Do you Endorse Saddam Hussain, Mujahideen and Palestinian Suicide Bombers

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Assalamualaikum brother,

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as a Muslim, personally, I want to ask you this question. In the current socio political theological climate of Stark black and white, prevalent in the world today, I find it extremely difficult to endorse any faction, or even my own notions of right and wrong, ruling out the validity of the prejudice, it is an accepted norm today that it is a followers of the faith could reflect the faith itself. Assuming such an argument, how can I make a stand? How can I preserve the solidarity of my faith? There is a basic conflict of opinion between me and my Islamic peers as an individual, would you personally endorse the standard for Saddam Hussein, the passion of a Mujahideen fighter, or the

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death of a Palestinian suicide bomber?

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This is a question that seeing the conflicting views and ideas. She doesn't know where she fits in. Who should she agree with? Who should she not agree with? Or should we say? She's asking a question that? Do I agree with? What's happening? The Palestinian Mujahideen is what's happening about Saddam Hussein, etc. Sister, as I told you, many times these issues are political.

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What I say that everything has a hidden agenda. And because I keep on traveling a lot, and again, right or wrong, alum, I can't say this is the thing. But mainly the cause are a few selected people. And the politicians, again, the politicians, for political reasons, they make someone the scapegoat. And that is the reason they want to see to it that the ulterior motives have been solved me as a Muslim. If you asked me that, what should I say if someone asked me, I can only speak the truth, if someone has caused them harm. If someone has murdered them, etc, etc. In this way, if they retaliate, it's allowed, otherwise, they cannot. You asked me what's happening about a particular

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individual case, Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein. I say I don't know the background. I cannot give a fatwa. I can't give a verdict on them. Because I haven't interviewed them for me to give no opinion if interview them to what I say. Allah, Allah, Allah knows best. Allah will not ask me on the Day of Judgment is Osama bin Laden a terrorist or not?

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I will tell you that if he had done wrong, if you've broken the guidelines of Quran and Sunnah he is wrong, if he hasn't broken is good. That is not my basis to pass the examination. What after read after read the Quran accurate the scripture? This question can be dealt with those who are experts who keep on traveling to Afghanistan, taking interviews, etc. And we find such coming in the paper etc. you as a Muslim Mia, the Muslim, Allah will not Almighty God will not ask us a question or do judge me that Do you agree Saddam Hussein is a terrorist or not? We have to say, allow them we don't know. Neither do we support them, neither we condemn them. If there's solid proof of a particular

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person of a particular Muslim, who has done the Act, which is proven to be against the Quran, then we have to condemn him. But if there's no proof, which is substantial proof, we have to remain neutral. That's what Quran says. And your faith has into shake sister. Your faith should be based on the truth which is mentioned in the Scripture. The best way

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to secret that the faith is reinforced

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is to read the Quran, you will not find any defect in the Quran, you will not find a contradiction, the Quran.

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If a person doesn't understand Arabic as the language, you have to read the translation

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of this book. This is the translation of the rights to family and the translations available outside in the foyer.

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That sister if you read

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how to lead a life based on the Quran, inshallah faith will become strong. And believe me, you will not feel shy at all to practice any of the fundamentals of Islam. If you know the reason and logic why the fundamentals have been prescribed. If you know that believe me I keep on traveling in different parts of the world. I mean, I speak I go this cap, I have a beard I go to different Western countries never ever face the problem sometime query inquiries there, but never the problem. I mean, why should I get scared to speak the truth? So if you have knowledge of the Scripture, and you know the reason and logic, you will feel proud, even you too will call yourself like me. You

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will also call yourself a Muslim fundamentalist