Muhammad Alshareef – The 1st step when aiming for greatness

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the importance of teamwork and achieving great things in order to achieve one's dream vision. He suggests that teamwork and sharing goals are essential for achieving these goals, and that achieving goals is crucial to achieving the dream. He also mentions the need for collaboration and sharing goals to achieve the dream.
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Allah subhanaw taala made it that great things are never achieved alone. When I say that, again, great things are never achieved alone, never. It always takes teams to get to these things and get to these places. And maybe you can put that in your dream vision as well, that it's going to take teams to get some amazing visions done. And in those teams, yes, you may be a leader on one side, and definitely nine other parts of that team, you're not going to be the leader, somebody else is going to be the leader, which I hope inshallah Dona will give you some reassurance that maybe your dream vision is about being on a team of people that are achieving something amazing. You don't have

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to be the Elon Musk. And that kind of thinking is, like I said, that's that beginning shallow thinking that starts where you don't know what's the next level and the next level up. And the next level up from that the shallow thinking is I have to do everything myself. Nobody can do it better than me. I'm a one man show all of this crap. And then when you start achieving beautiful things, you're like, we need to work as an Omaha we need to work as teams we need to share to you know, work together

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