The Creation before Adam A.S

Muhammad Abdul Jabbar


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Before the creation of Adam Alayhis Salam, Allah created the jinn.

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They have three types, a tie

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that has wings

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and they fly through the sky.

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A tie that looks like snakes and dogs

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and a tie, that stops for a rest, then resumed its journey. Now my brothers remember this

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that there are genes that live in the house.

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And they cause problems between spouses,

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They are genes who stay in the house for a while.

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And they called corruption.

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And then they move on.

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But a phenomena that we are seeing in this world

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many individuals are finding ways

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to communicate with the gyms

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and some will use the big board to communicate with the gins. And that

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is a way

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to let the gin into your world.

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It's not a joke.

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It's not game.

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It's nothing to be messing around with.

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Because when you use the VG board

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or certain practices,

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you are communicating with the gins and they come and they respond to you

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and they could cause problems for you.

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So the jeans

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they were made from smokeless fire.