Desert Rose – Part 2

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the upcoming tests of Islam, including a darker sky and a woman called Donald Trump. The speaker describes the way the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam is supposed to tell people to publicly call him. The speaker describes the trials of the prophets, including a woman named Hope, who is punished emotionally and economically.
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So Allah subhanaw taala revealed one of the first suitors to be revealed amongst after Surah, Accra, Allah subhanaw taala receipts are revealed surah Taha, what do ha Well, Leila either such now a darker a book or macula, that Allah subhanaw taala is swearing by the daybreak, that he hasn't abandoned you, and he's not angry with you.

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And so it's a preparation to prepare the prophets of Allah Anna Sena for the enormous tests that are about to come.

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And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the beginning.

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He wasn't told to tell the people about Islam. He had just received revelation. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he went about

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and began teaching people secretly. And so you hear about Donald or

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you hear about Donald,

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when the Prophet said Allah and He sent him was told to publicly announced Islam, to publicly teach the people and publicly call them to Allah subhanaw taala.

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Imagine his happiness, that this is the moment where all his people become Muslim,

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that he's going to tell them

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and they're gonna go to Ghana, and everybody will be saved.

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And so he brought them he called them on the mountain, the mountain, the mountain of Safa, actually, when people go for Umrah when you visit the Kaaba, you're standing on the same mountain at the prophets that allows him stood out when he made this announcement. And so he called them out.

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The prophets of Allah honey who has sent him he said, Oh, Benny Finn, he's calling them out. Oh, benefit, yeah, benefit, benefit her the tribe have benefited they came to the mountain, the prophets of Allah and incent them said, Oh, Benoit ID, the tribe of it comes to the mountain. And he started calling them out tribe by tribe by tribe. They left the marketplaces, everybody left what they do, they said, This is a Sadhak. This is the truthful one. This is El Amin, the trustworthy, one who's calling us. And so they all gathered around, because this was a place and the way he was calling them was how someone who had just seen an attacking army would be calling them basically, when

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there's a bomb, and may Allah protect us. But in those countries, you may have heard, when there's an air strike that's about to happen, a certain siren goes off. And even a lot of I remember in Winnipeg, where I grew up, there was an IGA you guys remember IgA, there was an IGA. And they said, if you go to IGA down the street from where our school was, there are bomb sirens on top of the of the supermarket, back in the day in the in the world wars, that if you know, you know, these people are that people at attack, the sirens would go off, they were never used, and Hamdulillah. And we never grew up in that kind of, you know, hearing those sounds. But when you hear that sound,

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this was what the Prophet said, Elijah said, and this was in Mecca 1400 years ago, this was that sound.

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And so he told them, that if I tell you that there's an army behind this mountain about to attack you, because this is what the siren is about.

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Would you believe me?

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And they said, Yes, we would. You're assaulted me.

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And so he says in in Adeola, campaign ad or Durban city, then I'm warning you a punishment that's coming right between your hands.

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And so out of everybody that was standing there,

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His own uncle, his own family,

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cursed him out in front of everybody. He said,

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he said me you perish may be destroyed. You gathered us for that reason. I will have walked away.

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And all the people turn their backs on the prophets of the lies in a moment that he was expecting them to all become Muslim became the moment of the greatest test that any man has gone through.

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And Allah subhanaw taala revealed sort of love that he had

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are now on hold man who gets sad, say all Solana that

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want to

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help all the fi GD ha ha de la Merced. Allah subhana wa Tada said to bethia abelia had been water that the two hands of Abu Lahab have perished in his perished. Mother now I'm home

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Hello America says, all his wealth and everything that he's accumulated in life will avail him nothing. But then began

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the trials against the prophets that Elijah said they couldn't really physically punish the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So they had to punish him emotionally, and punish his followers physically, those of whom they could