How to have your dua answered immediately

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The speaker discusses how dogs can accelerate acceptance and higher goodness in life. They suggest ways to give to children, such as thanking them for their behavior or giving them something powerful. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of thankfulness and being thankful for one's behavior.

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Now we're talking about how to accelerate your dogs. So somebody will say that, you know, I made dog, how do I accelerate it? Like you want your dog to be answered like right now? So Allah Spano Donna answers our dogs in one of three ways now.

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Yeah, so Allah subhanaw taala answers the door with a yes, yes, but not now. And yes, but I have something better for you. So our doors are answered that already guarantee we have something powerful in our hands. And that's, you know, in our doors, here are some ways to accelerate the acceptance and higher and goodness in your life. So number one is sugar. The first thing is thankfulness, the in shaqab term lazy then knuckle.

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So I have a nephew. I have a nephew, and actually, my son started doing it as well. And maybe you guys have nephews and niece or maybe your kids do this.

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If you give them something, the child just becomes so thankful. They give you a hug. And they say you're the best auntie. Thank you so much. This was the best day ever. Does anybody have a nephew or a niece that's like that, that when you do something for them, they they respond in that way? Okay. You have to really have a nephew niece like that to understand how much it melts your heart?

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Yeah, like Thank you. Thank you. Bye, bye. Best day ever. Right?

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You're the best mom, I like that. You're the best mom ever.

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my question for you is how,

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like, it feels so good to get that that you know that appreciation you want to give to that child more? Here's like next time you're at the store, you're like, what else can I get this child? What other good things can I do for them? And the more you give to them, the more this child is saying You're the best mom ever. Could there ever be a better mom than you? This was the best day ever. Thank you.

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And the more it's like it's just this, this amazing cycle, they get more. They're so thankful. And it goes back and forth like that. The opposite is you take a child, let's say to a store or a park, let's say a park.

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And my kids used to do this too. So you take them to a park or amusement park. And when they're finished the amusement park.

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They come out crying because they don't want to go home. And I'm sure you've experienced this a lot. So you take them to the park. And they're like, I don't want to die.

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They started doing this tantrum.

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They started doing this tantrum and they're crying. And you're thinking to yourself, like, after all I've done for you. Like I brought you to this park. And you know, so this is what I would do to my kids. When my daughters were young, they're crying. I would say to them. Oh, it was so they're crying. We're leaving the park. They're crying. I'm like, oh, did the park make you cry? Because I brought you to the park. It was a source of sadness for you. Let's never come back to the park again. That way you won't be sad.

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Maybe like you'll never get it again. So then 100 and my daughters are like they understood it and they're like No, no Baba, we're thankful.

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Inshallah next time and now.

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So it goes both ways. So if somebody responds to our Lana through Lana, if somebody responds to Allah's gifts with thankfulness, Allah subhanaw taala increases, though, once and you automatically get increase. When you start remembering Allah's blessing upon you, even as you're sitting here right now, wherever you are, look around your room and be thankful for like two things.