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AI: Summary © The host of a virtual event introduces the benefits of physical movement for everyone, including mental acuity and socialization. They emphasize the importance of practice and avoiding distractions, and encourage attendees to stay up-to-date. The host also emphasizes the benefits of technology for improving mental health and socialization.
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So Dominic Wymondham over the counter welcome we will get started inshallah Tada in a few moments when

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people say Simon whether from five people or if we hit 100 or if we hit the top of the hour, whichever comes first

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Morning Vietnam

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Santa Monica Omar first time Jenny in Oregon hamdulillah we're doing good. How are you? Robina I think Muslim

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Hawaii in Nigeria Arctic Muslim Sharifa in Minnesota history for yesterday I was talking about nowhere Minnesota

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actually was a few days ago. I said I like my smart welcome hope you're feeling better Matteotti can Madame hubba in Canada while ecommerce Sadam it's time? Maria the Swiss kids SEL Christen Juju Gomez Salam Yamama Alec Muslim is it time

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is it did I get the time wrong? Because you're the second person to ask if it's time

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said I want to come from Jordan hate them. I'm a salaam hate them. A waste in London. Oh, that's why people were asking about the time.

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No, it's not time.

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je de Rahman Arctic Mr. ismat Nigeria

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Zack Allah Hi I'm here notic Madame Rezin Rosa.

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The riddle notes on time.

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And the riddle the answer to the riddle is not time.

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It's not time runs.

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Who else Sam's Where are you from? We'll get started when we hit 100 people or top of the hour Rezin and Hodgeman Radhika Sinha from a diamond in Kashmir. In Kashmir or from Kashmir.

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Common not a man who's seen in Pakistan or ACHEMA Salam Kefa kundala

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Heidi Alec Mossad, Denmark

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I'm trying to do it the way you said it's not gonna serve as well because we're safe. Bill Sierra in Canada article madame president says is it we'll I run but i have no legs. Wheels run as a water No.

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He got

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Nancy in North Carolina Annika Mesaba de la la keep you guys safe Lena says a river A River Runs but has no legs i thought that i thought water but no bobblehead from Bucks Annika Mr. Nam is clock the answer no.

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We have one more minute and then we're gonna get started

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shamila in Dallas like Mr.

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Chu mela

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the answer to the riddle is

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you're no

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the answer to the riddle is your nose Yes, this rod says I knows

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I run but i have no legs

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alright times up let's get started.

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Take One i said I'm on a good I'm gonna delay but I've had to Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while earlier Sufi Manuel and my bad so yesterday's session which was very nice. We were talking about how the prophets of Allah sent him when he came down after receiving revelation for the first time he was in isolation on the mountain for many days. He received a revelation.

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And then he came home and his first words to Khadija his first words in response to the situation whereas me loony cover me up Yeah. And Allah subhanaw taala revealed Quran after that, yeah, you'll hit him with Xinmin and another surah Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you hit him with death, which is like to be covered and yeah, it wouldn't resentment

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But today we're going to talk about what's the next thing that Allah subhanaw taala brought up after that so Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you and Muslim men. Oh yeah, who's covered up so that's like a time of comfort. That's how you know you feel this anxiousness, you're covered up so the next verse Allah subhanaw taala says I'm the word hear calm is what we're going to talk about today. Put me in stand up. And in you see in certain Muslim Melia your Muslim mill calm Camila Illa kalila stand up for night prayer. And in the ion would that fit calm for endive stand up and offended and warn and call the people to Allah subhanaw taala. So today we're talking about

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stand up and rise. So

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it's interesting on one of the sessions,

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and one of these sessions, one of these daily check ins, I didn't run outside for like 45 minutes. And I didn't know what the effect of that would be. I said to myself, What if I come to the end of the run, and then I turn on the camera Facebook Live, and I'm just totally exhausted. I'm like, Hey, everybody, I'm so tired. I just wish this would be over. So I didn't know what the results would be. And I should have. When I got on the camera, one person commented and they said, I'm loving the energy tonight. So it's really interesting, I thought, the end result of all that exercise when I got on the Facebook Live would be a lack of energy. But it was the opposite. I actually had more

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energy than I normally do. In this verse, Allah subhanaw. Taala is telling the prophets of Allah they sent him there's a time of rest. And then after that

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physical movement, now physical movement, Allah subhanaw taala. And these two Surahs one of them is related to developing the inner spiritual like movement to stand up and work on yourself. So you see Chromolaena stand up in the night prayer, which is spiritual and its internal. And you see in the other sorts of Madatha, Allah subhanaw taala says, come for end there, stand up and do the work that you've been commanded, go and warn the people home for and there so you can say one is work related. And one is personal related. And the work here is calling to Allah Subhanallah, Donna.

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And for those of you who have taken visionair with me, one thing that I insist upon, interestingly, just kind of like a connection that I made with this is when we're doing visualizations, Wednesday, number two, and we're doing our visualizations, don't I insist that you should stand up. And I insist, I insist, and then later on, somebody will inevitably come and say, that I'm not pleased with the doors that I chose for myself. I feel lack of motivation. You know what I say in response, sister, brother, I'm pretty sure you did not stand up when you did the activity. I'm pretty sure you're lying in your bed. And you try to envision your future but you didn't stand up that just the

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standing apart. I know through all these years visionary doesn't matter where I am. If you want to access mental acuity, you don't do it lying down. You do it standing up. And so there's

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so the prophets of Allah Alayhi Salam.

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In doing so exercise, let's talk about movement and exercise.

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When people think of exercise, the first thing they think is oh, it's gonna be summertime, I'm gonna go to the beach and I gotta have like a really nice body and thing but and they're just thinking about the waist. But there's actually much more benefit to exercise than just like dieting, and we'll talk about three of them here. Number one is mental acuity, mental acuity, when you exercise, your brain becomes sharper, you're able to figure things out better when you're standing up. So if you ever you're at work or something and you find yourself your brain had just come to a halt, mental acuity stand up, do things standing up.

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The next thing which seems counterintuitive is if you're feeling tired, you should actually do some exercise, because the physical activity will make you alive and energetic. So if you're lying down and you're feeling man, I don't feel like exercising. Or and we're not talking about like some crazy big workout, but any type of stand up and get your body moving kind of thing will give you energy even though it sounds like it's counterintuitive. If I'm tired, why should I stand up and look at fajr prayer. How many times have we told ourselves I'm too tired to wake up from a drum too tight away government. And then you wake up for fetcher. And then you can sleep for the next four hours,

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You can sleep for the next four hours when you get up for fetcher.

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Why is that so because that physical movement will give you energy, mental clarity and will give you energy. And the third thing that movement gives you, which is really interesting in the situation that we're in with social distancing is movement gives you socialization,

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which is very interesting in the situation that we're in, because in order to minimize socialization at the times we're living in these days, they've told us to minimize movements. Now, they didn't say, minimize movement in your homes, of course, in your homes, your backyards or whatever, yes, go ahead and do those things. But if they want to minimize social, so

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being social, with other people will say, minimize movement. So this is a benefit of movement is you actually get to socialize and let's take it from you're

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just in your home, if you're sitting in your room and you have family members sitting in another room, whatnot, unless somebody starts moving around, then socialization doesn't happen. But if you start moving around in your house, then the socialized socialization came in. Oh, Mayor Rana came in just to answer the riddle. Hey, Zack, you're absolutely correct. I'll post riddles for you everyday inshallah Tada.

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So, here's my advice. Three things to get physically moving throughout the day number one is to put a timer on repeat to put a timer on repeat throughout the day. So let's say for example, every 15 minutes every one hour when you hear that alarm bell on your phone or on a watch if you have a recurring timer, you stand up and do some jumping jacks or just running in the spot or just moving you're moving your arms or you know if you have kids in the house and just say hey, it's a it's a jumping jack park or something like that. And every hour you just keep doing that so that throughout the day, your mind is staying healthy your body your energy is being kept up and like we said any

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start socializing with other people. Number two is consider standing up and working on

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the internal so such as I'm praying some extra Sunnah prayers praying or Doha prayers which is between Fedor and and the hard time. Consider it the middle of the night if you're standing up all night and it's Netflix or something like that, between shows, why don't you just put it on pause and say hey, let me just pray two records doesn't have to be long. Maybe you haven't done it before two records very simple make we'll do an inch all the time I think you'll find the energy that comes from it will be so nourishing and you're gonna start craving it inshallah Tata just keep it simple.

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Um, the third thing that, that I'd recommend that you do my advice is do more of the things that you do during the day, but do them standing up if you can. So for example, if you're reading a book, rather than sitting, sitting down and reading a book, why don't you stand up and read a book? If you're doing some business work? Why don't you grab your phone or something like that and stand up and do it. I always do these sessions. I'm standing up these Facebook Lives because it's just a totally different experience to sit down and do it it just, I just have no access and that's something that I learned a long time ago in a mushroom Institute. I always tell every teacher that

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comes standing up and teaching is compulsory for our classes. You have to stand up and teach we don't sit down and teach and inshallah Tada for you as well. You'll get these three benefits, one of them being the socialization, the energy that comes and the mental acuity. Yeah, you will Muslim. Coleman Leila kalila and that's my reminder for today just like Mala Hara. For those of you who tuned in late the

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the answer to the riddle is a nose and nose what runs but has no feet a nose

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alright guys until we meet again As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.