe in life after death. But Allah will go into the sutra and show you if your actions are x, y and Zed. In reality, you don't believe in life after death, that your actions are an indication of what's in the heart. So Allah says, look, have you seen the one who doesn't believe in karma? What does he do? further Allah can levy Alia team further Lekha Allah saying, as a result of him not believe in karma, he is the one that pushes away the often this word that is used

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in the Quran to describe how the angels will push the people into jahannam with force and violence and hatred. So unless is a person who doesn't believe in karma, he has this attitude towards orphans. He doesn't is careless with them. He's rude to them, he pushes them away. He doesn't want them in his life. And we need to ask ourselves behind the law, even though we physically might not be pushing orphans away, how many of us in our lives have orphans part of our life? Can we really say we are free from this ayah so less is an indication that you don't really believe in karma is you don't look off to the orphan and you actions show that you don't care for them and you've pushed

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them out of your life, either physically or metaphorically, you've pushed them out of your life completely, you are blind to them. And we said the orphans are very important to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Throughout the Quran, you'd find Allah speaking about the orphans and looking after the orphans. In fact, most of so many of the MDR are orphans who came from broken homes or from single parents in some

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Are you another NaVi Brahim thrown out of his home? Maybe as a single mother, maybe Moosa not lived in his home, maybe salsa, lamb was an orphan. So Allah is showing the use of didn't live with his parents. So Allah is made it makes an example of the orphan. And how we treat the orphan in particular, is what is an indication or a man. Remember, as we sit in circle answer, it's not enough that we say we believe in Allah, we believe in karma, your actions will judge if that man is true. So the one who doesn't believe in karma, one of the things he does is he neglects and pushes the orphan away. What I do Allah amin miskeen, and he does not urge to encourage others to feed the

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needy, had their hood is what they would do to a horse, when you push those to spur it on, meaning encouraging it and move forward. They do not the people who don't believe in karma, they don't encourage others to feed the needy. miskeen is someone who is in need, and he cannot get out of his circumstances without assistance. So it's not someone who's begging for no reason. He isn't in a difficult situation, he can't even feed himself and he needs assistance, he's drowning. And the people who don't believe in kiama, they don't provide the lowest thing is food, if they don't provide food to somebody, let alone other kinds of assistance and help clothing and other than that,

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a lot also doesn't say it on the screen, it would mean to feed the needy, but Tamil miskeen means the food of the needy, meaning that this food that you have a portion of it belongs to the needy. He is the one who does not give what is the heart of the needy. Remember, Allah subhana wa Taala has given us those of us who have it's really an excess of what we suppose What's our entitlement, Allah gives you 120% of what is due to you that 20% is your responsibility to give to the man who only got less than his full quota. That's the test. So a person who doesn't believe in karma, what does he do? He has no relationship with the orphan and he does not encourage others and himself he does not

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see and take care of the needy then Allah sees is a very scary idea for Waylon lean muscle lean.

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We see it in certain houmas a whale is that place in Ghana and it means destruction they said that some of our Syrian said it's this valley in January so so painful that janome itself is asking Allah to take this value away destroy it It's so painful even for jahannam so we'll to the one who makes solder it doesn't make sense. Yeah, Allah, you think destruction for the one who makes solder and that's why this ayah should actually be read with the next ayah in one go for way lunalilo masala avina humann Salatu himself Hoon?

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woe to the one who makes Syrah but is heedless about his Allah. So Allah has put this ayah he could have made it one ayah and he could have just saved it in one go. Woe to the one who is heedless of Salah. But Allah deliberately split this ayah so that those who make Salah pause and say I'm making salah and Allah saying that they could be destruction for the one who makes Allah, Allah Lena whom Ancelotti himself one, why, because of the way they are making Salah, the quality of the solder. So, what do they do? They are Ancelotti himself. He likes to do too. So, forgetfulness, what is this mean? And then LMR breaks down a person's attitude to sign a number of categories. The worst of them

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is the one who obviously neglects Allah altogether. He does not pray all together. And in fact, three of the former Dave have said that this is the majority of all them either either unanimous that this person is actually outside of the fold of Islam, a caribou Salah who never performed Salah, even if he says I'm a believer, in terms of the Sharia, this is not sufficient for him, and he might even be outside of the fold of Islam. Another form of nibin neglecting of Salah is the one who makes a tarawih in quoted comments here. After he comes home from work. Now he makes fudger the word acid McGreevy, he makes all his works in one go. This is unacceptable. This is not acceptable

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in the deed that he is the one almost whoa to such a person, meaning destruction for a person who does that he makes Allah outside of his walks, even the hypocrites of Medina those who in darkness Valley, they would come to the masjid for Salah in the prescribed time meaning the monastics of Medina who are in darkness as well Allah said in the lowest place in jahannam they made the Salah on time, but they will also sell Hoon, so if you make Salah on time, it's still not enough Why? Because you making sada and Mt Sala your mind isn't focused and all of us, all of us are not fully committed to our salah and that's why many other Allah have said Allah is merciful when you sit and look at

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this is a beautiful thing of the allameh that they are about the pre forgetful. If a sci fi solid team sound in a pre they're forgetful then we're in big trouble. Because we are all we are all mindless in our solder. But if there are unmatched

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feel about this Allah it's a bit less. So the person who makes Allah, Allah Vina whom yurakucho was explaining that they can be a person who comes to Allah. And he makes sure that in time on Gemma, but his only reason for Salah is a Latina who murah so that people can see him. He does it. Inside is not for Allah. He's doing it to be seen. He's doing it for show. He's doing it to count I'm one of you. But in reality if if, if there was no one in the masjid, he wouldn't come himself. And a good way to test your sincerity is if your personal life when no one sees you, is as good or better than your public life. That if you are making solar at home, when no one sees you at Hamdulillah,

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then there's no reason you're doing it only for Allah sake. But you only make salt out in front of people, and you're only pious in front of people and you only give charity in front of people that you need to ask is this really for the sake of Allah. So Allah says Allah Vina, whom you're our own, that they are the ones who do things to be seen. And in fact, again, just the beauty of the Arabic language here and Allah mentioned this ayah it would have been sufficient for Allah to say, and levena Yura those who want to be seen. But Allah put the word whom they they are the ones who they want to be seen. So Allah says you want to stand out, I will make you stand out in this ayah Allah

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puts them they pronoun them with additional vim in this ayah to say you want to stand out to be seen, I will expose you in this ayah. So the sincerity that's why that'd be so serious in this hadith who ever stands on a little corner with a man wacky SAP sincerely for the sake of Allah and sincerely hoping for all of the rewards and that must go through your mind? Why do I come to therapy? Why do I get Fukuyama late, I want to get all those rewards and I want to get a last forgiveness. It's only between me and Allah. That Salah is that Mirage, that takes you to a low when you say Allahu Akbar, you have a direct link to Allah, now the world disappears. So Allah has

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mentioned types of Salah that these ones who neglected completely there are those who are late in the Salah, there are those who make Salah without any, any real sincerity. And then there are degrees of sincerity. And in fact we make to the highest level of sincerity is like that of the prophets of Salaam, WA Salatu was his curato in the coolness of his eyes, kudos to him, is the thing that you can when you are in the worst position in your life. And you think if I can just get to that thing, my worries will disappear. That is my comfort. And sorrow was the comfort for the prophets of Salaam, we're not they know what doesn't require us to be there yet, remake do all that

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we get the

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and another category of these people who don't believe in kiama why I'm not owning my own. They refuse to give my own my own needs assistance, but my only small assistance, they refuse to even give the smallest kind of help. They won't say a good word to someone, they won't even smile at someone that as a person, they have no benefit to society, and they don't do anything of good for anyone. And therefore we have to judge our email. Our demand is judged by our actions. So we look at how do we treat orphans? How do we treat the needy? What is the quality of our salah and how do we treat people around us. This is how Islam works. It's not just about your time in the masjid and

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your time with the Quran. It's about how you be how you interact with society. And if you're a good person in society, insha Allah, then that's a good indication that inside things are okay, so Allah subhanaw taala blessed us to be good believers on the outside and on the inside, that we are good in terms of in relationship with Allah and relationship with inside. And that's why Ramadan is so beautiful, because you'd find that people are making Salah privately and they're also spending more than other times and you feel that sweetness of your Iman growing. You can actually feel your Eman getting stronger and stronger than the when in a week's time when they're going to look for the

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moon, you'd actually hope they did not see the moon let me get another day of fasting because you are nourishing that man and the demand is growing because you're doing as the surah says, We are feeding the orphans we are feeding the poor, we're increasing in our Salah, we are increasing in our piety. So Allah is feeding our spirituality. May Allah grant us to only increase in that and take us away in perfect spirituality. I mean, tomorrow inshallah, I'm going to do a bit of a bit of a bit of a change, I will do sort of batida full for reasons to for the sole purpose of this series, I will skip to it will co author and sewer to cafe rune and surah Tila erogenous and we'll go straight to

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Tatiana. And that's what we will discuss tomorrow in sha Allah, as we build up towards the 27th of Ramadan. I'd like to fit in idol kursi as well. So there's a bit of playing around with a with a with a with a with the order and that's no problem in sha Allah in that. I mean as for our lucky quiz tonight is a dro. And let's see last night's question we asked what was the name of the governor of EA of Yemen who tried to destroy the character the commander of the NFL

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In the army, the elephant his name was abraha that was his name abre and tonight we will do our lucky prize through there are two prizes, two for the males and two for the females again, and I know inshallah no one does it for the prizes, but we can get reward in the dunya and akhira as well no problem.

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If you only come to the quiz, then it's a problem. Like you only make that away for the quiz then it's a problem.

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So let's do a use of here with micellar cloud sequel dotnet Okay, okay.

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Use of faqeer

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Mashallah with the use of is

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with us every evening and hamdulillah for lack of a better use of

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now the next one insha Allah

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Adnan Did you really?

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You haven't won before. Okay, so I've done one so you have another one a chance.

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Abdullah Lim, Mashallah.

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Now for the sisters.

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I hope we

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will find a few easy ones, the sisters.

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Now this is a brother

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think this is a brother.

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Okay. Latif amasa.

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so until a differential is a price for

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FIFA, and then again each other for the sisters, let's see.

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Nine again, at nine again.

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You can only fool one at night at none.

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My name came here, but you know, this is the I'm sorry. It's my

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Fatima patients Mashallah.

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She's been waiting patiently Alhamdulillah de Vaca and as we see that

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does like a lot fortini will continue our kamalame program after our post nine in sha Allah please join us well, she can wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.