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Santa Monica Raman de la Veta katha. Welcome to today's episode of tarawih truffles. See salaam Where are you from? And we'll get started shortly inshallah we'll get started in four minutes

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and how long four minutes

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oh we

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think Madame Nimra Khadija in India lotic Muslim

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while Sephardic Muslim

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Deena in Oregon LaLiga Muslim

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Fifi in London oligomer CERAM Roca year in Nigeria Atacama salaam, David in Italy, Malik Massara for here in London, Atacama Sadam Gohan in Pakistan Arctic Muslim asthma. In Denmark likoma Salaam, Zara and Pakistan recovered from

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a smuggle in Nigeria Alec Mr.

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Altaf says truffles makes me hungry so I have seven hours to go for Iftar truffles could be mushrooms as well. So that doesn't sound so tasty. No Ren from Dhaka, Bangladesh garlic mustard and phase in Dallas I think a Muslim Bashir Arctic Muslim

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Merzouga in Japan, welcome.

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I have a thing for Japan. A love in my heart for Osaka and Kyoto. A smart aleck Mr. Ramsay Broderick Muslim in Zurich, Hussein

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Hussein in somewhere I missed it.

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In Tanzania oligomer set up when he arrived in Nigeria Alec massamba Mama like Mr. Rama glabrata cattle are my six days in a row welcome.

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You get the special six days in a row award Shama Nazarick, Mr. Muhammad Wali, Rick Mr. Lamb

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we'll get started in two minutes.

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Amazonian kryptonite from Philadelphia like Mr. Ram Farah in Brampton, Arctic Muslim Abdul Rahman in Glasgow oligomers RAM hamdulillah Ahmed I'm doing good

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It started in two minutes of OB de la Liga de la vida.

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Octavia That's a cool name. North Carolina Alabama Sam about Abdullah I think Mr. Mahina in the Rajastan indianic massages are in Trinidad Tobago, I think Mr. Romm.

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Nimra says I missed the place he used to go every Ramadan I do to actually I do and I don't because sometimes those places are scary.

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Last year's location that's right, Quebec. I usually go to Quebec. I'm getting bored of Quebec though. When there's so many times to go somewhere new. We need somebody said about the love from Abdul Rahman. Abdullah Abdullah Aziz and yeah, here are the Kama Sutra. Mashallah, you got the boys, Nora Deen in Colombia, Sonic Messina. Milko and Toronto Alec Muslim. Zurawik Muslim.

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We'll get started in one minute.

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Houma looking forward to visionair me to

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Nimra How's Ramadan with family hamdulillah it's good. It's good.

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And Amazonian Mohamed Zagori let's see you're you're taking somebody's dog no problem. But you want him to give me give him a shout out.

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From jet Dalek Madame Hannah.

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And we'll begin

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take one I said I wanted what I'm gonna do live but I had a Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi Malala and my bad taraweeh truffles. Welcome to today's episode. Today is day six of Ramadan. So

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in Tara we're going are you still

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on I used to lead the prayers in tunnel we

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Read the prayers for about 13 years, leading the reading of Quran and leading in totowa. So I've noticed something interesting at the beginning of Ramadan. And technically the first night, when it comes to the first night, there will be about 10 lines in the Masjid 10 lines of people praying behind me. And then throughout the month, there is about two lines that come consistently. And then after that

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after the two lines as towards the end of Ramadan, and in particular 2030 920-425-2627, there's about 10 lines, 12 lines. So you see this ebb and flow of people coming to the mission praying, a tolerate, obviously, this year, we can't be measuring like that, but it's a human condition

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that when we sign up for things like Ramadan, or a gym membership, or a resolution, there's an initial like, Yeah, we're gonna do everything at the beginning of the of the time. And then there's a dip where we kind of like, Whoa, man, I didn't realize it would be this hard. And then old habits start kicking in and then towards the end, Inshallah, tada, somebody starts picking up once again. There was, um, there was this man who was in a wheelchair, and, and he, he did a marathon and it was interesting in his marathon, he said that at the beginning of the marathon, there are lots of people and at the end of the marathon, there are lots of people. However, in the middle, only the

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participants he could see. And so such as the same intellitype Everybody gets the reward for Ramadan, but some people in the middle of Ramadan are really still active, while others kind of like fall to the wayside, fall to the Somoza, the samosa draw, and then and then they they fall into this dip. So this is what my reminder is for today. Insha Allah Tala Tala, we travels,

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when we start Ramadan, we're very empowered or I'm going to read the Quran multiple times. And then fasting starts. And even when you start fasting, people are like, yeah, man, energy was amazing. I loved the energy, I can do this all month and stuff like that. And then it hits us, I'd say it started to hit us about now if, if that's not the case, then it may hit it for you guys in a little bit. And that's natural. And once that thing hits, then we start to reevaluate our goals. And we started saying, hey, you know what, maybe I won't be able to recite so much Quran this month, and maybe I need to tone things down and stuff like that. Or we start falling into Gildan like I'm so

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horrible. I'm just going to give up on all my goals. And I'm here to tell you that the dip is something that is natural and how to deal with it in sha Allah. So Allah subhana Donna says in the Quran,

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this is inserted Bacara verse 187, Allah subhanaw taala says, I leave a long

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gun to Dr. Nona for circum that learning Come,

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come, ALLAH SubhanA data says I am Allah, this is about Ramadan. So even the Companions who started fast with the prophets that ally sent him and the fasting was

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from Asia till mugger of time, like we fast now from vegetal Maghrib. But when it was first revealed, and first commanded, it was from Asia tomorrow time and some of the Companions would still have marital relations in the after Russia in the evening and so ALLAH SubhanA data says, I Liam Allahu Anakin content. Dr. Noonan for second, Allah knew that you are secretly dishonest to yourself. So people were quote unquote cheating.

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I believe Allahu Allah can contribute afternoon and full circle. So how did Allah subhanaw taala respond to when people couldn't keep up?

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This afternoon, and for second third tab. I aleikum wa thank God, that Allah subhanaw taala he turned to you, meaning he accepted your repentance while I found him and he forgave you. And so Allah subhanaw taala even knows that even in this dip, that we're not going to be perfect, you know, things are not going to go the way we thought it would go in the beginning when we had all this emotion and an energy. And so Allah subhanaw taala says for Tabare Aleikum, WA fancam. And so we should do the same for ourself which is have mercy on ourselves and understand that when the dip happens,

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it's natural and it's not in some deficiency, you know, when I go for hydro people travel from North America to to go to Mecca.

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And there's a that the jetlag, so the jetlag, that happens to people

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come from North America after many years, it's very predictable what's going to happen, the jet lag

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will hit you in a way if you're coming from the US or from Canada and you're going to Mecca. When you arrive in Mecca, you're going to have crazy energy at federal time. As federal time, like maybe like four o'clock in the morning, you're going to be like, completely awake. And you're going to feel wow, you know what, I feel so religious. I feel so religious, I'm going for Federer, I never go for Federer when I'm back home, and now I feel so religious, I'm going for fun. And then I tell them I go, you're gonna have this amazing energy. As soon as you land, and it's going to last you for two days, it's going to last you for two days, you think it will continue forever, but it will not. It

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will last you for two days. And you're gonna get hit with tiredness, like a bus hit you like a truck, because your body's gonna go like come back at you at full force. I'm like, but But I tell them don't feel bad when that happens. Because it happens to everybody, what you need to do is prepare for it. So if you've got these two days of full energy before the bus is going to smack you in the face, then then take advantage of it go do a decaf do your your camera do all these all these good things because in two days, you're gonna get wrecked. So having understood that there are ways to prepare for this number one guilt and feeling bad and all that that doesn't help. What we want to

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do is how to deal with it. So I have with you, I have for you some tools on what you can do

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to get ready for this dip. It's either happening to you now or it may happen in a day or two. So number one is

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unsubscribe from distractible things unsubscribe from distract full thing so that could be like mailing lists, people that are like COVID mailing list and stuff like that, like just unsubscribe. You know, there's some lists that you know, the the benefit is not coming down. Maybe it's my list, maybe you're on my list, you're not benefiting from me anymore, unsubscribe get on with your life. So if there are things that that are distracting you in this month of Ramadan, get it out of your mind. I actually I whenever somebody wants to add me to a WhatsApp group, I say no, just because the WhatsApp group messages come a little bit too fast. And it gets exhausting to follow up with all of

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these things and it hurts my head. So unsubscribing is number one. Number two is block out distractible things.

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So my distractible thing is when I'm reading books, I play games on my phone. But sometimes I read so many books that I stopped reading, and I keep playing the game. And then the game becomes a distraction. And so just a few days ago, I deleted my game even though I have high scores and a whole bunch of you know, cashed points and stuff like that. I deleted the game. And then I started playing another game. And this morning, I deleted it as well. So there's no more games on my phone. So blocking out distractible things. And deleting things will also help you reserve energy for where you need it. Number three,

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this is a side point and that is

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if you're ever online and and the ads are following you around and stuff like that, if you ever see a hello ad Khaled ad, such as oh, here's how to wash your jilbab. With with this special soap or something like that, right? It's really,

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really wholesome ad, I want to advise you to watch that ad all the way to the end and even click on the link, because that will tell Facebook, and Google and all these people that are tracking you all these bots that you love wholesome ads, and what you'll find is you'll get more wholesome ads. So that's an insider tip on how to halala fie your internet experience when you see a good ad. And sometimes I'll say this to my children, when they see the ad I'm like, Hey, that's a good ad. Let's watch it all the way to the end and then click on the ad so that Facebook or whatever YouTube, they understand that we love wholesome ads. Next up is good companionship.

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Good companionship in this month of Ramadan, especially since we're in this. Some of you may be coming out of your houses and a lot of us are still in isolation. So good companionship is even more important.

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And I want to make a distinction between I know a lot of you are taking

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you know there's a lot of lectures and Ramadan and everybody's going live and all this stuff and whatnot. But you need companionship. companionship is different than just being in an audience and being receiving. You want to interact with other people and they interact with you on a personal level, on a personal level. So look for where that companionship is

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hamdulillah and visionair Ramadan we got an amazing companionship group, but you can find in other places as well inshallah Tada, visionary Ramadan 2020. Number five,

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when we're fasting, it's going to get worse before you get better. So the nature of fasting is this, that you start off fasting, you get a little energy from the fasting and then you naturally and this is a healing process, you will go into a dip. That's what fasting does, it's it's almost like even when you go to the gym and you start exercising, your body will actually start to hurt more than if you had not gone to the gym. But that's your body going through a phase of healing. And the same thing happens with fasting, you will go through a dip and and then after that dip, you start coming out and you're stronger than where you started off from the first place. The next thing that I'd

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recommend is if you're up at night, and taraweeh and you want to give fine times and places to nap during the day if you can. So maybe you've got this after officer or sorry, like after Lord type of nap, or I don't know where you're napping, but doing in like a little 20 minute thing like take the edge off being so tired for the tidal wave and for the better that happens in the evening.

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I'd recommend you to not miss the whole, obviously we know it's in to eat the Sahara. And the prophets of Allah Islam said that the Omo will always be in here so long as they hasten the if thought and delay the server so you want to delay this hood to up close to federal time. And if da right at Mother of time. So to maintain those those hours and the prophets of Allah as Adam said, takes the hood partaken Soho for verily in Soho is baraka and Baraka is there's this blessing and you get this extra increase in Barra and in the food when you take her home. Obviously, at night, you want to be drinking lots of water as well. Sometimes you don't realize this, that our lack of

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drinking water when we're not fasting is affecting us during the day when we are fasting. And then it's like this recurring thing, we're not drinking enough water two days, three days, and then we're just in a total water exhaustion type of thing. So I don't mean to chug down two liters one shot, it doesn't work like that, what you need to do is have some water near to after maghrib time and then throughout taraweeh throughout the day, you just throughout like the evening, you're sipping on the water sipping on the water sipping on the water and keeping yourself hydrated. Understand as well that this is the month of feeding and not the month of eating. I know there's a lot of focus on food

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on Ramadan time comes. But actually the focus on food should be

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in feeding other people. A special word during this during this lockdown phase is that a lot of people that used to receive food in Ramadan are not receiving it, because those type of gatherings have been shut down and they're not receiving it. So I want to encourage you to perhaps look for who is distributing this food? Or how can I get food maybe you could for example, buy some delivery food and have it sent to needy people, like have the delivery man send it to those type of people to go but you need to be thinking about feeding so the prophets of Allah Allah is and I'm said that whoever

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feeds a fasting person, when in Ramadan, they have the reward of that fasting person, the same reward without taking away from that person's reward.

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And finally, my last point that if you miss something that maybe you set out a goal you said I'm going to read wonders every day or I'm going to pray data all the time and I'm going to do this and we're going to do that and if you miss something that don't worry about missing that's not the issue. The problem is when it becomes a sliding habit because you want to be perfect and because you can't be perfect. Boohoo well, where you decide to cancel everything. Cancel all good deeds. All good deeds are now officially canceled because I missed one day and I'm not perfect anymore. So what's the point? That's that's what we're saying? No, just because you missed one day it's not a

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big deal. Two days, three days no worries. Just get back on track when you get the chance and hamdulillah ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you strength and keep going and everything will be good. In conclusion in sha Allah Tada I would like to give you a special announcement about visionary Ramadan many of you are already registered for vision and Ramadan inshallah Tada it's starting this Saturday, and I usually wait to close to when the class starts for me to jump in and get active with the students. And right now I've done that the time is nigh. The time is upon us. Visionaire for those who are wondering

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is that as

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People come towards their doors. They either approach their doors with a same old, same old, repetitive

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ritual that they used to that they were taught when they were little kids. And now that they're older, they just they're not getting the benefit of that door in their life, because they're just repeating old things. Another type of people might be just reading from papers that they printed on the internet that they don't really understand. And others may only turn to draw during the hard times, and there's really something painful, but when there's pleasure, and there's desire in their life, that they want good things, they're not turning to dog for it. It just happens that they tend to die in pain. And so I, I set out many years ago to understand that same type of passion that I

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give to a dog that comes from pain, how do I approach and get that kind of a dog out of pleasure and thankfulness to Allah Spano Tata. And so I designed these doors that I said, Hey, you know, what, if if I got these things anytime before I died, I would be like, this would be a life worth living. And to my shock, I mean, these doors in Ramadan, to my shock, it came out within six months. And I was like, This is unbelievable. And then I did it again like the next Ramadan. Six months later, all these doors manifest in my life. I did it again. I did again, they started happening. So

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that happened so quickly, that I needed to come up with more doors. And so I started going on a retreat by myself before Ramadan would begin to decide what I wanted to make doc for. And then later I would go to such amazing places that I would say I wish I could bring people to these locations with me and teach them what I'm what I'm doing this retreat that I do before Ramadan to get ready to make dogs and Ramadan. And then that turned into the Visionaire program that later became Visionaire online and Hamdulillah. We've been doing it for seven years, consistently each year. It's an at home experience. It's not a lecture. It's an at home experience of discovering what your heart really

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wants to make dot for an insha Allah to Allah the guarantee of God being answered is from Allah Spano, Tala. And so in sha Allah Tala, I welcome you, or invite you to check out visionair ramadan.com and come join us.

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If anybody has questions, I will take questions for like 12 minutes

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who's got a question?

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Thank you Merzouga. I had a dua one time that I wanted to be.

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I wanted to have a connection with people in Japan

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to have a connection with people in Japan and because I love Japan a lot and I made this diet that I wanted to have some connection with people in Japan Hamdulillah I have a big connection with people in Malaysia but here you go. Marzouk is from Japan so

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Rajab says Can I pray totally alone and the answer is yes, absolutely. You can pray totally alone. You do not have to pray in congregation

00:23:31--> 00:23:39

boy Amina says so funny there's hardly any man in here actually one minute there are many here but they're just quiet

00:23:50--> 00:23:57

I'm interested to know about Nimra and these credit what's going on with Nimra and Muhammad

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I should jello says is it haram to play a game once or twice a day while fasting? I assume that you're talking about like a phone game a game on your phone? If something's Halal you can do it there's just some things are distractions. So if you play a game and are able to shut it off afterwards and you're in control, no problem but if you're like you know two hours three hours 10 hours you're supposed to be sleeping but you're still like I got to finish this game gotta finish this game. You're not getting things done then it starts sliding into kind of like an addiction and and that's not healthy.

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Phase says how many minutes before Fajr? Do you stop the horror?

00:24:46--> 00:24:49

Technically you're fasting starts at Fudger

00:24:53--> 00:25:00

technically, fasting starts at Fajr time. So if you have like a calendar and in your following

00:25:00--> 00:25:28

Some calendar I don't know which country you're in maybe there's a canon or something like that or or the events are going out from the from the masajid or where you're living and you're following that then you can eat and drink up until that time there's some people that recommended you'll see it on some calendars that call him sack hold hold from eating and it's like five minutes before that federal time it's not you don't have to do that the actual time of holding is at federal so Alana

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Janina says is it necessary to make dua after each salah? No it is not necessary.

00:25:43--> 00:25:44

It is not necessary

00:25:48--> 00:26:00

Alonza Hara says Can we use toothpaste while fasting? And the answer is yes you can you mean you can you brush your teeth with toothpaste? Yes you can brush your teeth with toothpaste while on

00:26:12--> 00:26:29

your mama I read your question. Can your eight year old son lead the prayer and you're talking about telework which is a Knuffle prayer can you do so and the answer is yes He can your you guys are at home the family and you're praying voluntary prayer you can he can lead the prayer inshallah.

00:26:35--> 00:26:37

Welcome per us

00:26:38--> 00:26:48

the essence of visionair and get my dogs manifested. Don't be worried. You're the so my focus when when dealing with Da is

00:26:49--> 00:27:12

when dealing with the DA is don't worry about it being answered worry about that you're making the dog that you want to make from your heart that you're actually taking advantage of it. advantage of the power of dog now if you make the dog and after that it's in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala and Allah subhanaw taala said oh dear only SDG blah can call upon me and I will answer you and we'll talk about that more inshallah Donna

00:27:30--> 00:27:40

Shree first question says apart from salary I can someone read from the physical Quran for Witter and Federer if you want to read what long sewers

00:27:48--> 00:28:16

so it probably would be okay. I don't know about winter I don't know if you want to read like long sewers for winter. Winter it'd be fine. The Federer holding the most half in federal prayer. Allah Adam, I believe it would technically be okay. But it's a it's a form of prayer. You might want to minimize your movements a little bit more, like minimize movements more in the five prayers than voluntary prayers. But it could still be okay. A lot.

00:28:21--> 00:28:45

Chanel says Why is it called Tata? We truffles it's called truffles. Because truffles is is a chocolate. And it's supposed to be like sweets of tearaway, like as we were praying, we focus on gems and sweets. From what we're reciting in the prayer and that's why I call it title we truffles instead of calling it Tarot. We're chocolates.

00:28:46--> 00:28:51

And truffles also is a type of mushroom for people who have a fitna with with chocolates.

00:28:54--> 00:29:00

Ahmed is our Corinne also chained up during the month of Ramadan. I don't know the status of the Kadena Allah Allah

00:29:07--> 00:29:18

Allah yes question. If I missed if last year, I missed some days, but not sure if I made them all up. What can I do to make sure that I'm caught up? So it yes, you want to look at?

00:29:20--> 00:29:59

What's the number of things that you made up or not? So you might say, let's, I'm just assuming you'd say hey, I I'm pretty sure I'm done. But I don't know if maybe one or two was off. Yeah. So what is for sure, for sure. You're saying I'm done for sure. I'm done. But the doubt is, you know, I may need one or two more so for sure you're done. And the doubt doubt you have two things one thing you're sure of like for example, like they say if somebody's in prayer, you don't know if it's the third rock or the fourth rock ah, you know for sure the lower number eight if you did pray

00:30:00--> 00:30:19

three and the fourth Rakhi you're kind of in doubt so they'll say pray one more raka in this case of days fasting you're for sure you're finished but you're not sure hey maybe I still have one more than don't worry about it. Don't worry about it the principle in Islam in fifth is

00:30:21--> 00:30:48

certainty is not knocked out by doubt. So if you're certain of something and you have some doubts it's like we'll do as well you might be like for sure I made will do but I don't know if I broke it then don't worry about it but if you say for sure I don't have will do and I don't know if I made will do right the doubt is you don't know if you made will do them fall back on the certainty district T's you don't have hope that makes sense. Well Allah Allah

00:30:54--> 00:31:03

and this is the story of numerous eight year old nephew Mohammed uses his mom's phone and they listen to Tara we're truffles mashallah

00:31:05--> 00:31:06

for more minutes

00:31:13--> 00:31:19

I'm gonna next question do you have to save to the person whom you're giving the candidate? This is a cam money.

00:31:21--> 00:31:26

I don't know why you like what's the reason why you feel like you have to tell them

00:31:28--> 00:31:42

sometimes I'll give you an example. Like sometimes somebody will be like, Oh, I'm from Prophet's family and they don't accept zip cat and stuff like that. So you might be like, if you tell them they're not going to take it what should you do Allah on them

00:31:45--> 00:32:11

if you're giving it to somebody's hand you gave it to the poor that poor person and somebody who's needy I don't believe that you have to tell them hey, this is my as a camping musica just give it to them they understand that it's charity. Your intentions are between you and Allah subhanaw taala there might be some situations where you need to be like telling that Itza can that could be like if you give it to a charitable organization that's going to distributed they might need to know who this a cat is.

00:32:13--> 00:32:17

You know, because there's different places to distribute it depending on what your intention is

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we got two more minutes

00:32:37--> 00:32:45

up there, man. Is it okay to skip sir whore? I just find it difficult to get up because I work mental hours. You're in health care.

00:32:47--> 00:33:33

So is it okay and to answer your question exactly what you ask, Is it okay? And the answer is yes, it is okay. It's not fun to partake in. So here it is just I'm better than you take in Soho, as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that there's Baraka, I have a little suggestion for you, man. And that would be to have something to eat right beside your bed. So that could be like, Hey, I got some strawberries by my bed. Or I've got you know, whatever, whatever you want, or even a cup of water, so that when you hear the then or sorry, if you get an alarm that's like hey, there's 10 minutes left, then you could roll over in bed with one eye open and and drink some water and then and then

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go back to sleep or something like that a wake up prefetcher later on. So it is possible to do support. You don't have to have a big meal for it. Just get kind of like some snacks nearby so that you can at least benefit from the bulk of taking. That's for

00:33:51--> 00:33:53

one minute.

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Dina says what time will Visionaire be on Saturday? I believe it's Saturday, Sunday, then the next Saturday and Sunday. Correct. It's going to be at 1:30pm New York time. So it's actually going to be right now but on Saturday, Sunday. So this time right here right now is when we're going to be doing the visionary classes in sha Allah Tada. So great way to finish off today. Check out visionair ramadan.com and learn all about this program that I've been doing in Ramadan for the last seven years consistently. It's the most successful program that I've ever done in my life. So check it out.

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See you tomorrow in sha Allah Tada. I said I'm gonna have to live with a cattle