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The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of Islam laws and the use of military force. The importance of Prophet Muhammad's guidance and support for individuals is emphasized, along with the use of technology and knowing the rules of Islam. The speaker discusses their plan to win the 2016 election and their desire to have guidance from Allah, emphasizing the importance of their relationship with people and their desire to have guidance from Allah. The segment also touches on the need for individuals to practice and use the language of Islam to avoid confusion and misunderstand.

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Muhammad Hemudu who want to stay you know who want to start feel whenever all there'll be Haman shahadi fusina was a year to have a marina

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Miguel de la vida Mobley la one my little fella the

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law lot more. Sherry Cara wash Hello number Hamedan Abdo a solo solo live already here early he was in them. Yeah, you wanna Lena Taku la have gone to Artie what atom or tuna in LA wanting to mostly moon? Yeah Johanna Sutopo Kumala the Halacha come in FC Wahida Hola caminhadas en Jaha Rowbotham in Houma region Kathy on one is

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what will la haliaeetus Whenever he wouldn't have had that in Aloka and it grotty but

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you wouldn't know the

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law however Woodrow Wilson said either use regular comb, comb or have a federal law comb do know back home one minute late Angela what I saw level for body of films in Alabama and Nova in US dollar Hadith he Cara Mala has

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waha Iran had the Hindu and Ebina Mohammed in Salalah wherever he was, and he was selling them for Shell one or two Wakulla Mojave desert in Bidra. What will be the atom banana, All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him. We seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves, and the evil consequences of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray. And whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, Nan can guide I testify that there is none worthy of worship. None is worthy of our ultimate love and devotion. But the Almighty, Allah alone, and I testify that Muhammad Sallallahu it he was early he was in them is His servant and His

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Messenger or you who believe.

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Fear Allah as you should be feared and I cannot accept in a state of submission to your Lord as Muslims, or mankind. be dutiful to Lord Who created you from a single person. And from him he created his wife, and from them both he created many men and women and fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights and observe the rights of your kin. Surely Allah is Ever and all watched over you, or you who believe. Keep your duty to Allah fear him and speak the truth. He will direct you to righteous deeds and will forgive your sins and whoever, always Allah and His Messenger has indeed attained a great achievement. The best words are those of Allah and the best guidance is that

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of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa, he was in them and the worst things in the religion are the newly invented matters for all the newly invented Madison religion or an innovation and bitter and every bidder is misguidance

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an email me telling me the and the Imam of eMERGE oh hang on one to Allah. They both collected a Hadith from Abdullah Abdullah best for the Allah when Allah

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Halford mahalo Sula, his son Allahu Allah, he was sitting Lemma and Mindu in our God, Allah whom any one or two in LA when Salvini what utensil la one call li one atom karate. Why Dini wise Cyril Huda Lee,

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one Salvini Hanuman Baba Ali, Baba Jan Nila cachaca wa la cada cow, like let her her

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leg come up and I will not commit wha la Camus betta

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we're in ICA and we're hanging on EVA. A lot better compared to him but he was a seed of hell but he what he did that was at work the money will be was said the Deleasa Annie was a bit her jetty was ruled Sufi Mata will be was flown sir

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The meta salary,

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Hadith also.

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This is a new ad from the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam that was narrated to us from the great companion after the Lagna abbess, may Allah be pleased with it. This is so profound and so beautiful, that it is worthy of memorization. It's worthy of

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supplicating to Allah subhanaw taala using this to help, we're going to go over it and translate it and then we will see the patterns in this hadith and the profound meanings in this hadith evening Lolita Allah. So the prophets of salaam starts by saying Allah Who any want to earn your halal or Allah aid me and don't don't eat against me helped me and don't help against me

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when suddenly you want to atone Surah Ali and give me a victory and don't give victory over me

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one quarterly one item could lie and plan for me and don't plan against me

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Why didn't he Why is serial who the leader and guide me and facilitate guidance for me?

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once told me I am and Baba Ali and champion me aid me against those who have transgressed against me

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what bitch N Nila Kashia Carla, or Allah make me always grateful to you thankful.

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Lacquer the cow

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make me always remember you and mentioned you like our hammer. Make me always fearful of you make me always hold you in all

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locomotory Matsuya Allah cannot

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make me always obedient to you.

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In a coma betta make me always return in my heart to you

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in a way

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that I always come back to you and refer to you

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or beat up belta EBT O Allah accept my repentance walk said hello Betty and rinse the consequences of my sin

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and answer my dua my supplication or a jib Doherty we're had the FBI and guide my heart was said did Lisa Annie and set my tongue and my words St.

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With a bitter jetty and give firmness

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to my defense

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purify or remove the evil from my heart and my chest.

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What seems to be a random statements of supplication to Allah subhanaw taala

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are actually very beautiful pattern from the Prophets Allah Allahu ne he was.

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So he starts by making dua about one's relationship with other people with the world, that Allah grants the person safety and protection and help. So the Prophet SAW Salem guides us to call upon Allah to help us and do not help against us. And that doesn't mean

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and we love to take them in isolation. We think Oh, Allah just helped me for who I am.

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Allah subhanaw taala helps the people who are on the right, the people who seek the truth, Allah's help, is not partial. Allah never offers favoritism,

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the criteria the criteria and with Allah subhanaw taala is help and bottom, truth and falsehood.

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If you align with the truth, you put yourself in a position where you earn Allah's help and support when you're making there are Allah Allah at any one actor in LA. Oh, Allah helped me and don't help against me. That's not only you're asking Allah just to help you because of who you are. You're also asking Allah subhanaw taala to set you on the right so that you earn Allah's help, and Allah support it all. The DUA comes with its context with its conditions.

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or Allah Champion, Champion me Give me victory and do not give victory against me. It doesn't mean Allah is going to help you because of who you are, regardless whether you hold on to the truth or not. But you're also asking Allah subhanaw taala Allah set me upon the truth, so I deserve the victory from you. So I align with where you victory is granted,

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when cordially will atom kuraly Me planned for me, don't plan against me. And that also means that you sit you so Freidel Allah helped me put myself in the right position, make the right choices. So

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I deserve that you plan for me. I deserved the I put myself in the right side of avocado.

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So your plans work in my favor as well?

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Where did he where sit in who daddy and guide me and facilitate guidance for me. And look at what Allah says in the Quran. When Allah Vina for those

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and those who have chosen guidance.

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Allah guided them more. Allah guided them more. Allah spoke about the people of Musa alayhis salam forgot he said for the Mazda Who is Allah Who coloboma,

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when they turned away from the truth, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Let the heart

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depart from the truth even further.

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Many people when they hear the words, yeah, do you mean Yasha? Well, you will know mean Yeshua, that Allah guides whoever He wills, and he misguides whoever He will they think it's random. They think Allah subhanaw taala randomly selects people, or I'm just randomly going to give this person misguidance and this person guidance. That's not how Allah works. Allah's Will is tied up to his wisdom, to His justice.

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So Allah Subhana Allah puts guidance where it belongs with the people who deserve it. And Allah allows his guidance where it belongs with the people who earn it.

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So when we say oh Allah guide me and facilitate guidance for me, it contains all of that context. When suddenly and I'm and Baba, oh, Allah helped me, aid me against those who have transgressed against me.

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But because we humans are overwhelmed,

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we are weak. Allah says we're fully insane or whatever and Man was created weak. Man here means all human beings. We are weak, we are overwhelmed. We overcome by so many other factors. No one wins all the time. No one is powerful all the time.

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And we humans can't even handle life by ourselves. We need Allah subhanaw taala even those who seem to be victorious, even those who seem to be so powerful, they seem powerful to us from our perspective.

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But they are overpowered in so many other aspects. They are at a loss in so many areas in their life, but we don't see that. So we humans can't deal with life life is so overwhelming. We need ALLAH SubhanA wa jahana without the help of Allah, we can't deal with this life.

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So we say oh Allah helped me against those who transgressed against me and Allah it's the nature of Allah subhanaw taala is that he helps the oppressed

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when he deems right and suitable, and with the way that he deems right as well.

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Allahumma donde la so this is about our relationship with people and our situation in life. But then the Prophet SAW southern tends to teach us something else another dua. Here he says Rockbridge and Nila Kashia Cava. This section is about our relationship with the prophets, Allah Allahu Allah, he was in them. And this is strongly connected to the first one. This is actually at the bottom of that one.

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This is about our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala Ulrich and Nina cachaca Oh Allah makes me always thankful and grateful to you.

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Let her the car make me someone who always remembers you and mentions you in heart and tongue.

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That's also a reason why Allah supports us and helps us and aids us.

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So this is about our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala now, let Cara have always fearful of you the kind of fear that brings you closer to Allah or have a button

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or button mean Can a lake that I fear Allah when you fear Allah you come to him, you come to him that's the way you escape. Others wrath and Allah's Anger. When you feel people or you feel you feel things you run away from them with Allah subhanaw taala when you will feel him you run to Him. Allah says in the Quran, fulfill rule in Allah run away from the Wrath of Allah to Allah

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like me to

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make me obedient to you, make my nature always obedient to you that I follow what you love what you command. I follow your instructions make that my nature make me this kind of person.

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In economic beta, make me someone who's hard always gravitates to you always comes back to you with humility.

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Make me that kind of person.

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ileka aware hand money by making me someone who always comes back to you, always refers to you, whenever I go farther than I can always come back to you. So this is about our relationship with Allah subhana, Allah to Allah and these are the things that we should make dua about. Oftentimes we think about making the route when it comes to this provision, when it comes to the problems that we fall into, when it comes to our worldly desires, but we forget to actually make dua about our relationship with Allah that Allah helps us improve that relationship with them. That Allah gives us the guidance that Allah helps us pray that Allah helps us find for sure, in our salah, that Allah

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helps us fast that Allah helps us learn the Quran, that Allah helps us repent.

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These are the things that deserve our dua the most,

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Allah will be compelled to obey it. And this is about our past when it comes to our relationship with Allah Subhan Allah, Allah accept my repentance.

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I have have fallen short. I have committed sins. I have gone and gone against your guidance.

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But I'll repent please accept my repentance make my repentance sincere and valid and accept it

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will add up data wetty and answer my my supplication

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respond to my supplication my do I make me someone that you respond positively when they call upon you? When there can be and guide my heart. This is again this is about your inner life now. This is about your inner life. And we spoke a lot from the beginning was about your public life and your relationship with the world than about your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala now it's about your inner state, or Allah guide my heart

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were said diddly Sani, and sets my tongue straight

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the heart and now the tongue because the words are very consequential. And the prophets law suddenly said tomorrow there'll be Allah Who animal for culet como que Amaran while your kupuna Sufi Nari Allah, would you hear him in LA Hustla in 2019, the Prophet Solomon said to Murad when he said to him, our numbers are gonna be bad and the tackling them will be here soon Allah Muhammad said to the Prophet Salam, are we going to be held accountable because of our words, because we're always talking, try to write down what you took, or what you say in a day, you'd be surprised how much we talk.

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The province of someone said to me

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what other than the words drag people in their face to be thrown into hellfire, what other than the words the consequences of the words

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so you ask Allah to set the tongue straight, so that you only say that which is true, that which is good. And you don't engage in sin, lying, backbiting, gossip, etc.

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With a bit of duty and make firm

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my defense What is this? That is when this is when you are in the grave?

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And the angels come to you and ask you the three questions manga book,

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member book that Enoch,

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Medina be you yoke?

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Who's your Lord? What was your way of life? What was your religion? How did you live this life? And third, who was your Prophet? Who was your role model?

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So would you have defense there to be able to speak

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to be able to give the right answers you asking Allah to give you that defense and on the Day of Judgment, Allah will ask you about everything that he gave you what did you do with it your life, your time the blessings everything? What did you do with that? You need a defense then you need a good to present a good case. And that's what you're asking Oh Allah with a bitter Jetty give me a strong defense and that means help me establish that defense by carrying myself in this life the way you want me by acted responsibly and dutifully to Allah. So I have a strong responsibility of judgment was slowly softly metrical be Joseph into slavery, and to Allah purify my heart, chest from

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evil, because we humans, we have desires and sometimes these desires that are necessary for our life. Sometimes they take over our system and they make a selfish they make a self centered, they make us go overboard. We have

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We use them

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and we get ourselves in the wrong.

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So that brings evil and impurity to Ohio. So we ask Allah to purify our hearts and our chests. See this comprehensive, beautiful, very simple draft number of prophets also love that it's important that we actually pay attention and try to learn it and make this kind of do and it shows that the profits or someone he made, there is system there is congruence, there is beauty in the way he makes to up when people think it's quite random and simple. Well, yes, this is how it seems and sometimes the most profound things are the most simple things.

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So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us

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fix our affairs and learn this and practice it or we ask Allah subhanaw taala to answer everything that is in this to her for us. Apollo camellia was the lawyer.

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hamdulillah al Amin was Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine what

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the Prophet saw so many times are often when he would speak, he would start with what we usually start this football where he would say, in a halo colonic anomala halen Who the hell had you had you? Mohamed Salah Lord, you send them the best speech is the words of Allah and the best guidance is that of Prophet Muhammad saw so many times people say, what is a good to add, to practice sometimes people invent do they come up with rhyming words, and so on and so forth. The best dua is always the doer of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's important for us to learn the avocado, they do add the supplications of the messenger SallAllahu it he will send them because they

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were the best. And the prophets of salaam said about himself and our in me ot to Swami and Kalam, I was given

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the capacity for very powerful speech, the profit, some would say a few words, but they would be very comprehensive, very powerful. So if you want to do that is meaningful, that is very powerful. Search for the, from the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and in your your besieging Allah, you are praising Allah, you're asking Allah subhanaw taala and you want to be impactful, as impactful as possible. And no one knows Allah among humans, like the prophets of Allah. And as he used the best words, to address Allah, and to ask Allah, and he was taught and inspired by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So let's take this opportunity of this hotbar today, just to start directing your attention to the

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undercard of the Prophet SAW Selim, and of course on the bogey. And there are many references available you have them now. They used to be books now you can just download an app, the fortress of the of the believer of the Muslim, download that and it has the ADKAR of the morning and the evening. Or when you have a special need you want to make dua about that. You will find Hadith from the prophets of salaam about this. But if you have a specific need and a specific situation, you can always raise your hands and turn to Allah subhanaw taala and make that to have but in general, when you want to practice and want to a comprehensive dua, you will find no shortage of beautiful

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supplications in the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Allah when he was in them. And although they seem to be addressing personal issues, but they actually extend beyond that. They help us individually, they help us as a community, they help us as a nation, they help us as humanity in general. And there is nothing in life that is disconnected. Nothing stands alone. Everything in allow our life, our political life, our financial, social,

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our security, all of that is tied up to our personal life and all of that is tied up to the state of our hearts, and the state of our tongues and our actions. Everything in life is interconnected. So let's do whatever we can to come closer to Allah to worship him to please Him to be with him. Be in his company, by remark by remembering him often always. And ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept from us and guide us along often when you know when Muslim you know when a Muslim alarm or Felina Lubenow a Salafi Emelina with a bit of a dam and I want sadhana Khaled call me Catherine Allama Fula now when you add you know what even happened Elena Barak medicale, Sinhala I mean, a lot of them

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everybody had the mighty emerald washed. You rise up robotic oil Daffy, I know Matt sciatic way over and over Hibiki tonic also in that interview you can summon the law or any you're setting them along McClendon muster laughing and I mean no more minion Fe limit

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can belong multiple locus La La makindye Ma. Also not all home I felt I named you know my email. We got to hermetic a hammock la Haneen Subhan Allah because Allah is at your home as a phone masala I'm gonna handle mousseline what hamdulillah he'll be.

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