The Creation before Adam A.S

Muhammad Abdul Jabbar


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how some individuals, including their brothers, can cause problems in their environment due to their genes. They also mention how people use the Jacksonville Kidna board to communicate with their environment and cause problems. The speaker suggests that the use of the Jacksonville Kidna board is a way to let their environment know and may lead to problems.
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Before the creation of Adam Alayhis Salam, Allah created the jinn.

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They have three types, a tie

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that has wings

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and they fly through the sky.

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A tie that looks like snakes and dogs

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and a tie, that stops for a rest, then resumed its journey. Now my brothers remember this

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that there are genes that live in the house.

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And they cause problems between spouses,

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They are genes who stay in the house for a while.

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And they called corruption.

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And then they move on.

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But a phenomena that we are seeing in this world

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many individuals are finding ways

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to communicate with the gyms

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and some will use the big board to communicate with the gins. And that

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is a way

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to let the gin into your world.

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It's not a joke.

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It's not game.

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It's nothing to be messing around with.

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Because when you use the VG board

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or certain practices,

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you are communicating with the gins and they come and they respond to you

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and they could cause problems for you.

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So the jeans

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they were made from smokeless fire.