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Miracles In The Quran (Reaction From Dr. Zakir Naik)

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A friend Elon Musk or something created the universe yeah he turns water into wine and he makes a story out of a party on

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supposition human being rejects a human being being as God read like a whole bunch of religious books including the Bible and like it was a bunch of things now they've been teaching Sunday school fending his mother on Absalon was how you liked that one, huh kid I was like had this existential crisis and I was trying to figure out what's the meaning of life? Let's say you had one minute, less than two minutes to go and talk with him. What would you throw at him? I would just ask him one thing I would say Is he alone you're so sensible person. So here we have a Dr. Zakir Naik was talking about this let's see what he has to say. The first time I'm getting this dollar, this time

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you actually gave him a copy of the Quran condoning

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beating me. So to say primally Tao was not done by the tongue. I totally disagree. Allah also disagrees.

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this is

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This is where

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the danger is the danger Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salaam Alaikum Welcome to the D show and not only are we talking about Elon Musk, D wave and God

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tell talking about paradise hellfire. We're talking about the deen the way of life that will get one to be successful in this life and hereafter. We got a special guest in the show studio former or student of Ahmed Deedat. He's one of the mightiest messengers of God VBD. Jesus, we believe in his miraculous birth, which many modern day Christians including the bishops of the Anglican Church, they don't believe today but we believe that Jesus Christ was born without a human father miracle creation we believe.

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We believe that he was a messy the Messiah, translated Christ. We believe he gave like back to the day the Bismillah Allah's permission, and Hugo's born blind and the lepers by Allah's permission. Can you see? This is our attitude towards this mighty messenger of God Quran of mine, Mary, the mother of Jesus is mentioned 100% More times than in your Bible. Can you believe it? Is a believer? Mary the mother of Jesus is mentioned in my book 100% more times and in your book, and you think that we are the enemies.

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When you're a student of Zakir Naik also mashallah, I came into the field of Dawa meeting Emma DDOT Rahim Allah and of course doctors I can act was once upon a time in India. Yes. So he was also a major factor of all our activities back in India long back. But then for me, the main motivation was mid lottery model. So you're a official student, you will see an ID that you can see this way that I was working in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, when I'm at the that was hospitalized there for his login syndrome. And he was there for about eight to nine months. And mashallah, I got an opportunity to visit Emma do that, almost daily, at his hospital. And then I think fourth or fifth day when I was

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visiting him, his son told me that you see, my father doesn't want you to just come and waste your time like this due to Dawa and I was like, what is the hour? And is it you don't know what is Dawa? So they gave me a copy of the Bible who said they don't want you to waste time like his son know his son says the father doesn't want the MD that didn't want so his son what was the son Muhammad use of use of the that was shot in South Africa? Unfortunately, the use of son yeah said my father doesn't want doesn't want you to come and waste your time like this daily. Yeah, he wants you to do Dawa. And I was like, what's our and said, You don't know what's our you don't see my father's videos. So

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I said, but I've never experienced it in my life. I've never gone on stage to do any public show. So he gave me a copy of the Bible. He said, Come on, start memorizing these verses. I said, I'm in Saudi Arabia can't carry a Bible. They said, No, nothing will happen. Just tell them you're a student of God that you're learning from him. So I took it, then I started doing some homework. Then they asked me to start memorizing some ayat of the Quran relevant to Dawa, and learn the translation. So I would memorize them come in front of Emma dot, read it out, and I make mistakes. Then this continued for about one week. And then he said, No, no, only this is not going to work. My

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father wants you to give some talks, as I can give talks, he said, then don't come if you don't want to give talks. So but then the passion was there to meet that alum the law. So I started preparing small talks on topics that I'm allotted given. So when I used to give those talks in front of me that he was in a condition where entire body was paralyzed, and he would only move his face

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or laugh or just do some actions from his eyes. So the mistakes I used to make he used to laugh ha and then use of these ideas to say you see, you're making my father laughs You're making silly mistakes to actually give talk. Yeah, that's how he started along the law and mashallah, that practice started to grow. And finally, when MD That was returning to South Africa, I was working in Toys R Us in Riyadh at that time, and I was a very good job. Mashallah, but Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala has opened my heart with a toffee for Dawa, and I learned that MD That is returning to South Africa. So I asked you something that I want to come to South Africa. He said that my

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father in response to a question in Pakistan once when he wanted to come to South Africa, my father said that do Dawa, wherever you are so mashallah I realized that I owe a lot to my country, India. I was born there brought up there. I was, I mean, my parents lived there. And my studies were in India, so I owe a lot to my country. So I should go back to my country to do the service of Islam, to share Islam with the people there. So along the line, I resigned my job came back to India, and February 119 98, I registered Non Governmental Organization NGO, by the name Islamic Research and Educational Foundation, with the acronym as IR E. F. And since 1998, I'm into this field, and

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Alhamdulillah since about 2004. I've been visiting the US the first time I was invited by the US State Department along with about 15 to 16 more scholars of the Muslim community from India and then since then along the light has been a routine and mashallah always visiting you watching your shows back in India. So now you have become a very popular person all over the world alarmed Allah may Allah bless you. And it's so wonderful to hear that you're going to very soon establish the biggest data center in India in the USA by the name the Dean center. Hyung. Dhoni

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been in it. Me our brother, Eddie is a brother that I have known him more than 15 years And Alhamdulillah Allah Allah Nene he is known about the our hand inviting the people to this deal for a job that many people cannot do it. So Allah Azza wa Jalla bless him. My message to the Muslim brothers and sisters in salaam, our brother, Eddie, he established a senator that will serve the Muslim community in the state of Florida and I'm inviting to everyone that they should donate the generosity for the sake of Allah Azza wa Jalla so that the Center in Florida could continue with a downward look rather establish a long time ago and you know, if you do this for yourself, and

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definitely you will be getting the reward from Allah azza wa jal

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and that simply will be established for the Dawa the deen of Allah azza wa jal so please donate generously and support our brother Eddie. And may Allah has Arjuna support him and I ask Allah Azza wa Jalla to make our sincere for his take on May Allah azza wa jal accept Zakka well known roboticle

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latest coming up in Tampa, Florida, I pray Allah subhanaw taala to bless you to protect you to help you in the best way like he helped mom was awesome and the Sahaba and you become a big source for making the best people on earth I always say if you asked me I would always suggest that Americans are the best people I've ever met across in the world and I'm very lovely people. So now mashallah you being from this place? I tell the American Muslims here you see America is a superpower that the world agrees to. So the Muslims living anywhere in the part of the world. They will feel that American Muslims are super Muslims. So they have a huge responsibility upon them. And they will make

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sure that American brothers and sisters the non Muslim brothers and sisters

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they are reached out with the correct message of Islam. The wrong notions about Islam are by the Muslims clarified answered and the people are very academically opposed to it and invited to Islam Masha Allah, do the job of the prophets and earn the reward of the prophets was the statement of my master showed me that Rahim Allah He used to say Dawa is always the job of all the prophets. Allah sent every prophet to do Dawa. MashAllah So Alhamdulillah I think, may Allah subhanaw taala really help you for the deen center, mashallah Amin, amin. Very soon I'll be there to give talks at your center to inshallah inshallah God willing. So before we are going to give some downward to

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Our friend, Elon Musk and invitation, I want to go ahead and since it's something fresh that just happened, you were on your way. And it's not the first time actually the last time we spoke, you are on your way. And you are in an Uber. And you at the first time, you didn't get a chance to share something with you did share, give the Uber dollar some some dollar, this time you actually gave him a copy of the Quran, can you go ahead and paint a picture how it started the conversation with the Uber driver and how it ended that you actually he wanted a copy of the translation of the Quran. Basically, whenever I traveled through Uber or any of these taxis, I make sure that I start an

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interaction with the person driving the car. So when I started speaking to them last time when I came for a cup of coffee with you at Starbucks, so at that time when the Uber driver was there, I started the conversation with him. I talked to him even he was interested in taking a copy of the Quran, but somehow he was getting late, so he rushed away. But this time, the brother stopped to take a copy of the Quran. So I started the discussion saying, My name is Imran so in response, they say their name. So I asked them, Do you read the Bible? So this is just you just you just blame you just came out openly for you introduce yourself? Where are you from? Yeah, sometimes Yeah. Sometimes

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I tell them, you know, I'm from Indiana visiting here. So they Oh, lovely. That's great. Then then the next day, you just said do you read the Bible? Sometimes they ask them to read the Bible. So they may ask No, not really. Did you do anything else before you opened up with that? No. I when I asked this question that I tell them I'm Imran. Yeah. So when I asked them, Do you read the Bible? Sometimes they say yes, sometimes. I don't. Sometimes they say not very frequently. So then I say, you know, my name has some significance. So they would say, so I say Imran was the name of the Father of Mother Mary. And to say, Oh, really? We didn't know that. So then I asked them, Did you

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know that the Muslims believe in Jesus and Moses? So they say, Oh, really? Some say yes, we know we have some Muslim friends who told about that. So then, why didn't you discuss with your Muslim friend? How do you believe in Jesus? So I said, Well, no, let me be your friend. And let me tell you about Jesus. So then I start talking about Jesus mother, Mary, mentioned in the Quran, in the Bible, then I start quoting them references from the Bible. So now they get a surprise, oh, are you a scholar or as a teacher? What are you, so then I tell them that I'm into public speaking. And I came to this country for the first time into the info, the US State Department and united me for my talks

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here. So they become very happy. Oh, really, that's really great. So then I tell them that you know, Jesus Christ, my peace be upon him. He talked about worshipping the only one God. And you see Jews, the Christians, the Muslims, we all believe in one God. In fact, every human believes that there is one God, but Islam is more specific about identifying the God. So when you say one God, one is not a specific identification. So in that word, one, you have different images of God. So Islam makes it very clear that one has to be unique. The one has to be one who cannot be imagined by your imaginary, your imagination shall not capture the Almighty God, voila, we are co located on Earth.

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So then this way the discussion starts. And finally it comes because I'm a Muslim, of course, no topic in the discussion is in I mean, complete without talking about terrorism. And he did he bring that up, or did you know I, I deliberately do it because they feel a little shy to discuss that subject. I say, you see, so many Muslims are into terrorism. There's a yes, we understand. Then I started getting them statistics from FBI, from other sources. I said, there is a book dying to win by Robert Pape from DePaul University. Do you know, he confesses in the book with an extensive research, that the maximum suicide bombings are committed by non Muslims around the world? He says

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that he interviewed those people who failed in their suicide bombings, especially from Iraq and Afghanistan. And when he met them, and he asked, they said we we did not do it in the name of religion. Religion was not the major factor to do that. Yeah. So Oh, really, is that so? So I say yes. See, as common human beings, you and I, we are at a lovely understanding towards each other. It is generally a few rascals of every society that spoil the entire fabric of the society, that they make that society intolerant, they have ideologies, which are intolerant, and they spread that intolerance everywhere. So it's our duty to understand what these people and then I talked to him

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about how media plays a dirty game, and how it

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damages the image of the Muslims around the world, which has been unfortunately happening for a very long time now. So he starts listening to me then I say to him, that did you read the Quran ever in your life, the translation? He says, No, I have never. So then I asked him. Do you have a habit of reading any books because I found American people always holding some

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book and reading it whether they are in the train, whether they are in the metros, whether they are in the streets or at the Starbucks. He said yes, of course I read a lot of books. So I said, I'll give you an English translation of the Quran. Don't consider a don't pre program yourself. Don't become prejudiced that you're reading Quran, just feel that you're reading a, an English book written by some author. Yeah. And then keep reading it. And you will learn so many things about Islam directive, first hand information. Oh, that's wonderful. So is it in the English? Sometimes they're very surprised. How can it be in English? So I tell them, you see the Bible that is in

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English, English, you didn't exist when Jesus and Moses existed. But what you read in the Bible is actually the translation of the original. So we have also translations for the Quran. And then by the time we come to you, I know you will definitely have translations of Quran. So give you a call. I say I want to give it to brother. Mashallah, didn't you send it down.

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So he, this is the conversation that happened at the end, he gets a copy of the, I love that. I mean, it's a very short time, it's a very short time, in that very short time. You can't talk much you can't because he's also on his job. So we try to use this opportunity to the best of our abilities. I do the same thing in Hyderabad, when I'm traveling back or forth from April to my home or from my own to the airport. I 100%. Make sure that at least when I'm coming back from the airport to my office or my home, that the brother who has dropped me shall get a copy of the Quran. So I am gonna try to gift it. This has me thinking because you had Dr. Zakir Naik, there was another person

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out there. We don't have to mention his name that he was Dr. Zakir Naik was specifically talking to this individual who was kind of saying something along the lines that, you know, this talking to people, I forgot exactly what he said is in the lines of

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its Dow was more through just the actions. So now you have a particular situation where you're an Uber. What kind of actions are you going to do other than speech? Yeah, you're right. I mean, Dr. Zucker nega justice, so

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I don't know if you know the scenario with the two No, absolutely. I I'm not aware of that. But I'm aware of some who say that you shall have good actions to impress somebody. So Dawa is not that important, you're good actions are very important. I always ask them who can be better in actions than Mohamed Salah Salem himself, the best man on earth with the best actions? Still, Allah commanded him, your actions are very good. That's a part of the tably of propagation. But Dawa, you have to do see, our people don't understand how important Dawa is because for a very long time, I would say for a very long time.

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The Muslims have been programmed in their home to practice five times Salah appeared as a god had be obedient to the parents, be a good husband, be a good wife, be good parents be good children earn halal. I mean, these things are very good. I mean, there is a second thought about it. But I always when I do my talks, I asked my Muslim community my Muslim brothers and my sisters, can you show me when I add in the Quran where Allah said oh Prophet moment, if you do not perform five times a day, in the sight of Allah, you have not fulfilled your messenger route. So they say no, there is no I have this time, I say is that in Hadees with Muslim said, if somebody does not perform five times

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salah, they have not fulfilled their job as a Muslim, or most of them said, I have not performed my responsibility as a prophet. So they say no, there is no hadith of this type. I said there is one ayat in the Quran, I always try my Muslim brothers and sisters to memorize the reference. Because the reference of this if it's very simple, you see, mostly we have, I mean, as a majority, we have five fingers on our hand. So surah number five of the Glorious Quran, and at number is 67. So you see, when you write Surah, five, you put a colon after that, and add 67 numerically 567 come together. Fifth Surah 67 ayat, and what is the ayat Allah is addressing momus lawlessness and

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saying, Yeah, you heard Rasul or messenger, sallallahu alayhi salam Berlage. Mozilla like, I mean, rabbinic, propagate what has been revealed to you from Allah subhanaw taala. What 11th of all if you do not do this, if you do not propagate this to those who don't believe if you don't do this for Marbella, rissalah then for a surety you did not fulfill messenger

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Allahu ASIMO. Kameena nurse, Allah says I shall protect you against your enemies if you do this job.

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In Malala, will Komal caffeine, Allah says those who do not do this job of giving Hidayat to others from the Quran. They are in the sight of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala caffeine, like the disbelievers

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So the very mission of Mombasa Salam is propagating Quran to others. The whole Muslim community has left this today. You see, there is a Hadees which shed massive of the Melbournian Rahim Allah He has taken it in his WC the prophets, Allah Islam says that the time will come in My Ummah, where the people of my ummah will make a lot of dua to Allah subhanaw taala and Allah is not going to accept that was the reason they have stopped inviting non Muslims to Islam meaning talking to non Muslims about what Islam says about Almighty God about Allah subhanaw taala about vamos a lot Islam about Oliver messages about when they are going to stop conveying this message to the non Muslim brothers

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and sisters. The prophets Allah Islam said Allah will stop accepting the words from them. So this is so important for us to understand the entire mission of Mormonism I always ask the people, why was Obama's lawlessness troubled? Was it trouble because he's making five times salah? No. Was it trouble? Because he's said Vishal smile in a polite way? No. Was it trouble because he had a particular his style? No, he was troubled by the enemies when he said I want to propagate this. today. We don't want to do this job and Allah is saying I will protect you. If you do this job. The majority of the Ummah today has decided we will be protected if we don't do this job.

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So this is absolutely very important for this ummah at this period of time to realize that if I commit a sin individually, individually, I seek Allah's forgiveness. I say, Oh ALLAH forgive me I've committed a sin. But Dawa is an obligation on the Ummah, not doing Dawa the entire Ummah is sending now Subhan Allah and our OMA will have to repent, not just repent, they will have to correct their way and start doing the rights and obligation on the Ummah, you meet all scholars from every background unfortunately, with all due respect to for the Quran and Lemma. There are millions of who for the Quran today. Unfortunate most part, we have Arabs who memorize the Quran, the Quran is in

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their own Arabic language in their mother tongue. So many ayat with which begin with called say to them say to them say to them on your al Kitab say to them or you people of the book, or your Jewish brothers and sisters or your Christian brothers and sisters to Allah Oh come Illa Kalimantan. So by inviting an albino come for a common term as between us and you, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah that we worship number Allah. Well, I'm not sure he can be he che Oh, we associate men with Allah subhanaw taala Well, I hit the button or Baba Aminullah. We do not take from ourselves anyone as our Lord or our pattern, my interval, but if they turn back for Hulu, say to them bear witness be a non

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Muslim woman. I am a Muslim, this is Ali Imran at number 64. And you know, number 65. Allah is saying to us Muslims say to them yeah, I'll look it up. Lima to heart UniFi Ibrahim. All you people have the book. Are you Jewish brothers and sisters? Are you Christian brothers and sisters? Why do you fight with the Muslims about Abraham? What is your argument to put forward about Abraham?

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The Torah and the Injeel were revealed only after Abraham. So for anybody to be a Jew. The Torah has to be there for anybody to be a Christian, the INJEEL the Gospel, the Bible has to be there. And Allah is saying at the time of Abraham, there was neither Torah, nor angels of what was the religion of Abraham Lima to her tuna. Why are you making a huge chat about Ibrahim alayhis salam? Do you not ponder? What was the religion of Abraham? Of course he was a Muslim. Of course, every Prophet Jesus, Moses, David Solomon, all of them are Muslims. We meet them on the statement to ask them what was your religion? They will say our religion was to submit our will to Allah subhanaw taala this a

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statement of English submit my will peacefully to Almighty God in Arabic the word is Muslim for it. Yes. So to say primarily Dawa is not done by the tongue. I totally disagree. Allah also disagrees. Even if somebody argues in favor of it, actions are more important. I'm not here to debate.

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But to say that bitung Dawa and not done primarily is totally wrong. There can be one or two primary things. According to me the most important no one can ever disagree that our should not be done by Tom. It's the first time I'm hearing this, that somebody think that.

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So here we have Dr. Zakir Naik who's talking about this. Let's see what he has to say. I was impacted by Czech leaders to say this, that these tactics do not convert hundreds and 1000s of people

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is totally wrong. Because I can give shahada personally more than 200 people directly. I knew were accepted Islam because of shady that. So how can you say that these tactics do not convert hundreds and 1000s of people? How can you say that?

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I'm sure

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do a bit of that, but not be aware of it that. So it was Zakir Naik? What was he saying here? Because he was linking it back to Ahmed Deedat. Hundreds of 1000s of people coming to the deen, one person was saying know that he hasn't even had I think one person or something like that or he knows of it's more through the action. So it's like a little debate here. What did you have to say for what doctor said? Basically, I think the other person was Yasser Kasi. I mean, he's popular here. And I know that unfortunately, a few months back or maybe during the lockdown period, and it was a nice, I mean, they're friends. So it's,

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you know, interaction, back interaction, everybody is a specialist of a field, you have doctors, you have engineers, and then if you have doctors in the medical field, you have an you have an eye specialist,

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you have a throat specialist, maybe you have a heart specialist. So specialization is the norm of our society today. So in that scenario, if you are doing some work, and trying to say this is Ultimate, and the other work is not important. That doesn't make sense. Number one, secondly, see what xakanaxa is or what Yasser Haji says, or what Imran says or anybody says, We know as Muslims, it is of no importance in Islam. What Allah and Mama Salah al Islam says is ultimately important. Yes. So if you're going to say that Dawa is not important, how will you explain the four ayat of surah Rahman, the first four ayat, Allah, Amman, Allah Al Quran, Allah Aman, the Most Gracious give

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you the knowledge of Quran colossal insaan he created mankind, Allah Mahul Bian and he taught mankind the power of by n by n is the only power humans have been given. Unlike other creatures, what is by can see every creature communicates but we have the power to explain our communication. So Allah wanted that the the best attribute of Allah is Arman and the best knowledge is the knowledge of the Quran. Best of creation is mankind, Allah will ban the best feature he gave to mankind for what to talk about this message convey this message? And then how would you answer has his arm or anybody of his like, or similar to his ideology?

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Explain the hadith of Moses a lawless alum from his last hurrah Bazzill Bukhari Volume number for the summer 3004 61. When the Prophet salallahu Salam said ballyhoo uneven or higher, propagate the message, if even if you know one thing about my religion about me, and he's specifying almost Islam, that those present here shall propagate this message to those who are not witnessing this event or who are not witnessing me witnessing the quran being revealed to me. So it's a duty, so many ayat in the Quran, when you hook up your own say to them, or you disbelievers. So Allah is saying hold hold What does cold mean? Cold doesn't mean actions. Call means speaking speak. Yeah, speaking. Hello,

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hello, hello all about three and a times got these words. I've been using the Quran. They said. So you say this. So you say sang, sang, sang. There were so many people who most of them went and spoke to them about Islam. So if you're going to say this is not correct, your actions are important. So yes, 100% actions are very important or very important. Yes, you're gonna have good manners. Good luck. Absolutely. From Absolutely. But to say only because of this, somebody is going to accept Islam. This is something I would say we were insane. We would say we will respectfully disagree, respectfully disagree. And to be very honest, sometimes a person of a certain level cannot speak

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such things to deviate the masses. You can't do that. You can't afford to do that. You know, Quran you understand Quran in Arabic also I'm in person. Yeah, like brother. Yes. And Hobbes, of course, he is a very learned man of Arabic language. He reads the Quran he reads are these he knows the life he has given, I think on syrup. Also episodes. So not to say that Dawa is not important, I can't believe

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that a person of his caliber is going to speak this. This really is very hard to inshallah he can make an adjustment shall inshallah I wish I wish just been here, or at least he puts the point clearly, maybe he wanted to say something else, and it got interpreted in a different way. So I wish that my brother does it so that people understand that Dawa is very important, very important. It's

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the job of every prophet and the prophet was sent to do now we wanted to clear that up because we're talking about Dawa. Before we get down with Elon Musk and how you're going to get down with Elon Musk to action if we're not saying we're trying to like unless you go to Muslims around him, right? Yes. So now we want and then you and the Uber, giving the Uber driver Dawa through words right through logic, the reasoning through the human connection. So

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Now we want to clear this up because there's might be some people out there, you know who are on this mindset, like just be quiet and just just say thank you. Yes, sir. And let them figure it out on their own, absolutely see, that popular saying that it's not the activeness of the rascals that spoils the society. It's the inactive pneus of the good people that spoils the society. So when you find in a society, something wrong is happening to anybody, whether it's happening to the Muslims, to the non Muslims, it's the duty of the people of knowledge, to stand up to talk about the injustice is in the best way, without putting themselves in trouble without putting others in

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trouble. See, you can speak the truth in many ways. But what is wisdom? Wisdom is speaking the truth in a manner that neither you get into trouble, not other people get into trouble. That is wisdom. That is Hickmott that is what Allah said, do we last I believe applicable hikma? While more is Attila Santa was Adeline Villa Thea arson invite the people to the way of Allah with wisdom. Yeah, so totally spoken in. One of the best ways that is possible by you is wisdom from Allah subhanaw taala in China and we can address this also with wisdom, you know, with kindness towards our brother to Inshallah, like you were saying, hopefully, this can be a means of clarification in the shot a

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lot of evidence is here a lot of proofs that love is pretty straightforward. It's not something that

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you look at the is from the Quran, the Hadith, certainly the life of the prophet saw some absolutely, just to be very clear that this very important point I would also like to convey Eddie because it should not get miscommunicated see people like shake my muddy.or Maybe when Dr. Zakir Naik was doing or I was I'm doing Dawa. See none of our intentions is that we shall force somebody to embrace Islam. That is against the Quran itself. We can never do that. Allah says in surah baqarah surah number two at number 256 Law craft Deen there is no compulsion in religion. Allah says in surah Katheryn the last at number six lecan De Luca Malia Deen, their religion is your religion

00:31:57--> 00:32:40

is to you and my religion is to me. So two things are very important about these two Ayat one part is very clear. You absolutely cannot force anybody to become a Muslim. You cannot use money to bribe somebody to accept Islam. This is not part of the Sunnah of Mombasa lawless Allah see that of Mama's lawless alum. So you cannot force if we can make they are impressed by the teachings of Islam, not by me, not by the die, but the teachings of Islam. And they are ready to accept Islam. We can facilitate their acceptance of Islam mashallah, but we can't force them. This is one part. Second part. Eddie, you must have observed there are people in our society who say this, okay, let's not

00:32:40--> 00:32:45

talk to them. They're religious to us and our leaders to us and they could say Myatt, like,

00:32:46--> 00:33:29

they forget to realize when they say like a graphic Dean, there is no compulsion in religion. The ayat before that like a craft within Surah Baqarah number 256. What is at number 255 of Surah Baqarah it is AYATUL kursi. So Allah says, give the message of AYATUL kursi because AYATUL kursi The Prophet said is the best ayat in the Quran. Why it completely speaks about Allah subhanaw taala exclusively about Allah subhanaw taala so AYATUL kursi usual communicate at number 255 If they disagree still to believe in Allah, then comes la ekra 15 There is no compulsion in religion Yes, but without saying anything. Okay, you will be as what you are, I be as what I am. Islam doesn't

00:33:29--> 00:34:14

allow that. Even Surah Caffee. Rule number six is the last ayat it begins with say to the disbelievers. Kalia, you and Catherine LeBeau domata I do not worship what you worship. You do not worship what I worship. I do not worship what you worship, you do not worship, what I worship. It doesn't appear that you are going to worship what I am worshiping. So not to you is your religion and to me is my religion. So we need to understand the Dawa is the most important thing of Muslims life. And Edie I think it's a very fair opportunity for me being at the dinner table to talk about a Hadees of moments a lot Islam, recorded in Sahih al Muslim Hadees number 7438. Now what is that is

00:34:14--> 00:34:52

La Hogberg. The beloved prophets Allah Islam said on Day of Judgment, all human beings will be gathered and all of them will be standing in one single row. And Allah subhanaw taala will command any angel and say, to pull forward some person, a man or a woman from the Muslim community, and they will they will be pulled forward and then what is going to happen? The prophets Allah Allah Islam says Allah will ask that man or the woman that Muslim man or the woman who lived as Muslims on Earth, who the people believed to be Muslims, and they died as Muslims being Muslims. They were buried with the Muslim customs, the Islamic system. So now they are there in front of Allah, Allah

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

will ask them, What have you brought today to meet me? So this person is going to say Allah, five times Salah

00:35:00--> 00:35:31

There is no negligence in it fasting, the god Hajj, I did every good thing that you commanded Allah. See all good actions, all good actions, you see good actions, he's talking about all good actions. So Allah again asks, that's okay. All good actions are okay. But what have you brought to meet me? And this person again repeats. Second time, the same thing that Allah asks. See, these are this is in other books also from st Muslim and the meaning of the Hadith from when you read from all the books, this narration.

00:35:32--> 00:36:13

Second time and Allah has the same question. He repeats the same answer the third time Allah says, Isn't it true that you are nothing from nothing I created you? And he says Balaiah of course Europe, then Allah says, is it not true that I gave you the risk that I designed for you, you receive it completely? He says Balaiah be of course Europe. Then Allah says, is it not true? I give you a spouse with whom you comforted? And the person says, Of course, yeah. But IRB, Allah will say, is it not true, I gave some people around you, you ordered them and they obeyed you? And he says Balaiah be again Allah asks, then what have you brought to meet me? Now? See, Eddie, he's talking about

00:36:13--> 00:36:51

salah Psalms a god. He's talking about all good actions. But Allah is again asking him what have you brought to meet me? This person understands now that he is being asked something else and he says, Oh Allah, I forgot. Whatever you give me. I spent it to make my life on the Earth. Allah will say today I forget you pull him by the face, throw him into hellfire. And Prophet ended the Hadith in Sahih Muslim by saying has al Munna This is the malefic of Muhammad, you know what was missing in his actions? Dawa.

00:36:53--> 00:37:33

He's talking about all good actions. Allah says, What did you get for me? Muslim community is not understanding. If tomorrow Allah asks, I say I made Salah Allah, Allah will say it for you. So I'm for you, the god for your community, hard for you. Good to the parents, to your family, good to the children to your family. You are good to the society to your neighborhood. For Allah's deal, what have you done, you will send to do something that is propagate this message to the people we want to convey to the people that message if Allah subhanaw taala opens their heart, it is up to Allah subhanaw taala and the slaves of Allah to accept the truth from Allah subhanaw taala it is between

00:37:33--> 00:37:57

them but my job you know our community most of the time there is time you know, what is Illuminati? You know, what is the general remain? Illuminati the gel that's fine. You are going to be asked about what you did when you lived? Have you done the job of communicating the message or not? So we are very happy we have massage it so many much Allah so many massages in the USA, no.

00:37:58--> 00:38:40

But you know, how do we make our massage with a group of Muslims belonging to a particular school of thought? If they build a masjid? Now there is a competition another group of Muslims with another school of thought they shall have a masjid and what's happening in these masajid? Nothing. But unfortunately, they are involved in a lot of good activities of course, but I do not find them any one of them. When you talk to them, where is the Da da da is lacking, completely lacking. So this is where I think Eddie your dean center is going to fulfill this vacuum completely Inshallah, especially you see the youth, they need to get connected with Islam and building playgrounds in the

00:38:40--> 00:39:21

masjid. I had absolutely don't understand this concept. They they are saying we are attacking the youth by building playgrounds, my brother. This never happened at the time of Muslim the sanctity of the masjid and the sacred thought about the Masjid. It will never go into the child's mind. If you really want the children to play, have it separately. The Masjid is for Allah subhanaw taala. They say no, we want to attract the children. I always ask them if anybody that would have been given a talk. Why is it the people used to wait for one hour before his talk? Because they expertized In public speaking today we have so many themes. Many of them are not expertise in public speaking

00:39:21--> 00:39:25

techniques, then what is the result? The youth are not connected to them.

00:39:26--> 00:39:59

So how can we connect our Muslim youth? The Muslim youth need to be made to understand that they are not normal people. They are the amount of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, they are not normal people. Allah has made them Muslim because they have a special role to play in the society. It is them who will lead this to serve society to ultimate peace. It is them who will reflect to the society that our maybe Salallahu Alaihe Salam was the most learned most wise most knowledgeable person on earth. Why are you so good and so good because I'm trying to follow my

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

Nabi SallAllahu Sallam this communication has to go loudly, not subtle, not quietly. Our Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam is not our maybe alone, he is the Nabhi for every Jew for every Christian, for every hindu, for every Buddhist for every dime for every Sikh for every atheist is that maybe? Here's the night before Elon Musk. Yeah, speaking of Elon Musk, let's see what he had to say. Because we opened up talking a little bit about. So the last time he came on the scene, he went back and forth on Twitter with a Muslim regarding the hellfire. And he talked about something along the lines that if most people are gonna end up in hellfire, he wouldn't mind being there. Also something

00:40:41--> 00:40:59

like that. But then recently, sums come up that he's actually talking a different tune. So I wanted to get your actual your reaction to this, and how would you invite him? Give him some dollars? Do you believe in like, a god or like a higher power? Well, something created the universe? Or the universe is?

00:41:01--> 00:41:08

Here? How did it come to be? You could say, whatever caused the universe to come to be is God or

00:41:09--> 00:41:50

gods, depending on your view? Philosophy, I think makes sense, is to go out there and do is to expand consciousness so that we're better and better able to, to answer the questions of like, what is the meaning of life? What is the nature of the universe? Like how do molecules have consciousness, and but somehow, we're in from a bunch of hydrogen gas, too. And then an assemblage of complex molecules, like ourselves, that can feel and talk and, and think, I mean, just, if you leave hydrogen out long enough, it starts talking to itself, basically, what happened here? So what do you think? I mean, see this way, here's what you're trying to understand now that he's agreeing

00:41:50--> 00:42:26

that there is a power there is a God who created the universe. So this is where power plays the role. It is that it is the duty of the Muslims to explain to him who that God is, who that power is who created the universe. So now it's our duty to explain Absolutely, absolutely. Through words. Yes, this is not just actions here, right? How can we show you an action that God created the universe, you got to go ahead and you have to talk talk. So now go, how what would you say to him? Now? How would you respond to Elon Musk? I definitely see, because he's a knowledgeable person. He has some scientific understanding, though. He's not a scientist, but the way he has contributed to

00:42:26--> 00:43:03

the world, doing some things that can benefit the people around the world. So similarly, we need to have deep concern for him that will benefit him you're in this world and the arc era. And you said this is the secret of moments alone Islam, the prophets, a lot of them always willed that people like Abu Bakr Siddiq was Monica Nee, uma Ribnica Tabrizi a lot of people who are influential in the society shall become Muslims, and that will be a great support to the cause of Islam. Mashallah. So those brothers alumna Allah, I would congratulate my Muslim brothers who are in contact with him through Twitter or whatever means possible for them. Now, it's the duty of the Muslim community who

00:43:03--> 00:43:43

can go approach him talk to him, to set up meetings with experts of the field of Dawa, to talk to him about it, mashallah, I think I would suggest that you take an interview with him, and that will be really wonderful, mashallah, so it's see when you are speaking, you have a background of Dawa. So it's not just that you ask questions or interview somebody, you also keep conveying the message of Islam to them. So I think if Elon Musk is given the right book in his hand, made to read this book directly, the book will do the job. I always tell the people you see, Allah subhanaw taala made the job so easy for us. Maximum you have to do is convey this message, the remaining last message will

00:43:43--> 00:44:18

do. What would you do if you if you had because to get a sit down with someone like this to get one minute? Let's say you had one minute, less than two minutes to go ahead and talk with him? What would you throw at him? What would you say to him to go and plant some kind of seed? What would you say? I would just ask him one thing I would say see alone. You're so sensible person, just tell me one single thing. A person who lived 1450 years back in a desert, historical records are saying he doesn't know how to read and write. Prophet Muhammad didn't know how to read and write. You go to Encyclopedia Britannica to search about him. Any other historical record it's very clear he didn't

00:44:18--> 00:44:39

know to read and write. The Quran testifies the same Surah Juma at number two, sorry Hara phytomer 157. My Prophet is an AMI, he's an unlettered prophet. So I would like to ask a person of that caliber of Elon Musk that how can this person 14 150 years back talk about the big bang that you're talking about now? Can science and religion coexist? Probably

00:44:41--> 00:45:00

hope can be possible that person living in desert where there is no water scarcity of water miles they traveled to get water he's talking sorry Ambassador number 2130 Amala Mira Latina kufr Wanda, summer whatever. Do not the disbelievers look at diamonds and sky cannot confer Fatah

00:45:00--> 00:45:48

Kannamma V join V they were joined as one single unit of creation than Ebola and we closed them a center. And then Allah says, Allah Minalima de Galusha. In high of Allah you may know, we created every life from water, the size agrees to it. Can you imagine a person who is totally unlettered is talking about it? So there are so many ayat in the Quran that will connect Elon Musk and he will be pondering because he's a man of science. Yeah, right. He's, he's absolutely. That was my mother's bouquet. Yeah. Who, who came forward to say there are more than 700 ayat of the Quran out of the 6000 Plus ayat in the Quran, at least 1000 He said, deals with modern science. And of them 700 Plus

00:45:48--> 00:46:31

IRT said the size has agreed them to be fact. What does it mean at the time of Prophet Moses and nobody know knew about it? That knowledge didn't exist about those subjects, but 700 of them today this tend to be true, not a single scientific error in the Quran. So this is what Elon Musk Shelby's a top with? And maybe I mean, it depends, because one minute two minutes that you get, it also depends upon his interaction with us. It's very difficult to say what exactly we are going to speak to him. It totally depends upon what mood he has at the time. So you have to reflect with that mood, anticipate with the mood, and then talk to him on those lines, which pull his interest. Mashallah,

00:46:31--> 00:47:07

yeah, that would be a starting point. Ha, this is what you would go ahead and leave them with to think about the particularly Absolutely, hopefully, if he looks into the life of the economist you sent to mankind problem him if he's sincere, absolutely looking for the truth. He's asking the crater to guide him, Lord God Almighty. 100%, Underbar Insha Allah, and we shall also pray for him. Yeah, see, because Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, it's Bill Gates, these people, they have done so much for the society, they have been so much really good for the society. Right? Have you seen that a lot of times people like him. He talks about in his early years he was a Christian. I think his mother

00:47:07--> 00:47:32

father, Jewish, Christian, and then he went towards that avenue as a child but he saw some things that he didn't agree with. Yeah, also the way of Jesus that was presented to him a lot of times the fitrah the natural disposition human being rejects a human being being as God read like, a whole bunch religious books, including the Bible and like, there was a bunch of things now they've been teaching Sunday school. Yeah, God sure changes his mind.

00:47:33--> 00:47:49

From the Old Testament and New Testament I'm like, Whoa, that's pretty vengeful in the Old Testament. Now what if he comes into Islam looks into Jesus is rolling in slightly we love Jesus has a mighty messenger, just like Abraham, Moses, all the other messengers, but they weren't God's

00:47:50--> 00:48:33

absolute this would fit this would make sense. Absolutely. See if for a person like him? He's a person of reasoning. Yeah. So he would reason that if God is becoming human, then he's leaving all the characters of a god yeah. Because if a man converts to a dog, then he leaves all human characters in it, if a man converts to a dog, if put it this way, technically put it this way. If a man incarnates as dog, yes, then that dog incarnate, the man incarnate as dog, believe all the qualities of human beings. Yes, once it is a dog, it's no more human being, you cannot call it a human dog. Yes. So similarly, if God becomes a man, then God has lost all his divine qualities. Now,

00:48:33--> 00:49:14

those weaknesses occur in you know, God, man, you cannot So Elon Musk is a very reasonable person. Absolutely. When he finds Jesus is weak. Jesus, I mean, sleeping, eating. See, even the Quran is specifying the pardons for my dad. And to all our Christian friends out there this is no disrespect to Jesus we love Jesus obviously, I cannot be a Muslim you cannot be a Muslim if you don't love Jesus. We we don't differentiate between the Prophets the command Quran surah baqarah surah number two, number 285. Lando for the morosely we do not the Muslim believers do not differentiate between any messengers of Allah subhanaw taala then he goes, he goes and kind of makes a joke. You know,

00:49:14--> 00:49:31

he's around some friends and they're talking about how Jesus saved the party because you know, when they ran out of alcohol, and here comes Jesus peace be upon him doing his first miracle. Jesus was obviously very proud. Because one of his miracles was turning water into wine. Yeah, that was like they were having a party. They ran out of water.

00:49:32--> 00:49:34

And they're like, let's keep this Bender going

00:49:42--> 00:49:44

he's like, I got

00:49:45--> 00:49:52

water now like, yeah, he turns water into wine. He makes a story out of he goes, Hey, y'all like save the party. Like party on.

00:49:54--> 00:49:56

So accurate.

00:49:58--> 00:49:59

Literally does it

00:50:00--> 00:50:08

Jesus turning water, absolute water to wine but absolute Jesus if you knew about the real theoretically the Quran Yeah, what about I mean, a lot of Christians do not know

00:50:09--> 00:50:22

when you read the Gospel of John, step number one and two you find the miracle of Jesus Well, there was a party, and there was wine served in the party, the wine runs over and then Mother Mary, she comes and she says,

00:50:23--> 00:51:02

There is no wine. So first, I mean the way Jesus addresses his mother, or woman, What am I to do with you? So even as Muslims we object to it, we say no person, no noble person gentleman will ever call his mother as a woman. So that is one part that we object to then the second is where Jesus converts the water into wine. So that's considered the first miracle of Jesus in the Bible. But now when you see Surah Maryam surah, number 19. At number 25 onwards, when you keep reading, Mother Mary delivers Jesus Christ with peace be upon him, sorry, Maria Mistura, number 19 of the Quran one more thing, there is a complete surah in reverence of Mother Mary, which you do not find any chapter Mary

00:51:02--> 00:51:12

in the entire Bible. So in Surah, Maryam surah, number 19, at number 25 onwards, Jesus is delivered. So now Allah commands Mother Mary to carry the baby Jesus,

00:51:13--> 00:51:51

that Emmanuel, back into the society, and she's worried. She says, If I am going to carry him, the people will blame me elderness me because I have given birth to a baby without getting married to any man, no man has ever touched me. So Allah says, if they ask you any question about the birth, how did you give birth to a baby without getting married or something like this? If they put an allegation upon you just point towards the baby, you don't speak anything? That's not us the first year ago in The Guardian. The man is surprised. She says to the baby, yes. And she goes back. The people ask her, What have you brought with you? Your father was a noble person. Your mother was a

00:51:51--> 00:52:20

modest woman. What is this that you're carrying with you? She just says Ask him. And as they ask a baby in the cradle, and the moment they say this, Jesus starts to speak. He says, I am Eastside memoriam messenger of Allah Jesus. Jesus the son of me defending his mother's honor defending his mother's honor the first miracle in the Quran he defended his mother on not saving the party again people draw No No absolutely not. Absolutely not. No So Elon Musk would actually

00:52:21--> 00:52:33

defending his mother Mother honor that was the first miracle that Jesus defending his mother on Absalon was how you liked that one, huh? Look at that kid. I was like, had this existential crisis. And I was trying to figure out what's the meaning of life?

00:52:34--> 00:53:11

Yeah, absolutely. That's the alarm will definitely make sense to me. The dark also talked about Disney, I see some Yes, talks, debates and all this. He has talked about this. He used to point this out. He would used to say, if somebody got himself himself his incarnating How Would God turn water into wine? Water is purity and wine is impurity. Yeah. And we don't have to talk about all impurity in the sense that it when It intoxicates, you are in an inebriated condition, and you're out of your senses, you don't know what you're doing. And we don't have to talk about the list of murders and rapes and wars and all the things that are happening because of alcohol. And then on the other the

00:53:11--> 00:53:15

health disasters you know what I mean now that are happening? It's absolutely

00:53:17--> 00:53:49

no matter the book of this compiled by the scholar images, in volume number three, he quotes these moments a lot is compiled that is a mama's awesome. When the prophets Allah has said that alcohol is the mother of all evils. Yeah. And you see the FBI statistics today, the maximum rapes that take place on dates are under the influence of drugs or intoxication. Yeah. So it's a very serious domestic violence maximum tight times it is because of getting intoxicated. A lot of time that children being

00:53:50--> 00:53:56

I mean, tortured by the parents at home molested, raped, all that stuff says all this stuff here.

00:53:58--> 00:54:41

Absolutely. So we can never imagine Jesus. Forget Jesus being the God who converted water into wine. And then all of this stems back to that excuse for people to write and a lot of people who drink they give that excuse while Jesus converted water into wine. Yeah, God would not go ahead and open that door like what is the all this evil now? What is the message in the Quran for alcohol? So reminder surah number five at number 90, You Allah Xena Amanu Are you Muslims? In the Malcolm rule valenza we will Islam will read Samina militia done in I'm uncomfortable with MySQL and Cebu as La Maritza minimalis Shaitan. Verily, intoxicants gambling, divination, by arrows, as the science of

00:54:41--> 00:54:59

knowing the future, what you what you refer as astrology, astrology, worshipping the idols are the dirtiest work of the seitan do not go near them. So Allah curse all these things. Alcohol is of course, one of the filthiest things Yeah. So Allah so we're almost out of time. So you're going to actually have a

00:55:00--> 00:55:42

inshallah God willing, will we get the D center up and running? Let's talk about this Dawa course, that was started by Ahmed the dog we touched upon this Yes. And also it was put together by Dr. Zakir Naik? Yeah, yeah is so that's the Dawa course that people would have to travel before to India. And many scholars, even from Medina students of knowledge, they are her days to go take this course. But it's the first time actually is going to be brought to the USA, I think mashallah we have been conducting to at our office IRF for about several years. Yeah. And our focus this this course is basically, it doesn't involve a lot of teachings, affair or anything that's, it is more

00:55:42--> 00:56:29

about making a person a good public speaker and effective public speaker. So we try to make our Muslim brothers and sisters effective public speakers, so that they don't shy to speak about Islam. They, if they are introvert, so then they shall come out of that feeling of introvert Ness, and start talking positively about Islam. Try to clarify the misconceptions, answer allegations. And also make sure that if there are elements in our own community, because of whom we are getting bad name for Islam, we are bold enough, we make a loud voice to curb their evil actions, too. So that's what we actually train and of course, Inshallah, I think if this could happen in the USA, it would

00:56:29--> 00:57:13

be something very wonderful. Now it's a challenge for you A D. It's a challenge for American Muslims here. It's 21 days course basically 21 days, 21 days, you got to start sending us us you can contact us and see there's actually administration Yeah, absolutely. Interview to make sure. Anybody. Yes. People who are serious. Yes, yes. And Hamdulillah. Okay, though, that's, that's what we can really plan and it's going to be wonderful. I mean, your center is going to have it as a signature course, for your deen center. MashAllah wonderful always to be with you, and always to talk with you about so many things along with Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala accept our efforts and help us always to

00:57:13--> 00:57:35

make people understand the truth about Islam in the most peaceful and academic manner in Shan Thank you very much. It was a pleasure having you on the water no one will humble Lyra. Malala mean a salami come to Laval Islam and the guys tuning in here to the diesel scrub if you haven't already hit that notification bell Can you tune in every week and we got a gift for you free copy of the Quran just visit the de show.com continue

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