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The conversation is about the issue of dog pain and how it affects people. The speakers discuss the benefits of making appointments with a doctor for pain management and the importance of finding a location where the dog is most comfortable. They also mention the danger of causing people to become upset and become upset for the whole day.

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That's actually like Unison is the Lamb Allah is it's like one of the most beloved dog eyes to Allah was the daughter of unison s&m So much so that the prophets of Allah they said, um said Whoever makes the art with the wording that Eunice la SNAM use, their DA will be answered. That's how much Allah loves that dog and he was in the belly of the whale. So if you're in pain and you're making dog from that place no problem at hamdulillah you've come to the right location. The issue though is how do you reproduce that? Okay? This is why the pain dogs are a problem. Because if you're only making a lot from pain, then basically you need to receive pain to make dua