Dont be sad, for indeed Allah is with you

Muhammad Alshareef


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Everybody here is you know, you're sitting here you're listening because you want to follow what Allah subhanaw taala says, somebody gives you some advice. You're like, Yeah, but what is the Quran and Sunnah say, somebody tells you, hey, do this and that you will be successful and you're like, Did the Prophet saw my son really do that? Is that what Islam leads us to? So you have this type of attitude. So sadness and anxiety is actually not what Islam guides towards sadness and anxiety is not what Islam guides towards. So sadness and anxiety could be natural. You can have natural sadness, natural anxiety, but Islam guides you towards happiness. Don't be sad. As we saw in the

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other session, there's this emphasis that Islam is about that and don't be sad. Let's

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make a solid man's and alagille Quran Allah Cashcall and Islam guides towards happiness. Don't be sad and anti anxiety peace