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The conversation covers a range of topics including a story about a woman who made an offer on a car, a motivational hub for storytelling, and a competition for a dream dog challenge. The speakers emphasize the importance of sharing experiences and creating something that benefits others, and invite viewers to share their dream da manifests and pictures. They also mention a presentation on Wednesday and a retreat.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Ali was sabe Mala and my bad Santa Monica Welcome to Lubbock cattle welcome to today's episode of Dausa became Quran jhaza were so awesome, so amazing that Allah subhanaw taala not only recorded it in the Quran for us to recite as Quran, but also it became guidance for us on how to make dua to Allah Spano Tata. So today's episode we are going to be talking about dua for a baby to ask for baby. And there's actually multiple locations in the Quran where this shows up. But the one we're going to be talking about comes in Surah Al Emraan. In surah, Al Emraan This is the story of Medion which is a story of Darfur baby in its own right.

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But that's not what we're going to be talking about here. When many of my days when she got a little older, and she had you know place where she'd worship Allah and she had food come to her that was out of season. So when it would be summertime she would have food that was only available in winter when it's wintertime she'd have food that was only a fruits and vegetables that are only available in summer. And then Zachary Allison I'm asked her and lucky Heather, where did you get this from? And then she responded to call at home in the law in the law in Arizona shall be lady peace up. So there's one point I want to start off with. So she said it's from Allah Allah provides what he

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wishes without you know, without account

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in that situation sometimes we hear stories well I like to do this where you know I tell people share times when you're when you just know your dog was was answered, and that becomes a that becomes a motivation and encouragement for somebody else. So you hear some amazing story about a brother for example that you know was diagnosed with cancer made dua to Allah spawn Tata got married, got healed from cancer got accepted, you know, overseas studies, Allah Samantha answered all these drugs, you feel motivated, excited, you want to make that dog too. So that happens to us. But did you know that it happens in the Quran too, because once a kid era Saddam saw that many hymns

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da was being answered. Then Allah spent the next verse Allah Spano Tata says Hoonah Lika does a good era. But at that point to get he had been called upon Allah subhanaw taala. If he can provide something that's out of season, then what about a baby that's out of season?

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out of season meaning that that he was old and one Marathi aka that, that she couldn't have children anymore and he was old, but yet he still made dua to Allah Spano Tata, and so on ALEC is that as a good era, Karla be heavily Melaleuca yet and pay you back in academia. So he said he made the ayatollahs Fanta, hola provide for me, middle Azuka from from you, the reaction play about righteous offspring. So he made the art for a righteous offspring. So there's two things that we want to see here or looking at number one is that he made off for something in the dunya. So he had this moment, when he saw a medium or a sedan, and the situation and he got excited, he made the offer something

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that was technically out of season for him, but he made too hot for a child. And what I've noticed in my experience with students is that they find sometimes this reservation to make the offer something of the dunya they'll think to themselves, well, you know, I feel comfortable asking for genuine protection from hellfire. But I don't feel comfortable asking for, you know, a nice car, I don't feel comfortable asking for a good house or don't feel comfortable asking. Usually they do feel comfortable to education. But why not, as you see here in the door, and this is guidance from Allah subhanaw Zakariya with his moment. And the one door that he made was dua for righteous

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offspring, which is something of the dunya not only to the less punnamada give him that, but his son became a prophet in that in his old age.

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The other thing that we that we see here in this in this situation is Zakaria made the dos

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and I've noticed when some people make dua, they kind of preceded with how is this possible? How could this be possible? And then they stopped making dua because they think in order to first make a DAW, they have to first know, how is it possible? And I tell them, Look, you're not making dog to yourself, you're not the one who is going to answer this. And then not only they think, how is this possible? They think, how am I going to do this? Like, look, why are you making dogs, if you think that you're the person who's going to be doing a less thought is the one who provides So, Zakaria an incident made this draw. And then And then Allah subhana data sent him the the glad tidings that he

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would have a child right so alumina Iike and the labor sroka Behala. Right.

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So Allah blesses you with a child. So here's his response. His response is, how is this possible? Which is really amazing that he didn't ask that question before he made the DUA, he asked the question after. So once he got the glad tidings from the angels, that he would be blessed with a child that he said, and you're gonna leave with Bella honey, okay, borrow one Marathi, aka that how can I have a child even though I'm in such old age, and and my wife is barren. How can we have a child in this so he doesn't understand how this can happen. You ask the angels and so when we're looking for Allah spawn to his plans again, sometimes we want to know the step by step and then we

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will make dua and here's the angels response. Allah Cree

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woman it look at Alec Allah we have Hello Manisha. They said that this is what Allah does, he can do what he wishes. All he has to do is say this Anons version and other verses can be and that thing becomes what Allah subhanaw taala commands. So when you're looking for the plan, that's your formula right there is that Allah subhanaw taala says, Allah can do whatever he wishes because Alec Allah who you're following is shot and Allah subhanaw taala records the story in the Quran so that we know even if you're in a situation so you're in a situation, for example, where you may have to offer a baby, maybe you're not married, even and how am I going to have a child? Well, how will this happen,

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but don't let that hold you back from making dua just like the cardiologist and he didn't wait for you know, the strategy first. Before he made da he made the DUA first. And even when he told he would be getting what he made dot for he still didn't understand the strategy. And the angels still didn't even explain the strategy to him. And now that I think about it, there is no explanation of the strategy in in the Quran. He is just Allah subhanaw taala if he wishes to give, he will give. So there's one last point I want to share in this in this sutra. And the story is that there is a lot of reflection in the story about vicar and DA and Salah. So for example,

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Mariam used to get her food when she was in the Mojave, which is her place of worship zucchetti and Mei da. And then when the angels told them the glad tidings will who will call him and call him when you saw the Allah subhanaw taala says the angels came to him while he was standing, praying. And so and then when he asks for a sign, Allah subhanaw taala says,

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What's a bit flashy? Will it come? And what could Rebecca Thielen and remember your Lord much? So you're doing Vicodin? Remember Allah was sub best and do tisby In the mornings and in the afternoons. So that's after fajr after awesome so you're so all of the story is surrounding we're talking about like three verses how many references were there to sulla a bad and what not? What have you I have two minutes left, let me share with you this. This one story there was this guy who didn't have children and I read his, his his blog post, if you will. And he said that he didn't have children for a long time. And he tried all these different

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you know,

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fertilization and I don't know if that's what it's called. I f v

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IVF. He went to all the doctors went to all this with him and his wife, they still didn't have baby. So one time he was crossing the street and Muslim country and he was

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this old man was blind is trying to cross the street. He asked permission may I carry you and help you to the other side? The old man said yes, please. So they he crossed the help them over when he got to the old side. The other side. This is in Saudi Arabia. He the old man said to him, How many children do you have? And he felt kind of shy? And he told him my wife and I we don't have children. And then the old man said to him, don't forget to make dua in pmla Don't forget to make dua and DADGAD don't forget to make dua in total we had the night prayer. So the man came home to his wife and he said I found the solution was to have a baby and then she said what is it what hospital what

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doctor? What what medical treatment? Well what's the next day she was so excited? And then he said to her we're gonna pray pm Lael, and make diet and such. So she first was like, Oh, you mean we're just gonna make da and then and then she realized okay, you know what this is? This is the solution. So what they did is they just made a plan after that to make jaw and pMLN in their center prayers to increase in their dhikr to Allah subhanaw taala basically become better people come closer was said that she will and Allah subhanaw taala bless them and gave them a child.

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And that's our time for today. Zack Laughlin and I want to

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um you know as I finish off here,

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I hope you enjoyed that and benefited from it. As we finish off here we have a competition going on I have a competition going on called the dream dog competition, which is basically share with me a video of a time where you just know we just knew ALLAH SubhanA data had answered your door share with me a video or a picture with your story underneath and hashtag it dream da, just like you saw here that just like you saw in this story here, that Zakariya was encouraged by mediums you know that Allah subhanaw taala provided for her we want to create a motivational hub where people can read stories of other people's manifests in Doha and as we enter Ramadan, it can be a motivation for

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everybody to raise their game and raise the excitement and the energy they bring to making their doors we also I mean and the other and the motivation is enough we also have a prize for the person who submits the best story the best manifested dream dot story we've got a free ticket to visionary Ramadan and we got a free ticket for that same person to a live retreat after Ramadan with yours truly. So if you haven't submitted your dream dot story, I know everybody's got one but you just got to pull it out. You got to share it in sha Allah Tada if anything to benefit others and so that you can read also just like you least like to read those from other people. They as well. We'd like to

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read yours. Zack Hello Hey, anybody got like a question? Or Or tell me how you guys are doing

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How's everybody doing out there?

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Do you love my beautiful background here I have parking lot

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Okay, so asking for another dot. We'll talk about that later in another episode and about Solomon

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liveness says love the lesson from these if it's a tuck why tick formula dA plus tahajjud

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get closer to Allah. Absolutely. Not only that, like I said in the beginning that Allah gives us these stories to teach us how to make dua that things that we make God for and how to do is and what's the environment

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Rubina says What if your dogs accepted but it's brought you much baggage for instance your jobs for having a child is finally accepted after so many years but your child has disability or a parent making an offer daughter's marriage and when does finally accepting the daughter gets married her in laws are giving her a hard time

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generally speaking, when a person makes

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like let so let's look at the life cycle there. I don't think there comes a time in a person's life where they stopped making dua to Allah subhanaw taala so if you're not married, you're making up for marriage if you're married, you're making dua to Allah guides your husband and and making the offer baby if you have a baby, you're making the offer the good health of the baby. If you're making the after the after the baby gets older, you're making dua that they do good in their exams, and maybe you're being tested with that child as they get older. And then when they get married. You're making dogs so I think the problem is you're thinking that hey, if I make do out once, then I will never

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have tests in my life. All tests have now come to an end. This da was answered finish finish Okay.

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Which is that's not like that. I love the Hello called moto Hayato Leah blue Acoma ucommerce anomala the One who created life and death to test which of you is best in actions. So a person makes it off to Allah Spano Tata and they continue to make dot throughout their lives. Life's test doesn't come to an end the tests come to an end inshallah to Allah when you enter Jannah it was kind of data make you and make me and all of us from Allah Jana

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Alright guys we're done that the hunters a lot of us can relate to this as like Allah and sokola and to all of you for taking the time to tune in with me and please share your dream da manifested just

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make a video or share a picture with your story and hashtag it dream dua hashtag dream dot and share it with me inshallah Tata. I will be most thankful and I will share with others. I said I'm only gonna have to love it to get to our next session is going to be

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on Wednesday, around this time as well. So I want to go