Desert Rose – Part 7

Muhammad Alshareef


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The speaker discusses the importance of finding the cause of one's life and solving the "by the way" problem in order to achieve happiness. They explain that life is like a tree and that one can grow the tree to see what is happening and the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is the tree is

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In conclusion, honestly just give you a little, something that you can take with you, in sha Allah, that even

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as we said, We want all these lectures to be something that's effective, something that actually has an effect in your lives. And it has an effect when you start asking yourself the question, how can I use this? How can I use this for my own life. And so one of the things that you have to realize, and I'll give you this analogy, was once a doctor,

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and then the doctor was standing, you know, he'd come out of his hospital, and there's like a river that's nearby, and so on, and he sees someone going down the river, and they're drowning. And so the doctor, he says, I'm a doctor, I can say, he jumps in the water pulls the guy out, and he's like, doing mouth to mouth CPR, all of the deal I'd make, I was like, okay, and as he's saving this person,

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someone's coming down the street. Dogs, like I can save you, I can save you jumps in the street, pulls the person out, brings out CPR doing, you know, he's saving him the person like kapha, they come back, and then someone else is coming down the street. And he's like, I can save you, I can save you he jumps in the water pulls him out, does mouth to mouth CPR, right? I don't think are you guys getting what's happening here?

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Then he sees two people coming down the street. He's like, I don't know if I can save two people. But he tries it's difficulty saving them. And then it just hits him

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that this isn't the problem.

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These people who are going down the street. The problem is who's throwing them in the water?

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What is the cause?

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That's what the problem is.

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And so he's a smart Doctor, I'm not any doctors, you

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know, doctors.

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Okay, a lot of doctors are smart. We know this, right? That's what they get paid more than most of them.

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He goes down the stream, and he finds a madman grabbing people and throwing them into the water.

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So he does like a CITIZENS ARREST or something like that throws him down, and the solution is solved. And so when you're reflecting on the state of the OMA, and you see Muslims and countries in situations where they're streaming down the river,

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ask yourself, what mad thing is doing this?

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I only want to see it's a madman.

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It might be a madman, but a lot and where that madman is there's multiple Mad Men. So sometimes you just blame some Mad Men, there's multiple Mad Men. It's always men, it's not women that are mad, it's.

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And so you look at the cause. And once you start focusing on the causes of things, and solving it from the cause, you don't have problems in your life.

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Anytime you live your life, at focusing on the effect, you will never be able to solve it. You'll never be able to solve the solution. By living your life trying to save those bodies coming down the river, you've got to find out what's causing it. And that's where you need to work on in life. And so working that in your own life. Some people say, Oh, it's the big corporations, the Walmarts that are doing this to us. You know, it's this and that.

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But that's just the effect.

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What is the actual cause of the situation that we're in?

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And once you start going into your own life, and saying that, what am I going to do? And how can I cause my future? How can I cause where I want to drive in life, then happiness is yours.

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I serve I just want to say one last thing to one last thing

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and that is the illusion of happiness. This is super fundamental. Okay, this is so fundamental. Are you ready for this one? Right. This is like so fundamental that I even it's, it's the number two conclusion.

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We have this belief that somewhere somehow there's a paradise on earth.

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That some young people have this notion that disbelief which messes them up,

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that at some point in life, they will make just enough money to forever be happier.

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Or they will eat just enough shoroma sandwiches that they will never hope for another show them a sandwich or they will have just the right car that they will forever be happy after that car. Or they will just hear the sweetest thought the sweetest words your husband or wife and they will feel love for the rest of their life.

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Wake up.

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Life is not like that. And I think even as I say it, you know that

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Life's not like that. Life is toil. Life is toil if you want it like just write that on a piece of paper or something like that life is, is toil. This is a station and abode of work.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, now called the Howler poner in Santa Fe gathered, that indeed we created humanity, in toil, in work, just how you feel when you're, you know, digging something, that's what life is about.

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And once you understand it, then you might find the happiness that you're looking for. Because everybody in life is working. It's just that some are working smartly. And some are working doubly, if that's a word.

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Some people are working for the hereafter. And some people are working for an elusive happiness in the life that they're never going to find. But everybody's working. Everybody's working, find the person in the biggest mansion with all the success in that you will imagine that someone could have asked him Are you happy? He will say no, I'm feeling a little down today.

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With the biggest everything in life that you could possibly have, he's still in toil. Once you understand that life is toil, then we understand that if I'm going to be working then let me work smartly. Let me work to secure Allah's love for me. So that when I die, Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with me. And he says, Yeah, you have to had enough sudomotor in that Ajay robic ear all the time, but we'll be here for the Holy theory, buddy by the hottie Jannetty