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Yusuf Estes
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah and welcome to beauties of Islam. I'm used to pestis and for the next few minutes in this episode, I really like to address one of the beauties of Islam which is talking about the way, the way to get to a law, the way to get to God Almighty.

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Many times when we're talking about this subject, I hear people give so many of opinions that everybody has. And there are a lot of opinions when people talk about how to get to God. Some, as we've discussed in other programs, believing they're lucky rabbit's foot, they believe in a horseshoe that can bring them good luck or they believe in their lucky stars. They believe in some statue, an idol or an image that they can pray to, and get their prayers taken up to God through this thing that's making intercession for them. Or they believe in a man or a woman or something they can pray to, perhaps somebody in the grave somebody that's dead that can go and ask from them.

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But is this really the way to get to God? And another one of our programs we talked about that there's a way that God has prescribed anything basically, he's not going to accept anything but the way he prescribed.

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This is well known throughout the Quran, but I'll give you a couple of references chapter three, verse 19, chapter three, verse 85, chapter five, verse three, and on and on, we find over and over this word is called Dean, Dean, Dean. And listen to this, even God is saying that the people who disbelieve still have a dean, they have a way, their Dean is not going to go to a law firm, but they still have one even an atheist as the dean because the dean is not a religion a dean means your way what you do and so when some people they came to Mohammed peace be upon him, and look what they said, hey, what worship would you worship? If your worship what we worship, let's make a compromise.

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How about this idea? Think about it.

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One year, you guys meaning the Muslims, you guys worship what we worship, and then the next year will worship but you're worse What do you think about this idea? Before Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him can even open his mouth and say something on his own? Here comes revelation from Almighty God telling him what to say in Arabic language. Cool, yeah. You have a coffee room? law. Buddha martaba done. Well, I am to be doing in my booth. Will I be doing my back to him? while I'm doing I'll be doing my Lancome Dean Kuhn. Walia, Dean, did you hear the word Dean in there by the way? Okay. Translation more or less than the meaning.

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God Almighty Allah is telling Prophet Muhammad what to say cool mean, say it's imperative. Cool. say, Oh, you who have disbelieved. I don't worship what you worship. You don't worship what I worship. I'm not gonna worship what you worship, and you're not gonna worship what I wish.

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Now that way. So to you, your dean.

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say to me, my reading to you, your dean. In other words, I'll go my way.

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And you go your way back on deer comb, while you

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think about that. So anyway,

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this helps us to understand why Islam is much more inclusive than some religions that are out there because they will say that no, our way or the highway. And that's not exactly it. It's a laws way or no way allows way or no way. And I'm not saying that some Christians can't go to Paradise. In fact, I'm saying the opposite. I'm not saying some Jews can't go. I'm saying the opposite. And I'm certainly not going to say that I'm the judge of anybody else either. Listen to this verse from the Quran and see what you think about that. And I'm going to go to chapter three verse 110, this is in the surah or chapter called lm Ron contin hierro Metin. Och, relate to a project NASA morona bill my

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roof, but 10 how not until moon car. What to noon Bella, the first part of this verse is very familiar to most Muslims, I think, maybe, I don't know. Maybe half the Muslims in the world have memorized it. But the meaning here is you're the best of nations raise that because you call the people to the ultimate good of what Islam is all about. The morals, the teachings, the beliefs, the actions, and you forbid the Ultimate Evil, which is what takes people away from Islam and all of its great morals and

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teachings, and you believe in the law.

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Look at the next part of the verse though, and most people didn't memorize this. And I'll give you the English translation, more or less. And if the people of the Bible had believed it would be better for them.

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That means people are the Bible. And if the people of the Bible had believed it would be better for them, from them are people who have belief, but most of them are disobedient. I took this to some of the preacher friends that I still have,

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and talked with them about it. And they said, you know, we agree with that.

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Yes, there are some Jews and Christians who have belief, and it's better for them. And most of them though,

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they're disobedient. Those who claim that they believe in God, they claim to believe in the Bible. But er, if you ask them, why don't you follow it? You'd be surprised they would be, you know, amazed. Why are you telling me about my book?

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Well, the Quran does not claim that the Bible is not from God. In fact, it says here, the originals, we know the original came from a lot people tried to play with it. But for sure, we're not trying to put down the Bible. The teachings of the Bible that are preserved in the Quran are part of what we believe. Quran is real clear, says in Quran that you cannot kill any innocent person, if you do, it's like you killed all of the human beings. If you save an innocent person, as though you saved all human beings, says in the Quran, that you have to give honor and respect to your parents. If you don't, you're in big trouble with the law. You can't even say

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when you're trying to take care of them, and when they get old, and so on. But it also says in the Quran, you can't eat the meat of the pork, the pig, you can't do that. Well,

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excuse me, but didn't say the same thing in the Bible.

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Didn't say the same thing. Let's find out. When to take a break here let you digest what I've been talking about. Come back, I want to talk about this subject the way to a law using the Bible, the Quran, don't go away. That's some exciting stuff coming up. Well, we're back, you're back. Here we are with more of the beauties of Islam.

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We have a website, they asked me to tell you about this yet. beauties of islam.com beauties of islam.com. When you go to the website, we've got some samples of the programs just like you're watching right now, we also have some articles there for you to follow up with, and other links to help you better understand the subjects I'm talking about. I want to be sure that you understand that we are not here trying to debate somebody, or to cause a, you know, a conflict. But rather what we're trying to do is clarify what it is the Muslims see as the beauty of Islam, and how we can focus on these similarities and comparisons that are in concordance with each other. Because if we

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can do this, then we can find ways to help our youth grow up together and better build the new world for the future. I really have a lot of confidence in that. That's why we did these programs. Now I'm going to come back to what I was talking about. I was saying about the Bible, that it has a teaching in there that's just like the on it's in the Old Testament find it saying that you cannot eat the meat of the swine. And it's detailed talking about the big the pork and the animal himself, the you know, his skin and all the rest of it. It's forbidden.

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And in Arabic language, that word is haraam. And this is exactly what we find in Quran talking about the pork, the Lamb khanzir, Haram, the meat of the pork, the pig, the hog forbidden to you.

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Now, if you understood what I just said,

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and you believe in the Bible,

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but you eat pork Anyway, what does that mean?

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That means you're being disobedient. Have you said no, no, no, no, no, no, that's the Old Testament. I found the New Testament. And I don't think I've found it real close because if you read in Matthew chapter five, verse 17 1819. It's clear there that whoever breaks the least command

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In teaches that is going to be the least in the kingdom. Why? Because it also says no same verses that not a single.of, the law the Torah is going to be in any one is lessened. And whoever even breaks one of those laws and teaches it, it's going to *.

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So how could you say, Well, I believe only in the New Testament when the New Testament is done, you'd even know that.

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And if you said, Yeah, but I found something in the New Testament said that Paul said that the law is dead to me, I'm dead to the law. If it weren't for the law, I wouldn't be at center, therefore.

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I cancelled the law.

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You're basically you're saying that? And so No, I didn't mean I didn't mean it's okay. Whatever you're going to come up with either way. You go. Either, you're canceling the law, you're not. If you're canceling it, based on what

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when you have a statement that says you have to keep it. Now there's also something illogical, too, if you're saying that the Old Testament came from God, but then it came with a New Testament and changed his mind and came with something new.

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as Muslims, we would quickly reject that kind of thinking. In fact, we have it clear in our book in the Koran, that the originals were all from a law. People played with them, a law sent more people played with those, that law sent more. And this continued, all the way through all the prophets. When people lost manuscripts such as during the Babylonian exile, we talked about that, when some of the manuscripts were corrupted when they were partially destroyed when people tried to remember them, or Rican, put them back together. And this was during the time of the Babylonian exile with Ezra. And we found in some of our other programs to what actually happened to the Bible.

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We developed some websites for this. And when you go to our main website for this program, you're going to find links to go and compare for yourself and think we're not asking you to take my word for anything. And in fact that that would be a new religion. If you did that. We don't need that. We're just asking you to think about what's really being said and what the proof is for it. Then you go to the website for yourself, see what you think.

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The Bible doesn't exist as it once did. That is clear. The Quran still exists today as it always did. But the teachings that are coming from this, when we say God's words to human being, they're still essentially the same thing. obey God.

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Follow his commandments, because this is the only way. And he says about that in the Koran, in Edina, Idina in De La Jolla, Islam.

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For sure, the way with the law is submission to him in peace.

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Check it out on the website. beauties of Islam calm till next time. Peace, Somalia.

Twenty fifth episode in Beauties of Islam series by Yusuf Estes.
Episode Title : The way to Allah.

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