Rewrite Your Duas This Ramadan #shorts

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The speaker discusses the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle, including better sleep and energy efficiency. They explain that the process involves continuously working on one's health and eating healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables. The speaker also mentions the benefits of working out and getting a good sleep schedule.

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If you rewrite your DAWs and take it and refresh it and take it to the next level and this Ramadan, that outside of Ramadan those drawers will pull you in a new direction you won't need the motivation after a month because the Ramadan de Aza to be made you'll be making will pull you into that motivation inshallah Tada. But before you want to raise your standards with your dog, there's some cultural and community beliefs people have about da that we need to address first because you can go into you know, like if there's some healthy juice detox drink or whatever, and then you have a garbage can of beliefs. Then you take this healthy juice and you pour it into the garbage can of

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dumb beliefs. Then it gets mixed together and it becomes mangled and it doesn't benefit