Muhammad Alshareef – How to Build a Nation of Leaders #shorts

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a situation where people are trying to figure out how to handle the pandemic and how it may affect their well-being. They acknowledge that the situation is uncertain and that everyone is working to mitigate the virus. The speaker also mentions that people are not being allowed to go out and enjoy the outdoings of the world.
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You're living for death.

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If you aim to die, Allah subhanaw taala gives you life.

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And if you aim to just live, then you become a dead man walking and how true that is. When you look at the communities for example, people who are too busy to focus on the hereafter, you will see that they're like zombies going back and forth to work. The people are too busy to take the time to call the parents and do Sudoku and so on is just a dead man walking. They bring no benefit to themselves, no benefit to the people around

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