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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various fitness programs and experiences, including a new fitness program called Freeletics that encourages people to work out for 12 weeks and a new one called Subhanab that encourages people to work out for eight weeks. They also discuss the importance of maintaining consistency and mindfulness of goal and passion for a goal. The speakers emphasize the need for new habits and parameters to build new routines at home, including variety in exercise, language detection, and language exploration. They also mention a "slack box" that allows people to listen to recites from different countries and add diversity to their own experiences.
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said I'm on equal 100 Labor Council I thought I would start a little earlier today because there was some issues. I guess the throttling everybody's trying to get on to facebook if you're tuning in later. Fast forward like five minutes in sha Allah Tala and then we'll get started

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so now I'm where you're from

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salons and where you from?

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ihrem Showkat while ACHEMA Santa Monica de la

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from Delaware where everybody sets up their corporations that little spots on i 95 between New York

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and Washington

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who else slams were you froms

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so now I'm when you're from

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who else

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As salam o aleikum.

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As Salam aleikum?

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I'm a dual Azad from Vancouver Arctic Mr. Domina handle Alberta cattle we got somebody Malaysia In Malaysia.

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It's 2:40am Are you sure or is it 1:40am?

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I'll see you like Madame Aisha in Seattle Tacoma Salam Hafsa in Toronto Alec Messina.

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Madea Holly from Sudan freedom King in Trinidad Malik Mr.

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Hower. In Nigeria Arctic Muslim

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Masirah says always a pleasure to see you smiling. don't normally smile but hey, ma'am hon in San Antonio Radek Mr. Ram Deena in New Jersey hola keep you guys safe. lotic Messina, Zaha Malik Malik Messina, Emina in Minnesota, Alec Messina nor in Dhaka Malik Mr.

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Bill Ciara says you motivate my family we got some good stuff today in Charlotte Darla Messina

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for tune in Minneapolis I think Mr.

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Good morning.

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Three minutes we will get started in three minutes Maheen in Pakistan organic Mr. Ramsay Hafiz. Basha likoma Salam Hinden raga in Calgary, Alec masa

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cola. I'm good. Here we go again. Yep. I highly recommend Sam when he Calgary and now Dallas aleikum wa salam when he maybe you took

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visionair correct when we did it up in up in Banff

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Simon munchie in Michigan like Muslims ally in Pakistan Ozma Sorry, I'm back sorry

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Dina says I don't believe you don't smile a lot. I tried to but when I think I do that, resting face

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Robina in California onic. Madame Hamid Abdul Karim Ali como Salaam.

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So So one guy

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one guy said to me, he goes, You know what, Muhammad, you're always smiling. I see you on Facebook. You're always smiling. And I go You do realize that that's just a profile pic right.

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In the Netherlands, we have oh, yeah, we got FEM coach back again from the Netherlands because it was so good. Yesterday. Had to do it again. We got Maryam in Zurich, Radek Messina is Seattle police in juju, keep safe and fun in Kuwait or fun macadam in Kuwait keep safe in Kuwait to

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that he has a Mr. Ram.

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We will get started in one minute. One minute countdown.

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Murad Arctic Muslim

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Bina says where are you now? Fe

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For security reasons I do not disclose my whereabouts online. I recommend that you guys don't do that either.

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So, man, I like Mr. Graham, miraj igma Salaam

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All right, the time has begun we're gonna get started now.

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Are you ready?

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Take one.

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Okay, before I started, man, I know the yen and this raw How are you doing right on and it's not hamdulillah Alright, take one. I said I'm on the labor market though. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi Manuela and my bad Good Morning, Vietnam.

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Welcome to today's session, we got something really unique for you Inshallah, Tom, let me start off by telling you guys this, this story. So whenever I would do a fitness regimen, you know, there's always like this new program, are you guys seeing these ads for Freeletics. And, and everybody's trying to get into a home exercise program. So throughout my years, whenever I would start an exercise program that would say something like, Hey, 90 days or 12 weeks or three months or something like that, I would always commit myself and tell myself this time, I'm going to do it. And I'm sure you've all been in there. How long do you last before you trash the whole program and do

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nothing? How long do you last, I have never gone in any program that I started, I have never gone more than three weeks. Like I remember one time was really committed, you know, working out like every day, and or three times, four times a day. And it went three weeks. And I was like this is the time that it's gonna be different. This is the time that I'll I'll you know make it to the 1212 week mark.

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And it never happened. And I never got there.

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And so I started a new exercise regimen. And I have you know, I was speaking to somebody and I said to them, my goal is to and my goal was 12 weeks, my goal was to do this exercise regimen, go to the gym, and so on for 12 weeks, and Subhanallah I was embarrassed. And even my internal voice kind of like told me, You're never going to be able to do it. Mohamed, you've never done this in the past. You've never done this in the past who says you can do it now. So I told this person, I wanted to tell them that I'm going to do this, you know, working out for 12 weeks. And instead right at the last minute I said I'm going to do it for eight weeks. I'm going to do it for eight weeks. Because I

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know that I had never done more than three weeks consistently after three weeks consistency always drop off.

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So having said that, understand that I've never in my life been able to keep something up exercise related for more than three weeks. In this past year 2019. I went to the gym, went to the gym, you're talking about hour and a half, two hours went to the gym consistently three times at least a week, sometimes four, sometimes five, consistently for 26 weeks, for 26 weeks, and the number continues for 26 weeks. Now what happened to me, if all these years in the past, I had only been doing eight weeks, sorry, I've never done more than three weeks. I do one week and quit two weeks and quit three weeks and quit. What changed that I was able to finally push beyond this. And it's

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something that I think a lot of people miss out. And it is very pertinent to our situation right now. What do you think was the missing missing ingredient? I know Facebook will send this to you within about 20 seconds. So what do you think was the missing ingredient? One word? That got me from

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three weeks to 26 weeks of going to the gym three times at least every week for 26 week? What's that one word? Let me I'll wait like 10 seconds I'll give Facebook a chance so I can hear what you guys say. Meanwhile, I'll get some water Jennifer says vision No.

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How you doing Jennifer?

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I like mustard and Sarah

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let me get some water while you guys are writing that but I'm afraid if you guys started typing I'm not even going to read it

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so when you said commitment, Dina says lowering your expectations Yeah, you always want to keep lower your expectation. Rubina says motivation Domina says dedication What else you got? Pen says do I actually pen what's interesting is I always make dua Promise, promise to myself. Nope habit. Aisha says habit no

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Kia says da no

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fear. Okay, let me tell you guys, it is the topic of our speech today it is topic of our end goal result in all perseverance, no faith. No.

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It's exciting. I'm excited to share this with you guys. Because I think in Charlotte Halabi breakthrough you may have not have heard it before. Maybe you've heard it. But the difference that took me from I'm about to say to you guys, the difference that took me from three weeks to 26 weeks consistency. Now one key word is variety, variety, variety, you know, how they say variety is the spice of life. Variety. Yes, all you people that are still saying goal passionate habit? No, it's variety. So,

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the what had changed is this time when I started going to the gym, I had one of those class paths. I don't know if what it is in your countries, there's different in different countries, they have different things, but it's basically a membership, where you can go to multiple different gyms and attend that. Yeah, Simon Munch, he says, I was not expecting that, thank you, thank you.

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I'm going to pin that comment. So you got to understand this is quality stuff, variety. So

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I have a membership that I can go to multiple different classes or gyms or, and probably like 2030 gyms in the city are part of this part of this membership. And so what would happen is that when I would go to a gym one time two times, and then I would get bored, and I wouldn't continue I wouldn't want to continue I go to a different location and the new location was amazing and I loved it and three, one week would go by one week and a half and then boom, I go to the next go to the next gym and sometimes I would be at a gym and I'm talking to some guy in the change room and I and tell them hey you know such and such a place is an amazing gym and they would say why don't you go there and I

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would say you know what, I just got bored. I'm all about the variety, all about the variety, variety is the spice of life variety is what will take you to what

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will what will take you to the next level where you'll be able to keep going and inshallah Tada Alright, so after I had totally you were not expecting that variety. Now let me tell you something.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran

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I only been learning minute shape on your one gene Bismillah your Walkman you're walking? Well, I mean, it was you want to Newark de la for NS unity como el one econ. In nothing either. Ernie, can I add in the line you mean? You know this verse? It's interesting, you know, the ad marriages. Everybody's always reciting the verse. And from his signs He created you male and female, and put between you love and mercy. You know, that verse, everybody's always quoting it, the marriages and then they don't quote what's before that they don't quote what's after it. They just focus on that one verse during the marriages. This verse comes soon after that verse that you always know about

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Allah subhanaw taala says, and from his science is the creation of the heavens and the earth. What do you love and the variety of your tongues and the variety of your colors, that that's a sign from Allah subhanaw taala now I want you to step back. There's many verses that I can show you but Allah subhanaw taala created for us the variety of day and night right?

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Lay your political ley line and the hydrocarbon Hara Allah laid that he

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taglib is to flip the date night and the night today. So you will see in places where there's no night, they are begging for sunlight. And there are places where it's always sun that they're begging for nighttime their places in Canada

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there are places in Canada that you know, it's almost like the sun doesn't set and then people they have to get blackout curtains. So they can mimic the variety of night today day to night. We needed as human beings take food and drink for example, Allah subhanaw taala from the same water from the same sun from the seat from the same soil, Allah subhanaw taala creates all this different variety of fruits and vegetables and from those fruits and vegetables in the spices that all these different foods all around the world. Allah subhanaw taala created for that and you will see that mentioned in the Quran and the drinks, all the different drinks. You heard yomim Will 20 Hash Bravo telephone and

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one Allah's puntata speaks about the

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Be in the honey that comes out. That comes from its belly shut off a drink that has at the left has variety in its colors. Now let's look at the landscapes ALLAH SubhanA data. It wasn't just all one landscape on the earth, Allah subhanaw taala created the mountains created the valleys created the you know I grew up in Winnipeg on the prairies and the prairies are all flat. And the And subhanAllah I went I went back after many years and visited even in the prairies in the flat lands, there is a beauty to it. It's like you're looking at an entire map, if you go up to like fifth floor, eighth floor in all of ALLAH SubhanA Dallas creation and variety in that deserts, valleys,

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and so on. Look at the temperatures, you see people.

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You see people that are

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people in hot climates, and they're wishing to see winter, they're wishing to see snow. I've seen people like somebody comes from Saudi Arabia, and they see snow for the first time in their life And subhanAllah it's like it's a religious experience. And if you look, for example, people who are the opposite when they're in snow, they're like, man, we need to go to Florida, we need to go somewhere warm. Every time we're in heat, we want cool. When we're in cool, we want heat. This is how Allah subhanaw taala created us, we seek variety. Now let's look at taste. If you look at taste, somebody will be eating something sweet. And then they're like, I need something sour. If somebody eats

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something sour, they're like, well, I need dessert. Now. I need something sweet. I need variety on my tongue. Alright, so you got the idea. And this is a less pantallas creation of the human being that seeking variety is part of who we are.

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Now, when we came into this, in these home isolation, may Allah subhanaw taala protect everyone. I think some people really excited Hey, I get to sleep in now I get to you know, I don't have to, you know, get dressed up to go to work and stuff like that. That might be an initial reaction. I think the next thing that comes after that is you need some

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you need a schedule, you need some parameters. You know what I'm going to do this at this time, I need some, I need some routines and habits. And that definitely we went through that stage where we needed to build some new routines, we needed to build some new habits and get ourselves in order. And so you may be doing that. And you may be getting into routine with yourself while you're reading your work, maybe some extra stuff that you're doing. But now comes another level. Where we're going deeper is now's the time that now's the time to add variety. Just like Allah subhanaw taala created us to crave this variety. We have had our kind of like our vacation time during this isolation, we

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have had our getting back into schedule and routine. But not all of us have gotten into the variety, how do we create variety in our time at home, so that that spice of life comes back into our home life and inshallah Tada I think what you'll find is being an isolation can get a lot more fun when variety starts coming into the mix.

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And today, Inshallah, I'm going to give you some ideas, and you're welcome. As I'm sharing some of these ideas, you're welcome to give me your own suggestions. And for everybody else, of what kind of variety that we can bring in. I'd start off first by saying that

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if you have children in the home,

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what have you done for variety for them, and you're welcome to post that. But something like finding new games to play with them. I'm not saying buying games. But even if you just search online, and you're like games to play on paper, or if you're going on a long distance games to play in the car, everybody knows the I Spy my little eye and thumb war and stuff like that. But they're really cool games that you can play with pencil and paper. Another thing for yourself is why don't you pursue a new hobby, not an old hobby, but a new hobby. Something that maybe you thought, hey, this would be cool to pursue and you never got around to do it. Maybe you always wanted to do calligraphy, maybe

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you wanted to do Ted your weed. You wanted to learn how to recite the Quran that or maybe you wanted to learn how to draw landscapes. Maybe he wanted to learn how to stitch or crochet or something like that. Start searching for a new hobby and it doesn't mean that you have to master it, but it's just adding variety in your time at home. Another thing that you know, and I'm looking at the different senses here so your ears, what about your ears? How do you add variety to the things that you hear? One thing that I like to do is

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um, listen to a book from a genre of books that you don't normally listen to

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You so I like to switch it up sometimes I like to read science books, you know, because I don't normally read science books but I like to mix it up with science book or there's something called I think it's called soap box mysteries which are just fun cute, who done it type of mysteries or maybe you switch to a young adults type of book we're normally read all the serious stuff and you want to be a kid again so something like for your ears change it up have variety in what you hear.

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And also if we're talking about Quran maybe you're always listening to the same recite or it's always Mishary, Rashid machete, Russian, Russian all the time. And you're like, hey, you know what, let me find some amazing African reciters when I was in Medina University, the sweetest reciters that I knew were from African countries, they had very unique Quranic or citation that you would love to listen to you. And it's we're not talking about the, you know, the Mecca, Medina type of citations, they have some very unique or citations that you can listen to, or maybe listen to a different clip. And and listen to that. Yeah, somebody posted Egyptian hieroglyphics, if you wanted

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to learn how to read that, for some reason.

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When it comes to your body, and when it comes to your body, and adding variety to that this is something that I started doing is that I put my, my watch on a repeat alarm every hour, the alarm goes off, and then I will just get up and do some exercises. And they could be new exercises, maybe exercise I've never tried before, or things that I don't normally do. And it's just a fun time. You know, to do like some stretches to do. So exercising, that adds variety to for the body when it comes to smells.

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Some I know for guys, you know, maybe the women do this more often, but guys don't.

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Maybe guys don't do it as much. And that is like things like

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bringing aromatherapy into your living living quarters. So maybe for the longest time you just like nothing, nothing, no smells, no smells, no smells, and then you say you know what I would like to

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what's that thing called? You know, that little mist thing? It's called, it's not an infusion. It's called. I forget what it's called. You guys know what I mean? Like those things you get at the Japanese stores. You put it in the corner, you start putting in some essential oils or something like that. And it starts creating a mist and beautiful mist into the into the room. You know what else could be if this is a diffuser? Yes, they're called diffusers. You know what else I would I've been thinking about I haven't done it. But I've been thinking about is ordering some flowers, like big bouquet of flowers for your house, not just to make somebody happy but to actually smell fresh

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flowers and fresh plants in your home if you don't already have that. Another thing when it came to

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thank you let me let me pin this comment

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diffusers. A last one is when it comes to relationships, and adding variety. When it comes to relationships. You want to ask yourself, what are some ways you know maybe you're having some excess time with your children with your sons and daughters or maybe having access time with your spouse? You want to say how can I add variety to strengthen our relationship? What can I do with this person in the house since we have so much time together, rather than it being monotonous? And everybody just staring at one another? Why don't we add some variety to this? And that's it. That's my reminder for today. I would like to end with this quote. I think it's really nice and it's cute. It

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says no pleasure will endure if not seasoned by variety. No pleasure will endure if not season by variety. No pleasure. There's a pleasure in Subhan Allah Allah azza wa jal speaks about Jana

00:24:23 --> 00:24:59

speaks about Jana and the fruit of Jana and every time they eat it, every time they eat that fruit in Jannah it has a new variety of taste to it. And so it just ignites and ignites the pleasure and I wish this for myself we should for you, inshallah. Tata, bring Jana into your homes, bring that variety that is a sign of ALLAH SubhanA wa, tada, woman at from his science and Hamdulillah this wasn't this unique speech today. It's not something normally that you're gonna get from all those COVID lectures out there. Hamdulillah I was happy to research it and look at it

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up and and to share with you in Sharla

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so press the share button next time and get notified when I go live Zack Allah

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we're done

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all right, um I have a feeling that Facebook everybody at the top of the hour everybody's getting these starting like Facebook Lives and getting online and and

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and that's a problem so I've decided to do my daily Facebook mass check ins community gatherings at 45 So that would be 245 New York time and London time at 6:45pm. So insha Allah Tala if you want to tune in at that time, it may Allah I would be happy to have you with me. You can click you know, notify me when Muhammad Sharif is is online and also press the share button. Thank you. I said I want everyone to love it.

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