Abu Bakr Zoud – Remind yourself that Ramadan is only a “few days”

Abu Bakr Zoud
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We need to remind ourselves that Ramadan is only a few days

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a lot of social in Nepal and he says a year Mamadou that a few days, a few days. Then he said to a chef Ramadan and these few days. In total, they make a month nice psychology in this a few days. The word a Yama model that when Allah describes Ramadan, he said a few days. What does that imply? psychologically, it creates a sense of urgency and panic within us.

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Keep telling yourself a few days, just a few days, just a few days, don't waste them. They'll quickly go.

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A few days any simple, it's easy to fast. We start all of a sudden, it's the 10th day of Ramadan. All of a sudden we're in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. All of a sudden it's a read so quick.

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So don't be lazy a yurman ma do that if you keep reminding yourself that from Oban is a few days, then you should not be lazy. Push yourself the doors of the paradise are open. Allah is freeing people from the Hellfire every day and every night. There are 60 opportunities to be freed. Hurry up and push yourself a few days and the sale is all over the offer is all over for a Milan spend the night with the plan select Vicar adrar give charity read the plan avoid the harm during the day during the night. Ask Amar column to Allah is still far do what he can push yourself. push it to the limit this is a few days. And then after a mobile you can rest a little bit. But no move on don't

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don't don't be lazy. That's it. We cannot afford to be heedless and neglect the golden opportunities in this month and the gifts that Allah Sohail is giving and handing up every single moment of this day. And every single moment of this month.

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Show Alonzo hill that you really appreciate that he gave your life to live an experience yet an overall Ramadan show show a more appreciation showing that you really appreciate or more Thank you Allah that you allowed me to live Ramadan. Can Lord show us Where's your thanks. Where's your gratitude? Show us? What the how how do you think Allah for the opportunity for Milan, sit down lazy on your couch, with the phone in your hand all day and all night. flicking through videos, listening to music, going from reel to reel to reel and watching whatever it is hack. This is how you appreciate the demo of a loss aversion that he allow you to live to experience yet another mobile.

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This is how you're going to appreciate the NEMA. This is how you're going to think a lawful the doors of the paradise being open. And the doors of the Hellfire being closed and the devils being chained. You're going to say Alhamdulillah hola you did this now there's time for my phone now it's time for social media now it's time to follow people and what shall hamama listen Dan Harmon just flick from one screen to another and in halfway in between listen to an A and then move on to another goal then seeing them this is an embarrassment. This is an embarrassment. shut down your social media all of it except what's beneficial except for it's beneficial. Stay connected with

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what's beneficial stay connected in social media with what is going to keep you motivated and inspired to worship Allah social during this month. That's it. Otherwise throw it out. Throw it out. It's not it's not worth it will lie he my brothers and sisters one lie he will oxen will be late. It's not worth it.

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