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Salam aleikum.

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It's just a beautiful morning and it's been so long since I've been here.

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Do you guys remember those sunrise pics we used to do long time ago in Ramadan.

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So I'm here

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watching the sunrise. That's the crescent moon.

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100% nollie

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prayed fetcher. And then I saw that

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that purple hue of the sunrise and reminded me for those who know amalgam Institute reminded me of the history of the hollow fat poster. I was like, Hey, we use the same color on the poster. Hey, the moon is like that perfect Crescent that you see in in all those.

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Let's see, hey, you won't be able to see it. But it's that perfect Crescent that we see in all the posters

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Shala and it's sunrise so I get the sun and the moon

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I wanted to sing a song for you guys.

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Y'all ready for a song?

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Like Brother please not.

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Whenever in our * group when we come to Medina, we've got we've got a couple of go to poems that we sing.

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Sweet man Dean

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for why heat moon shone down across the land rising between valleys of hill and sand. Being grateful to Allah was the prophets con man it's bad spreading peace through the streets of Matina man Deena to Nabi Medina to be the city of the Prophet is like home to me I'll travel through the world but I doubt that we'll see a city with such wander Asmodee in

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something like that

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this side of the house from there I guess the their opening

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I guess they're opening

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like they're they're going to be expanding it so they've torn down all the buildings in their building I guess extension of the Haram but because they tore down all these buildings out here you can see ahead more clearly and there's not that you know the buildings weighing down on you right around the home so it's really nice. It gives you some breath of fresh air

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he's asking when I'm dropping in a sheet album all my issues are just copies bro

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and that's pretty much it.

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How would you like to go there's actually I mean, I was between this and there's actually a nicer view. Over here. All the views are beautiful. There's a nicer view.

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Now we'll take you to that. Over here are the graves of Medina Adelphia

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where many Sahaba are buried and Uthman on the line? So we say the DA said on Monday comm 100 Dr. Meena Muslim you know what we need in insha Allah become law hipbone Salah Anna Hola, como la Afia

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which is the dog the Prophet said, Elijah said I'm used to say, when you visit the graves

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We should have a live on the ground interview with these Auntie snips

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so it's Gemma today

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I guess they're getting ready for a lot of people to come and pray it's actually really really busy here in the huddle is really busy

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I don't know what's going on

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through the gates of Monday

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so because these

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these umbrellas are open the view isn't it's kind of blocked but this is the

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this is the view that I want it to come

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similar law

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over here

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is the entrance to the robot in the front of the masjid

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in the grave of the prophets of a lot of

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right that's it.

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Thank you for joining me on this nice beautiful morning. I'll see you later in Sharla I said

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