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Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The host of a daily community huddle is leading a competition where attendees win 50 points. The competition is run by Facebook People and is a long term one. The importance of creating change and being thankful for one's work is discussed, along with the use of physical beauty and staying grounded during isolation. The speaker also discusses feeling grateful for one's work and the importance of being a billionaire. They end with a brief announcement about a 100-person event and a news announcement about a federal vaccine.
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Santa Monica rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to today's session.

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Today's daily community huddle, you will get started in five minutes. There is a riddle and I don't have the riddle in front of me,

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unfortunately, but I know the answer.

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Slam where you're from five minutes, we either pass 100 people and get started immediately or we get started at the top of the hour five minutes. Welcome welcome. Let me just get some water

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so you salons where you from?

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Humber diamond in Kashmir or lake Messina.

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You're hanging out here. Share with your friends. Tell them Hey,

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there's this really cool guy.

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Nobody knows him

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you got Zara Malik Malik Muslim to smear Chaudry in London or like Muslim Samiha is half Pollack Massara.

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We've hit 50. So we got four minutes so the past two days. We've we have not hit 100 Before the top of the hour. But the one day before that. So two days and then one we pit hit 100 Before the top of the hour.

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The riddle if you're hanging out one Another riddle, like most of them live in Indiana and Somalia.

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The riddle is I'm heavier than a boulder.

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But lighter than

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mosquitoes wing something like that? I don't know. Read it yourself. Hey, we're at 75 and we've got three minutes left. We hit 100 We're gonna get started. If you guys could share it tell your friends Hey, we got this dumb little competition that we're doing

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Yes, Mina says ask you a question yesterday but you ignored it gets me know what happens is there's a delay in when you post it so sometimes I'm actually I've shut down the live and then 30 seconds later. Then your post shows up. So sorry for ignoring your post. What else could it mean? Is he ignoring or what else could it mean?

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We're at 90 We hit o 93. Are they gonna slam David in Italy? Are they gonna slam three minutes? Oh, we passed 100 Let's get started. Shout out to four year old Musa.

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We hit 100 Let's get started. So now anyways, we're down

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah widow casual.

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Nobody knows me. So in the battle of qadisiya when I teach, I assume other of course.

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And in that Maghrib course, on the history of the Khilafat there is a section on the battle of Al qadisiya

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and in the battle a little qadisiya

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I usually tell people like look once we start this battle level policy once I start explaining it, there's going to be no break we're gonna go for like two and a half hours straight because once you start the battle qadisiya It cannot be stopped.

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It's an intense battle one my favorite learning about it and teaching it but something beautiful about the battle level qadisiya Is this

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from above the line who how they got information about battles was that a messenger would come like Pony Express style, so their stations from you know, from Iraq to Medina, and then you know, riders would travel sprint sprint sprint, and then they would give the message to another person who was in the sprint location, another person's sprint location, and that's how messages would arrive in would travel through the desert through through the lands until it would reach the Khalifa who was living in Medina now as Amato della horn was in Medina.

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They were on the outskirts of the city, like you heard about in the story of when the prophesy some came to Medina and one of the liners waiting it I won't go into the details. There's actually so many beautiful things about the story. But when this messenger arrived our model de la Jara and when he started explaining what our model the Allahu Anhu I mean, I mean wanted to know was who was killed in the battle who was killed Shaheed in the Battle of Al qadisiya. And so this man would mention the name of you know, such and such a person companions and Tabby ain, and everybody would pray for them and you'd mentioned somebody else and everybody

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would pray for them. And he had mentioned a third person who said everybody would pray for them. And then he got to the end, the messenger got to the end of the people that he knew who had died or killed Shaheed in the Battle of qadisiya. And then he made the statement. He said, Well, how can Lana Alamo and he said, and so many people, we don't know who they are.

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Just look at that stain. It's so beautiful. He said, and so many people, we don't know who they are. And I'm going to the aligners started crying. And he said, Well Akin, hola, hola. Hola, Mohan. But rather, Allah knows who they are. Allah knows who they are. So the title of today's reminder today is

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the title of today's like, nobody knows me during this

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isolation. I've seen this a lot. And obviously I felt the feeling of myself is you want to make a difference, right? You want to help people, you want to make a difference that 100 Law, calamity brings, it's almost like we're built in. There's of course, the nature of the hoarding. And the and you know, the selfishness there. That's that, but also in our creation is the desire to help. One of the first Facebook Lives, I said here was, there are two types of people, those who run away when something hard hits, and those who run towards, and such as you know, the nurses and essential workers and people in the health care. So they run towards the situation when other people are going

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home and Allah subhanaw taala.

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Except, so

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if you have that feeling that, hey, I want to make a difference, I want to help, but nobody knows me. This session is for you. So first off, when we look at the lives of the righteous people, when we look at the lives of the righteous people, they didn't necessarily have fancy houses, they didn't necessarily have fancy cars, or you know, riding beasts. And they're not necessarily gorgeous, they don't have gorgeous physical beauty. Now these things in times we're living at. These tend to be things where somebody becomes popular, right? Somebody has gorgeous physical beauty, and then they're everywhere online, or they have fancy cars, houses and money and they're everywhere online.

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But if you look at the lives of the righteous people, they didn't have these things in so many like they give the example in the Battle of of qadisiya, so many nobody even knows who they are. Yet they won the battle of Khaleesi which was pivotal to the spread of Islam around the world. And and an only Allah knows who they are. So they changed so even though nobody knew them, even though they didn't have an Instagram account, even though they didn't have a lot of followers, even though they weren't spending their days on Tik Tok and stuff like that, but they changed the course of mankind. And they made a difference. And many of you are Muslim today because of these unknown people. May

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Allah subhanaw taala accept from them. So I wanted to remind you guys today about being thankful for whatever you have and to be content, so you don't necessarily have to make a difference by being a billionaire and all of these things so let's look at the prophets. Allah him a sunnah the prophets were all shepherds, the prophets of Allah they sent him said, Ma'am, in being Illawarra Alana, he said there wasn't a prophet except that though that Prophet

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hurted, she was a shepherd and they said, even your messenger of Allah he said, even me, and so this is one of the most basic jobs that people would have is they just walk out with sheep and walk back home and all the prophets of Allah, this was their job. You have prophets such as dawu that a son who was a blacksmith and even as I was preparing this, I imagined it I thought to myself, What if I needed a sword and I went to a store and and profit wood is the one making the sword or making the tool. Zakariya is was a carpenter. Imagine that. You know, you want some nice clothes. I was gonna say for eight but and the person making the clothes Zakariya at a cinema or sorry. Zakariya was

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dissect carpenter. Yes, carpenter he's making some unique furniture a place to sit or something like that. It is Elisa Lam was a tailor and you need nice clothes and you would go to a prophet of Allah. And that was their job. So they had basic jobs. And if you were to visit their homes, I would think you would, you will find that they were very simple. And as even the woman who the Prophet said a lot is said I'm advised her to be patient and she responded in kind of a harsh tone. She went to see the Prophet, so the lady who sent him and she said it was a simple home and there was nobody out

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Outside guarding it, and that's the home of the prophets of Allah and he was sent him.

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And so ALLAH SubhanA data tells us in the Quran, salam, aleikum. bmls, about when people enter Paradise, Allah subhanaw taala says Peace be upon you, because you are patient, because of your patience, that the person is always looking for the hereafter. And it's not about, hey, I need all these followers, I need everybody to, you know, all this significance and all of these things.

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And just focused on being thankful to Allah subhana Dawn appreciative for what you have and make a difference in what you're able to make a difference from whether people know you or they don't know you. So I wanted to do a little activity with you right now.

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And I got this idea, this act this idea for this activity from when we did our time to thrive summit on mental health and

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system in that Mina, Mina Hill was talking about getting grounded when a person starts to feel anxious. One of the ways to calm that anxiousness down is getting grounded, but really, it's about being thankful to Allah subhanaw taala and appreciating what is right here right now in front of you. So we're going to do this little activity. So if you want to, this is how the activity goes. your five senses, see hear, touch, smell, taste, you're going to look around your room right now, wherever you are. And I'm going to start with see something that you see. So I want you to look around your room right now, wherever you are. And see two things that you can be thankful to Allah

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subhanaw taala for look around your room, get grounded with me. Look around your room, find two things that you could be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala

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Alright, cool. One of the things that I saw was I got this really cool microphone that I don't use for these Facebook Lives. And I'm like, Man, I'm so glad to have a microphone. And the second thing I saw was the technology to be able to connect with all of you all around the world. Pretty cool. The next thing that you want to do to get grounded and calm your anxiety right now is two things that you hear that you can be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala for

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two things that you hear that you can be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala and yes, Samira posted I see my husband and my children. You're welcome to comment if you want to the two things that you see are two things that you hear right now we're doing hearing what are two things that you hear and listen

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right cool. So two things that I can hear that I'm thankful to Allah subhanaw taala number one, I can hear your children playing in the background. I'm thankful to Allah subhanaw taala for those children and I can hear the fan

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one of the fans near to me I'm ventilating the air and 100 Allah that You know I don't have to open a window but there's a fan that does this. Okay, so now getting grounded, calming it down, calming down breathing in what are two things that you can touch that you're thankful to Allah subhanaw taala for what are two things that you can touch that you're thankful to Allah Spano?

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So two things I can touch they make me feel thankful number one is actually touching my skin so, my hand on my skin and I'm like oh, that's so smooth mashallah feels nice. And the second thing I can touch is the plastic of my cup. So I can drink water and hamdulillah

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Okay, this next one which normally people associate with gross

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What are two things that you can smell that you are thankful to Allah subhanaw taala for what are two things that you can smell that you're thankful to Allah

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my sense of smell is not so good

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we saw this.

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The smell

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the coils, right? So two things I could smell I could smell soap, nice. From all that hand washing the nice, whatever. Almond Butter type of smell. And the other thing that I can smell that

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but there's just as you can smell fresh air. I can smell fresh air.

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I'm because the windows are closed. And the second thing that I can smell is the coils on my microphone hamdulillah hamdulillah y'all have good food and chocolate data please share

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taste. So the last one, two things that you can be thankful for with regards to taste. Now I'm not necessarily telling you put it in your mouth right now some of you might have some water or tea or something like that. But if you can get just one that would be great

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two things that you can taste that you're thankful to Allah

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so for me, obviously, it's the taste of water that I just tasted. And you know what I have right here

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with this is

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this is

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I think, actually, it's like crushed

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crushed pepper. Put that on the food. Mix it with the little lime and salt and it tastes really good. takes food to the next level. So I didn't taste it right now. But challah Tada later i will use it

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handler to how you feeling? How was that? So as we did these things, and you started seeing, hearing, touching, tasting smelling.

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You may have forgot all your worries during those times. During these just these few moments, getting grounded. That anxiety you didn't think about it, but it went away for a little a few moments. Because you were in the present. And you were looking at the things and hearing the things and smelling the things that are available to you right now. And Allah Spano Tata has given you and you are rich and you are blessed when you are thankful to Allah azza wa jal. And with that we have concluded, I would like to answer one question from somebody way up. Hi,

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sister. Yes, Mina wanted to know about ventilators.

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I probably don't even know the answer to that. But I will try. I have to scroll up to find it.

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You know, for the people who said that they can hear birds.

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They can hear birds. I love that. I love that sound because I actually live in apartment high up. And the windows are like permanently sealed so I don't hear birds. So if I'm ever on a zoom call, and somebody on the call has birds in the background, I'm like I forget what the person is saying. And I just listen to the birds. And I'm like, I hope they're thankful that they can hear birds in the background because it's such a beautiful sound. This question is from Yes, Mina.

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My question is about asthma and fasting can I fast while taking Ventolin or other similar pumps? I don't know what Ventolin is. And I don't know what a similar pump is because I don't know what ventilators will lock them. I assume you're talking about the inhaler. I don't know if that's what you're talking about.

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Generally speaking,

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what breaks fast is something breaks fast is when liquid goes down your throat and there are there parts of the body that are intended for food such as the mouth. So if somebody put something in their mouth such as a liquid that goes down

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then it breaks fast. Now I'm just telling you in general not telling you if there's a certain criteria for this or not. I'd like to refer you to you know, the there's what pages on FIFA fasting and fat was and is definitely like kind of like a federal type of question. But generally speaking liquid that goes down your throat

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it can be considered breaking fast.

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But that's not the conclusion to your question. I would still like you to look it up. Maybe I'll try looking it up as well as all do it together.

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Alright guys, I'm done.

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I knew the follow up question was that can use to base during Ramadan. The answer is yes, you can use toothpaste. There is a federal about that toothpaste. You're brushing your teeth, you're not trying to eat the toothpaste.

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And when you're

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not trying to eat the toothpaste, and if you spit it out, and some kind of like liquid unintentionally goes down until the dawn It's okay. She remembers rahamallah used to say it was okay because the prophesies

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Time used to use Miss whack

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while while fasting and it's okay to use Miss whack and Miss whack also brings taste into the saliva and brings it down the throat. But if that's not the intention, you're just trying to like brush the outside of your teeth then it's okay Generally speaking though, if you're going to use toothpaste Ramadan, just don't pile it up. So little knocked up a little dab of toothpaste and you're good

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alright guys, so when it comes to you tomorrow Cha handler today, we hit the

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we hit our 100 people before the top of the hour. So we got started early cycle ohana. And so it was

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anyways, the scores to do now. And the answer to the riddle if you see it afterwards is gravity. The answer is gravity. Does that mean well hold on a sec. I want to go

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fishing Harris Cummings.

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