London Bridge Attack – Advises the nation on moving forward

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The transcript discusses the horrific incident in London in 2017, which involved killing an innocent person and the need for cooperation from all society to solve terrorism problems. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding harmful behavior and working together to maintain peace and ensure everyone is protected. The need for cooperation is emphasized, and anyone who kills an innocent person is liable for the consequence.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. These are some comments about the horrific incident that took place in London. So from Milan 14 38/3 of June 2017 In the beginning, needless to reconfirm that Islam is against any act of killing innocent people, wherever they are. Allah, Allah Allah says mean actually Danica Katarina, Alleghany Surah Ilana human cotton and FCM right NFC an officer in Florida and Mr. Cattelan, Jimmy, I think everyone knows this verse because it has been quoted by all Muslim groups, that anyone who kills an innocent person, as if he killed the entire humanity. Islam is clear about it. Islam is against any kind of killing innocent

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people. In fact, there is a huge problem. Contamination has been misused, Muslims were to be made to accept the blame, and they have to apologize for everything. And they are asked now to reform their religion to change their religion, because their religion or their way of life is to be blamed. We have to make sure that we don't fall into this trap, the changing the religion will not help the situation, the changing the religion is not the solution. Actually, it is the problem because the wrong people will try to change the religion. In fact, those who commit illegal atrocities they use the religion because they have changed the religion. So that's why we need to stick to the original

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religion, or the to the original teachings of Islam. Islam is the solution is not the problem itself. Islam is the solution for our problems for all problems. In fact, my dear respected brothers and sisters, Islam is in favor of protecting the national security. And that's why when the Prophet sallallahu sallam was sent to Medina, although there were some ideological key ideological differences between him and the rest of the community, the Prophet sallallahu sallam was so keen to protect the national security of Makkah from within that's why he was against any physical attack that takes place from within and Jihad was not promoted to dark period, because because of the need

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to protect the national security of the Mexican people from within. Moreover, when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam migrated to Medina, the first declarations of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was yeah Yohannes after salaam, WA without a bomb or salumi. Layli Wanda Sonia Oh, people spread Salam. The Prophet SAW Selim addressed all people Muslims or non Muslims to spread Salam Salam is Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah is the message of peace and it gives a peaceful, peaceful impression by everyone. In fact, it is a symbolic representation of a peaceful coexistence, or what we call as the social contract between Muslims and non Muslims in any place in any city. In fact,

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terrorism became a very sophisticated phenomena. It is an outcome of a number of reasons, domestic reasons, national reasons, and international factors as well. In many cases, we ignore considering the international factors in pushing towards domestic and international terrorism. There are a number of reasons, political reasons, ideological reasons, educational reasons, social reasons, it is an oversimplification of the phenomena, just to say, well, it is out it is the product of ideological reasons. No, it is also a simplification of the phenomena to say that it is a result of foreign policy. No, we need to imagine we need to remember that there are a number of reasons that

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contributed towards this phenomena. In fact, there is an important factor that has been neglected. Violence has been made to become an entertainment has been made into a commercial project.

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Violence became promoted or violence is promoted now, in films, in music and in games, children play games that are based on violence. And as a result of this, to be honest with you, it is beyond the ability of a single group or even a single government actually, because it became an international phenomena. And that's why let us not oversimplify the solutions. It needs cooperation from all components of the society. It is

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very unfortunate that while there are people suffering, whether nationally or internationally, there are so many groups that commercialize on terrorism, making benefits and interest out of terrorism, we have to be honest with ourselves, we really need to solve the problem rather than benefiting from the problem. So pointing fingers towards single groups or single communities or even single governments will not solve the problem, we have to be honest with ourselves, alienating certain groups or certain components of the society will add to the problem rather than solving it. What we need now actually is an open and honest debate between all components of the society, in fact, all

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components of the whole world if we are honest, in solving the problem of terrorism, irrespective of its source, as a Muslim, as a human being, as a British citizen, as a person living in this place of the world, I would like to pass a message to my fellow citizens, that losing relatives is so hard, I have experienced it myself. And we Muslims have experienced the loss of innocent Muslims all over the world. It is so hard, it caused a lot it causes a lot of pain and grief. So we understand how he or she feels we understand what does it mean to lose a beloved one to you? I understand it. I am sure that many of you understand we sympathize with those who experienced these losses. Those who

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lost their children, their family members, there may be parents, their wives, their husbands, we have also to remember that we will be tested. Allah Allah Allah Allah created this life as a test. Allah Allah Allah mentioned this a number of verses, Allah, Allah Allah says, well enable one Nakum Hector an animal mujahadeen M income was Savarino whenever the will of Allah. Allah Allah Allah says will enable one Nakanishi in mineral how he will do it you will not see mineral and wildly when unfussy with the Murad. Well best shade a Siberian Allah Allah Allah Allah mentioned this across the Quran, so we should expect to be tested. Allah Allah Allah Allah wants to see who will remain firm

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on his deen and who will be on the edge of leaving his Deen. So we need to remain firm on our deen despite of the various tests that we go through. However, we need to move forward now. And I would like to say to all communities, irrespective of our differences, as may be Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, bodies, whatever, that if we are divided, we have our differences. We have major differences, but we if we are divided over national security, then it will be catastrophic for all of us, we have to cooperate together in order to maintain the national security. Otherwise, if the national security was jeopardized, then all of us will suffer not a single community. And we will be

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living in a catastrophic situation that we will all regret. Finally, despite the pain that we all feel, because of the losses here, or the losses elsewhere, we have to work together to have peaceful coexistence. Otherwise, we will all suffer in fact, our Prophet, peace be upon him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave us a very good example of different people living together. He gave us the example of the boat. Different people are boarding the boat. Different people want different things. If we do not stop evil people from harming others, then we will all sink. A very beautiful example was given to us by our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him. Let us remember that example. Let us work together

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despite of our differences in order for this boat to continue sailing. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah