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Adnan Rajeh
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Know about Islam Allah hin Malik is Mala and Malik and Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, when it comes to his name is Malik he has different there are different wordings of it to have control of this

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I don't have control of this No, no hold on this was off

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so in the categories of his name Subhana wa Tada we talked about attributes of divine judgment, provision of support need

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of presence.

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Recovered helper you

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attributes of * is what we're going to be talking about today, some of these categories won't get to names because there's not enough days in Ramadan or weekdays in Ramadan to do to each there's 12 categories times two, that's 24 I don't have 24 days to use only 22 sessions. And this is an introduction and finality. So it's only 20 days altogether. So attributes of * which is talking about Allah subhanaw taala there's strength or to dominate and there's many names that describe his his * Subhanallah with that I'm choosing out of the out of these names is Mala Hill medic.

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Because it's an umbrella name, a lot of the other names have similar concepts so but from this category, specifically, we will talk about two names the one before only chose the high yield for you, which is technically two names. But for the * we'll take two names and today I'll talk about some Allah Hill medic, you'll find this Mala Malik.

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The Quran comes in, there's Malik, there's al Malik, there's al Malik, there's Maliki yo Medina, and there's Malika milk and they're all the same, I'm just going to talk about them as one because they're all very similar, with very, very subtle differences that are just explained through the Linguistics of Quran is one of the hidden miracles in the Quran five times and the rest of them each are in the Quran, just once. In Malik or Maliki or Medina, or Malik, Malik each each of them just once is Mullah Hill Malik is in the Quran. And he five times total

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is an important name because it describes the nature of the relationship or at least one nature of the relationships will be Robin Mullikin, sila hiddenness. So when Allah subhanaw taala, at the end of the Quran, literally at the end of the Quran, he talks about the nature of the relationship that we have with him that he has with us, and the relationship with between us and Allah subhanaw. Taala is three things. The real movie,

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he is our caregiver, He cares for us to partner with Donna, he's the one who watches us as we as we grow as we move along, as we fall as we succeed, and he helps us to pilot without any aids. That's the

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And it's a name of compassion, it's the name of love. Because it will not be someone who raises someone else cares about the person that they're taking care of.

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Yeah, hiddenness and I'll talk about Medicare at the end, just because it's the point is the one that is worthy of worship. This is what Rob is how he's taking care of you ILA is what you are going to end up owing how you have to see him subhanaw taala, as one that is worthy of worship worthy of service. He is the one that you turn to, and then medic, which is the actual description of the relationship. So Allah subhanaw taala, because He loves you, you're a big

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because he loves you. People always try to be a he takes care of you, who walks watches over you and tries to teach tries to teach you gives you good he gives you bad news. And you worship and serve Allah Subhanallah This is the but the actual relationship, the description of the nature of the relationship is that he is the king, and that he owns all and that he owns you. He owns me subhanaw taala I know that word is not popular. People don't like it because it was used it was misused it throughout the world that we live in today. Because of Jonnie the history of slavery on Earth. People don't like the word. But regardless of that, he put that aside because even even when when

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there was slavery, people did not own other people. I don't have if you understand this name, it'll help you. It'll help a lot because no one can own anything really. And no one can you can definitely not own another person because that's it because he already has an owner. I can't own you. You can't own me because you already have owners. You have millions of pounds already owns us. It's stamped on us McCullough who we are a part of His sovereignty, we're part of His kingdom. We can for us to own anything makes no sense. And for someone Jonas also makes no sense because you can only own somebody that doesn't have an order. You can own something. There's no owner, so you can if you find a way to

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own it, but something that has an owner, how do you own something that has an owner you can't.

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And Allah subhanaw taala who wouldn't be like he is the king. So he owns it all. It's all him. It's all his. He owns not only my body. No, no, he owns my soul.

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And a milk animal Kula. I am the sob

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I'm a part of His kingdom. I am tiny

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possession of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. There's ownership on every aspect of my existence. When you think about that, it changes a lot of how you understand Allah subhanho wa taala.

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But he says the rhino died on the Quran further Allah Allah who merely could help.

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supremely Exalted is He the King, the righteous.

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He says the pilot, which is like a lady be Eddie he Mulk.

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Blessed is He, the one who has in his hand is the sovereignty in the kingdom. The Sorrows called him will insert in just Devaraj.

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So use it where every sort of helps you understand how you're going to perform outreach or spread the message and do Dawa. And the first Surah is talks about the knowledge that you have to have what you need to know. The column talks about the ethics you need to have half but talks about the spiritual.

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Your spirituality and morality talks about your behaviors, certainly talks about your knowledge. What do you need to know the name of the surah? The first thing you need to know is that

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him big hill milk, he is the one who owns everything. It's all his everything that you see around you belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala every How does he How does he oppress someone if everything that someone has is his including the someone themselves? Oppression requires to take something that is not yours and put it somewhere where it doesn't belong? That's oppression, oppression, the concept of volume, although che if you lady Mahali, putting something in his wrong position, because it doesn't shouldn't be there. Allah Subhan Allah so I'm gonna do that if he owns everything.

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So nama says that Allah subhanaw taala can't perform boom. Like, it's impossible for him to do so. Because he owns everything. And there are no rules.

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There are no rules, whatever rules exist, he made up Subhana wa, tada.

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You, are you following this line of logic? I can oppress you because I don't own anything. Because you and I are separate entities. And there are rules and laws. So I can't I can oppress you and you can oppress me. It's possible. Like there's a possibility for it. But when he owns everything, subhana wa Tada. And there is no one to put any rules of any sort.

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And you say the word rights, who says that?

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Who's speaking up and saying the rights of Oh, who in his kingdom will dictate their rights from where? What rights do you have, if he owns everything? Subhanallah when we don't own the earth, there are rights then for us when we were born on it. We should be able to live on Earth.

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We shouldn't have to pay for living on Earth. We shouldn't have to pay for the place that we sit on. We shouldn't have to beg for food. We shouldn't say earth we had no one was it it's all of ours. If you're born on it, then that's it you just where you live,

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but it's not ours. Allah somebody owns everything. So how does he oppress? How can oppression occur from Allah subhanaw taala that's why the Scholars would say Allah when Ambia mobile Emma whom are how Silla who and your fun philosophy was to punish prophets he would not have approached them and he would never do that somehow. No Donna because how does you get how do you perform boom, I am owned by you. You own my body, you own my spirits? You own my soul? You own everything about me. What do I how do I ask you? Who am I? I don't I don't have a separate entity from you that come in demand something.

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The entity that is demanding something from you is owned by you.

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But Allah subhanaw taala allows for it. He allows for you to own he allows for you to be and he put rules for you. But he is the king television the early Kamala or a boom la Hoon molk Holly cuckoo Lucia Illa, Illa Illa who have written that is your Lord.

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The one who has the sovereignty, created everything there's no deity but him. So where are you going?

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15 times in the Quran Allah he will.

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You will obey

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into Allah subhanaw taala the sovereignty of this cosmos in theory, the law he will he will have The MFE in well who I could leash a buddy.

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He says Allah Allah and Allah Allah who will mourn because some word you will or you don't know that Allah Subhana Allah To Him belongs this cosmos in the earth. Well Malik will mean dunya Allah He mean wali you will see it and you will not find anyone who has the ability to stand by you or support you aside from him without his permission. Oil many years ago communism you will help me I'm legal Sam, I will have a sore or may you you'll hate me and may you do your curry during my eat. I mean at Hagee one.

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You'd have good old fashioned Yeah, hold on. Hola. Hola, Bella. So who is it that offers you permission from within this universe?

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Who owns hearing the hearings? Who owns the eyesight? My family, because who owns them? He owns them. So they're his. You and I see and we hear it's not ours. It's not ours belongs to them and they come back, they'll take them back anytime he wants to just take them back up because you don't get to hear anymore. You don't want to see anymore. He owns them. I'm a Yemeni, custom Allah, who was the one who who extracts life from death and death from life? And who was the one who takes care of the matter? They'll say Allah say then, where's your mindfulness? Where's your piety? Where's your proper etiquette when you speak to him? Subhana wa Tada if you truly believe that, most most

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What Allah whom magical Moon mulk, Timo Carmen, Tasha returns even more you can imagine Tasha over to resume and Tasha over to the lumen. Tasha be ethical, higher in the Karla cliche and you say Oh Allah, the King of kings are the owner of Kings Malecon more accurately as the owner of kings, King of Kings as medical movement. That's how I like to emphasize it. But Malik Malik is the owner of all kings. He owns them all and he King Allah subhanaw taala owns him. He is just a property of Allah subhanho wa taala. As as we all are, you grant sovereignty to whomever you wish you take sovereignty from whoever you wish.

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And you elevate the status of whomever you want and you bring down the status of whomever you want and height is only in your hands and you're capable of a law capable of all jelajah Allah subhanho wa taala.

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When you hear in the Quran, how he talks about the subhanaw taala about false idols or about other creations caught up when I am lacuna mo down what are higher than what I know Shura, and they don't own the ability to die. They don't own the ability to live and they don't own the ability to be resurrected. And he talks about anything and Willa Yummly cucinelli unfussy him now found what aldora They don't own for themselves the ability to bring benefits upon themselves nor do they own the ability to bring harm upon themselves in the Latinos and their own Daboo doing them in doing the LA Hey, la Yummly Khun Ella Kumar is

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the people that you go after instead of Allah they do not own provision, not did not even provision. You don't own moat or higher or nasura or naffaa or door or provision.

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But at the end of the road, I mean Dooney Maryam Lee Khun Emile Camille, the ones that you call upon him aside from Allah, I do not own the little covering of the date looked at to me it is something something that small they don't own that

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what I am Licona myth called as Alright in this summer, to be summer he would feel oddly, when I was what I mean daddy go Allah Akbar. And they don't own even the amount of an atom in the in the cosmos on the earth or anything bigger or anything smaller than that. In the vikita bin Mubin forget about that. When I am liquid living in their own I mean doing a chef Ah forget about owning things. They don't own anything. They don't even own the ability to intercede if he does not offer them the ability to intercede. Not even Scheffer they want to say something. No, they can't say anything.

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Rugby some words. You will early mama Vina Houma Rahmani la Yummly who I mean who hit Baba that you don't even own the ability to speak on the Day of Judgment. You don't even lie I'm Likud I mean, who could power but they don't own the ability to even open their mouth and say a word nothing. They own nothing.

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No mo 21 A new shoe What are enough when outdoor weather is? Well? Well after to me well as your father was

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nothing they own nothing.

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No one owns anything. However, in the Quran, he also talks about those whom He granted.

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We call it Isla de hija Ibrahim fer OB and hula hula Malik. You see the one who who argued with Ibrahim about his Lord, because his Lord gave him sovereignty. That's why he was arguing. If he was poor and had nothing he wouldn't be arguing. But he was a king, Allah subhanaw taala granted him sovereignty he was given.

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Figuratively speaking for a short period of time, the ability to rule over a small piece of land. That's all. Allah subhanaw taala granted him the ability to rule over a small piece of land and over a small group of people for a short period of time. That's, that's, that's the king of this.

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That's an earthly king. That's an earthly king. That's it.

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Rule over a small piece of land. It's a little bit of people or small period of time, and then you die. And no one cares. And no one ever cares again. No one cares. You know the names

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In the, of all the dynasties of the past,

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you know the succession of the kings of England or the kings of France or even you know, caliente Cordova seen. Forget about counter. Start with the Who's the first one, you know The first one is the second one I could do trivia and you would all fail. No one knows don't care. And I don't blame you. Why would you care? To king who cares?

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Things that don't mean anything for a small period of time? Small group of people, but Allah subhanaw taala calls it MOOC and he uses the word why Tina? Ibrahim Al Kitab. But when it matter, to you know whom Moodle can Aviva I granted the Ibrahim and his family a great sovereignty after the difficulties that Ibrahim Ali stood on went.

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He talks about the

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child who loves who Monica well, it can matter well Allama whom in sha Allah Allah granted him more you can consider them Hekima Malema who in my shot the same thing when he talks about dilute Allah. Allah. Allahu

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wa shuddered then mukha who will take matter of Oslo Kitab he talks about the wood and we strengthen his milk he has a strong he had a strong kingdom

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so they might have thought I'd get a fairly well heavily Milka lion belly or honeymoon body and grant me a sovereignty or kingdom but no one will ever have after me. So he was he was granted 100 Calorie hydrogen even he was given all that well, yes, we're. So Allah some other uses that that terminology, I'll give you milk. But he'll grant it. And he'll take it away. Because it's his spinal data. You don't own it. It's not yours. You own your own, you don't own anything. Everything that you have right now on Earth is just with you temporarily. Just think about that for a while. When you lease a car or your you rent a home, it's clear. Like if you have more clarity on that it's not

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mine. But the moment you pay for the whole thing, and it's your you start, you start thinking it's mine. It ain't yours. It's still not yours. It's just you don't have to pay other people for it anymore. That's all. Well, you still have to pay property taxes because the lazy humans can do any here. They don't. You don't want us to ever, ever not Yeah, he'd be able to. But aside from that piece, aside from that, if you just start seeing something, I own it. I paid off my car, I own it. I paid off my house, I own it. Not really no.

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You don't own anything. Allah subhanaw taala owns it, and he will take it back. And soon you'll die. Soon I'll be gone. And everything that I own, will no longer be mine. The moment you pass away, your wealth is not your wealth. You can't control it anymore.

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You can write whatever you want. And you it doesn't matter. It's not yours. I want all of my wealth money going to charity. Sorry, it's not your money anymore. You're dead. It's not yours yet, but I want it I don't care what you want. You're dead.

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It's not yours. You don't own this anymore. Well, except you're in the third. That's it. But I don't want my son I don't care. It doesn't matter. This is going to be distributed how Allah subhanaw taala wants because he owns it. You don't own it anymore. It's not yours. The moment you're gone, it's not your wealth. It's not your house, it's not your car. You don't own anything, you're gone. As you always knew you were going to be so it's not yours. And in this life just if you accept that even when you own things, you live better. You know who actually owns them just live better. Whatever you do, the way you see the world around you how you react to losing things or gaining

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things it's it's his his kingdom.

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When Allah offers the move, there's Baraka in it when it's asked her there isn't when I did my lady said I was swayed and Jana How did

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Emily's sway him while Adam Hello Luca I shared your bottle holding when will you kill your biller? Oh by point to point you to the Tree of Eternity and if kingdom that will never die destructive to the human being it's very attractive King ruler to to rule it's attractive goes against our nature but it's very attractive to us to control to control things it's very attractive.

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We're not designed for it though. We're a bad kings

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kings worry but

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he did that so he lost everything.

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He ran after that, that milk. So he lost everything at least at

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the moment if your own said allegedly muku Musa he learned how to tangerine and daddy don't I have the daughter rule rule over the land of Egypt? I'm not the king of Egypt and all of the rivers run under my feet. So Allah subhanaw taala ran the sea above his head

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he thought he was the king in the sea and the river has run under his feet so Allah subhanaw taala ran the Red Sea above his head. Are you talking now about now he's talking? He's talking

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to a Nola either in the Lydia might not be here but

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Nuestra Familia Muslimeen now, now it's too late now. It's too late now where to the king?

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You're not the king. The moment you ask for it changes. Change is not the same when you ask for it. They'll give it whenever you want and you'll take it back when he wants the moment you think that that's the goal. There's no bargain anymore. Allah subhanaw taala takes it back.

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On the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala is eliminating Coolio who is who has the sovereignty in the hands of today? Lilla Hila Hadeel Kahal and spread the word lost. The one the the sub Doer were either Atia femme or eight ATM without an HSM. And if you

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don't mind is later after you got our HSM you see and then you see no that's without an HSM. Meaning if you look at what it is that's in front of you, tell me what's actually in front of you. What do you what do you see you see now aim and you see pleasure? Well Moodle can can be

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a huge kingdom, your middle piano you stand and you see a kingdom that you didn't even understand existed to begin with. And you stand and all of what it is that Allah subhanaw taala created and what is there beyond the small universe that we live in? That's what you see your milk and this will carry you and you will be granted access to it. Your will email Muslim

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or interviews or Allahu alayhi wa sallam, your will whose saliva TB any fire coal and Al Malik, ineligible rune, ale moussaka be rune Allah subhanaw taala. He folds the cosmos in his right hand and he says I am the king. Where are the oppressors of the earth? Where are the arrogance of the earth? But the Maya we love who are already in rubbishy Malley philippou An al Malik al Jabbar rune ain Animoto. Kabiru, and then he folds the planets in his left and he says, I am the king. Where are the oppressors of the earth? Where are the arrogance of the earth?

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Also, your Muslim narrates the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was a Yun Zi la buena tubba regatta Allah Kula Layton visirule hearing him in a Layli Elissa dunya ALLAH SubhanA wa descends in a form that is

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that suits his Majesty subhanho wa Taala we do not compare him to any living thing nor do we see him Subhanallah without within time or within space we accept we accept what he says yeah Elijah who either as it is or we understand it figuratively, he descends upon to Allah and the last third of the night for your food or I know Malik and Al Malik and Al Malik Maria de Rooney festa de Bella min yes Delafield oni for our Viola Malleus Aloni. For Alia, he says, I am the king three times

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who will call upon me so I may respond to them, who must who will supplicate me so that I may respond to them who will ask me for what they want so my so I may give them who will ask for forgiveness too. I may grant it to them.

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He says on a salatu salam ala we're in liquidly Malik in HEMA at our in him Allah He Maha every king has protected land

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and the protected land of Allah subhanaw taala as mahadi mu is the stuff he said were held on.

00:23:27 --> 00:23:36

That's that's the protected piece is the king. And the protected property is the Hello. Don't touch that.

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The rest of it so go.

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Will Lidija hola como herba Lula, femme Shu female keybie rakudo me recently I made the earth for you easy. It's nice and flat for you to walk upon even though it's not flat, but it's like for you at least for me it was a walk upon it. What Kulu and eat from the provision that I had that I put there for you enjoy enjoy this beauty that I created for you. It's not yours though. Just remember it's not yours.

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And stay away my my heart, my hammer, the protected land. That's that's the Mahara. That's that which I made, which I made haram.

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understanding and comprehending the fact that Allah that's the nature of the relationship is how we live with this name. The way that we live with his name subhanho wa Taala al Malik is by understanding the nature of the relationship that we have with him Subhanallah with odd. I mean, when I say I'm a servant, I'm a

00:24:39 --> 00:24:52

I'm just someone who's owned that's not only when I talk about a booty I talk about service because that is what it results in in terms of your behavior in terms of your behavior, in terms of your view or perspective

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is different. This is that level of OBEDIA. That is spiritual service is that is the con

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is the outcome of a booty in terms of behaviors and what you're going to do, understanding that your husband will result in you going and serving because that's what you do your job, that's it, that's my job, my job is to serve not to own not to rule not to control, I may be granted that for a short period of time by Allah subhanaw taala. So I do it based on the fact that he granted it to me for a short period of time, and that he will take it back whenever he wants to behind it with time, so I do it. But the consequence or the result is to is to serve that is on a behavioral perspective, from a spiritual perspective. Understanding that you're a servant means understanding that you are own

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you have an owner, someone owns it all I'm a piece of property belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada that, that understand that comprehension takes a little bit of time. Because we are very especially now when we are extremely focused on our, on our individual liberties, which is important. These liberties are the need the barriers between you and I so that we can live in peace, you have to have your liberty and I have to have mine so we can live. But within the context of that liberty, where we are not, we have to understand who owns us actually understanding who owns a subpoena, what allows us to live with Liberty amongst each other, because how do I take something from you? Or how

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do I approach you? Or how do I open you, or if ALLAH SubhanA owns the both of us, it makes no sense for there to be some compounded ownership within an ownership that has already set out, it's already set up. He owns a spine over time.

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So the way you live with this name is number one, you understand the nature of the relationship between you and Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And the second one is make sure that you behave within his kingdom, the way that he wants you to

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think the way that everything that you're touching, he owns it, and everything that you're in control of that's his. So tread carefully.

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Tread with caution, isn't yours. So you have to make sure before you make decisions before you behave in any form or manner that this is something that the king himself subhanaw taala is okay with Malika removed the owner of Kings is okay with because it's not, it's not yours. And yet, people will go and do what they want. And they'll oppressed and they're persecuted, don't murder people, they'll take lives.

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They'll come back to magical milk. But come back to Maliki yo, Medina, the ruler of the Day of Judgment, the Owner of the Day of Judgment. And those stand and you'll ask them about what they did with the small amount of power that he put in their hands for the small amount of time that they were around. You think about it, that's all it is. You're not born with power you're born with nothing takes until you're 40 or something or a bit more before you can actually establish if that's what you're after. And then in between 40 and 70 tops, Kings usually what 3030 years was 30 years was 30 years in the

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the age of the universe. It's nothing so even worth talking about. The reign of a king is pathetic.

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The reign of any king, it's pathetic. It's an amount of time that no one cares for, and no one will remember all that will be left is that if that was used well or if it was used on Well, that's it. Whether you're milking ama they'll be able to say your boys granted. That's why the last of the MBR to enter Jana Yusuf and Suleiman Allahi wa Salatu was

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they'll be the last ones that intergender they were kings on Earth, they come late. There's a lot that they have to answer for. They lived a life where it was maybe their hearts were humble, but this supposition they were in was not. So it needs to take time before they go Alpha caught up with my second entryway before them by the prophet Allah is also inches by 40 years and 50 years. By here is the intergender before the man years you've been there, you've been there for years, years before the king can enter because he took upon himself a name that only belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada. So even the most pious of them have to stand and have to answer questions that was of benefit to us

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if I can look at him, they can relate

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to who they are some Allah who was telling them more about like, I don't know, you know, Muhammad, you know how to earlier Socrates means like Malachy Baraka so like

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