Muhammad Alshareef – Desert Rose – Part 6

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people leaving Mecca to go to Medina, where they meet with the Prophet sall Audrey and convince them to say that they will protect them. They also discuss the importance of belief in the Here afterwards, which is unshakable, and the importance of belief in the future. The transcript also mentions the history of the Prophet sall Audrey and how they believe in the future.
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He returned to Mexico.

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And someone had given him sank sanctuary,

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but only for a little time.

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As they gathered together to see what they should do with the Prophet sallallahu Sena, some of them said we should jail him. And he said no, some of them said we should expel him. And they said no.

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They said the only solution is to kill him.

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As people had began leaving Mecca to go to Medina, and in fact, when the prophets of Allah and Islam used to go from tribe to tribe, in hajj, time, they would all gather and hudge the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to say to them, call to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah to say that there is no God, but Allah and you will be successful, and that people would hear Him speaking. And then they would say after that,

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who is this man who keeps following him around, calling him a liar, calling him a magician.

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They said that's his uncle.

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Who would go behind the footsteps of the Prophet sallallaahu Sena

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and ridicule him.

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But there was a blessing a group of people who came from Medina,

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the Olson the huzzah Raj the tribes.

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And they heard the message and there were Jews who lived in Medina, who used to say that a profit was coming. And when they saw the profits that ally said, and they knew that this is who the Jews were speaking about,

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this was the chosen one. This was the promise profit.

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And so they believed in the Prophet sallallaahu Sinha.

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Abbas, Abbas, the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they had a secret meaning in huchthausen and with the people of Medina, and he said that he's protected we will protect him here in Mecca. But if we hand them over to you, do you promise to protect him like you protect your women and children. And they said, We promise to protect him. And they pledged allegiance to the prophets that Elijah sent him. Albania in that area was known as a lockable. And so it was known as they are tilaka. They pledged allegiance to defend the prophets that ally cinemas, they would defend their women and their children. And so the Prophet said ally sent him went to Medina, but only after they

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had put a ransom that he'd be killed at any price.

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And so that night, Alia will be Allah one who went to sleep,

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to die in the bed of the prophets, that Alana center because they had surrounded the house, and they were going to kill him. Multiple tribes were going to kill the Prophet civilize them together.

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And so during the night the prophets that Elias and I'm escaped, and he went on his journey to Medina.

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And there's more to go in. In Medina. You have the Battle of better. You have the Battle of

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you have the Battle of 100. You have the conquest of Mecca, you have multiple battles, in which a companion after companion was killed. Shaheed, you have in Medina, when people started spreading rumors about the prophets that Elias and his wife that she had done this and she had done that, and they heard the profits that ally sent him from his family from inside, and you keep going on and on and on, about what the profits that ally sent him went through

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what keeps the person strong?

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What keeps the person strong during these trials?

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Number one, is unshakable belief in Allah subhanaw taala.

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Meaning that they might go through the trial, no matter how intense it is, their belief and their faith in Allah subhanaw taala is unshakable. And so that keeps them strong.

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Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran for em Zebedee. Habu just

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go through fill.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, As for the foam, like the foam on the sea, it disappears because it's just scum. It's just, it's filthy. There's no benefit to it. In time, it just disappears. What a mammalian found nurse, but rather that which benefits the benefits the people from Cusco fill out, it's established in the land.

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Secondly, is their belief in the hereafter

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Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, you're not

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gonna be him Iskin our team,

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or our

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robots who just says that they feed for the love of Allah subhana wa Tada miskeen, the the needy, the orphans, and the in the prisoners, and they say, in no time or calmly, what do you hear?

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That we're feeding you for the sake of Allah, and all of this, all of this cherried all the lives that they're giving is because their belief in the Hereafter, because they know that their award is with Allah subhanaw taala they're not seeking thanks from anybody, and they're not seeking any worldly reward for it.

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Thirdly, that the Quran was always with them. And so you saw, for example, when Abu Lahab had said what he said to the prophets that Allah is ALLAH SubhanA Donna revealed sort of love. You saw when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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feared for his life and the revelation was discovered, was discontinued for some portion for some time.

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That Allah subhanaw taala revealed Surah to

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revealed Surah two. And so the Quran was always there, teaching them stories of those who came before the lessons of those who came before and how they were patient, and how ultimately, success is always for the believer, which is point number four. That success is always for the believer. There's absolutely no doubt in that. There is absolutely no doubt that the one who believes in Allah subhanaw taala will ultimately be the victim.

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There's no doubt in that. You will see in story after story in the Quran. As you see the story of who then you see the story of sada you see the story of Musa alayhis salaam you see the story of a Saudis and I'm always in the end, you will see Allah subhanaw taala says, While Kiba Toulon McDuck

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that the end is always for the believer is always for them with Ducklin they will always be victorious in the end, and no one can take that victory away from them. But the person has to be patient and see that final end

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