Muhammad Alshareef – Desert Rose – Part 5

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the loss of their relative's position in Islam, which led to their death. They also talk about the importance of showing support for Islam and bringing others to their beliefs. The speaker mentions a letter from a relative who had become Muslim and was directed to kill their relative.
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prophets of Allah sent him in those Mecca years.

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He lost his uncle Apple taught him

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the only one that was protecting him. This whole time, the way that the reason they couldn't physically harm the Prophet sallallahu sallam was because of his uncle's position, he wouldn't allow them to harm him, I will taught him died.

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And he died without Islam.

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And so his own uncle, the profits that arise and unwanted so desperately, after all that he had hoped that he would die on Islam.

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And as we said, Imagine you have a relative that close to you, someone who had taken care of you for 40 years, and they die on coffee.

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Day die on disbelief and Allah subhanaw taala. And you can ask the brothers and sisters, those who have converted to Islam, what it feels like to have your parents not believe in Allah subhanaw taala I remember in Medina University

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there's a lot of brothers that that come from different countries. And one of the brothers he got a letter in those days, there's brothers from Africa. And a lot of those countries they're, they're Christian.

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And he had a letter in class and I remember this I was you know, studying Arabic in Medina University. And everybody was so happy for the brother. And they in the teacher came in. And then they they told the teacher they said, we have good news said the brother just received a letter from from Africa, that his father had become Muslim.

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And the whole class celebrated for the brother.

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Because this is his own father.

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This is something that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam didn't get.

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He had his uncle die. Not in a state of Islam. Allah subhanaw taala revealed in gala to him and but you can't guy who you love to guide. Well, Allah, Allah Hi, Andy my.

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Rather, it's Allah subhanaw taala, who guides from wherever he wishes.

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And soon after that deja will be behind her died.

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His wife after all these years, who had taken care of him, who had used her welfare system, who as we just said a few moments ago was there when he received the first revelation. He lost them both both one after the other.

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And now basically, his family has no protection, and his wife has died. And he has to spread on this message. How often? Have you seen people when they say that, I'm in so much grief, I can't focus on myself or I'm in the middle of a divorce or my wife has died. And everybody says we understand don't come to work. Don't you know, don't you know, don't worry about this, don't worry about that. The person puts aside their emissions. But that wasn't an option for the profits of a lot isn't. So he went to a thought if

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to look for help.

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That perhaps there would be someone in a thought it would protect it.

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Because they were going to kill him. Because he has no protection now

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see, one two a thought if

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and then a thought if he went to the chiefs of the people of a pi if it's a city out on outside of Mecca,

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and he told them about Islam, and he told them to believe in Allah asking for protection and the great reward that they would have.

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And so the people have a tie for rejected the prophets and allies.

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And they said, get out of our town.

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And actually this day, I said, well, the Allah on the wife of the Prophet said, align Islam, she said, was the Battle of a hut, where 70 of your companions were killed. Shaheed was that the hardest day in your life of the Dawa? He said, No, it wasn't said the hardest day of my Dawa was on that day of life.

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When the Prophet said, Elijah said and walked away from the chiefs, the chiefs told all the slaves and if, and all the children, and all the foolish people to pick up their rocks, and to stone the prophets and allies.

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So he didn't walk out of the town. He walked out stoned,

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until the Prophet said, Allah is and he walked away from a pot if and he sat by himself.

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And God Allah, they sent him came down to him

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and he said a lot

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As part of Darla heard what you said to your people,

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and you heard what they said back, and this is the angel of the mountains, at your command, he will destroy them. And the mountains will destroy the people of a tug of war be destroyed.

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And then the Prophet said Allah and he said, I'm in that and I'm telling you it's it was a more painful experience in the Battle of

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the prophets, Allah Allah is have said, No.

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He said, perhaps, Allah subhanaw taala will bring from their children, people who believe that there's no God but Allah, and that I'm the Messenger of Allah.

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of thought if for those who don't know when the Prophet said Elias and I'm died, who was one of the few places that kept firm on their Islam was one of the most blessed places. After the prophets of Allah I sent him a diet

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