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Ta-Ha 1-40 Translation 1-40

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala Sunni Hill Karim I'm about for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Arab Israeli Saudi were silly Embrey Wagner Let me listen.

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Lesson number 160 pseudo for her. I am number one to 40 Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim translation

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for her for her ma not an zelner we have sent down our Laika upon you all called on the Quran, Lita score, so that you are distressed, so that you become miserable

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in there, except that Puritan a reminder, Lehman for who yaksha he fears, then Zealand a gradual revelation mayman from who halaqaat he created.

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The Earth was semi wet and the heavens and the ruler, the highest ones

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are rushman the Most Merciful, Allah upon allow the throne is the way he established. Law who for him, man, whichever fits somewhere in the heavens, warmer and whatever fill up in the earth warmer and whatever bainer humor is between them to warmer and whatever that is underneath a settle the soil

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we're in and if

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you are allowed below in the speech for inner who then indeed he yar level he knows a silver the secret what offer and more hidden.

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Allahu Allah La noche not enter any god in that except who he law who for him a smirk the names and fastener the most beautiful

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one and has attacker it came to you had these two story Musa of Musa alayhis salam is when he saw now on a fire for Carla. So he said Leah he do his wife own coup. You all stay you all wait in me indeed a and as to I have noticed now run a fire law only perhaps I can add equal one who comes to you men her from it. Because person with a burning brand. Oh or edgy do I will find Allah upon unnati the fire Huda guidance fella but when

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he came to it, no dia. He was called. Yeah. Oh, Musa Musa de Sena. In me indeed I and I am Rob Booker Europe. Feller. Then remove take off narrow Lake, your two sandals your two shoes in nikka indeed you balewadi in the valley and mocha does the sacred one to have to

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wonder and I Excel Touka I have chosen you. First Amir. Then you listen carefully. Lima for what you have. It is revealed

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in many indeed I enter I am Allahu Allah la notte Ella her any god in the except an eye for bodoni so worship Me wa and establish a solid the Salah lithic Lee for my remembrance in indeed a sir the hour to tune one that is coming. Okay Do I almost nearly Buffy her I hide it? I can see it little desert so it is recompensed could lose every nevsun so Bheema with what does it strives fella so should not he also Danica he definitely hinder you on her from it man who left not you know he believes be her in it whatever and he followed However his desire fat out of the den consequently you would bearish

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woman and what tilka is that be

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aminika in your right hand, yeah Musa Musa. Allah He said here it are Sawyer my stick at work. Eileen I reclined

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or lay her upon it

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what a horseshoe and I bring down

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a Who should I bring down? Be her with it either upon on me My sheep. Well Leah and for me fee her in it. Marie boo uses purposes okra other

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Allah He said lt her throw it Yeah. Oh Musa Musa Salah

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for I'll call her, then he threw it for either then instantly hear it hayyan a snake does it moves quickly.

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Allah He said, Hold her, take it sees it Wallah and do not have you fear center Edo her. Soon we will return it sealer to her its condition and oola the former

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what mum and you join yet aka your hand Ella to Jenna Sheikha your side

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it will come out Bible white men from lady other than so in any evil I attend assign

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another linearly occur so we show you men from Aya Tina our signs l Cobra the greatest ones

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if you go Ella to fit her own and fit our own into who indeed he Taha he has transgressed on he said Robbie Oh my rub issue are you open you expand leave for me suddenly my chest well and yes sir make easy leave for me Embrey might ask Washington and you untie wrote that and not men from listening my tongue yeska who they understand only my speech watch our and appoint make Li for me was the urine a helper men from s Lee my family Haruna heroine my brother wish that you increase you strengthen be with him through him as the my back my strength

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was Shrek who and let him share fi in memory my task gains so that no sub B hacker we exalt you Casio much one at karaca and we remember you Kathy you are much in Mecca indeed you contend you are been with us basilar one who is ever seen

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other he said In fact, Ott you have been given so lucky your request yeah Musa Musa

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Wanaka uncertainly manana we have favored our Laika upon you model at a time over another a web o hanaa. We inspired Illa to homemaker, your mother man what you have it was inspired and that it could be fee you cost him fee in a booty, the chest faculty fee then cast it fee in a Liam me the river fell up, then it should cast it along the river beside him at the bank yet hood who he will take him or do one enemy leave for me while I do one and enemy Lahu for him will lie to and I have put alayka upon you have button love mini from me work and little snack so that you are brought up

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little snack so that you are brought up you are made Allah upon I mean my eye is when damn she she walks off took your sister further kulu then she said How shall I do local I direct you. I lead you Allah upon man who wakfu who he will be responsible for him or he will be guardian for him for Roger NACA. Then we returned you ILA to omega

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Your mother's day so that the camera it cools or you know her her eye Wallah and not that then you grieve or she greets walk or delta and you killed Knutsen. So, furniture a neck then we saved you men from alarm, the grief the distress was at a neck and we tried you we tested you Fortuna a severe trial filibuster then you remain cinema many years fee in elderly people, Medina of meridian. Someone then you have come either upon or they're in a decreed time. Yeah Musa Musa

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let's listen to the recitation of these Ayah

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man holla

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wash man

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you wanna kill?

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Allahu La ilaha illallah wa sallahu

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in the

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Moosa in me

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in any

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colonna Bheema

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wanna be me

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want me

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Lumia Dhaka Isla Jana

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I mean the ladies who in

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North Korea

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is Isla

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de Emery memory washing No no. Me Lisa.

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Only watching

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TV as three Why should a movie

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cane who said be hi Kathy

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It our hyena

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Annika de Peter booty taco de

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Movie sachet area

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Dana kameena