Omer El-Hamdoon – Ramadan Reminders 2019 – #03 Time to Upgrade – The Change starts here

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of changing one's behavior online to improve their morality and deeds. They highlight the benefits of online deeds and how they can control one's anger and emotions. The speaker emphasizes the potential for upgrading one's behavior and empowering them to become more aware of their powers.
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Santa Monica Masha, Allah He

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Ramadan is a great opportunity for us to achieve some of the great things in life and one of the things that we should be aiming to achieve is to change. How can we change to the better. And obviously, when we're talking about change, we are talking about changing for the better, we don't want change for the worse. So in a way we are trying to upgrade upgrade in our upgrading our persons in our morality in how we actually deal with others, even our grading in terms of our actions. So while we're thinking about Rama Vaughn lets us think how can we change because online gives us those great opportunities. They're all out there for us to change how we can think about others. We've got

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that through, you know, charity and through etica funds account that filter, how do we change by actually also making ourselves better being associated with Allah subhana wa tada through the acts of good deeds, because if we want to change then Allah is the one who controls the change. Also, by making us more aware of the powers that we have, we can control ourselves we can become more in control. Ramadan teaches us to control our anger to control our emotions. So as you can see, all of that has so much potential for us to change. We just have to utilize that and harness it so we can upgrade for the better

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