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Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of feeding animals and avoiding feeding them every day, as it is crucial for healthy nutrition and health. They share stories about their father's recommendation to feed all animals and the danger of feeding them, as well as the importance of connecting with people with emotional issues. The speakers provide personal examples and mention specific time frames for their presence on Facebook Live. They also mention a presentation on mental health and a Facebook Live with a focus on mental health.
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Sit down and eat we're not going to lie but I care to

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get a few moments for people to tune in if you're tuning in later you can fast forward to when we get started

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so saying slams and where are you from? And how you doing

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sir lambs and where you're from we got Samira and I will W I think Madame

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who else

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said slams Are you from

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Abdul Jawad says I sound like Mr. Muhammad Nice to meet you again. Nice to meet you too.

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Got Maryam says from the Swiss kids as Yeah, Bill crease and Juju in Zurich, Malik Muslim got my wish in Montreal. I recommend Santa

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TAs in Dallas Valley como salaam

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Malik Muslim for Hello Alec Muslim fatty when it comes to them fake our Muslim

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severe as kids out of

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rehab Rahim and incite him. Can Muslim. Got Newton in Bangladesh. I think Madame

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Bina Madigan was salam. That's a lot of salons right there.

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In Haiti in Denmark soon as it hits 100 people I'm gonna start

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in Birmingham City, my cousin. All right, we've hit 100. All right, let's begin.

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This Miller hamdulillah Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah.

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah what I can't do. Good Morning, Vietnam. How's everybody doing?

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Today, Inshallah, tada. We're talking about risk. And we're talking about the economy. So when I was a little kid,

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the bird I was a little kid growing up in Winnipeg, and the number one bird that like, was everywhere in the province of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, was the robin, if you don't know a Robin, it's got a black back and a orange reddish type of stomach. Robins. Okay. When we were little kids, the teachers consistently told us never to feed the birds, never to feed the birds. And so you're thinking to yourself, you know what, I'm generous. I see these birds, they need help, they need food.

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But we're told not to feed the birds. Actually, I got a really, I got a really cool side story to this.

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The reason I don't know if I just tell you the punchline tell you the side story. So my father in law, I'm going to tell you the side story first. My father in law does not heed this recommendation. And he feeds all the animals. I tell them, you're like a Disney princess, all birds, and, and, and squirrels. And all the animals come surrounding him because you always feed them. So my father in law was traveling. My father was traveling.

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And this is what happened. I actually did one of my classes from his home when I was, you know, in that area. And it's like a second floor.

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And while as I was coming towards the end of my end of my lecture, I heard a knock, kind of like a knock on the window on the glass.

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after I'd finished the lecture, just a few minutes later, I'm thinking to myself, we're on the second floor, Who is knocking on the glass, there's no access to anybody. It's not even a balcony. You know, who's knocking on the glass on the second floor? So then I put two and two together. And that asked my mother in law. I said, Did you feed the squirrels?

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Because they're knocking on the door. You didn't feed them? And she goes, Oh, yeah, I forgot. The little squirrels were literally it was almost Maghrib time and they didn't get their food because we're sitting outside knocking on the door saying what's up with that? Where's

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serve food.

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Okay, so that's the side story, let's get back to the, to the original lesson. Never feed the birds never feed the animals, why not? So here's the interesting thing, if you start feeding an animal, the animal or the bird becomes dependent on you.

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And you are not capable of feeding it every day for the rest of its life, the bird or the animal becomes dependent on you for is for provision, and it becomes trained, it will just keep coming back coming back coming back for that as for that provision, and you are not capable of feeding it for the rest of its life. So don't start because you're going to change its mindset. And then you're actually going to lead to the harm of this animal, just like I gave you the example of the squirrels, they're literally sitting outside the door, knocking on the window, okay. But later on, as I learned Dean, and I started to understand this a little bit better.

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You do not feed the birds, because the way you provide for the birds is the way a human being provides. And if you just leave the bird alone, Allah will provide for it. And Allah has provision, Allah's risk to these birds is perfect. Allah's risk and provision to these birds is perfect, and your visit and your provision is imperfectly human, it's imperfect. And because of that, you will cause harm to these birds. So don't turn them away from the risk that Allah subhanaw taala provides for them. Yes, this is what our teachers are telling us at this young age. And so as the prophets of Allah has sent him said, if you only placed your trust in Allah subhanaw taala, the way you should

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be placing your trust and Allah, Allah will provide for you the same way he provides for the birds Subhanallah and I just told you this story, right. The Allah's provision for the birds is perfect, have the prophets of Allah and send him said love and Nakamoto a cultivar Allah, Allah hepato Cooley, that if you only place your trust in Allah, Hakka with the with the Right to Work Quran, Allah placing trust in Allah, Allah will provide for you, just like he provides for the birds, they wake up, and they travel, they go with empty bellies, and they come back with bellies full, and they come back with bellies full.

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And I wanted to remind ourselves like I know there's there's this immense focus on the on the virus in the health and what we're what you may be feeling, and I'd love to hear your what's happening in your situation is the economic pandemic, that's going to happen if it's not already started happening, the collapse of the stock market, people being laid off jobs that are, you know, 90% of the workforce going home, everything closing, it's worldwide. And this next tsunami wave is going to be an economic one, that and I believe it's coming very shortly, may Allah subhanaw taala protect us. And so I would like to remind myself, and you have spiritual ways to increase your risk,

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spiritual ways to increase your provisions. So number one, the first thing I want to remind you of is being thankful to Allah subhanaw taala Shaco as the as Allah subhanaw taala revealed in the Quran that in Shakira Jonesy, then come the if you are thankful I will increase you. So as you're in this in these isolations, in your in your homes, try to think more and more of how you can be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala. And Thankfulness is with all of our limbs. So we not only are thankful with our tongue, but we're thankful with our wealth. And so we share with our wealth, we are thankful with our hands. So we help out with other people, for example, or maybe a neighbor needs some

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assistance or something like that, and so on. So you're thankful with all these things. The other way to spiritually increase your risk is as the prophets of Allah they said, I'm taught us that if whoever amongst you wishes to have their risk and their provisions increased, whoever

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wishes FURTHER PROVISIONS to be increased, fairly Ocelot Rahima let them fulfill their ties of kinship, their tie their ties of kinship, which is really interesting in the times we're living in as well. We have economic problems or economic issues, and the province of a lot is and I'm saying that if you want your risk to be increased, then strengthen your ties and strengthen your connectedness with your relatives. Now, as I come to the conclusion here

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I think we've all got a relative, maybe an extended relative, or maybe parents or something like that, that we haven't checked in on enough. Maybe we haven't checked in with them at all. Or maybe you know, maybe you have some nephews and nieces that you haven't checked in with, or maybe you aren't calling your parents enough, or you know, who is it that's close to you, yet you haven't checked on them, maybe you haven't even communicated with them in this economic issue that we're dealing with in these isolations I want to remind myself and remind you to number one, be thankful to Allah subhanaw Donna and continue to have that shortcode and the second thing is let's take a

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moment now after you're done with this Facebook Live and go and find a relative of yours that you haven't committed communicated with in a while or maybe during all of this you haven't even touched base with them or maybe it was just really briefly and reconnect with them fulfill those ties of kinship, ask how are things going with them and inshallah Tada that will be a means for Allah subhanaw taala to increase in your risk. And that's it does aka la Hydra.

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So I am broadcasting today from home.

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I was in the garage the past few days. And the days before that I was outside in an empty Park. So I'm kind of like retreating in staying home and Dolla dolla more and more. So anyways, we are done.

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desenio says I have one person that I need to check in with Subhan Allah only one person we all have. I thought to myself, we've all got that one person that's close to us, uncle and aunt parents

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that we should check in with and say, you know, Sam, and how're you doing? And how are things going during this time?

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Am I tired today? It was short. No, the reminder was on point. The robot goes on point. That's why

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all right, if there's 10 People 10 People who got kids

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let's do the kids shout out.

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There you go. Now Raj and I Yan and Esau I think Mr. Mr. Medulla, that's number one. Who else needs a shout out? We are done. If you want to tune out you can tune out otherwise we're just doing the we're doing the shout outs we got

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so Mayra's daughter

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Sofia, like Madame

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decennia says I've checked in with almost everyone except that person a stuff that Allah I feel this reminder was exactly for me. And I'll tell you to sanea that I do these reminders because I know I need them. And I'm like speaking first myself. So that's why I'm like I know I've got that uncle or I've got this person or that person that I need to check in with and I haven't checked in

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shazzy has got Aiza are they gonna sit on

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my wish. We got labor newer and it's my erotic Mr. Ram.

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As number five.

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Marybel says I'm late because I was checking up on people back home in Canada. Good for you. So you're implementing the what we're talking about.

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And Samir says, and you didn't have brain crash, so the interesting thing is, if I'm home, I've got lots of options to not have brain crash. I can write notes. I can put it on a computer. Great things happen when I'm home.

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Alright, five more people sadza for a five month old, a

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five month old son Muhammad, I'm like, he's not going to really hear me if I do a shout out for him with some advice for a five year old. Boy, you know, awesome as you I would say, You know what? Forget awesome is me.

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The advice is for you sat. I would say the best thing you can do for your son is kind of like set some goals for yourself and what you want to do with your son. And so that you're not just wasting time or letting time pass but you're saying hey, I've got some goals. And there's like something that we're driving towards. Not everybody believes in that that style. And it's not that Oh, my son has to be like a professional soccer player. And I'm gonna force him throughout all these years. No, but I'm like, just have some general direction. So

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Your your growth is growth for your son and Jonathan.

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And Matt, I'd say shout out for Matt Hera as well. I think my setup

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right there were three questions. So we'll move to questions. So this one question comes from Amina?

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How do you cope with some of the emotional discussions they have in a respectful way? So you're talking about what if I have in laws are automatically about in laws? But so I'm saying connect with them. I'm not saying go out to dinner and have tea and discuss emotional discussions. I'm just talking about, you know, hey, somebody come How's everybody doing? How are you guys doing? That's what I'm talking about. I don't think you have to go all the way towards, Hey, there's this big issue that that he's discussing. What I'm talking about here is connecting with

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Islamically fulfilling your ties of kinship, sorry, fulfilling your time a brotherhood you are if you look at the rights of a brother to his brother are, you know, like, if they sneeze, you say a hammock Hola. Obviously, if they say tsunami say send them back to them. If they're sick, you visit them. If they pass, if they have a walima, you attend the walima a marriage, if they die, you attend their funeral. Those are their rights. You don't have to be friends with a person, but you fulfill their rights. So if if I have somebody that I want to distance myself from, and everybody's distancing these days, but if there's somebody I want to distance from, then I just won't be their

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friend, but I will fulfill their rights. I'll say something to them, I'll go to the marriage, I'll do this and that, but they're not my friend. But they're my brother or they're my sister. You get what I'm saying?

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Yes, Mina had a question. I mean, go back to it.

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Yes, Nina says What if relatives who always cause trouble and we're and we are and we're distancing ourselves to protect ourselves?

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So I think yes, Mina, same, same concept. So you're distancing yourself to protect yourself again, you don't have to visit them and be friends with them, but you're fulfilling ties of kinship. So like I said, so now I'm in the Sadam, you are an admin probably get the hint that you don't want to be friends but you still you're not cutting them off. It's not like you don't say salaam to them or it's not like oh they call and you hang up or you give them cold shoulder none of that stuff is just you're basically do fulfilling the rights of

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your brother your sister and then you don't have to be friends after that.

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impressions by Sasha you've got it shot and Akhmed Malik Mr. Nam. There's like four more kids shout outs today

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Zahra Muhammad has got Hassan Halima is harp and Myka eel Masha Allah garlic masala

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shares yours God isaa in Wichita Wallach masala

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and Mia has gotten many of them and Heike Malik Messina Maryam and hiking

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new role Chevy's and Earthman shout out to my kids so my Adams or Gary Fatima Maria mashallah that's a lot of kids about

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and for Jana Apsara shout out to my son said instalay Man, Rick Mercer

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and Omaha Maher has got money

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and that's it. We've hit 10 People

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alright guys Calacatta until we meet again tomorrow we actually have a very special Facebook Live the timing for it is going to be 12 noon Eastern time and it's going to be a special presentation on

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thriving during these times of uncertainty and with a special focus on mental health. So tune in at that time. It's going to be 12 noon time eastern time That's New York time I don't know what time that is in London or anywhere else in the world but 12pm New York time tomorrow inshallah Donna I will be doing a special Facebook Live I set out on economical live but

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hola Mara bananas attributed bats wash vn to Chef de la she fell in love. She felt she felt alone why there was a coma.

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