Taimiyyah Zubair – Bukhari 048 Ablution Hadith 157 164

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The use of hands for optimal cleaning of the body and health is emphasized, along with the importance of following laws and avoiding mistakes. The use of shaytan and the potential danger it could cause is emphasized, along with the holy grail of Islam. The importance of washing one's hands is emphasized, along with the physicality of wiping only the top part of the feet and avoiding mistakes. The use of the Prophet sallaviatt for hip issues is emphasized, along with the holy grail of Islam.
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So I'm already called her the lie What?

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Everybody said to delude yourselves

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into them the Prophet sallallahu Sallam yourself.

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Slowly are allowed to sue to get him another word for our human shape line Allah Jean Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim I saw that he were silly emri of letter melissani of Guru Kohli. probenecid.

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So we were studying kitabi will do. And in Qatar, we will do we learned about the etiquette of using the restroom using the washroom. And in that we learned that there are three permissible ways of cleaning oneself after using the washroom Does anyone remember what they are? permissible ways. Okay, just wipe. Another is just use water. And the third is a combination of both wiping as well as washing. There are a couple of questions that the students have asked over the week, I'd like to answer them over here so that all of you can benefit from them. One of the questions that was asked was that is it sufficient to just wipe oneself after using the restroom? Even if a person intends to

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pray afterwards? Yeah. So for example, you are out somewhere and you don't have water, you're at a let's say a doctor's office, you don't have a water bottle with you either. You don't know how to wash yourself, just have toilet paper. So you managed to clean yourself properly, thoroughly. Wipe yourself. And then by the time you'll get home, probably the time to pray will be over. So you have to pray before you go home. So if you just do we'll do over there. Can you pray?

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Can you? Yes, you can. So it's not necessary to wash yourself. As long as you can make sure that you are clean. But if a person is unable to wipe himself clean properly, because let's say then adjust the filth spread or it's splattered everywhere, or you're still not sure that you were able to clean yourself thoroughly then what is best that a person washes himself but wiping is sufficient. Okay, wiping is sufficient. Another question was that it is better to use water to clean oneself after using the restroom. Is it better to clean oneself with water? Yes, but we see that the son of the prophet SAW the light is and was also just to wipe himself. Like in the Hadith we learned that once

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he told the companion to bring three rocks for him. Right? He didn't ask for water. So even that is a Sunnah. So when you do have to only wipe yourself because of unavailability of water or inability to wash yourself, then don't have that guilt in your heart. Don't think that you are doing something lesser, okay. Because wiping oneself clean is also sufficient. Our religion is easy, it is practical. And in every situation, it is not possible for a person to wash. So if you can only wipe then do so without any guilt in the heart do so without any heritage. Another question that is a person allowed to wipe or wash or clean a child a baby when changing their diaper with the right

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hand? Or is it necessary that when cleaning the baby use your left hand as well, that we see that from the Hadith we learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam clearly said that do not use the right hand use the left hand for cleaning oneself. So obviously, if you're touching an area that has filth on it, then which hand should be used the left whether it is your body or somebody else's body. But remember, like I mentioned to you earlier, it is not how long to use the right hand. It is mukou it is disliked, but it is not heroin, okay, it is permissible, but it's not liked. So if, despite much effort, you are unable to use your left hand to clean the baby, you use your left hand but you feel

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that you make more of a mess, then it's okay for you to use the right hand, but you can develop the habit eventually. inshallah, when you have a baby, you have too many diapers to change in one day even. So, if you force yourself to clean with the left, wipe with the left inshallah, you will develop the habit, but if for whatever reason, you're not able to use a left hand and don't think you were doing something, how long Okay, it is makrooh but it is not hard on another question was that is it necessary to use the hand one washing oneself? Meaning Is it necessary to use one's left hand one washing yourself? Or is it just sufficient to pour the water over the point of cleaning

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oneself as what to get rid of the filth? Correct, but if a person just pours the water on top then does that ensure that the filth will be removed completely? No. No then the filth will not come off. Therefore it is best that a person wipes first and then pours water or pours water and then wipes after but wiping is necessary because otherwise you cannot be sure that the field has been removed thoroughly. And if the field has remained, then obviously you know it's not just it will affect your

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Your will do it will affect your Salah. So it is best to be safe in a better safe than sorry, sometimes people don't want to wash themselves with their hand because they think they will get dirty, they will have to wash them and you should wash your hands anyway regardless, okay? Because, you know, even if you're holding, you know, the bucket, the water bucket or even like the shower, it's not something clean. So you have to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards anyway. So, always when you think it can be difficult to wash yourself, remember that Allah loves those people who clean themselves allow your matahari one more thing I would like you to understand over here is that

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when it comes to a command or a prohibition, so, for example, in the Hadith, use the left hand, do not use the right hand okay or inshallah, today, we will learn about whoever uses the stones in order to clean himself and he should use an odd number. So, when it comes to such commands, or such prohibitions, when it comes to armor, and now he, there are two things that we must understand very clearly. First thing is that when it comes to matters of ibadah acts of worship, so for example, Salah, then, an AMA, an imperative means that what the prophet sallallahu wasallam is telling us to do or what the verse of the Quran is telling us to do, it is why it is felt, it is an obligation on

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us. And if there is a prohibition that do not do this, and it's a matter of ibadah an act of worship ritual act of worship, then what is that then the prohibition means that it is haram

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Okay, the Navy is for how long for him, but when it comes to other, when it comes to etiquette like the etiquette of, you know, washing yourself the etiquette of dressing yourself, the etiquette of wiping yourself the etiquette of eating, drinking, so on and so forth. Then, when it comes to commands, when it comes to armor and the heathen it is off, then it is a What do you think most the * it is

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the command is for is the hubbub and the nahi is for Guevara. So, in these are Hadith, where we have learned about you know, the clear statement that do not use the right hand use the left hand and this is what this is for is this Robin Corolla is not for would you ban him. So, this is important to know, because, you know, we learned such and such or do such and such and we think that Oh, you have to do this and if a person is doing otherwise, then he's committing a sin, no, this is a matter of other. So, it is best if you follow but if for whatever reason a person is unable to then he should not feel that guilt in his heart that he is doing something wrong. But obviously, the more

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love person will have the more you will try his best to adhere to the Sunnah of the prophet SAW the waters and the closer he would want to be to the son of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So is this America okay, but when it comes to eating okay or when it comes to certain adapt, for which the reason is given do not do this because such and such. So, for example, when it comes to eating do not eat with the left hand because who eats with the left Shere Khan do not drink because who drinks with the left children. So, when that Illa is given, then that makes it Hello, but if there is not given if the reason is not given, it's just a general statement that do not do such and such or do

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such and such. Then it is just for for is there above and

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where I will do a Merton Merton performing the model once once meaning washing the body parts when performing will do how many times once only so for example a person is performing will do he washes his hands once he washes his face once he washes his arms once. Is it permissible to wash once or is it necessary to wash three times it is permissible to wash once. What's the evidence that had that no Mohammed Abu Yusuf parla had done SPN and they didn't Islam and Arthur igneous said in Dr. Besson, bata, he said there was an obeah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam performed will do Martin Martin once once meaning he washed the body parts how many times

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once. So, this shows that the obligation is fulfilled by washing once if a person washes the body parts once then his will do is valid. Bab and we'll do Mr rotini, Marathi and performing will do washing the parts how many times twice model attain twice. This was also the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had the sinner Hussein of narissa. Allah had written a union signal Muhammad in

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a man on our delay hidden every buck revenue and revenue has been on our bed of Nita Neiman and Abdullah kidney zaidan. And then the BIA sallallahu alayhi wa sallam atoka

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Model attain model dream that the Prophet sallallahu performed Judo twice, he watched the body parts twice, not once, not three times, but twice. So another version tells us that he did it two times, Bob will do SLS, SLS and performing will do washing the body parts three times. Now, this does not mean that it's a contradiction that sometimes you've watched ones Other times you watch two times, other times, twice, three times, it's not a contradiction, but rather, this is the WUSA of our, the the vastness that we find in our religion, because sometimes it is not possible for a person to watch three times. So in that case, can he wash two times Yes, can you wash once, yes, that is also

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allowed. So, this shows that washing once is fault, washing twice is permissible. And washing three times is better it is. and washing twice has also been washing once felt beyond that twice, thrice, you have the choice, but not more than three times. So whatever a person's situation allows him to do, he should do that. Sometimes the person doesn't have much time, he doesn't have much time, if you start watching body part three times it will take longer, you were out you were stuck in traffic, by the time you get home, there is very little time until noclip and you have to pay us as quickly as possible. So you want to spend less time and we'll do so then you can pray with for sure.

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So, he was the only one so that you can perform you will do quickly. Likewise, sometimes the water is not sufficient, there isn't much water available to you. Or sometimes the water is freezing cold or sometimes it's too hot. So in that case, you can just wash once or for example, you have a fever you have been doing a mo the whole day but now you want to do will do but if you that if you wash yourself do many times you might feel too cold. So can you wash just once? Yes, you can. So you should you know go according to whatever your situation allows you to do. And whether you wash once, twice, thrice don't have any guilt in your heart. Had this an after hours east of North dilla Hill

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away See you all had destiny Ibrahimovic decided I never knew she had it. And I thought of him as either a hero who and hamana molar or smen akubra who saw him Ron molar of Horace Mann, who is mula freed slave. So C'mon, who was a freed slave of Earth man? When our friend Allahu anhu, the third Khalifa he informed that I know who that indeed he was man of nerfed that he saw us men in our fun. There are Bina in that he called be in a in for a container a vessel. I mean, obviously this was a vessel that had water in it. So he asked that a water bucket or water container be brought to him. When it was brought. What did he do for flow? Then he poured I like a Fahy upon his bonds, meaning

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he poured some water onto his hands selesa murin three times for lasala Houma then he washed them both. So he took that container. And he poured water over his hands, how many times three times and then he washed them. Then he rubbed them. Some other Hala umina who then he entered his right hand, fill in it in the water. Why in order to scoop out some water in his palm. So first he washed his hands. Then he dipped his hands into the water in order to take the water out. So he entered his right hand into the container from mobile. Then he rented his mouth. So he scooped out some water, put it in his mouth and he raised his mouth was then Shaka and he blew his nose. Some of us Ella

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watch her who then he washed his face celestion three times, way a day he and his hands 11 mil for pain to the elbows selesa murin three times. So much then must have you see he wiped his head. So mme la sala de la he he washed his both feet selesa murine three times nL garbain to the ankles. So mokara Then he said, Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mantle of whoever performed now, like similar to will do IE my will do has this. So whoever performs will do just like I did. So masala Raka Cheney, then he prayed to record lay you had the zoo. He does not talk he does not speak FEMA in those two record nafsa who to

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Himself will feel Allahumma

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He, all of his previous sins will be forgiven for who, for the one who performs will do in such a way, and then he performs to dakara. But what's the condition? He doesn't talk to himself. He doesn't talk to himself, then all of his previous sins will be forgiven. Or do we think we have to go for Hajj, right? We have to go for Umrah. When we do Hajj, then we will be cleaned as the day that our mother gave birth to us. But we see that there are these ways as well, to relieve ourselves of the burden of sins, to wash ourselves clean. That many times it happens that after performing we do you know we rush through to record or we neglect them, we don't bother to pray them at all

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thinking that you know just pray the Father. You know, sometimes we're waiting in a Masjid we'll stand and we will wait we will sit and we will wait. But we ignore this important thing. That it is unfortunate that when we are praying at that time, all of the thoughts come in at that time we start talking to ourselves, otherwise we're not thinking much when we do we'll do from that point onwards we start thinking and talking to ourselves because our minds are never clear. Our minds are never clear we have forgotten how to focus clear your mind of everything focus on the conversation that you're about to have with Allah soprano darling you know before so now we have to do we do that's

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like preparation for sleep so that you enter into that mode. And believe me when you perform fresh will do and then you pray your Salah will be different right? And if you don't perform fresh will do but you know you have will do from before Yes, your Salah will be valid, but performing fresh will do really helps you enter that mode of praying will do and so now also we limit our conversation, you know with others, yes, the Hadees is specifically about talking to oneself in prayer. But before that as well after will do before Salah if you don't if you avoid talking to others, then that will help you focus in prayer. Unfortunately, what happens with us until the last moment we're checking

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our phones reading. And as we are about to stand up to pray we put the phone down as soon as we say Salaam we pick up the phone. So how can we focus in Salah we cannot This is what it appears to be from the Hadees is that it is not for me that a person intends to pray to the carrot so that his sins may be forgiven. It is also called to hear to do so in this Hadees basically what is the Mambo Hari proving that washing three times is also the sonoff will do meaning it is also most known to wash the body parts three times when performing will do because it was handled the lower on who he washed how many times three times. But we see that he first washed his hands and then he continued

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with the will do but how did he wash his hands. He did not dip his hands into the water either he poured water onto his hands. And then when his hands were clean, he entered his hands into the water. So this shows that if you are ever performing will do from a container from which you cannot pour it may be big, then what's the proper etiquette that you wash your hands first, then you enter your hand into it. Because it's quite possible that your hands were dirty, they were not clean. So it's best that you wash your hands first and then you touch the rest of the water because you don't want to make it dirty. Then this Hadees also shows to us that it is not necessary to pour water over

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the hands and rub each time that a person can pour three times and then rub finally at the end. So for example, you have your hands under the running tab. It doesn't mean that you have to rub your hands once and then twice and then thrice Nope. You pour water once, twice, thrice and then you just rub Finally, once at the end that is also sufficient. When Ibrahima Kala Kala Sala have no case and column she had been well I can roll What do you had this evening she had he said that when he would narrate this Hadees on her Milan from her Milan. He would say that film matter what the man when a man performed his will do meaning when he completed the will do Allah Allah or had the sukham

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Hardison, he said that should I not tell you about your Hadees Judah not Narita? Hadees to you, Lola, I atone. If it was not for a verse of the Quran Maha does to como, I would not have narrated it to you. So before he told them, he said should not tell you about a hadith and by the way, if it was not for a verse in the Quran, I would not have told you about it. Samaritan nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a goal I heard the Prophet sallallahu Sallam saying later what the origin no person performs will do for your personal will do. And then he beautifies us, meaning he does it. He performs it in the best way with your son, remember is Babylon.

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Do where you suddenly salata and he prays the prayer, meaning properly with your son, just as he performed will do with your son Illa who fear Allah who, except that it will be forgiven for him, my baina what is between him were bayanus allottee. And between the next prayer, how are you suddenly hear her until he prays in

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Colorado? Or it was said, I have the idea that Earth man alone and who was referring to was in a Latina, Ecto Muna and xlm in Alba Hina Indeed, those people who conceal what we have revealed off the pier signs, the fear proofs, which is an advocate of such people, what's their punishment that they are cursed? So it was because of this verse, that it was manually lower on who he narrated this Hadees. So this is another version of what was Mandalorian, who said, After performing Voodoo of what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said, and this shows to us that the Sahaba they would not need her this, just to, you know, show that they were very knowledgeable, in order to elevate their

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status in order to boast about what they knew, know, they conveyed, because they realized it was their responsibility. Because he said, if it was not for this, I would not have told you. I don't want to impose myself on you. I don't want to force you to listen to me when you don't want to listen, I'm just telling you, because I don't want to be of those people who are cursed.

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It's because it is our responsibility that when we learn about something, it is necessary that we convey so this alien that he had as an Amana on himself, he conveyed it and here we see that there's two things that a person wants to expand in will do and perform the Salah properly and how is a person supposed to perform the solid properly as we learned in the previous narration that he does not speak to himself. Now, we see that washing the body parts three times, okay, meaning in will do washing the body parts three times this has benefits once is legit twice as soon but washing three times it has benefits. What are those benefits? The first of all, there's a throttle. Okay, there's

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more action. Washing once is different from washing three times when you're doing three times you're doing the action more. Okay, so there's a throttle angle. And secondly, there is more to follow more cleanliness. For example, you wash your feet once Yes, your feet are clean. But if you wash your feet three times, are they more clean? Are they Yes, they are. So there's more action and there's more to huddle. So yes washing three times is better than washing only once or twice because sometimes we become lazy and we think okay, you know if I wash one car the fault is complete okay it is complete, but washing three times is better. Likewise we see that when a person performs will do

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he washes his body parts, what happens the sins are also washed away. If you wash once, then Okay, sins are washed away inshallah. But if you wash three times then Morrison's are washed.

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So there are benefits. However, a person should not perform will do

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in this manner that he's always washing three times. Okay, that even if it's inconvenient, he washes three times, because what is the sooner washing once, twice, and thrice. And remember this important principle that following the sun is better than more action. Following the sun, no more faculty sooner is after it is superior. It is much better than kathrada Normal. So just because washing three times more, yes, it is more It doesn't mean that you always wash three times. You should also wash once you should also wash twice. And when you do that, think of it as the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu because at the end of the day, it's not just the quantity that matters, but what is it

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that matters? It develops sooner, following the Sunnah. And we see that for example, the way of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was that when he performed the Sunnah budget, get the tutor card before the Father, how did he perform them very light, that he recited Alia your capital in the first locker and the second record he recited.

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This was his way. Now if a person is performing the sooner of budget, but how does he say in the first regard he recites through the number in the second record he recite Surah obasa for example. Is there more action? Is there Yes, he recited more. On his record. He did it much longer. He said he did it much longer. But is it the same as performing to light record in the same manner the profits are the positive imprint

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Know what is better?

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What is better following the Sunnah. Likewise, we see that once these companions were traveling and the time to pray came, it entered, and they did not have access to water. So they both performed to your mom, and they performed the Salah. After some time they found water. So one of them he performed will do and he repeated the prayer. And the other person did not. So when the Prophet sort of found out, when he was asked about it, he said to the one who did not repeat the prayer of sort dishonor that you, you did the right thing you followed the center. And with regards to the one who repeated the prayer, he said, yes, you will have your reward twice, because you perform the prayer

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twice. But who got the reward for following the sinner who did the right thing? The one who did not repeat the prayer? So yes, the action was less, the action was less, but he did the right thing. This allowance, this capacity that's there. And the beauty is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam performed it will do in all these three ways, once, twice and thrice. So whichever you do, inshallah you get the reward for some not anyway, for following the sooner. So make use of this allowance take benefit. Don't make it hard upon yourself that every time you do what do you have to do two to three times, meaning you have to wash the body parts three times? No. Also wash twice, also wash once.

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Because sometimes, you know, you may have children crying at your feet, you probably will do when the children have crawled into the washroom and you're like, do I wash my foot? Or do I hold the baby?

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This allowance is not there only when you have to wash twice, meaning you cannot wash more than two times you cannot wash more than once. No, you can also wash only once and twice when you are capable of washing three times you can. As we've seen these headings I mean, specific reason has not been mentioned. But definitely the person has the opportunity to increase in his action he should. But he should not neglect the Sunnah of washing once and twice completely. for washing your hands three times and then you have some interruption, let's say the baby's crying? Can you just wash your feet once? Or do you have to do that three times because you started off? Washing three times?

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Apparently, it seems okay. But inshallah I can check for sure if it's okay to do that or not. And the final question.

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Anything else? How is it related to? Like, how can we deduct the title of the chapter from it that washing three times, because there's no mention of washing three times in this last leaf. The thing is that you're talking about how the number 160. Right? This number 160 is you can say a continuation of the previous one. Okay, it's not a separate Hadees remember, he's quoting it's just a continuation of the previous one. Because if you look at how he mentioned it, we're unable on chemo color color, sorry, publication color image should have been well, I can go over to your head discern that or what he used to say this. So there are two versions that he had of the last part of

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the study. So he mentioned both versions. The last part of the Hadees that interval feel Allahumma baina when I saw that he had a use idea that in this version of Hades, we learned that which sins will be forgiven, not the past sins, but the sins that might be committed from that point until the next prayer until you praise it. So it's like you are protecting yourself, you know, from what happened before and what might happen in the future.

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You know, sometimes you are in a situation where you feel like you are prone to making a mistake.

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And you know, he's like, okay, just make a turn here. And I didn't focus and I'm doing thicker as well. And you know, I when somebody tells you you're a new driver, and somebody tells you to just make a turn you just do what they say regardless of what's happening in front of you what the light is. And so I mean, I crossed a red light and I was doing like it was like the car would have hit us like that's why I kept getting bigger you know because you never know whenever this is not just the morning and evening thing you do it all the time you don't know when anything can hitch Exactly.

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So in a situation like that where you feel that you are more vulnerable you could fall very easily you could make a mistake very easily. Perhaps you are amongst certain people that you feel that you every time you meet them you know there's a chance of having an argument or something then before you go there you know pray to enough so that you're protected you know you have your life jacket on. inshallah this or these will come again, there are some more benefits that inshallah I will mention over there. Bob Ellison sorry, Phil will do blowing the nose cleaning the nose in Voodoo. What is instance, Natasha is to spread. So instance out to blow and spread instance out is basically to

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sniff up water into the nose and then blow it out. It doesn't mean to merely blow the nose. No, to take water up into the nose and then blow that out.

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Okay, so the water that was taken into the nose blowing that out, Phil will do. What is it status? Is it necessary? Is it not necessary because it's not mentioned in the verse of the Quran, right in the Quran, all there is mentioned is just wash your faces blowing of the nose is not mentioned. So is it necessary to do it? That kind of Horace Mann or ceman mentioned this work the law, even as a webinar are Besant really a lot more on how all these three companions they mentioned it on in the BS on Allahu alayhi wa sallam that they said that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he did this. So this shows that

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cleaning the nose, rinsing the nose, this is a Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam It was a common practice. had the honor of Daniel Allah Akbar Allah Abdullah, Pilate, Varna, Eunice de Aqua, Ronnie Abu Idris, and no semirara hudaydah and innovia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and no call mantapa funniest answer woman is that Mara fell UTIs mantapa whoever performs booboo folia Stan said that he should blow his nose, he should take some water up into his nose and then blow it out. Woman instead Mara and whoever does is digital, meaning he uses rocks in order to clean himself after using the washroom for looted, then he should make it an odd number of times, meaning he should wipe

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himself clean with three with one stone or three or five or seven an odd number of times. Now, in this Hadees we see that mantova fairly extensive woman his touch model fell uted what do we see here? grammatically, what is their? Mo? Right? This is a it's a command. So according to some scholars, this ama is off would you have obligation anyone Buhari was also of this opinion that rinsing the nose clean, sniffing of water in and blowing it out. This is what and they said that this is included in the command Foxy Lu would you and Allah says wash your faces than face includes the nose. So according to them, if you want your window to be valid, then you have to rinse the nose

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as well. However, some scholars they disagreed, they said that no, it is not an obligation but as soon as it is recommended.

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Why? Because woman is more valued. It's in the same thing. It's in the same sentence. Whoever wipes himself clean than he should take an odd number. And we saw that in one of the Hadees that we learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked one of his companions to bring in three rocks, but they could find only two rocks and one they brought down. So he did not use the dung. He discarded it and he used two rocks. If it was haram to use only two, then he would ask for a third one to be brought to him. But anyway, the scholars they said that it is not why'd you but it is sooner. Because in the Quran, Foxy no would you wash your face? washing your face is just washing it. It doesn't mean that

00:33:10 --> 00:33:52

you have to clean your nose and brush your teeth. I mean, you could elaborate to any extent. I mean, if you started adding things to it, you could add many things to it. So they disagree, and they said that it is better. But if a person is unable to clean his nose, then it's not like his Voodoo will be invalid. What do you think the hikma would be? If a person says that it's not necessary to rinse the nose clean? Every time? And is there any? Is there any benefit to that? Is there any benefit? What's the hikma? If that allowance is there, that it's not wired to clean the nose then is there any hikma behind that? That, if you're short on time, you have just enough time to wash your body

00:33:52 --> 00:34:34

parts once. So if you don't clean your nose and don't clean your mouth, and that will give you more time to pray. Okay, so for example, person is not that good at cleaning their nose properties of every time the sniff of water, some part of it ends up inside. So they're fasting they want to make sure that they don't actually take in any water, so they don't rinse their nose. So that could be the hikma then the second thing that we learned this, Heidi says that whoever wipes himself clean, then he should use an odd number of stones or whatever thing that he is using. So what does it mean? If you're using toilet paper? How many should you use the entire toilet roll? fluted This is taking

00:34:34 --> 00:35:00

three rocks or three handfuls of clay or mud. So three things, three objects. It's not the action of wiping, because wiping I mean, you could do it three, but you could do it five, you could do it more, but it's the three objects. So for example, if you're breaking toilet roll, so you take once, then you take twice and then you take three so if for example you do

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

Once but you feel that no, there is need to wipe more, you take twice. So once you've taken twice, you have to take once more to make it three. But let's say you took the toilet paper three times, you broke pieces of paper, I'm not talking about the individual toilet paper pieces. Okay? Talking about taking toilet paper, okay, how much ever you take at each time. So you took one seat twice or thrice, you feel that there is still more need to clean. So you take once more and then you have to take one more time. So whoever does it twice should make it three, whoever does it four times should make it five, odd number of times. Was it preferences? Russell? I saw him that he liked odd numbers

00:35:41 --> 00:36:24

or was it something? Yes. What do you think the reason is, why do you think we have been told to use odd number of times even when cleaning ourselves? That if you think about it, cleaning yourself, cleaning yourself? This is an action that Allah loves for you. Because we're loving your hibou Moodle for those who clean themselves Allah loves them. So when you're doing an action that Allah likes you to do, you should do it in the number of times that Allah likes. So Allah is with it and he likes with where you humble with. He likes with Reza. I mean, this just shows the love that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had for

00:36:26 --> 00:37:08

that how much your son he had in his EBITDA. how careful every action was. Allah likes my lord likes with I will do this with the number of times as well. So we see that this is an act of worship as well cleaning yourself. This is also a means of attaining newness to Allah soprano Darla, so even that should be done in the number of times that Allah likes. We translated that he should wash him clean himself three times. So what we know is just the odd number. It could be 1357. Right? How are we addressing it? Is it the continuation of the previous bath? Because we did babble WUSA lessons lesson how we are translating it three times, you

00:37:09 --> 00:37:46

know, odd, I'm saying odd three was just an example. Okay, it's actually odd for you to then he should do it an odd number of times. Okay, so 3413579, whichever. And we see that this was something that profits or losses in practice so strictly, that's a matter of fallacy. He said that the profits or losses and forbade us from using less than three stones. So this shows that once is not sufficient, okay, three minimum, but more than three, you have to make it odd number of times. So he's strictly practice this and encouraged his companions to practice the same thing as well.

00:37:49 --> 00:37:51

Is it okay? Because you mentioned

00:37:54 --> 00:37:55

that's part of what

00:37:57 --> 00:38:25

we teach the children was, oh, we often tend to ignore these things like that he gets to the washroom. So this should be a part of the teaching as well. This is important as well. And you know what I mentioned about the toilet roll, unfortunately, the way people waste on paper, you know, the whole roll on the floor. It's wet. And many times children are sitting on the toilet and the whole toilet paper is like gone. So this should be taught. Right? This is an important thing.

00:38:26 --> 00:38:27

Regarding the children when you're doing that,

00:38:29 --> 00:39:01

you teach them that regarding especially the shower, that it's okay if you read only once a shower like the last Raka would we do that with with Alicia Salah. Right? And we know that we can read one cracker or three or five. But when you're doing it that we have children and you on purpose, hide it, you don't tell them because I noticed that once you tell them that there is also you can eat only one to make it a permanent habit and they never tried to read three they never tried to put more effort. So what is the hikma like if we do according to

00:39:02 --> 00:39:38

according to age, so, and according to the nature of the child as well, because sometimes, for instance, on children, they love to stand in front of the sink and keep washing and washing and washing. So you want to discourage them from using too much water. So you can say okay, we've washed once. It's enough, let's move on. We wash twice, it's enough. Let's move on. Over example you choose to teach your child washing three times when performing we'll do then later as they grow older, you can teach them that washing twice is also permissible washing once is also permissible. You can start with one and then build upon it, teach them one thing and then build on it as they grow older.

00:39:38 --> 00:39:58

Because they need to learn as well. Because yes, you want them to perform the best action, but we might be making things difficult for them. Right? When that allowance is there, Dean then why not take advantage when it comes to Salah. I remember when we were in school and we studied Islamic studies I mean, we learned that shy you have to be 17

00:39:59 --> 00:40:00


00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

Have you prayed in our class in my class? No, hardly anyone used to pray Salah which child is do you think gonna pray 17 record, nobody will, especially when there's so many ways of entertaining yourself in the night, you know watching television on the computer who's going to pray 17 record so you're making things so difficult for them that they will give up completely. The thing is that love and fear of Allah should be instilled. And when that is there, then the quantity will increase itself as well. You know, once the quality comes in, quantity will increase but if the quality is not there in the quantity will go away as well. He pray like that. But if you prayed like that, you

00:40:38 --> 00:40:52

will be like him out, he will get a good reward for it. I think before doing action if he knows what's the benefit of doing this stuff, he will be more interested in for the Prophet love for Allah. If that is instilled in the action is easy to perform.

00:40:53 --> 00:41:30

Flavors watching us Margarita, then he told him that he could do this. That's how he can tell our children to like, I mean, it's late. He didn't have to worry. But you told him Yes. That was mandatory? No or no he performed he will do he watched the body parts three times. And then what did he say such a beautiful statement that whoever performs will do like this three times? Yes, it seems difficult. But whoever does it like this, and then press to record in the best manner then each other all is in there for you? And theorists, why did they learn who you took advantage of a teachable moment, at that time when he was performing well do perhaps is freed slave or at that time

00:41:30 --> 00:41:42

he was sleeping, he was watching him he was observing him very carefully. So he took advantage. And he mentioned to him something that would benefit him something that would encourage him to do good. So we should also take advantage of these moments.

00:41:44 --> 00:42:15

He was saying that, you know, Marshall and Buxton and yet people who are practicing, he said, they do pray all this another novel. So he said, don't go and tell them that oh, you know, by the way, you just need to pray, like, you know, use your wisdom. If they're doing all that and they're really into it, let them do it, inshallah there's a gem for them. But at the same time, like, like the sister was saying, you know, if it becomes hard, like, you want to tell because I remember I used to work and there was some sister who would come from Pakistan. And she would be like, Where are you going? And I would tell her Oh, there's only sunlight in the office. And she was like, really up the

00:42:15 --> 00:42:50

whole wartsila. And she was like, confused, because she they go How do you take so much time out of work? I said, No, it's okay. And then she saw me coming back in 10 minutes. And she like, you're done. Like, you know, I'm like, yeah. And then I had to explain then I realized that she was actually thinking I'm doing the all too before and for. So when I went over she she had a hard time believing at first that she can do for me. But then she came and she started doing and so on unless she started even trying to do this another one. But it's true. Like if people see that there's ease then they actually might be encouraged to do more. Yes. So, every person is different. Every child

00:42:50 --> 00:43:33

is different in nature, every person is different, you find yourself different in different situations in different times. Right. So keep that in mind. Bob is did Mary withdrawn his digital, please cleaning oneself with stones. How many times withdrawn an odd number of times, and this was mentioned in the previous Hadees but among Buhari is proving it further, its recommendation with another Hadees had the center of the law have no use of color for an American and urbinati angiology and ebihara irata and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a call it a tapa hadoken when one of you performs will do foliage on fee and fee then he should put in his nose meaning he should sniff

00:43:33 --> 00:44:25

water up in his nose. Some malyon so then he should blow it out. Woman instead tomorrow and whoever use the stones to clean himself up then he should use he should do it an odd number of times. What either and when is stain color I had to come when one of you is stain cover. He wakes up may know me from his sleep. So whoever wakes up from his sleep folio cell, then he should wash Yoda who his hand Avila before I knew the healer her that he enters it fee will do he in his world will not will do but will do will do is the water that is used for purification. So he should wash his hands before he puts them into the water for in the haidakhan for indeed one of you layer that he does not know

00:44:25 --> 00:44:59

ain't about that yet. where his hand spent the night you don't know where your hand was in the night when you when you were sleeping. So wash your hand before you entered into a vessel that has water in it. There are three things that we learned in this Hardee's First of all, blowing the nose in window. Cleaning the nose is a part of Voodoo and it is also important to do when a person wakes up from sleep. Okay when a person wakes up in the morning, or after a nap, but especially in the morning, then they should thoroughly

00:45:00 --> 00:45:20

blow their nose, clean your nose, it is a part of auto but after sleeping as well this is necessary. Why do you know because shaytan spends the night where in the interior part of the nose meaning of the nostrils. Therefore, a person should rinse his nose clean thoroughly upon waking up, but especially in

00:45:21 --> 00:46:03

Secondly, we learn in this Hadees about using odd number of stones to buy and sell, or whatever material a person is using to wipe himself clean after using the toilet. And thirdly, that on waking up, a person should wash their hands before putting them in water. Another version of the Hadees tells us to wash the hands three times. What's the reason? Why should a person wash his hands upon waking up before putting them in water? So there is a reason that is hissy, because some crazy reason, tangible, physical. And what is that that the hand could be dirty. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that one of you does not know where the hand spent the night meaning you don't know if

00:46:03 --> 00:46:42

you touch something filthy. You don't know if you touch your private part, you don't know if something else came upon your hand. Because in the night, especially, you know, there are bugs, there could be insects, there could be mice, there could be lizards, okay? There could be a low Arlo. So you don't know something may have come upon your hand and passed by and left its traces on your hand and you don't know. So if you put that hand into the water, that could be mixed into that water and you're using that water to clean your mouth and nose. I mean, this could be very dangerous for a person. So it's best that a person washes his hands first and then he puts them into the

00:46:43 --> 00:46:48

container of water. Another reason could be a minor reason an intangible

00:46:50 --> 00:47:41

and that is that just as when a person is sleeping than Chitwan, he spends the night where in the nose of the person. So he leaves his traces whatever, Allahu Allah the effect. Okay, I've Shetlands presence are there in the nose. So perhaps the effects of Geodon may also be on the hand. Those traces may also be on the head. If the shaytaan can leave the effect in the nose, and he can also leave it on the hands. So Allahu arland it may be because of that, that a person should wash the hands before dipping them into water and this Hades is that when any one of you wakes up he must rinse his nose three times barely Shetland spends the night inside a person's nostrils. person might

00:47:41 --> 00:48:21

wonder how is it possible? How does that happen? Remember that the world of the ginger the Shelton is hidden from us just as the world of angel this hidden from us. I mean, we learned that there are angels by our sides, but do we feel them? We don't. Likewise, how can I sit on fit inside the nose alone, okay, but we learned from the Hadees and we accepted. But one of the scholars he said that Chetan chooses the nose because the eyes are looking and pondering over the creation, the heavens and the earth. The mouth is remembering a lot the ears are for listening to knowledge and allows remembrance. However, the nose doesn't have any of these traits. So he manages to get through to you

00:48:21 --> 00:49:09

through your nose, he doesn't leave out any chance. So he's there to get you. So if he enters into your nose, and he spends the night there, his effect is there, you know, like a person who is very aggressive or they're very rude. They come and they go and when they go, you feel that, you know, you feel that tension, you feel that negativity, isn't it? It's not something that can be physically felt, but you experience it, you feel it, you feel that tension. So likewise, Stefan, he was present there. So he left his traces his effect, so Alo arland that effect could have also been on your hand. So some scholars have said that this is the reason why you should wash your hand separately

00:49:09 --> 00:49:49

before putting it into the vessel. And some scholars say that there is no reason I mean, even if there's no reason still you should wash your hand before putting it into the lesson. The question is that do you feel the traces of Shetland physically not necessarily. No. But you know, it's possible that you feel heavy in your nose or you feel stuffy in your nose or, you know, you feel that your noses a little too oily when you wake up. You know people have that. Right. They do experience that sometimes so you feel unclean. So thoroughly clean your nose from inside upon waking up in the morning person should try their best to do it. And if you don't have water, at least blow your nose.

00:49:50 --> 00:49:59

Okay, if you can't sniff water up, at least blow the nose. At least wipe it clean. walking somewhere I wouldn't when you get up in the morning especially now that the weather is changing.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:21

You'll find sort of dust particles coming up in a nose when you wash it. No when I do a thorough cleaning of anything when I go for a walk, and you come back when you inhale all that dust right? So when you clean it, you will find specks of dust coming out from your nose. Imagine if you just left it there and you're inhaling it. So your poor lungs have to work extra hard. If you clean your nose, there is less work for the for the lungs to work on.

00:50:22 --> 00:50:28

Inhaling clean air kind of thing. I mean, how important taharah is in our

00:50:29 --> 00:51:06

hearing your menses should you still do what you know when you wake up in the morning, you should still clean your nose rinse your nose clean? Because the Hadees that I mentioned to you is which is often Buhari he doesn't mention will do when any one of you wakes up he must rains his nose three times. Verily shavon spends the night inside a person's nostrils. Okay. Sorry, I just experienced it myself. You know, sometimes you wake up and there's something going on. And so you have sometimes you don't have time to even use the washroom or somebody on the door or something. So you run downstairs and see and I feel personally it seems like this something is descended upon me that I

00:51:06 --> 00:51:11

have to use the washroom and clean my nose and freshen up before I do anything else. So

00:51:13 --> 00:51:43

yeah, I'm back and do the routine and then come out. And also, I also experienced this that I was in Paxton, once and every time every single time we came back from the bazaar, or the market, I would go and perform Voodoo Eve whether or not I had to pray. So mostly it was time for praying anyways. And I experienced that you literally I didn't get I didn't get sick. Absolutely no cold, no nothing. And everybody around me was had it. But I didn't so just proven my practice.

00:51:45 --> 00:52:05

In this Hadees, we see that washing the hands before putting them into water. But what if you don't want to put your hands into water? Let's say you wake up and you just want to check your email and do something on your computer, and then turn the kettle on and put the bread in the toaster and make your bed? Do you have to wash your hands before that?

00:52:07 --> 00:52:22

Okay, from the text, it doesn't seem that you have to. But we see that typically when a Muslim wakes up, he wakes up at what time at budget time or that time. So what should you do at that time? First thing anyway, perform

00:52:23 --> 00:53:07

this tradition of sleeping after fudging something so common, right? It should not be our common practice. But if it does happen, when we wake up, and what is the other hand, he says that when one of you wakes up, then he should Rins is no three times during your nose, obviously, you have to wash your hands as well. So even if there is no direct instruction, telling us that before doing anything, wash your hands. Still, we should wash our hands before checking the phone before turning the computer on before you know turning the catalog or anything. Why? Because you don't know what's on your hand. And this important etiquette must also be taught to children, especially when they're

00:53:07 --> 00:53:43

younger. I mean, as they're sleeping, they're, you know, they have a runny nose and they're touching their nose or, you know, putting their fingers in their ears or whatever I mean, their hands could be dirty when they wake up. So before they come and start touching everything, you should encourage them to wash their hands. First, make it a habit from the beginning because the habits that you develop in childhood, and they never go away. Recently, when I when I studied this, it sounds like I could make my son develop this habit. So he woke up and I said let's wash your hands. He said what's on it. I said nothing. But we should wash our hands when we wake up. So immediately his hands became

00:53:43 --> 00:54:18

stiff as if you know they were filthy and they're they had something on them or they were sticky. He didn't want to touch anything. He didn't want to touch it, you know himself. He just wanted to wash his hands first. So, you know, little children even explain to them that when we wake up we should wash our hands because we don't know what we touched we don't know our hands may be dirty. You know, maybe you touched your nose. So your hands are dirty. So let's wash our hands first and then you know we'll do whatever. So it's an important etiquette and important habit that must be developed because people who get used to you know unhygenic practices then there's no limit to that. They wake

00:54:18 --> 00:54:58

up and they will not even brush their teeth they will not even wash their hands and with the same hands they're touching the iron and touching the toast and touching the refrigerator and everything and you feel disgusted looking at them. So it's a terrible habit and mothers are responsible for it. You know this is a Latina has gone on Alok Yamanaka road and we're allowed you know beaming every state every place you remembering Allah you are doing what Allah wants you to do so that every action becomes an Reba. It's so true that these habits have to be built. When the kids are really young. I walked into a meat store and it was said it said on the vein of the door. We'll be back

00:54:58 --> 00:54:59

shortly out to lunch.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:30

So I waited a couple of minutes and the person came back. And he said Salaam. So what did I want? I told him, this is what I want from me like chicken, whatever. And he immediately went to touch the meat or something. And I had such feeling of graha inside me. I said my brother, I'm sorry, did you wash your hands? Could you please wash your hands? So he looked at me, he was a younger person, so and I'm kind of older, so he had no chance. So he went in towards the sink. And I said with So please,

00:55:31 --> 00:56:00

I felt bad, but I couldn't possibly buy me there. So I think that was the last time I did by me there. But he did. He looked at me like funny. But he did that. So it goes a long way. Like he had no concept. I don't know where he was coming from. And he had eaten so it was, you know, like mandatory that he watched his parents before he starts doing his business in the store. So inshallah we have to we have to know and we have to teach the kids Yes.

00:56:02 --> 00:56:39

And what happened, the first thing they taught everybody was washing hands when you had even up to now when you go to hospitals or certain even I think some of the the drugstores they have a dispenser there. But I was telling everybody, but imagine our religion, it teaches us to wash your hands because many doctors won't shake your hand. They say that's where the most germs are in the hand. So imagine our religion, which teaches us the basic principle of washing hands. Even when we go shopping. I don't normally when you're driving the car or waiting for groceries, to come back and go sit in the kitchen to the to cook the food. I asked everybody after you touch all the groceries

00:56:39 --> 00:56:45

in the store, wash your hands when you get home. Because you'll find in your hand. Allahu Akbar.

00:56:46 --> 00:57:34

Okay, let's continue. Bab lossless Leslie Delaney? Well, I am sir Who I'll call the main washing the feet and not wiping the feet. Mainly when it comes to feet, they have to be washed. You can't just wipe over the feet, when can you wipe when you're wearing socks. But if you're not wearing socks, then you have to wash them. But some people that are filler, they think that it is sufficient to just wipe the feet even when you're not wearing socks. So when it comes to washing the feet, you're just wearing sandals. You just take your wet hand and walk wet palm of your hand and just wipe over your foot and that's it. You think that this is sufficient you don't wash your feet just wipe over

00:57:34 --> 00:58:23

them. So mahadi is negating that. This misconception where do they take their evidence from? From the verse one sir Who bill Oh si como de la comida carbine. Those of you who studied the theory of this either to karate so once or who bill OC come and wipe over your heads, we're out of July come in and carving out of July calm and our dhulikhel both are there right when you read as a jeweler comb, then this is my rule of what Foxy Lu vasiliou. So wash your feet. But when you read it with the gel or Julie comb, this is my rule. Why because once or who, and this is wiping over what just feet no over socks because the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam clarifies that. So, Mr.

00:58:23 --> 00:59:06

Bahari is clarifying this misunderstanding that a person has to wash their feet, he cannot just wipe over them. The rafidah, the Shira, they differ from the lucerna in the washing of the feet in three ways. There are three differences. First of all, they do massage, they wipe only they don't wash the feet. Secondly, they do massage, they wipe only the top part of the foot, not all the way to the carbine, as the ayah tells us not all the way to the ankles, but only the top part of the foot. They believe that that wiping the top part of the foot is sufficient you don't have to wipe all the way to the ankles. And thirdly, they do not consider wiping over the socks permissible. They do not

00:59:06 --> 00:59:15

consider wiping over the socks permissible. And this is very strange because one of the narratives of this sooner is who arguably lower no

00:59:16 --> 00:59:58

he's the one who narrated the Sunnah of wiping over the socks. So this proves that all of us are in need of guidance of Allah subhanaw taala had this and I'm also gonna try another on a revision on use of of Nima hug on Abdullah him yeah Ramadan. Allah He said the holidays and abuse Allahu Allah. He will send them around Nafisa, 14 Zephaniah, we have read the studies a number of times, so I'm not going to translate it word to word for Raka wakad Hakuna Salah wakad or Hakuna Rasul further Alana todo wynnum sir Allah or Juliana, Fernanda, we are so happy when you are calling in another mobile attain OSA lesson. So, to summarize in this Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he saw

00:59:58 --> 00:59:59

people just wiping

01:00:00 --> 01:00:29

Their feet. He said out loud that way Louisville are called Women and now wore to the ankles on account of the fire meaning there's punishment, there's fire for those ankles that are not washed in will do that a person neglect wildfire wildfire because without washing the feet will do is incomplete. The person who does not have will do his Salah is not valid and a person who does not pray that is and will be fire.

01:00:30 --> 01:01:19

So why little are called Women alone. Now this journey, this trip, when this incident took place was the return journey from head to toe with our What does that tell us? This was not abrogated. Okay, this is a final instruction regarding this matter from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, that washing the feet is necessary, they cannot just be wiped on. And it shows that the whole foot should be washed all the way from the doors to the ankles, not just the top part. But all the way from the toes to the ankles, the whole foot should be washed. And this Hudis also teaches us that massage cannot be done in place of muscle meaning the part that has to be washed. You can't wipe over it. So

01:01:19 --> 01:01:38

for example, the foot it has to be washed, can you wipe over it? No, you can. Likewise, let's say your arm, it's injured, you're wearing a cast on your right arm. So then can you wash the rest of the body parts and just wipe your hand over the right arm over the cast? No,

01:01:40 --> 01:01:50

you can't do that. It's either wash or don't wash them. You cannot replace muscle with muscle.

01:01:51 --> 01:02:35

You cannot replace washing with wiping. Many of us think that it's okay. That if you wearing a big band aid or something to just wipe over it, no, you can't do that. You have to wash the whole body part. And if you can't wash the old body part and the other options there of doing the washing cannot be replaced by wiping remember this important rule? What's the evidence? What's the evidence of this? This or these that when the companions were just wiping over the feet. Why? Because they didn't have much time. The time of selected Arthur was about to be over. So to speed up, they just took their wet hands and wiped over their feet. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said wait a minute

01:02:35 --> 01:02:56

now if you leave that part dry, which you have to wash that way. Now, if a person doesn't have water, if they're sick, they have a cast they have, you know, a broken limb, then obviously, they don't have to do what will they do them? Okay, so it's either doing will do properly or doing

01:02:57 --> 01:03:36

likewise, this on the other hand shows to us that a rustle cannot be done in place of massage. Washing cannot be done in place of wiping. So what has to be wiped you got to wash over it. So for example, a person thinks that it's I'm being more righteous, let me just pour water over my head every time I do do or pour water over my ears? No, you cannot replace wiping with washing. But suppose you're in the shower. And you did we'll do and when it comes to wiping your head, you know you were standing under the shower your hair is wet anyway. So do you have to wipe your hands over? There are two opinions concerning to some scholars that that no you have to wipe because it's the

01:03:36 --> 01:04:23

action of wiping other scholars say that it's gonna take you the same result I mean, more In fact, so it's okay. Because when you're washing I mean this is catarratto ramen right there is more action. So it has caused your entire hair to become wet. So, some scholars aloud and others say that no, you still have to wipe okay, but some scholars have allowed it. But this teaches us something very important that we are to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam we cannot change the rules of will do according to our convenience, according to what makes sense to us. No, we are followers and followers cannot change the rules lead to demo bainer the law he was truly and this

01:04:23 --> 01:04:56

hadith also tells us that when it comes to something serious then we cannot be lenient over there. We cannot be over compromising over there. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said very apparently harsh words well, Amina now I mean, this is something serious. If somebody tells us your ankles are dry, Hellfire, I mean, we would be offended. But this is a serious matter. Because neglect in one thing can lead to more neglect can lead to carelessness and other matters as well.

01:04:57 --> 01:04:59

enough that you tell them once and then you forget because they're

01:05:00 --> 01:05:22

Kids once you teach them 123 times, and if you stop it, you'll see eventually, in a month or two, my bad habits come back again. So being a mother is our responsibility, make up some time one wash, they're still making their ease all the way up, up or not. Because in winter, especially, especially in the flagella, when they're sleepy, they don't do that. I experienced it personally. So we should try it.

01:05:24 --> 01:05:43

Personally, when you're outside, or you're doing with the sink is usually so high and you can short so then when you get only the top of Washington, sometimes you don't want to go up there and cook us a lot of work and it looks awkward. But then when we learned we learned before, so whenever I think they're like a conscious thing that I always hear way too late.

01:05:45 --> 01:05:47

So I always go in.

01:05:49 --> 01:06:23

And this had this also shows that if you see somebody making a mistake, and they will do something serious, then it's our responsibility to correct them. You know, sometimes you may be standing next to a person they're watching and you see that the water did not reach their elbow, the back of their arm, they didn't feed it, it's still dry. You're watching and you're thinking in your mind that Oh, look at them look at look at how they're performing what they've done the course right? I thought they were doing these course they should know about it. So instead of being judgmental about people, what should we do, do do toady, point out to them what they need to do what they need to fix. Bab

01:06:23 --> 01:06:48

unmod mobility, Phil will do a mug mother. What does that mean? turns the mouth into maharlika considered this to be obligatory as well, just as he believes that cleaning the nose is also obligatory but there's the other opinion that it's not obligatory, but it is Mr. Allah who ignore best in what Abdullah hypno zaidan read the Allahu anhu an interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam these companions they narrated this practice from the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

01:06:49 --> 01:07:11

And like I mentioned to you there is difference of opinion over this some scholars consider it to be worship and other scholars considered to be Muslim. If you consider it to be Mr. What would be the hikma that sometimes you have the permission to not bring them out in will do what could be the Hikmah the benefits let's say you're at the beach, there's lots of water

01:07:12 --> 01:07:52

and let's say the hotel or whatever you're staying at it's far away or there's no water over there sometimes it happens. So you have access to only see water okay you want to do but how are you going to rinse your mouth? How are you going to you can't and before when people would be traveling by sea then how do you think they will perform what do you think they would be able to rinse their mouth every time it would be very difficult. I mean once you can try twice you can try but I don't think you can do it three times at all. It's very difficult. So in a situation like that, you sometimes have to sometimes likewise the water may not be safe for drinking. You are at a park outside right

01:07:52 --> 01:08:34

away from the city. And there is water to wash your hands with you know you can even wash your feet with your arms with but it says very clearly not safe for drinking. So if you put it in your mouth and something happens then you are at fault. So if you have a water bottle, you have water that is safe for drinking you can rinse your mouth with that but if you don't have access to that, then it's okay if you don't rinse your mouth, but for sure this is a must noon way meaning rinsing the mouth in will do is a Muslim practice. It is of the son of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had doesn't really have any color or even on his recorder or any new year's eve on homerun molar was made of

01:08:34 --> 01:09:21

near a foreigner and the whole Iris manner that we will do in our standard with our newly he called for a while do what is will do water with which he was going to perform will do for alpha then he board Our Lady human inner he on his hands from his container for Lhasa whom SLS Amara Murat and he washed them both three times some other halimeda who feel will do then he entered his hand into the water some Mata Mata Mata then he wins his mouth was Ben Chaka and he blew his nose was done Shaka he snapped up some water was was censored and he blew it out some nagasawa who said a lesson where they he didn't miss a lesson he washed his hands and his face three times and his hands all the way

01:09:21 --> 01:09:59

to his elbows. So must have your seat and he wiped his head. So Marissa Kohler agents are us and then he washed each foot three times. So makalah then he said oh eight and a BS Allahu Allah He was selama who will do he had? I saw the Prophet sallallahu Sallam performing will do similar to this will do of mine will color and he said mantova whoever performs will do what we'll do he had like this will do of mine. So masala ricotta and then he performs to La Casa de la you had this opinion of several in which he does not talk to himself laferla hula hula de kado means MB alone forgive for him whatever sins he committed.

01:10:00 --> 01:10:47

Before So, in this Hadees, we see that Earth's mantle deliver on who he brings his mouse. And the Hadees that he narrated was what the prophets have said whoever performs will do like this in this manner. So, we see that one is the ideal, the best way of performing model in which a person washes the body parts three times he renders the mouth as well as cleans the nose, this is the ideal, this is the best way, but every situation is not ideal. So, a person should also know the bare minimum, the bare minimum, what is it that I have to do so that my will do should be valid, because then it makes a person's life easier in this manner, then he, whatever he's doing, he doesn't have that

01:10:47 --> 01:11:31

guilt, that burden of guilt in his heart. And in this Hadees we see that whoever performs the doodle card after performing Judo in the best way then all of his previous sins will be forgiven and other Hadees tells us that the five daily prayers Friday to Friday, and Ramadan, Ramadan are a means of forgiveness for what is between them, as long as the major sins are avoided. So likewise over here as well, this is that minor sins will be forgiven for the major sins a person has to do though, but he has to seek forgiveness for them. And the Salah should be such that a person does not speak to himself. And this talking to himself is which one out loud? No, this is the knifes Wonderland will

01:11:31 --> 01:12:01

matter to us we will be left to Allah knows what we whisper to ourselves when we say to ourselves, so that conversation that's going on in our minds, that has to be blocked when it comes to prayer that has to be avoided. Now apparently this action seems like Oh wow. So simple. I dare you do it. And keep trying. Keep trying don't give up. Because you cannot speak to yourself even once from the beginning to the end.

01:12:02 --> 01:12:15

Keep trying and ask yourself every time you think the sun is such that I did not talk to myself at all. And if you fail don't give up try again. And if you fail again don't give up try again but keep trying.

01:12:16 --> 01:12:59

And when you keep trying inshallah Allah will give you the victory that level and if you start with this inshallah it will help you focus in your Salah otherwise as well. Because how can you have a shoo in just to Raka randomly if you don't have for sure in the rest of your prayers. There are many lectures available online. I recommend that you listen to them. But this is you know, a big a big thing. Having all of your sins previous sins forgiven, it's a big thing. So keep striving keep trying. inshallah. We find it difficult to control ourselves from talking to other people. I mean, controlling yourself from talking to yourself is even hard. Okay, so panicle long will be handy. Can

01:12:59 --> 01:13:04

I share the La ilaha illa Anta Nesta Hiroko go into some really cool to have to live with

Lesson 48 – Chapter 22-28 Hadith 157-164

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