How to Make Dua for Hours Without Getting Bored

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As the month of hedge is here, you will see videos like the virtues of hedge and good deeds to do type of video, I want to complement those videos with something you probably won't find elsewhere. How to make your offer hours without getting bored. After five minutes, let's face it, most of the time we can think of anything else to make doc for so we just stopped.

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But when Hodge comes along, and on the Day of Arafah, there is so much time to make dua. If you don't plan it properly, that blessing time might pass with very little worship to show for it. That's why what I'm about to show you is so important. Here's what I suggest how to make dog for hours without getting bored for things. One, create a mind map of your desired life. A mind map is a brainstorming tool that you might be familiar with. If not look it up. Prepare a mind map in advance of a long dot session in the middle put me then branch off one side dunya and the other side akhira and let your brainstorming go wild. The Mind Map will help visually organize all your dogs to pace

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yourself in 20 minute blocks, our mind starts to wander after 20 minutes. If you take a timed eight minute break every 20 minutes, you'll keep your energy longer three, mix it up on vicar draw, what I like to do is have a theme for every 20 minute block. For example, in this blog, I'm reading the Quran in this 20 minute block I'm doing Vica in this block, I open up my mind map and make my dogs for follow along with YouTube do eyes. When the day gets long and your mind is wandering. This is your go to open up a YouTube video and follow along with the man saying I mean bonus if it's in your language so you can know what the Imam is saying. And hey link for me in the comments. Some of your

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favorite follow along dogs. This is Muhammad Sharif minder out for you is to see you succeed at the highest level on behalf of Kobe and the discover you team in these blessed days. Please remember us in your doors and it would be really cool if you could make dua for us right now.