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The conversation covers the concept of sugar immunity boosting and how it can lead to painful experiences. The success of one's social media and YouTube channels, as well as their success in their own physical health and social media and YouTube channels, are highlighted. The importance of good behavior and healthy activities is emphasized, along with their success in helping individuals achieve their goals. The speaker advises the audience to focus on what they have and not what they don't have, and to practice activities and share them with others. A visionary day event is also mentioned, along with the importance of not feeling satisfied with the current situation.

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I'm gonna make what I want to live in a cattle welcome to today's daily check in sending you love and peace from around the world here today we're going to talk about sugar immunity boost sugar immunity boost. Now you've heard a lot of people talking these days about increasing their immunity, increasing their immunity What are you going to do to increase your immunity, take some vitamin C

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I don't know do some red light therapy or something like that.

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So what we're going to talk about today inshallah Tada is the shocker immunity boost, because it's not only your immunity is not just chemicals, and it's not just you know, like foods, but it's also your mind and what you're feeding your mind. So when I've, I've performed Hajj many years, and I've been through a lot of hardships, and hedge and some, some, some issues there in the hedge time. But when something really difficult happens, I used to observe people something really painful. I give you an example. Let's suppose somebody pays like $15,000 for their hygiene package, and they go through this whole trip and they find themselves all the way in Mecca or Medina and then they're

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told you know, there's no hotel for you there's no hotel room for you. And the whole hotel is sold out and you're gonna have to sleep on the street you know, that kind of that kind of like test and and I seen some people hear their patient and some other people they lose their cool they pull their hair and and and if you know how things like this happen like all the time, every day, there's something going on like that. So I asked myself this question, the Hadith the prophets of Allah as Adam said, I Jibon amidated Moltmann in Umrah, Hula, hula higher, the prophets of Allah as Adam said, strangers, the affair of the believer, everything that happens to a believer is better for

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them. Again, I'll say that again. Every there's the prophets Allah is that, um, well, sadaqa Salah line is everything that happens to a believer is better for them. If something difficult happens, they're patient, and it's better for them. If something good happens to them, they are thankful and they're patient. And the private satellite is said and said something at the end. But before I get to the end part of that hadith, I noticed that a lot of people they would go through these hardships in hij.

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And they would be like, crumbled, you know how they say like a grindstone you take some mud out of like the desert and you want to see if there's a diamond in there, and then you crumble it. And if it crumbles completely, you see that there was nothing precious inside there. It just crumbled and I would see people completely crumble. I'm talking like there's nothing there. They completely crumble they lost control. And there's no diamond underneath. mela spider, you know, obviously, that's just that moment, just that reflection. So I asked myself this question. How is it that this test this person went through? How is it better for them? Because I see that they've crumbled to the ground

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and it doesn't look like it's better for them. How is it better for them? So the province that Elijah said I'm ended this hadith he said were there Lika Leia Kunal il movement, and this is only for the believer, this is only for the believer that everything that happens to them is better for them. So if you want to get into that state, you want that kind of immunity in your mind and your emotions during this, this trying time. Then you've got to build up your chakra you got to build up your hand your thankfulness to Allah subhanaw taala when the prophets of Allah sent him would see something amazing and beautiful, he would say at Hamdulillah he would say thank you, Oh Allah, all

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praises to Allah. And if the prophets of Allah Islam saw something difficult

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and or a difficult situation showed up this what the prophesy said I'm would say he would say Alhamdulillah Allah Cooley Alhamdulillah Thank you, Oh Allah, in every situation. And so if you look at this, something good happens. peroxisome says that hamdulillah something difficult happens. The Prophet said Allah they said them says Alhamdulillah Allah Kalahari in every situation Alhamdulillah hamdulillah Koolhaas. So basically your life good and bad pain and pleasure. Whatever you're going through in life. Your response is, as the Prophet said Allah has

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taught us by his example is Al Hamdulillah. Al Hamdulillah Callaghan. So when we talk about Sobor patients, and sugar and thankfulness, it actually all goes back to sugar. Because even if you understand what is it how is a person patient, their patient when they turn back to thanking Allah subhanaw taala in every situation

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You know, it's amazing the, the vicar that we that we say the vicar that we say when we wake up you know the morning the morning of cod Allahumma Mac OS Mojave Min nierman Oh, we had him in Hull cake firming Kawartha kala Shadi Khaliq, for like Al Hamdulillah. Chakra, I really want I know a lot of you do your morning of cotton your evening of car, and this is something that you say, but I want you to like really pay attention to what you're what you're listening to Allahumma Moussa hobby, it says all law, whatever situation I've arrived, I've woken up to my house, but have you been there, every blessing that I've woken up to, or I find myself in the evening.

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I'm sad even near mutton Obeah had them. Either me either I have the blessing, or any of your servants, any of your creation, for Minko this blessing is from you. Oh Allah, for Minca Huasteca la sharika. Luck, there is no partner with you for luck. Alhamdulillah chakra and so all praise is due to you, Oh Allah, and all Thankfulness is to you, oh Allah. And so if you want to during this, during this isolation time, your body mind might might be isolated. But your mind doesn't have to be isolated. Whatever you focus on, whatever you're focused on becomes what you speak.

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It becomes what you speak, and what you speak, what you focus on, is going to become your experience of this time, these times that we're living in. And so I want that focus not to be on what you don't have. This is a really key point, pay attention to this, you might even want to repeat it with me. Don't focus on what you don't have. Focus on what you do have, say it with me. Don't focus on what you don't have. Focus on what you do have and say at 100 Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, we're in our own dunya, muddle along Hina. For that, if you were to count the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah upon you, you would never be able to. And so this is a moment for us to

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say, and focus. What do I do have right now? SubhanAllah? I will tell you and you guys can say in the comments right now, what are the blessings that you have right now that you can be focusing on Subhanallah I'm looking at all this time, I'm home, I was actually supposed to go on a trip. And maybe two, three weeks ago, I cancelled the trip. And I said, You know what? I said to the organizers. I don't know if I'll be able to come back. And so I want to cancel this trip from now. Hanalei canceled that trip, but I'm so grateful and thankful to Allah Panda, that I can go through this, you know, isolation with my family, and it's awesome bonding time, we're playing hide and go

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see, we are high, you know, loving each other. And yeah, there's a little cabin fever and all that stuff, but it's some amazing time. So what are you even in the situation that your Al Hamdulillah or Hamdulillah colohan? What is it that you have not necessarily what you don't have? But what do you have?

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And I'll give you a moment I'll start reading some of those things. hamdulillah a person is healthy Alhamdulillah that we have the internet to learn strategies to learn

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a handler This is awesome. 100 Allah, we're blessed to know how to do stingy yet so we're not worried about a toilet paper crisis. hamdulillah that's an awesome joke.

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I'm like I'm not worried about that. I got the bidet. I got the nota.

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We have our Eman. We have our Quran, we have our car, we have a home. We have strategies to keep safe. We have sanitizer, all these beautiful things right.

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All right, so let's let's do this little activity right now I want you to think of one blessing of Allah subhanaw taala upon you think of your situation right here right now. Your situation right here right now, if you're self isolated, wherever you are, think of one amazing blessing that you have and say Alhamdulillah from your hearts.

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Subhanallah somebody just said, you know, I have time to listen to your lectures. And I'm like, Hamdulillah I have this opportunity to share with you guys. And we're here and we have this technology that we can all communicate even in all our own homes. Right now think of a second thing. Think of a second thing

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that you're thankful for Allah subhanaw taala in this situation, let's get very specific in this situation, regardless of you know, all the difficulties for a moment. Let's look at one very specific

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blessing that you have, when you get that blessing in your mind, say Alhamdulillah from your heart

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when you think of it

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and hamdulillah Alright, one more, one more blessing

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one more blessing. Get it in your mind, what are you thinking of,

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and from your heart said hamdulillah

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So yesterday we were speaking about

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the has the spiritual hazmat suit, and I encourage you guys to,

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to do is to follow 100 times in a day as the Prophet sallallaahu Salam used to do and now I would like to recommend that you increase in the number of times that you do sugar during the day. And so you start feeling yourself down if you feel down, it's because you're focused on something that you don't have or you're worried about something. And so that's the time to say at hamdulillah Inshallah, tada I look forward to you and one of the upcoming our daily check ins to talk about the power of Allah subhanaw taala Allah Allah coalition. So you guys, we are done here. I have some good news. I'm going to be recording a video for it right after this. But I'll share with you guys the

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good news. We asked ourselves how can we contribute during this time? How can we help alleviate some of this mental you know, in the isolation and whatnot, and so we are going to be doing a visionary ask type of one day event it's going to be this Saturday, inshallah Tada March I don't know what March date is this Saturday. this coming Saturday is going to be two hours and we're going to do a little it's I call it da vs vs COVID. There are vs COVID is going to be this Saturday inshallah Tata. Details are going to be followed, but get ready for that. And we're going to focus on how can we design our doors during this isolation and focus on not what's wrong but what's right and the

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power of Allah subhanaw taala inshallah Tada more details to come about that.